DIY Goopy Eye Essential Oil Blend

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No matter what we can do to prevent things, goopy or pink eye just happens! When my son woke up with a goopy eye – this DIY Goopy Eye Essential Oils Blend helped soothe and heal his eye. This natural remedy is one we'll be keeping on hand!

My son doesn't look so good there, does he?

It is for sure not fun needing a Natural Remedy for Pink Eye or for “Goopy Eyes” anytime — but in the summer it just seems wrong.

You know what I mean — right?  Being sick in the summer when almost no one else is sick and you could be at the pool, or outside playing — it's just a bummer.

But it happened to my youngest this summer, and it happened big time.

It all started when he came home from a party on a Saturday and told me,

“I don't feel well, Mom.”

My initial thought was that he had eaten too much junk at the party.  The host had been gracious enough to serve gluten-free hotdog buns as an option, but my boys don't do well on a lot of carbs, and well — he had had more than his fair share at the party.

Now, it could be that the overdose of carbs and party food sped things along and made the illness last longer, but it became apparent pretty quickly that the food wasn't the problem.

He. Was. Really. Sick.

Within about a half hour of him coming home, I thought he felt warm so I took his temperature, and he already had a fever. So he settled down in front of the TV and started watching You Tube videos of The Lone Ranger.  🙂  We have all become close friends of The Ranger and Tonto in our home in recent days….

Then more things happened — his fever climbed, the aches started, a horrible sore throat ensued, and more.

It was when he ended up complaining about odd chest and back pains and mentioned some breathing issues that I called our physician and we ended up at Urgent Care.

The visit turned out to be pretty uneventful and we came home with a more comfortable, but still worn out and sick child and I proceeded to treat him naturally as much as possible with everything I could throw at the illness.

And I threw a lot at it.

Loads of natural remedies for sore throat and the like.

Since I'm very concerned about the overuse of antibiotics, and I don't like the ingredients in most OTC meds, I prefer to go as natural as possible.

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The Beginning of the “Goopy Eye”

Anyhow, after a few days, my son's right eye started “gooping up”.  He had quite a bit of discharge and was waking up with his eye stuck shut.

I don't know what it was.

Was it Pink Eye (conjunctivitis)?  Just another symptom of the virus that he had but not technically Pink Eye?

Regardless of what it was, his eye was struggling and needed support.

Years ago, breastmilk would have been my remedy of choice, but alas my nursing days are long gone, so I had to turn to other sources of healing.

I immediately looked up ways to help support his body so that his eyes would heal, and came up with a several solutions, but ended up going first with a chamomile tea bag, and then with some diluted essential oils.  The essential oils blend really seemed to be the way to go.

I used the following Essential Oils Blend on his goopy eye, and then when the condition went to his other eye, we used it on both.  They both cleared up pretty quickly.

About a week later, my oldest got the same illness.

His, however, went right to his ear first, so we did some work using this Natural Ear Infection Remedy (and another help I will be sharing soon), but now his eyes are a goopy too so it's time to make the blend again.

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Here are the details on the blend.

I chose the following essential oils for my “Goopy Eye Essential Oils Blend” for the following reasons:


Lavender oil is helpful for supporting the immune system and also has antimicrobial action (source)

Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil has been shown to have antimicrobial action (source)


Regarding carrier oils, you can use any quality oil. Fractionated Coconut Oil is a favorite since it doesn't stain clothing (or sheets) and has a long shelf life.  However, you could also use almond, grapeseed, olive, etc.)

Since you would typically be using this blend on a child during the day and at nighttime, I recommend using Fractionated Coconut Oil to avoid the staining of clothing and sheets.

I hope this helps you when you are in need, and I sure hope that you don't need it in the summertime like we did.

Why This Company for Essential Oils?

Oh, and for those of you who haven't been around here a long time, if you're wondering why I went with this specific company for “the best essential oils”, you can read the series here.

Or you can skip to the end here to read why I love Rocky Mountain Oils.

I'll be sharing more about them and oils in general in the near future.

No matter what we can do to prevent things, goopy or pink eye just happens! When my son woke up with a goopy eye – this DIY Goopy Eye Essential Oils Blend helped soothe and heal his eye. This natural remedy is one we'll be keeping on hand!

Here is information on diluting essential oils for children for your review (source).

Please also note that melaleuca should only be used on children over 10 years of age as it is high in 1,8 cineole.  As an alternative for younger children, use tea tree instead of the melaleuca.


It is crucial to avoid getting any essential oils, diluted or not, into the eye.  Undiluted essential oils can do permanent damage to the eye. Of course, this kind of contact could easily happen by mistake so be very careful not to have this happen. See this article on Essential Oils and Eye Safety for more information.

What have you done for goopy eyes or pink eye?


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  1. Haven’t read through the blog comments so haven’t seen if someone’s mentioned this or not, but 7 drops to 1 tsp. = 7% dilution rate. A 1% dilution rate is recommended for children under 10 years old, and when using oils on the face (because this area of the body is more sensitive than say your arm/leg), a higher than average dilution rate would be recommended.

