How I Recovered from Mercury Poisoning

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Mercury is everywhere -- in seafood, vaccines, fluorescent bulbs... Read how this blogger recovered from mercury poisoning. It took a lot of work but she got her life back.

Over the course of many years of seeing natural practitioners, the topic of heavy metals, and mercury in particular, came up over and over again. I didn't know what to make of it. Mercury Poisoning? Me? I ended up taking a mild detox supplement and found out that it really looked like I indeed had heavy metal toxicity. I'll write more on it later, but today, Kristie, from Family, Home, and Health is here to share her story of recovery from mercury poisoning.

Horrible Health Problems

I struggled for many years feeling badly-so I was used to being tired. I was used to being unable to keep my house clean. And I was used to staying home because I could never “catch up”. But, I wasn't used to the debilitating headaches, insomnia, and generally feeling awful that rendered me unable to function. I had resorted to eating alot of frozen pizza in an effort to “survive”. My house became even worse as I was having a hard time keeping up with even regular chores much less deep cleaning.

I know it sounds crazy, but it had to get that bad before I realized that something was seriously wrong. I had grown used to the fact that sometimes I just didn't feel very well. Since doctors had never been able to help, I chalked it up to stress. I went to quite a few doctors and got quite a few diagnosis, and I improved some by addressing PCOS, liver health, infections, and candida.

Specific supplements helped to improve my sleep and energy levels. But I knew I wasn't totally well. I still had weird abdominal bloating and fatigue (even though I had been treated for candida and infection), and my sleep and weight still weren't the best. I continued to skip periods and have other signs of hormonal dysfunction. So, I continued to research.

I read many stories of mercury toxicity and many of the mercury toxic people reminded me of myself. It all seemed to point to mercury poisoning–adrenal fatigue, hormonal dysfunction, anxiety, insomnia, liver problems, thyroid-type symptoms, candida, and chronic fatigue.

After a lot of research and prayer, I decided to have my mercury tooth fillings replaced with composite fillings.

I chose a safe dentist and had my fillings removed. I spent alot of money. Still, I didn't know 100% if this was “the answer”. But I went in the faith that I had done my homework and had peace from God that I needed to move forward in seeking health.

Since removing my mercury fillings and detoxing, I have improved by leaps and bounds! In fact, I had been eating a healthy nourishing diet and taking good care of myself for a few years, but I hadn't been able to lose the extra weight that I had. After I had my fillings removed, the weight just left. I wasn't “puffy” anymore.

Mercury is everywhere -- in seafood, vaccines, fluorescent bulbs... Read how this blogger recovered from mercury poisoning. It took a lot of work but she got her life back.

Mercury Poisoning

Mercury is a very ugly toxin. It does damage to the body in many ways. But there is hope! I recovered from chronic fatigue, polycystic ovarian syndrome, anemia, metabolic syndrome, headaches, and insomnia. I want to share the steps I took to recover.

It's importan to add that these steps may not be the ones that you need to take. Mercury can be very tricky, and each person's body is different. Yet, I do I feel that the way I chose to handle mercury was (in my opinion) a very safe way to detox. I was concerned about damaging my body further so I chose to do my detox in a way that I felt was the safest possible.

The very first things that must be done to detox safely from mercury include:

  • See a Doctor who can diagnose any other problems that you may have-address your mineral status and deal with any medical problems that you can ahead of time. Before I had my fillings replaced, I had already been treated by an integrated doctor for a gut infection. I had also been on bioidentical progesterone to help balance my hormones and had quite a few vitamin C IVs. Additionally, I was on a targeted vitamin and supplement program.
  • Choose a safe dentist. Many people have become very sick from having a dentist improperly remove a mercury filling. It is important to carefully choose your dentist. Never let a dentist just “drill out”an old filling. Dr. Mercola has some good advice on choosing a safe dentist.{Please note there are affiliate links in this post. If you click on them and make a purchase, a commission might be made. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.}

Once those two things are taken care of it is time to think about how to help the body get rid of the stored mercury, and how to heal from the mercury damage. Here are the 4 different areas that will need to be addressed with mercury toxicity:

