How I Recovered from Mercury Poisoning

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Following is the story about how one woman recovered from apparent mercury poisoning.

Recovery from Mercury Poisoning
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Horrible Health Problems

I struggled for many years feeling badly-so I was used to being tired. I was used to being unable to keep my house clean. And I was used to staying home because I could never “catch up”. But, I wasn’t used to the debilitating headaches, insomnia, and generally feeling awful that rendered me unable to function.

I had resorted to eating a lot of frozen pizza in an effort to “survive”. My house became even worse as I was having a hard time keeping up with even regular chores much less deep cleaning.

I know it sounds crazy, but it had to get that bad before I realized that something was seriously wrong. I had grown used to the fact that sometimes I just didn’t feel very well. Since doctors had never been able to help, I chalked it up to stress. I went to quite a few doctors and got quite a few diagnoses and recommendations, and I improved some by addressing PCOS, liver health, infections, and candida.

Specific supplements helped to improve my sleep and energy levels. But I knew I wasn’t totally well. I still had weird abdominal bloating and fatigue (even though I had been treated for candida and infection), and my sleep and weight still weren’t the best. I continued to skip periods and have other signs of hormonal dysfunction. So, I continued to research.

I read many stories of mercury toxicity and many of the mercury toxic people reminded me of myself. It all seemed to point to mercury poisoning–adrenal fatigue, hormonal dysfunction, anxiety, insomnia, liver problems, thyroid-type symptoms, candida, and chronic fatigue.

After a lot of research and prayer, I decided to have my mercury tooth fillings replaced with composite fillings.

I chose a dentist who specialized in removing mercury fillings and had my fillings removed. I spent a lot of money. Still, I didn’t know 100% if this was “the answer”. But I went in the faith that I had done my homework and had peace from God that I needed to move forward in seeking health.

Since removing my mercury fillings and detoxing, I have improved by leaps and bounds!

In fact, I had been eating a healthy nourishing diet and taking good care of myself for a few years, but I hadn’t been able to lose the extra weight that I had. After I had my fillings removed, the weight just left. I wasn’t “puffy” anymore.

Mercury is everywhere -- in seafood, vaccines, fluorescent bulbs... Read how this blogger recovered from mercury poisoning. It took a lot of work but she got her life back.

My Experience with Recovering from Mercury Poisoning

Mercury is a very ugly toxin. It does damage to the body in many ways. But there is hope! I recovered from chronic fatigue, polycystic ovarian syndrome, anemia, metabolic syndrome, headaches, and insomnia. I want to share the steps I took to recover.

It’s important to add that these steps may not be the ones that you need to take. Mercury can be very tricky, and each person’s body is different. Yet, I do I feel that the way I chose to handle mercury was (in my opinion) a very safe way to detox. I was concerned about damaging my body further so I chose to do my detox in a way that I felt was the safest possible.

First Things First

This is what I did to get my life back from mercury poisoning:

  • Found a Doctor
    I found practitioners who could address my mineral status and deal with the other medical problems that I had. Before I had my fillings replaced, I had already been treated by an integrated doctor for a gut infection. I had also been on bioidentical progesterone to help balance my hormones and had quite a few vitamin C IVs. Additionally, I was on a targeted vitamin and supplement program.
  • Chose a DentistThere are reports of people getting very sick from having a dentist improperly remove a mercury filling. It is important to carefully choose your dentist. Never let a dentist just “drill out”an old filling.

Once those two things were taken care of it is time to think about how to help the body get rid of the stored mercury, and how to heal from the mercury damage. Here are the 4 different areas that will need to be addressed with mercury toxicity:

My Recovery from Mercury Poisoning

  1. Mineral Status 

    This is best addressed way before the removal of the fillings. I had testing done through Metametrix Labs along with some blood testing. My practitioner put me on optimal vitamins and retested periodically so that I would know which vitamins were needed. Minerals are vital–when there are mineral deficiencies a lot of symptoms begin to show up.

    I believe that many of the terrible symptoms from my mercury poisoning were due to the mercury displacing minerals. Most mercury-damaged people will do well on high quality B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium (sometimes calcium also), vitamin D, trace minerals, and vitamin E.

  2. Safely Removed Mercury from My Body 

    I started doing this the day I had my fillings removed. I scheduled an appointment with my integrated physician to have a vitamin C IV within hours of my filling removal. Vitamin C helps to neutralize mercury. I swished activated charcoal around in my mouth when I got home to absorb any particles of mercury left in my mouth.