    Naouli is spelled Niaouli, and also isn’t recommended to be used on children.

  2. Its about time to say this …You and your blog freggin R0cK! Your ultra, super – sleuthy determination to find the most effective, cost-effective, gentle, non-evasive, safe, solution in any scenario is beyond impressive! I LoVe, LuV, l0vE your blog!

  3. Carol Lucas says:

    I really feel you are confusing people with the “melaleuca” reference. If you mean Naouli oil, use that as it IS melaleuca oil….AND TEA TREE oil is melaleuca oil, and is much more commonly known as Melaleuca!
    To be precise, do use the Latin name but also know that many use common names: Tea Tree, Naouli, Niaouli, etc. although different are ALL Melaleuca.
    (Melaleuca quinquenervia), also known as punk trees or paperbark tea trees Niaouli oil is extracted from Melaleuca viridiflora (also known as Melaleuca quinquenervia) of the Myrtaceae family .Also known as MVQ

    Melaleuca quinquenervia= Niaouli/Naouli/ MVQ : (punk tree; paperbark tea tree)
    Melaleuca alternifolia= Tea Tree/TTO
    I really hope this clarifies the Melaleuca issue!

  4. My newborn has been having issues with goopy eye which is normal for little babies. However her goopy eye started turning green and was getting goopy A LOT more often. I’ve been putting a drop of breastmilk in that eye every time I feed her and it has done wonders. No more goop at all. Yay! Gotta love natural remedies including essential oils.

  5. Houseviking1.0 says:

    After having read your blog, I’ll have to try your remedy!

    I have chronic sinus and allergy issues and have gotten the goopey eye ‘syndrome’ at least 3 times a year since I was a tiny child. My grandmother also had it and used a daily rinse to keep the bacterial level down. I have found the best way to keep it under control until it runs its course is 2 drops of white vinegar in 8 oz. of normal saline and rinse the affected eye morning and evening (an eye cup that totally covers the eye for a soaking while moving the eye around to get the most surface coverage is best, followed by a light squirt rinse to get any chunks that formed from the soak).. Then use normal saline or warm tap water if nothing else is available when it starts to gum during the day. This will clear it up in 3 to 5 days depending on whether the infection is local or systemic.

    You might tell your readers that NOT treating it (even with just a water rinse) can over years lead to permanent inflammation issues, infection and partial blindness (which happened to one of my relatives).

  6. Gabrielle says:

    Please do tell me. Did it work? Are the infections gone?

  7. So interesting. I have copied many of your recipes and will keep them for reference

  8. I have never used Essential Oils but am interested in some of them. At my age, 76, my skin is wrinkly(sp?) and somewhat on the dry side. What would you suggest? I got the free e-bk on Essential Oils which is informative but at the end of it the author wanted to sell his own oils and since I’m just starting out I feel a little safer w/a woman, I guess. I need to begin small as inexpensive as possible but still have a quality product. I don’t seem to be allergic to anything of which I know.

    • Hello there. Frankincense carterii is typically considered a fabulous oil for skin, but there are some good blends on the site of the company that I recommend. I haven’t tried them yet but have one here to try. If you are dry, however, I think a good moisturizer would be important. I am happy to help you find something if you would like some guidance. I am trying out several products now. Were you thinking moisturizer or just oils? This company has some lovely Frankincense-based moisturizers.

  9. Could have saved yourself a lot of trouble by just using colloidal silver. Can be put directly into the eye, and kills anything bacterial Great stuff!

    • I have some – not sure it’s the best one. What brand do you use? I did think about it. Thanks! Wasn’t much trouble though – just mixing a few things.

      • I think any brand will work. I bought mine from our local health food store; the bottle just says “Colloidal Silver” (20 ppm) and is from Daily Manufacturing. I think this stuff is the bomb! My cat ( when he was younger!) was would come home with bite wounds ( from other cats) that eventually ended up in an abscess. We would use a syringe (without a needle) full of silver and shoot it into the hole in his skin where the abscess was draining. The wounds cleared up virtually overnight without other antibiotics. This stuff really works, and it sure saved us on vet bills! Here is a link for a testimony about using colloidal silver for pink eye.

        • Great to hear – thanks! I bought a bunch years ago – just not sure how good it is but they touted it as being super strong. I haven’t had much success with it.

  10. Allison says:

    That looks great! I will save it for future reference. When I get pink eye or other eye problems, I find that raw milk works just as well as breastmilk. If you have a clean local source, just warm it up to body temperature and rinse it over the infected eye, and then keep the eye closed for at least a minute after. Don’t wash out with water after. Works for me every time.

    • Oh interesting. My oldest is deathly allergic to cow’s milk so I won’t be going that but interesting. I even tried cow’s milk on my eyes for something once and I got a reaction. I guess I shouldn’t be eating it :(.