4 Ways to Freeze Avocados

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Did you know that freezing avocados really works? Here are 4 Ways to Freeze Avocados so you can grab a bunch when they're on sale!

Today we're talking about freezing avocados.

My family has a problem.

An avocado problem.

And it's real. I mean real.

If there was an Avocados Anonymous we'd all be full-fledged members. And we might even be the heads of our local chapter. In fact, I'm sure that we would be.

You can see evidence of our avocado problem here:

WE. Love. Avocados.

But I have another problem.

My name is Adrienne and I'm a Frugalaholic.

When something is on sale, I feel the need to get as much of it as I can.

I've done this for a long time. My husband and I were the types who loaded all of the loss leaders into our cart and got funny stares from people in the checkout line.

Well, when you buy in bulk and make a lot of homemade healthy food, you need to figure out how to store bulk purchases so that they don't spoil (or invade your living space). I've shared some of my storage tips in these posts:

How to Store Nuts and Seeds
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How to Store Leafy Greens

But today, the question today is–can you freeze avocados.

And the answer is–yes. Freezing avocados is a thing. A real thing.

Did you know that freezing avocados seriously works? Here are 4 Ways to Freeze Avocados so you can save loads of money when they're on sale!

How I Learned about Freezing Avocados

You see, whenever there is a serious sale on avocados, I just can't help myself. I mean, WE just can't help ourselves. I feel the need to buy A LOT. And I don't mean 10 or 15 avocados. I mean a LOT of avocados.

‘Cause there have been some serious sales around here, like 3 for $1. That's serious. I haven't seen it in awhile, but hoping it comes back real soon.

When I saw this sale, I went to work wondering how I could store avocados to keep them long term, so we could feed our avocado habit on the cheap.

I mean, avocados are great, but they have a problem and it's a big one. You buy them and they're rock hard one day.

Then you go to get one out about 5 minutes later, and they are MUSH! (Well, maybe not 5 minutes, but you get my point.)

I wondered, “Can you freeze avocados?” and then went to work searching the internet. 

What I found is that yes, freezing avocados is something that seriously works.

So I went to the store.

And bought them. A LOT of them.

And we ate a lot of them. I mean, we ate them plain, with salt, we dipped carrots into them (with a little salt on top), we made this Zingy Avocado Dressing, these Chocolate Avocado Truffles (serious yum), these Chocolate Mint Grasshopper Bars, and this AIP Guacamole.

But you can't eat LOADS of avocados fast enough to keep them from spoiling once they all start turning.

So we followed the tips about how to freeze avocados and froze the rest.

Problem is, I did it the wrong way. A blogger out there said that you could freeze them plain, and well, you can, but the result is kind of icky. Brown Guacamole icky.

Let's just say that my kids weren't that happy with the results.

So you can now benefit from my Freezing Avocado Fail.

I went back to figure out what went wrong, and am now here I am to tell you some great methods for freezing avocados so you won't have your family grimacing at you about the weird color of your guacamole :).

And to make things even more handy dandy for you, I've rounded up not only information about freezing avocados, but 4 different ways to freeze avocados, depending on the time you have and how you are going to use them. So now you can have them at the ready for however you would like to use them.

Please note, that frozen avocados will not lend themselves well to eating on their own or sliced on a sandwich. The texture will be more suitable to things like dressings, dips, etc. (or Chocolate Truffles!).

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Freezing Avocados – the How To's

Did you know that freezing avocados really works? Here are 4 Ways to Freeze Avocados so you can grab a bunch when they're on sale!

In Halves

This is the easiest way to go about freezing avocados. Simply cut your avocados in half lengthwise, put them on a plate or tray, spritz each half with some lemon (or lime) juice. You don’t need to douse the avocados, but you do want to make sure that you are pretty much coating them.

A good rule of thumb would be about 2 tsp lemon or lime juice per each large avocado, or 1 tsp for each small one. You can of course use fresh squeezed lemon juice, but I LOVE this Organic Lemon Juice. I get mine in a HUGE double pack at Costco (see, I told you that I'm all about bulk everything!)

Place the avocado halves in a plastic storage bag and press as much of the air as possible. If you really want to get all of the air out, you can use a food saver system. I've had my eye on these and would love to know if you all find them to be a great addition to a frugal kitchen, or just one more gadget that doesn't get used much.