    I brushed my teeth with activated charcoal and swished and spit a lot. Then I took an activated charcoal pill. Later on I took a detox product. Having optimal liver function is important for detox–I took liposomal glutathione to improve liver health.

    I did clay foot baths. I am now juicing and should have done this a long time ago! Juicing is wonderful for detoxing.

  3. Addressed Candida 

    If you have issues with mercury it is extremely likely that you have issues with candida. Some people will not be able to overcome candida problems until they work on ridding themselves of mercury.

    Of course a real food diet is important. High quality meat, eggs and vegetables are helpful for detox. Avoid sugar and yeast. Vinegars can also aggravate yeast. Take anti-fungal supplements and rotate them.

  4. Healed My Gut –

    You can work on this as you are working on detox. But I found that I was really able to concentrate on my digestion after I had worked on detox for a long while. I think because my mercury symptoms were so much better. Finally, I could pinpoint that certain foods were bothering me.

    I got tested for Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth (SIBO) and had a positive test result. I began a protocol and diet to treat that. Then I started supporting my liver with food and eventually juicing and cut out food groups that I was intolerant to. Other helpful therapies for healing the gut include l-glutamine, turmeric, probiotics, licorice, garlic, and of course candida fighting foods and supplements.

I know this list looks long-and it is! For me it was a very long journey back to health.

Not All At Once

I didn’t do all these things at once. In fact detoxing often happens in cycles. I would sometimes be actively working on something pertaining to detox. Other times I would just take my regular vitamins and minerals and eat well. I also want to mention that some people will not have to address all these areas. Sometimes, simply having a safe dentist remove the fillings can be the catalyst for healing.

I personally needed to address all these areas, but it has all been worth it.
No longer do I feel sick and exhausted.
I’m at a healthy weight now.
I sleep well.
I am able to keep up with my responsibilities.

–and I am able to enjoy life again!

{Please note that neither Kristie nor Adrienne are medical professionals and the above is not medical advice. Please consult your physician prior to making changes to your diet, supplements, or exercise program}

Have you heard about Mercury Poisoning before?
What do you think about this?

Kristie Mobley from Family Faith and Home

Kristie has had the privilege to be a stay at home wife (and then mom) for 18 years. Homeschooling became a passion for her after the blessing of her first daughter arrived. In 2010 Kristie’s chronic health problems became serious enough that homeschooling was becoming very hard to keep up. Her prayers and research led her to health and then to blogging! Nowadays you can find Kristie busy in the kitchen making family approved allergy-friendly meals. Unless she’s busy researching her next health topic or homeschooling!

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  1. Adrienne, Your article gave me hope. I just found out I have high levels of mercury in my system. Can I ask you what detox supplements you used? The functional medicine doctor that I am working with wants o do a protocol that seems very aggressive and has told me could make me very sick before I get well. I am already tired, and struggling I don’t think an aggressive treatment plan would be good for me. I will inform my doctor about any of the detox products you mention to make sure she is ok with them. Thank you in advance. So happy to read your article and hear that you are healthy and doing fantastic now.

    1. Hi Lisa. So sorry for the delay. I don’t remember everything I used then, but things have changed a lot since that post. It wasn’t until 2019 that I finally started feeling a whole lot better. Turned out I had Lyme and mold toxicity going on as well. What is he wanting to do? I personally don’t think it is smart to do things that make you feel significantly worse. Seems to me that means your body’s detox pathways aren’t open? I mean some worse — ok, but sounds like you are worried. “Very sick” doesn’t sound good to me.
      I am hoping to have a list on my site soon of things that I / we are doing that are helping and have helped – Here is a short version of our story that might help you have perspective. I hope to update this soon as well –

  2. I really love this article thank you so much. I am 75 from the UK and like most of my generation grew up just accepting that we would have a mouthful of mercury fillings. Over the years my teeth have deteriorated and I have had a lot of them extracted and not too many left now but I am happy with a metal free denture. This last year I have puzzled everyone, myself included because I seem to be on top of my life, full of energy, no more depression, actually doing some serious housework (!) etcetc. It just dawned on me that for the last year i have had all my previously mercury filled teeth removed. What I have left are intact. I really think this is the reason i feel like I am 21 again! A positive outlook and the energy to actually enjoy life. To think I loved my whole life with a mouthful of that poison and now i am totally free of it…Just had to tell my story. Thank you for yours…..Mary

    1. Oh wow. Thanks for sharing! I’m so so sorry to hear that you had so many dental issues. They are not fun! However, so glad you are feeling better.
      My story has continued and so has that of my family. I hope to share a lot more soon. A bit of it is here – maybe we can connect again in the future. I’m thinking about ways to do that.

