5 Reasons You’re NOT Losing Weight

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How to Lose Weight - 5 Reasons You're NOT Losing Weight and What to Do about it.

Despite my eating a sugar-free candida diet for quite some time, I still have struggled on and off with keeping my weight where I want it to be.

Most of us have been fighting the scales our whole lives.

Some people try all kinds of things – diets, low carb, no carb, loads of exercise programs, extra fiber…..even crazy diets like The Grapefruit Diet, The Peanut Butter and Jelly Diet (YIKES!) and more. They do these crazy things and then hop off the scale, only to find that they’re not losing weight.

Today, we’re going to talk about 5 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight and how to lose weight in a healthy sustainable way.

We’ll talk about the problems with most of the dietary thinking in the market these days, find out why you’re not losing weight, and get on the road to better health.

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5 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Reason One:  You’re On a Diet

If you’re not losing weight it might be because you are trying to do so!

You’ll lose weight on a low-calorie diet… for a while. You’ll be hungry, but never mind, by sheer willpower you’ll persevere… for a while. Then when your resolve runs out, as statistics indicate it will, you’ll gain back the weight, plus a probable post-diet bonus:

a few extra pounds.

Low-calorie diets simply don’t work long-term and can have bad consequences. The scientific community has known this since the Minnesota starvation experiment, carried out over 60 years ago.

Frankly, you know this too.

Reason Two: You Aren’t Eating Whole Foods

When you allow yourself to be swayed by product claims such as:

“it’s heart healthy”, “part of a balanced diet,” or “sugar-free.”

A lot of foods seem that they would be a good choice for you to help you lose weight, but in reality they won’t, and might in fact end up sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Eating more whole foods will help to fill you up and satisfy both your taste buds and your hunger, so you will end up likely eating fewer calories, which can naturally lead to weight loss.

Reason Three:  You Count Calories

Computing and calculating bite after bite won’t get you where you want to go. Calorie counting shifts the focus from food quality to numerical values instead of nutritional quality.

But your body knows that a 700-calorie factory-made instant meal is not the same as a 700-calorie nutrient-dense, whole food dinner. A multitude of factors, particularly hormones, control hunger, metabolism rate, and weight.

It’s considerably more sophisticated than a simplistic calculation of calories in – calories out.

Reason Four: You Hate Your Body

That picture of the model you pasted on your fridge? You don’t look like her.

In fact, the model that posed for the picture doesn’t look like her either. That woman’s been preened and prepared by personal trainers, stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists, and photographed by top photographers under ideal lighting conditions.

And since that’s not enough, she’s been photoshopped to create a wondrous, mythical creature who does not exist in nature.

You might as well compare yourself to a unicorn – ha!

Weight loss motivated by “I hate my body” rather than “I want to improve my health” is born in negativity.

How about eating real food because it’s delicious and nourishing rather than crash dieting because you can’t stand yourself.  What a healthy concept!

Reason Five: You Eat Low Fat

Surely it’s that horrid saturated fat (consumed for millennia) that’s causing the obesity epidemic. Odd how obesity levels began to climb in the late 70s, right around the time the “Dietary Goals for the United States” report got Americans to replace fats, meat, and eggs with lots of complex carbohydrates and fiber.

While experts can’t agree on what’s causing the obesity epidemic, common sense indicates one thing:

Weight gain has been out of control for only a few decades.

Part of the answer might be found in foods we’ve been eating lots of lately–packaged, processed white flours and sugars rather than whole foods that have been nourishing people for centuries.

See 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More Fat for more fat facts to chew on.

5 Reasons NOT Losing Weight - G thinking

How to Lose Weight Sustainably

Basically, though it’s easier to lean on fads, in order to lose weight, one needs to eat fewer calories than one expends. So go back over the list of potential barriers here, and see which ones you can address.

Hopefully as you work on these issues, you will find that you are eating healthier and that your weight ends up being where you’d like it to be.

Why do you think that you’re not losing weight?


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  1. Hi every body,
    Diet is not about losing weight, it’s about eating right. Read Grain Brain and you will understand Paleo Diet. Sugars cause inflammation, which ages us. Marketing is damage you up. A slice of whole wheat bread is probably the worst thing you can put in your mouth. It’s about putting gas in your engine, not diesel. And yes arthritis is gone, the bags under my eyes are gone and as a side effect, went from 180 to 152. Don’t knock it till you try it. And you have to put the alcohol away.I used to have big problems with lose weight tips, but am getting in better shape now. Here’s a good site I found that really helped. It gave me great methods and and showed me what I was doing wrong before…there’s even lots of free articles on the site…

  2. Thank you about this article. it’s very great for me and i thinks weight loss always difficult, if you want to lose fat fast just try your best.

  3. Great suggestions about why people are not losing weight. It is hard for everyone to let go of all these out dated notions that are still heavily promoted in the mainstream press! Thanks for offering alternative information

  4. I recently changed to a plant based diet/lifestyle. I also avoid gluten and try to keep grains to a minimum when possible. I have found that I feel incredible, never hungry and have no desire to “cheat” because this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. I think whatever diet is great for your individual needs is the change you need to make. This post, even though it promotes a paleo diet, is on the money.

    1. These comments are so interesting. I guess it really goes to show we all need to do what works…though our needs could really change as time goes on too, huh?

    2. I too have been plant based for 6 weeks now. I feel amazing. Last few days I started to cheat with a bite here and there. I can clearly see that I get very sick from all dairy, corn & anything that is greasy. I am choosing not to eat meat, but when I do, it doesnt make me sick. I really think the dairy is the #1 things I will never eat again.