If you'd rather go an extra step to protect your avocados from browning due to air exposure, you can dice your avocados and toss them with lemon juice. Then place the dices in a Ziploc Bag or use a food saver system to get as much of the air out as possible.

You can then use the dices in any recipes calling for avocados.

I recommend bagging up 2-4 diced avocados at a time and noting how many avocados are in each bag by writing something on a label on the bag, so that you can easily grab some from the freezer and use them in recipes.


Since you're likely going to be mashing up your frozen avocados, this is another great way to freeze them. If you freeze halves or dices, your final recipe will be chunkier than if you puree them, but pureeing works great for making dressings, sauces, guacamole, truffles :), or putting avocado into smoothies.

Simply toss your avocado into  a food processor or blender, squeeze in some lemon juice, and process to desired texture. Then scoop the puree into a plastic storage bag, remove as much air as possible, and freeze.

Alternatively, you can store the pureed avocados in ice cube trays. Fill each cavity with some of your lovely and smooth avocado puree, and freeze.

Place the trays in the freezer until the puree is frozen. Then simply pop the cubes out and place in a plastic storage bag.


If you would like to have guac on the fly (and on the cheap), this is a great way to go.

You can of course use your favorite guacamole recipe, but we LOVE this AIP (autoimmune paleo) Guacamole.  It has no nightshades so those who either are on the Autoimmune Paleo Diet or those who are avoiding nightshades can enjoy guacamole without side effects.

Any guacamole recipe will work. I will say, however, that the texture of your guacamole will be better after freezing if you avoid the tomatoes. Even though my Easiest Way to Store Tomatoes is a great option, the results aren't optimal and I think you might not be happy with less than optimal results guac.

You can either freeze the guacamole in a plastic storage bag, or try the ice cube tray method again.  This would be particularly handy if you are making Taco Salads (or any kind of salad or meal) in a Jar ahead of time.

Oh, and if you're going to make a Taco Salad in a Jar, you will for sure want to use this Easy Delish Homemade Taco Seasoning for it!

Simply toss a cube or two of your frozen guacamole onto the salad the night before. It will be thawed and ready to eat by lunch the next day.

Post Updated 5/26/17.

Now that you know how to freeze avocados,
if avocados were on sale 3/$1 where you live, how many would YOU buy?

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  1. It is worth every penny to get the Foodsaver!

  2. Darcy Bilevich says:

    Is it possible to freeze the avocados whole or do they turn out mushy?

  3. Thank you for this, our avocado tree (and everyone else’s) is producing right now and I just can’t eat enough to make the most of the harvest. With all of my freezer avocados I won’t be buying them from the store in a month when ours are gone!

  4. Judy Melillo says:

    Going to try your method of freezing avocados. As for getting a vacuum sealer I would highly recommend this to you. I have had mine for about 5 years now and use it all the time. Not just for freezing and storing but for every day use.. once you start you will find all kind of uses especially since you buy things in bulk. I have given each of my grown children their own and they use theirs all the time.

  5. andy johnson says:

    Great idea to store avocados in freezer. One of the best idea I really like i.e “Puree”.

  6. I own the food saver. Yes, do get one. I buy chicken quarters on sale .39 a pound cook them down, package 2 cups of dark meat. Instant chicken for recipes (not a white meat fan). Hamburger same thing, buy it by the log. You can also precooked it. Guarantee no more freezer burn. I have sealed guacamole for a week, no brown at all. Found a cube steak in my freezers 2 yrs old not a single freezer burn. I keep mine on the counter, I also buy my rolls on amazon and make my own bags. Best kitchen item have.

    • Thank you! So do you have the countertop or the handheld?

      • I have had one for years and I literally use it everyday. I work in an ER and usually 12-14 hours shifts with teenagers at home this is a great savings. Also in colder weather I figured out last year if you make a large amount of soup or casserole you can place a food saver bag in a soup bowl form it to the bowl pour in your soup place it in the freezer when the soup has become frozen you can remove it from the bowl and seal it with your good saver. Through them in the freezer for portion size dinners. When you want to reheat you can place the bag in boiling water, place it in the microwave etc to reheat and the bag stays sealed.

  7. Can use lime juice instead of lemon?

  8. James Halpine says:

    Will after thawing avocados can they be used in salads?