  3. I’m looking to heal my body from mercury poisoning caused by improper amalgam removal. This is not really recent, but was only recently found to be the probable cause of symptoms. I’m looking for gentle oral chelation and/or supplementation as possibilities. I would like to have medical support, especially to start.

    Do you have any recommendations for doctors or hospitals familiar with mercury poisoning detox? Preferably familiar with gentle detox methods.
    Anywhere in the country is fine.


    1. Hi there. I don’t have any recommendations–sorry. This is a complicated topic. Perhaps someone else will have ideas.

      1. I have some questions for you about this subject as I’m going through the same thing right now and I’m working closely with a naturopathy doctor to get healthy again.its taking alot of time.very slow.but I have mercury fillings in my teeth and I need to know some things if you could please write me back and answer some questions I have about this .I would forever be greatful.. I’m on the verge of losing my job rn because of this illness and what it has done to me.

        1. Oh my I’m soooo sorry to hear this. I’ll drop you a line. I can’t medically advise but I can share things that have helped me. Hang in there.

    2. You should eat walnuts, which have a lot of Alpha- Lipoeic Acid. ALA is a powerful chelator for mercury poisoning. However, when you eat the walnuts, make sure to eat them every 3-4 hours because that is the half-life of ALA, so half of the ALA that picked up the mercury will dissolve and the free mercury molecules will settle in other parts of your brain and body. Eating the walnuts every 3-4 hours will ensure that your body is protected against free mercury molecules. I hope this helps you.

  4. Thank you so much for your article! Those are the exact same symptoms I had (and still have). I was initially tested via hair analysis for heavy metals in 2014 when even more bizarre symptoms showed up (huge bruising, miscarriages, random hive breakouts, unable to heal from minor injuries/illnesses, etc.). At times, I literally felt like I was dying (went from doing sprint triathlons, to no activity in a few months due to injuries and fatigue. I was only 26!). Came up positive for mercury toxicity. I’m better now (especially since going gluten/dairy/soy free, but I still suffer from adrenal, gut, and hormonal issues that I’m working on. I work in healthcare, and of course, everyone I told thought I was crazy (especially doctors!! “Oh have you been playing with old thermometers? Hahahaha!” Insert massive eye roll…). Even alternative practitioners glaze over the topic. I never nailed down a cause, but I’m wondering if it was a combination for mandatory flu shots plus Trader Joe’s “wild caught” salmon (when I found the results out, I immediately cut out all fish) or some other environmental factor. I was retested about a year later and the level was still present, but hugely decreased. From my understanding though, it’s not so easy to get rid of so I’m excited to try zeolite. It’s weird to be happy to see that someone else has gone through similar issues, but I am very grateful that you have shared your experience!! Thanks again for posting!

    1. You are so welcome! I’m so sorry for all you have been through! So you worked on diet alone? People just don’t understand–it’s so hard!

      The multi-dose flu shots do have mercury / thimerosal in them sadly and too much fish can be a huge problem. I’m so happy to know that my struggles can help others! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    2. You may want to consider doing a parasite cleanse. You would be shocked to know that millions / billions of us are infected with intestinal parasites which are causing us major health problems. ( digestive problems and disorders – gas, bloating, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog, insomnia,
      Anemia, irritability, anger, muscle weakness, skin problems, teeth grinding, joint aches & stiffness even shortness of breath. Testing is often inaccurate or flat out fast to detect. Best thing you can do is a parasite cleanse. I’ve been on one for 3 weeks and am shocked at what’s come out ( yes I checked with a magnifying camera ). There are many natural ways of doing this. There’s a forum on curezone that’s very helpful as well.

  5. I’m curious what mercury testing you had done and what your mercury level was? I was diagnosed with mercury toxicity in March and am in the process of the same steps your shared above.

    1. Hi – we had a hair analysis done. I’m confused about the accuracy and interpretation of such tests but that is what we did. How were you diagnosed?

        1. Hi there. I would have to go and look up my results. Did you have mercury in your blood? I have heard that it will show up in the hair first since the body tries to keep it out of the blood so I am concerned if yours is showing up there.

  6. After my mercury filling was drilled out in April, I’ve had five ear infections, gained 10 pounds, have episodes of memory loss, and low energy. My naturopathic doctor diagnosed mercury poisoning and is aggressively treating me for mercury toxins with chelation therapy. Two injections this week, major probiotics, and my mouth tastes like car parts (metal) so I know it’s working.