  5. I had quite a few health conditions and generally felt terrible around 4 years ago. I lost some weight by eating paleo plus white rice to support my adrenals and metabolism. Then I kept working on resting and resting because I had adrenal fatigue. Then I carefully chose a dentist that knew how to SAFELY remove mercury fillings. Then I lost more weight. Then I took some rounds of samento (cat’s claw), and banderol. I felt bad while I was taking them (die off). I worked on my liver health and lost more weight. This took years but I feel good now and have lost all my extra weight (No cellulite either!). This is the very short version of my story. 🙂 There is alot more on my blog. Here is part of my story: https://www.familyhomehealth.blogspot.com/2014/06/food-as-medicine-for-incurable.html. By the way I found this blog during my health journey and it helped my alot!

  6. Hi, Adrienne. Great article!

    A year ago, we went wheat-free. Within a week, my tummy bloat was gone and the pain I have from crohn’s disease had nearly disappeared. Eventually, we started following the paleo way of eating combined with low god-map guidelines. I lost about 7 pounds. Not down to the weight of my thirties, but not bad! Especially since my tummy was flat again.

    Then, my (holistic) doctor found another problem in my system and put me on a low carb high fat diet. Wow! My husband joined me in this diet two full months ago. I am now clearer headed and my body feels healthier than it has in years. (Fats are a problem with crohn’s so I am also taking enzymes to help me digest them.)

    Now, I AM back to the weight I was in my 30’s. I look and feel fit and have lost 2 clothing sizes (from size 10 to size 6 over the past year, but mostly over the last 2 months.). There are very few carbs coming through so my brain and body have gone back to burning fat for energy. Just like they’re supposed to do.

    Of course, we are very careful about our fat sources and still follow the paleo way of life, just with an added twist.


    1. That’s so interesting. Did you read the comment that was first on this post? I think it must be that everyone is different or perhaps there is something else going on like a kind of inflammation or adrenal issues.

      1. I didn’t see any comments until finishing my own, but I did read both Norma’s and your comments. Norma, I know what it’s like to live daily feeling awful and am so sorry that the things you’re trying are leaving you feeling ill. I go to a holistic MD (almost an oxymoron). What I love is that he looks at my personal whole picture before suggesting any protocols or medicines. I have regular doctors who are excellent, too, but he is best at this and the only one who ties everything together. I think you would greatly benefit by finding someone like him to take a separate look at what’s going on. Having lived my entire life with a chronic illness, and know that a great doctor can make a world of difference in your quality of life.

        I’ve also found (and I’m NOT saying Norma didn’t do this) that the ratios of fat to protein to net carbs is very important in a LCHF diet. My best ratios are slightly different from my husband’s but they’re in a similar range. 65-75% Fat, 25-30% Protein, and roughly 5-7% net carbs. Too much protein can also keep the body from running efficiently. And too little fat leaves me headachy and tired. I am not even close to being an expert, This is just what we’re finding as we muddle along.

  7. I have been on the paleo way of eating for 4 weeks and haven’t noticed any changes……… no weight loss, I don’t feel any better, I don’t sleep better, in fact I think I sleep worse. Any idea what is going on?
    I have eating nutrient dense foods for about 6 years now……..when I was eating grains I soaked them and actually felt better on grains. I have been good on paleo though……no grains, no dairy except for a bit of parmesan cheese here and there. 🙂
    I have eaten low and carb for quite some time now and nothing happens with my weight. I have insulin resistance so I thought low carb would be the ticket but not. I even tried the keto diet and that really screwed me up, my blood work was all messed up.
    I am really frustrated and don’t know which way to turn.
    And yes I do eat a ton of vegetables. Just not sure what is missing here.
    Thanks……. for your time. 🙂

    1. Hi Norma. I am sure Ruth will drop by to answer. I have a few thoughts….I know that for some reason some people need more carbs – are you eating enough? I will say that I started a short exercise program that really helped me. of course I can’t medically advise, but have you looked at your thyroid and adrenals? I am going to be sharing about the exercise soon but I can share w/ you if you like. Hang in there.

    2. Thank you Adrienne,
      I do take Armour for thyroid and an adrenal support. I also take nascent iodine. I have been to several natural docs so as far as those go, I think I am on the right path. There’s something missing and I read, read, read, trying to find the missing link.
      I don’t really feel bad just doing every day chores etc. I don’t seem to have the energy I would like and I guess that is my goal with this Paleo diet. I will keep on keeping on and see if something gives here pretty soon. 🙂

      1. What is your thyroid disease, Norma? Are you hypothyroid? Thanks. I have read that 90% of those w/ hypo has Hashimotos and my practitioner (and others) have told me that typically those w/ Hashis cannot take iodine. I would look into that. Happy to refer you to my practitioner if you like. Have you had your antibodies checked? This post might help. https://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/tsh-hypothyroid-thyroid-test/

        This is not medical advice, of course. Please check w/ your physician prior to changing your supplements or diet.

    3. HI Norma
      I know it’s been a year or so since your question. I used to sleep terribly! Simply terribly! Should I, could I suggest the high carb, low fat diet? Look into the Starch Solution from Dr.McDougall. If you ask your Dr. they will probably poo poo it. I don;t know all your health issues, but there is no harm reading about the Starch Solution. The day after I began the Starch Solution I slept like a baby. Every night since. My energy is increased, I feel good! Cheers!