Recovery from Mercury Poisoning

  1. Mineral Status 
    This is best addressed way before the removal of the fillings. I had testing done through Metametrix Labs along with some blood testing. My practitioner put me on optimal vitamins and retested periodically so that I would know which vitamins were needed. Minerals are vital–when there are mineral deficiencies a lot of symptoms begin to show up. I believe that many of the terrible symptoms from mercury poisoning are due to the mercury displacing minerals. Most mercury-damaged people will do well on high quality B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium (sometimes calcium also), vitamin D, trace minerals, and vitamin E.
  2. Safely Remove Mercury from the Body 
    I started doing this the day I had my fillings removed. I scheduled an appointment with my integrated physician to have a vitamin C IV within hours of my filling removal. Vitamin C helps to neutralize mercury. I swished activated charcoal around in my mouth when I got home to absorb any particles of mercury left in my mouth.
    I brushed my teeth with activated charcoal and swished and spit a lot. Then I took an activated charcoal pill. Later on I took a product called detox + from the Bulk Herb Store.Having optimal liver function is important for detox–I took liposomal glutathione to boost my liver function. I did clay foot baths. I am now juicing and should have done this a long time ago! Juicing is wonderful for detoxing.
    (Note from Adrienne – I found that zeolite really helped me as I started on a mild detox. Also think about where else your heavy metal exposures might be coming from. I personally was shocked to find out the there are loads of heavy metals in many beauty products.  Really.  I never would have thought about that!)
  3. Address Candida 
    If you have issues with mercury it is extremely likely that you have issues with candida. Some people will not be able to overcome candida problems until they work on ridding themselves of mercury.  Of course a real food diet is important. High quality meat, eggs and vegetables are helpful for detox. Avoid sugar and yeast. Vinegars can also aggravate yeast. Take anti-fungal supplements and rotate them.
  4. Heal the Gut –
    You can work on this as you are working on detox. But I found that I was really able to concentrate on my digestion after I had worked on detox for a long while. I think because my mercury symptoms were so much better. Finally, I could pinpoint that certain foods were bothering me. I got tested for Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth (SIBO) and had a positive test result. I began a protocol and diet to treat that. Then I started supporting my liver with food and eventually juicing and cut out food groups that I was intolerant to. Other helpful therapies for healing the gut include l-glutamine, turmeric, probiotics, licorice, garlic, and of course anti-candida supplements.f

I know this list looks long-and it is! For me it was a very long journey back to health.

Not All At Once

I didn't do all these things at once. In fact detoxing often happens in cycles. I would sometimes be actively working on something pertaining to detox. Other times I would just take my regular vitamins and minerals and eat well. I also want to mention that some people will not have to address all these areas. Sometimes, simply having a safe dentist remove the fillings can be the catalyst for healing.

I personally needed to address all these areas, but it has all been worth it.
No longer do I feel sick and exhausted.
I'm at a healthy weight now.
I sleep well.
I am able to keep up with my responsibilities.

–and I am able to enjoy life again!

{Please note that neither Kristie nor Adrienne are medical professionals and the above is not medical advice. Please consult your physician prior to making changes to your diet, supplements, or exercise program}

Have you heard about Mercury Poisoning before?
What do you think about this?

Kristie Mobley from Family Faith and HomeKristie has had the privilege to be a stay at home wife (and then mom) for 18 years. Homeschooling became a passion for her after the blessing of her first daughter arrived. In 2010 Kristie's chronic health problems became serious enough that homeschooling was becoming very hard to keep up. Her prayers and research led her to health and then to blogging! Nowadays you can find Kristie busy in the kitchen making family approved allergy-friendly meals. Unless she's busy researching her next health topic or homeschooling! She blogs at Family, Home, and Health and you can also find her on her Facebook page or Pinterest.

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  1. Brooke Taylor says:

    This is so encouraging! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been struggling with SIBO and fatigue for a few years now (despite a strict paleo and low sugar diet). I keep coming back to the fact that I don’t detox well and probably need my fillings removed. What has held me back from doing it are the complicated chelation protocols and terrible side effects I’ve read about. I’m working on detoxing my liver right now but I’m leaning towards just getting the mercury out

  2. Did you detox naturally or did you do chelation therapy ? I’m having the first two of my four silver fillings removed next week and I’m nervous about starting chelation after the second two are removed soon after. I’ve heard almost nothing but horrors stories about chelation and wonder if it’s worth it.