    When the dentist removed the filling (did not inform me first) I smelled, tasted and inhaled the metal. Then I caught a tooth infection during the root canal and took antibiotics strong enough for malaria. But now, months later I knew something was not right with these ear infections.

    Even with the aggressive detox I am already feeling better and seeing major body changes. Because of the ear infections I could not smell food, so I was craving and eating salt and sugar foods (weight gain). The mercury was looking for places to bind. Normally this will eliminate in a few days from the body (per my doctor) but in my case the metal stayed with me.

    If I don’t rid these metals I could end up with autoimmune diseases, hearing loss from ear infections, and health problems from being overweight.

    A primary MD would have probably given me another round of antibiotics for the ear infections and never connected mercury with my symptoms. Or put me on allergy meds (I was already taking these and not getting results).

    Grateful for the healing! #newgirl ?

  7. Thank you for your article! I am suffering from the same symptoms. I hope to feel better after my amalgam is removed.

  8. Add 15 more bad symptoms(3yrs) and this is where i am at! 1st round of Mercury detox w/safe amalgum removal. Hopefully addressing candida soon as well. I am a stay at home mom and homeschool.

  9. Hi a very interesting article
    I’m a 53yr old man and have been reading so much about mercury poisening from dental amalgam fillings. I’ve had chronic fatigue for ages prostrate issues then a yr ago two of my teeth with large fillings fell apart I felt so I’ll then not long after apendixitis instant removal caused by nasty bacteria infection ct scan showed a fatty adenoma left adrenal gland tests show non productive but actually low hormones from adrenals I improved a little after months but after have teeth prepared for crowns to fill gaps two teeth had large fillings I felt I’ll quickly again esp my gut I them had rest of fillings removed before crowns fitted I felt I’ll again but some improvement
    If I’d known more information I’d of taken a diff route but too late so any advice to aid recovery plse as now I’m sure my fillings have been causing my issues for many yrs

  10. I really wish I had known all these things a long time ago 🙁 I got a number of amalgams drilled out by a dentist who said it was totally safe. I got very sick ! I’ve had the last two out by a biodentist and am now working with a functional doctor on regaining my health and detoxing. I’m grateful I’m still here – I wasn’t sure I would be.

    I’ve cautioned all my friends and family. Mercury poisoning does scary scary things to your brain…I never want to feel that way again! Thank GOD He saw me through and is with me always – he spoke to me 3 John 1:2 – Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. Don’t we serve a gracious and loving GOD!!

  11. 4 years ago at age 60, after over 4 decades of weekly migraines before I discovered amalgam poisoning. I had 17 fillings PROPERLY replaced and the migraines stopped from that day. I had a test before removal and mercury poisoning was at an industrial injury level. The only headaches I get now are related to MSG, which must be avoided. I did not detox, but my question is: should I ? If so, then how? I don’t have to say that dentists are performing crimes filling our mouths with this deadly substance. But why?
    In 1985 I got very sick, and spent 3 weeks in a neurological hospital with suspected encephalitis, apparently I nearly died. A spine fluid test was not conclusive, but I had the matching symptoms. I had a further 6 weeks off work recovering. I recently checked the date of a dentist visit at that time, and compared it to my hospitalization. My dentist visit was the week before I became sick (due to my illness I never paid the dentist in time, thankfully I still had the summons he sent me, how’s that for ironic). So at last, I know why the spine fluid test was inconclusive;+ I was simply poisoned getting fillings. Amalgams are potentially life threatening, and probably the cause of much motor neuron disease. Get them out if you have them, no matter the cost.

    1. What I found so hard was for anyone to actually take me seriously and still am the dentist just tried to brush me aside and said my fillings were still ok they where big gone black and leaving a metal fish like taste is best I can discribe it I seemed to feel worse after chewing the side these fillings were due to hole in a tooth the other side I’ve just had these fillings removed prior to crowns but I’d of just let the dentist fit them on top of the metal if I didn’t feel so unwell and read about mercury toxins
      I had no choice but use a local dentist who couldn’t understand why I was insisting to remove fillings before crowns this process made me worse until now I’m a long way off yet but already my titinus is a bit better and my gut seems slowly improving

      1. Mark, I urge you to get Amalgam Illness by Andy Cutler. Best resource on this topic. Also find and join the Yahoo Frequent Low Dose Chelation group. Tons of free support. Praying for you.

        1. Hi again. As mentioned in response to your other comment I’m a little concerned. I don’t know the best thing to do about all of this. What do you think about using things like zeolite, spirulina and chlorella? I have heard of people getting worse on this and other protocols and have heard about the danger of doing chelation. Hard to know!