  9. FoodSavers are great! Mine is an older model. I have an attachment that works on mason jars (which I use to store everything from spices and baking needs on shelves to salad in the fridge). I don’t use mine much for the bags, but I do have canisters.

    • I was looking at that attachment. Do you have the countertop or the handheld model? I saw the attachment demonstrated the other day and think it would be super handy!

  10. I like your ideas for freezing avocados, thank you. I use the Food Saver and it’s great, especially after my husband brings in a deer or elk.

  11. I’m so excited to see your post on avocados. I love them and wondered if they could be frozen!
    Also on your comment about the food saver system? Get one!!! You will LOVE it. I use mine almost every day, and have saved a TON of money, by using it. I plan on buying as many avocados as my budget allows, and food savering the ones I don’t eat.

    • So glad! OK – you all are really tempting me. What do you think about the cost of the bags (so pricey) and how about folks who say that you can just use a ziplock bag and a straw. Or those who recommend the hand held ones? Thanks!

      What do you use it for every day — wow!

      I will say that I was just going through my freezer and am shocked about how freezer burned things were. 🙁

  12. Patricia Kinberg says:

    Love this information. I too have a food saver. They are great if you use them. I just had to buy a 2nd one. First one quit working and YES…… Costco has them.

    • OK – you all are really tempting me. What do you think about the cost of the bags and how about folks who say that you can just use a ziplock bag and a straw. Or those who recommend the hand held ones? Thanks!

      • In Germany, we have sort of “infinite” bags; it’s basically a roll with 10 meters of that special plastic with both ends open, and you can just cut and seal one side and make your bag however large you want. It really is amazing and very handy. I mostly use it for fruit and berries from my garden. I’d recommend pre-freezing softer goods like bananas, fruit, and avocado on a tray before sealing it with the food saver. It prevents bruising and squishing them!

  13. J. Reynolds says:

    Love all the info I’ve read from you. Keep it coming. I read it all. Thanks so much.

  14. Patricia Zvonik says:

    I have a food saver. Use it every day. have saved so much food! would not be without one. Thank you for one more reason to use my food saver.
    ps also saved old newspaper clippings and photos

  15. Um, I wish I could find avocados 3/$1!!! :O
    I’m literally paying $1 each here right now, so my avocado need has NOT been fulfilled lately! I do buy them in bulk during the summer though – so hopefully my stocking up days will be right around the corner! I’m so surprised I’ve NEVER thought about freezing avocado, totally something to keep in mind!!! Thanks for sharing <3

  16. Linda Jordan says:

    Hi, I have a food saver system and I totally think its worth the money. I buy meat when its on sale and freeze in portions for my family. I freeze fruit and veggies from the garden, It keeps thing fresher longer. The straw method would make me worry about getting salmonella or ecoli in my mouth.

  17. I learned to put a straw in your filled ziploc. Have it sealed except for a straw near the one end of the zip. Suck out all the air, quickly slide straw out as you finish sealing. No need for a food saver. Use it for beef, chicken, etc. Works like a charm!

    • I am very intrigued by this. I was reading on a forum that this doesn’t work well but maybe they were just talking about plain ziplocs. Does it really work as well as the Food Saver? (fingers crossed!)

      • The straw method can’t possibly work as good as the food saver. I also saver fruit for jam in the amount of what the recipe calls for. Just write it on the bag , Peaches, so many cups ready for jam and the date.

  18. If you use “Prees-N-Seal” Saran Wrap on your ago halves, you will avoid the need to purchase a new gizmo for your kitchen. After you get all the air from your lightly juiced avos, slip them in a Ziploc freezer bag and you can store them flat in your freezer saying space.

    • Thanks! I have been looking at the options. I really don’t like the idea of all of this plastic but I guess you have to do something? So are you saying that using your method will preserve things for a long time like the Food Saver? Thanks!

  19. Cut the avocado in half and to preserve second half,, leave pit in it snd cost with hummus or plain Greek yogurt. To store, put in quart size Hefty with red plastic piece on top and before totally closing, insert straw and suck out air. Works better than lemon juice and space saver gadget !

    • Interesting. Why would sucking air out w/ a straw work better than the food saver? I can maybe see coating w/ a thicker product working better than the lemon juice….