    • No, I didn’t do a specific chelation therapy. I also felt wary of chelation therapy, and opted instead to do other natural therapies-many of them are mentioned in this article.

  3. Mucusless diet helth system will help.

  4. In 1999, I became very sick. I was passing out, forgetting how to get home, severe pain all over, chest pains, migraines, anxiety, not remembering how to do my job and sometimes that even recognizing my surroundings. I went to over 21 doctors and was told I was crazy and it was all in my head. Finally, after a lot of praying, I found an Environmental, Occupation doctor in North Charleston, SC, Dr Lieberman. Actually, it was his partner Dr. Sheer that found out I had mercury poisoning. It was off the chart and he said I had to go to a special dentist to have them removed. He was surprised I was still alive. I actually had what they called amalgam tattoos (3 of them). This poison was in my blood stream and had been poisoning my body since I was a child. We are talking over 30 years at the time. It took over 6 million nths to safely get the amalgams removed. I took large doses of vitamin C. After this, I had to find a doctor who would remove the mercury from my body. We had to travel 31/2 hours to go to the doctor in Raleigh, NC, Dr. Beverly Goode. Treatment started out two times a week. I got very sick trying to take the medicine by mouth so we started chelation therapy. It took not only the bad stuff out of my body but the good also. I had to take over 90 pills a day and a very strict diet. Between Dr Goode and Dr. Sheer, my life was saved. I would like to say that sent going through all of that, that my life turned back to normal but it didn’t. I had to stop being a cosmetologist and go on disability. I have fibromyalgia severely, IC really bad and now arthritis. I was told that some of my memories, I will never get back due to some of the cells that were damaged. Part of my life was taken away. I did get to feeling a lot better for awhile but in the last four years, I feel like I’m going backwards again. My question is could I have mercury toxicity again. If so, I have no idea where to begin with to get tested. This has been a long time. I had a hard enough time with the doctors back then. The dentist I go to knows not to come near me with anything silver.. My family physician I go to now would help me out but she has no clue how. What test to order, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I need to do. I keep being told that there is really nothing else the doctors can do because I can’t take a lot of the medication they want to put me on. I really am that able to travel all over the country. I do go to a specialist for my IC in Winston Salem, NC so if I could find someone there to help me beacause im sure Florence, SC has no one. Any suggestions?

    • Oh my. I don’t know. I will say that I am sure that I still have metal issues. I have heard that you can do a challenge test with urine. I am starting to use Diatomaceous Earth and can tell it’s doing something.

      I am starting to take Diatomaceous Earth and it has loads of testimonials about improving people’s health, including about metals. (affiliate link). You can read testimonials on this site (aff link): I hope that helps. Not medical advice, of course.

      • I had the same issues, You cant do metal detox without supervision from an expert. DR mercola has the best advise.You may also wsnt to .Google “medical medium. “.Dulse is the best heavy metal/absorber and it then conducts it out of the body avoiding reapsorbtion through the tissues.. I can tolerate chorella ,it reacts in my gut but no problems with ” dulse”Find a kiesioligist that is willing to work with you.She will energetically test you for what you need to balance your body while on the journey. This is cfucial because eveyone is different.Stop all vaccines.Eat organically etc. Purified water only and lots of it .

        • Hi there. I’m very skeptical about the Medical Medium. First of all, it seems like he’s consulting with the afterworld which seems very eerie to me, and even dangerous. Then, if you read the negative reviews about him on Amazon they are troubling. I heard other things about him in a group on Facebook – things such as blocking and deleting negative things. I don’t know. I guess someone could say that about others, but I’m very concerned.

          Even if you find a substance that can detox you that you can get yourself, you have to be very careful about detox pathways. Some people have a lot of issues and need monitoring. Thanks.

    • Liz Stubbs says:

      I am using the teachings of Albert Wilking for my mercury detoxing. It is really helping and is all natural . I am from South Carolina and not too far from Florence, SC. Ask to join the Wilking Protocol Group to learn more! Hope this helps!