  12. How long did it take to recover entirely from the time you started treatment for the mercury issue?

    My brother was diagnosed with mercury poisoning 3 months ago and is just now finally able to get out of bed.

    Thank you

    1. I am not sure of the exact timeline, but I know it was a gradual progression. I just had less times of feeling bad as time went on. Some issues started to improve shortly after I had my fillings removed. I would say that I could see a big improvement within 6 months. But, I still had some issues to work on. I don’t know whether those issues were caused by the mercury or were just a separate issue. Either way, I began to tackle those issues after I had improved a whole lot.

    2. Thank you! I was so encouraged by your account of it all and was just telling my husband how timely it was i read it. I have three big rounds on this Mercury Detox that I have to do w/getting amalgums out (i had 5) and I’m just getting to the end of my first one and it’s been pretty awful so far. Trying to homeschool and be a mom to two little girls as rough during this time. And i was just beginning to doubt it was on the rt track to feeling better. Your post reminded me of how God has literally open doors and giving us Direction on our functional practitioner and even finding a dentist that takes our insurance yet will follow precautions to the T. It has all been such a trusting process cuz I hadn’t seen no results yet. My husband is still quite skeptical this is going to help me and just recently those doubts have crept in my own mind. I keep looking back on how God has open doors and I know you’re on the right track it’s just hard when you’re in it. Thank you for sharing your story. There’s so much unknown still and I have not even scraped the top of the bucket with the Candida because we are so focused on the Mercury right now cuz it was super high. I know we will get to it but I just want to do everything right now to feel better. I am doing almost everything that you had talked about which really put my mind at ease. My functional medicine doctor seems to be very on top of it with the supplements and multiple chelation components.
      Maybe one day I’ll get to share my story with a clear mind and I hope to helps others. so thankful that you did yours!

      1. Hang in there! This is a great post with a lot of good commonsense advice on it. You are on the right track. Trust the Lord to continue to lead and guide. Be patient, and grateful that at least you are heading the right direction now. Mercury poisoning is real, and it truly messes with your brain. I followed a detox protocol for a short time but had to quit because I was pushing it too hard, and redistribution symptoms were making me feel like I was going crazy. I took a whole year off and I’m finally getting started again. The thing that keeps me going is remembering that mercury is not going to just leave on its own. Our bodies don’t detox it fast enough to make a difference without help. The supplements mentioned above are super important to help minimize damage while mercury is leaving the body. It sounds like you are in good hands. In addition to this post, I recommend Amalgam Illness by Andy Cutler. He was a biochemist poisoned by mercury and had to do his own research to cure himself. Best book on the subject in my opinion, even though it is very difficult to read. It is very repetitive, but that is on purpose because as Andy explained and he understood, people poisoned by mercury have a hard time focusing and retaining information. That’s been my experience for sure! (Straight A student in school, but now I feel like an absolute idiot most of the time. Amalgam illness is a very humbling condition.) Praying that you will see real improvement soon.

        1. Thanks for this. I have heard of people getting worse on his protocol but I guess that can be with anything? Do you know anything about that?

          1. No, but my gut feeling is they probably were moving too fast (the same mistake I made 1st time around). It is vitally important to move mercury out in a very slow and controlled fashion to minimize damage — I can’t find it at the moment, but there is a site that documents people being permanently brain damaged by “challenge tests” in which too much mercury was mobilized at once. In his book, I think Andy Cutler recommends a starting dose of around 25mg, but after it was published found that very toxic folks had to start much lower, even 1-3 mg. A new edition of the book was in the works when he passed, but in the meantime Brian at the Frequent Dose Chelation group on Yahoo (and active members of that group) are a gold mine of info.
            Thanks again for all your valuable work, Adrienne! Really appreciate your passion for helping people. XOXO

  13. Part Three — My lead level is now in the 20s and I still have symptoms but am able to function. I still have the fatigue, the weight, the puffiness and bad attitude that come with the poison but am 1000% glad that I did the chelation treatments as rough as it can be it is worth it to be able to function. I’m back in school now and am writing a paper for my composition class and it is on toxicity. I’ve been researching and writing and crying, for myself and others. Especially others that have no idea what is wrong, just that they feel terrible or their child is sick all the time and no one can explain it. Be a self-advocate, take the pills, find the doctor, do the chelation…have a full life! …and share your experience, push people to get tested, it’s an epidemic that’s just starting to surface. Be a driving force behind helping your community and the world to get better and to understand what is driving cancer and so many other diseases. Thanks for reading my story. xo

  14. Part two — I would get home and feel like I had the flu — body aches, headache, nausea, etc. It’s how you feel all the time but more so. It’s the toxins free floating in your body trying to leave. They have detached from your bones, your brain, fat tissues and organs and are leaving your system. Eventually, the flu-like feeling wasn’t as severe, perhaps if you aren’t as poisoned as I was you won’t experience what I did. But, I did start to feel better, the first thing I noticed was like a curtain being raised as the brain fog started to recede. My symptoms overall have lessened but as the writer above states you sometimes feel crappy in waves and you sometimes don’t feel like eating the right thing so you choose the wrong thing. Or you are sick of taking all the pills and then you remember why you take them when you start feeling terrible again.

    1. Hello TJ Moore

      You just described myself as far as your symptoms in your “Part two”. I have been doing tests for the past two years and a half, serious medical tests and doctors found nothing. The flulike symptoms and the nausea are terrible. Can I ask you which doctor you went to? and anything as far as supplements that you took? I will do this asap as far as taking out my 4 silver fillings that were done around 1990. I feel horrible as I write this, feels like I’m totally sick.
      I had MRI’s, CT scans, ultra sounds, stomach empty study, esophageal monometry test, autoimmune blood tests, very detailed gall bladder and liver tests, 3 endoscopies, colonoscopy. It was a sick journey and all tests are normal. That’s why I’m looking to my silver fillings that actually one broken off a year ago.

  15. My toxicity levels were tested in 2005 after finally finding a doctor that considered that I might be toxic. My lead was at 82, should be 2>, I also had elevated mercury levels but not as severe as the lead. I was a mess when diagnosed and had been to many doctors in my lifetime and believe I was exposed as a child then moved into a building as an adult in silicon valley, California where I got nailed and exposed to massive amounts of toxins. My doctor, Angelique Hart, MD, New Mexico, immediately treated my sub-clinical hypothyroidism and adrenal depletion. As well as a medicine cabinet full of supplements. I’ve experienced at this point about 45 intravenous chelation treatments. When I first started I was going twice a week. She would put the EDTA medicine in a saline pouch and let it slowly drip into my body which takes about 4 hours. During the treatment it’s actually a little boring, so you read or watch videos talk to other patients, anything to pass the time. It’s recommended that you eat while getting treatment, so packing snacks are part of my chelation visit. The whole day you must drink as much water as you can, I don’t mean 8-8 oz glasses either. The EDTA / Chelation “grabs” all the minerals in your body, good and bad, and are eliminated with all the water that is passing through your system.

  16. This is so encouraging! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been struggling with SIBO and fatigue for a few years now (despite a strict paleo and low sugar diet). I keep coming back to the fact that I don’t detox well and probably need my fillings removed. What has held me back from doing it are the complicated chelation protocols and terrible side effects I’ve read about. I’m working on detoxing my liver right now but I’m leaning towards just getting the mercury out

    1. I’m doing he same thing . I had over 15 mercury fillings from age 11 and that’s when my migraines started . I have 9 left to remove . I have been diagnosed and treated ( without success! ) for everything from polysystic ovarian syndrome to it’s all in my head ( anxiety and depression) I’m 48 now and my life has literally been a constant race to see what is wrong with me!

  17. Did you detox naturally or did you do chelation therapy ? I’m having the first two of my four silver fillings removed next week and I’m nervous about starting chelation after the second two are removed soon after. I’ve heard almost nothing but horrors stories about chelation and wonder if it’s worth it.

    1. No, I didn’t do a specific chelation therapy. I also felt wary of chelation therapy, and opted instead to do other natural therapies-many of them are mentioned in this article.

  18. In 1999, I became very sick. I was passing out, forgetting how to get home, severe pain all over, chest pains, migraines, anxiety, not remembering how to do my job and sometimes that even recognizing my surroundings. I went to over 21 doctors and was told I was crazy and it was all in my head. Finally, after a lot of praying, I found an Environmental, Occupation doctor in North Charleston, SC, Dr Lieberman. Actually, it was his partner Dr. Sheer that found out I had mercury poisoning. It was off the chart and he said I had to go to a special dentist to have them removed. He was surprised I was still alive. I actually had what they called amalgam tattoos (3 of them). This poison was in my blood stream and had been poisoning my body since I was a child. We are talking over 30 years at the time. It took over 6 million nths to safely get the amalgams removed. I took large doses of vitamin C. After this, I had to find a doctor who would remove the mercury from my body. We had to travel 31/2 hours to go to the doctor in Raleigh, NC, Dr. Beverly Goode. Treatment started out two times a week. I got very sick trying to take the medicine by mouth so we started chelation therapy. It took not only the bad stuff out of my body but the good also. I had to take over 90 pills a day and a very strict diet. Between Dr Goode and Dr. Sheer, my life was saved. I would like to say that sent going through all of that, that my life turned back to normal but it didn’t. I had to stop being a cosmetologist and go on disability. I have fibromyalgia severely, IC really bad and now arthritis. I was told that some of my memories, I will never get back due to some of the cells that were damaged. Part of my life was taken away. I did get to feeling a lot better for awhile but in the last four years, I feel like I’m going backwards again. My question is could I have mercury toxicity again. If so, I have no idea where to begin with to get tested. This has been a long time. I had a hard enough time with the doctors back then. The dentist I go to knows not to come near me with anything silver.. My family physician I go to now would help me out but she has no clue how. What test to order, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I need to do. I keep being told that there is really nothing else the doctors can do because I can’t take a lot of the medication they want to put me on. I really am that able to travel all over the country. I do go to a specialist for my IC in Winston Salem, NC so if I could find someone there to help me beacause im sure Florence, SC has no one. Any suggestions?

    1. Oh my. I don’t know. I will say that I am sure that I still have metal issues. I have heard that you can do a challenge test with urine. I am starting to use Diatomaceous Earth and can tell it’s doing something.

      I am starting to take Diatomaceous Earth and it has loads of testimonials about improving people’s health, including about metals. (affiliate link). You can read testimonials on this site (aff link): I hope that helps. Not medical advice, of course.

      1. I had the same issues, You cant do metal detox without supervision from an expert. DR mercola has the best advise.You may also wsnt to .Google “medical medium. “.Dulse is the best heavy metal/absorber and it then conducts it out of the body avoiding reapsorbtion through the tissues.. I can tolerate chorella ,it reacts in my gut but no problems with ” dulse”Find a kiesioligist that is willing to work with you.She will energetically test you for what you need to balance your body while on the journey. This is cfucial because eveyone is different.Stop all vaccines.Eat organically etc. Purified water only and lots of it .

        1. Hi there. I’m very skeptical about the Medical Medium. First of all, it seems like he’s consulting with the afterworld which seems very eerie to me, and even dangerous. Then, if you read the negative reviews about him on Amazon they are troubling. I heard other things about him in a group on Facebook – things such as blocking and deleting negative things. I don’t know. I guess someone could say that about others, but I’m very concerned.

          Even if you find a substance that can detox you that you can get yourself, you have to be very careful about detox pathways. Some people have a lot of issues and need monitoring. Thanks.

          1. If you’re a believer then Medical Medium is not for you IMO. There are lots of FB groups – look at 12foryou which focuses on whole foods and things like high does iodine and vit c (mercury sits on cell receptors and when it comes off you need to replace it with what should be there – the iodine), Diatomaceous Earth, Boron/Borax etc. I’ve tried loads of supplements and the best info I’ve had is from this group.

              1. Adrienne, if I were you, I would try out the Medical Medium information as a real scientist would. A scientist would put the Medical Medium information to the test for at least 6 months, and receive objective results. But you have to have a strict methodology. That is, you have to do what Medical Medium says to do, such as don’t eat eggs, dairy, wheat, corn, soy, canola oil, all vinegars, caffeine, nutritional yeast, etc. As for whether the Medical Medium is “consulting with the afterworld”, how do you know this? Who gave you this information? Is the information he gives unholy? No, it is holy. It’s following what God stated in Genesis 1:29: “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” That’s what it says in the Bible, before man had fallen. Humans should be on a fruit, vegetable, leafy green, and herb diet, ideally. That’s the ideal diet. I know this from experience too, as this diet and other tools I’ve been using have literally saved my life. Again, what is demonic about eating fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and herbs? Nothing is wrong is demonic about that. What is wrong with taking vitamins and supplements he recommends? Again, nothing. And he also mentions herbs and vitamins to avoid, like Chlorella, Diatomaceous Earth, and a whole bunch of others. I suggest you read his books with an open mind. He also has thousands of healing testimonials. I don’t know one doctor (and I’ve prolly seen about 100 doctors and healers) who has that many healing testimonials as Medical Medium does. So I do hope you at least try out his information, like a true scientist would. Peace and grace be with you.

                1. Sorry but I have read enough negative reviews on what he is doing and I am very skeptical. He says he is talking to “spirit” who is it? What is it? What do you think it is? Do you think he is claiming to have a direct line to the Holy Spirit? I really don’t think so and if he were, that’s disconcerting as well.

                  I actually eat the way you just said most of the time and it wasn’t b/c MM told me to :).

                  I never said anything was demonic about eating that way. Did I say something to lead you to think that? I said that many are saying he took others’ writings and claimed that they were his own.

                  As for what is holy, I think these verses gives me pause about consulting a “medium”:

                  Leviticus 19:31 ESV / 352 helpful votes
                  “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.

                  Leviticus 20:6 ESV / 252 helpful votes
                  “If a person turns to mediums and necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people.

                  Isaiah 8:19 ESV / 219 helpful votes
                  And when they say to you, “Inquire of the mediums and the necromancers who chirp and mutter,” should not a people inquire of their God? Should they inquire of the dead on behalf of the living?

                  Leviticus 20:27 ESV / 169 helpful votes
                  “A man or a woman who is a medium or a necromancer shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones; their blood shall be upon them.”

                  Deuteronomy 18:9-12 ESV / 149 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
                  “When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.

                  Please do let me know what you think about this.

    2. I am using the teachings of Albert Wilking for my mercury detoxing. It is really helping and is all natural . I am from South Carolina and not too far from Florence, SC. Ask to join the Wilking Protocol Group to learn more! Hope this helps!

    3. OK p[lease do email me if you still have issues!!!! I know of every safer and milder method of working on this…chelation even in the cases of a urine test for mercury is to be avoided unless absolutely needed..the chelation drugs are powerful and can be rough on people although may be needed sometimes..there are healthy supplements and vitamins you can take I would probably advise that might help and couldn’t apples..vitamin C..reduced l-glutathione…garlic..selenium.. You also need something to get the mercury out of your blood..arguably apple pectin has this effect..but there is a form of brown kelp that is supposed to be better..I usually start out with only part of a pill of anything I take make sure I don’t have a bad reaction to it…If you take too many natural chelating things like cilantro which get the mercury in your blood without taking something effective to expel it things can be bad..I don’t think it would hurt to try to find a natural milder agent for forcing mercury out and one milder natural agent or more to chelate it (like selenium) Meeting one time with a naturopath or dietician who knows about it might help or even a toxicology trained doctor

      1. Hi Chris
        My husband has many many issues due to amalgam poisoning, we do all kind of medical and blood tests, almost all are in norms but he fees really sick, he is currently taking cortisol and T3 which really “helped” him to feel more normal, he made one round of DMSA but his intestine get really bad, we are struggling and dont know what to do…
        Now we read about a woman named Connie Fox taht may help, have you heard of her?
        Please mail me any advises and doctors who meay help us

      1. What do you think about the reliability and interpretation of these tests? One thing I wonder about is how autistic babies don’t show mercury in their hair b/c they don’t detox well?

        1. That’s a good question. I am pretty sure mercury is at the root of my problems, but am onoy just starting to tease out the “how” of it. I’ll be getting that test done in a few weeks (ordered the kit through my naturopath; ARL can send you a list of practitioners in your area) so we shall see how it goes. From what I understand this lab does the test in a way that improves the accuracy of the test: they give very clear instructions about how to get the hair sample and, unlike other labs, they do not wash the hair with anything before the analysis. If I can find my way back here, I’ll post my results. One thing I’ve been thinking about for quite some time is that we might be wrong in thinking that the cause of the problem (e.g. mercury) still needs to be in the body to continue causing the problem. This, in the context of your comment aobut kids with autism. What if it’s a hit-and-run kind of deal – the body receives a dose of mercury or other toxin, and the mercury sets in motion a series of hard-to-reverse metabolic changes. Another possibility is that the body may be sequestering the offending substance in nodules or tumours somewhere – much in the way nodules of iron form in the brains of those suffering from MS, or the way wax and parabens end up in breast tumours – maybe the body – in an attempt to limit the damage done – draws the mercury into soft tissue such as the salivary glands or the lumph nodes and tries to isolate it there in order to mitigate its impact. Just some ideas, but I’m very sad (not to say angry) that it is taboo to research these things, which means that it is pretty hard – and lonely – for us to figure out how to go about correcting the damage.

          1. Hmmmm….I think it’s possible that there can be reactions started but I would say that when the offender is out you should be able to have healing. Depends on how bad the damage is. Take care and yes, it’s lonely. I would love to have you join us in our new FB Healthy Living Community. It’s still a small group but I think it’s quite supportive for the size.