Just Tired? Or Something More? Take This Quick Test

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Are you tired all the time–wondering if it is just normal — or if it is something more? Here’s an adrenal fatigue test that can help give you a clue to what is going on in your body.

Though it is not discussed much in mainstream medicine circles, adrenal fatigue is on the rise.

In fact, I think that it is now affecting people in our Western societies in epidemic proportions.

Including me.

How can you find out if you have it or not without breaking the bank?

Well, I have for you what is perhaps the best and easiest test of all.

It’s a great test, but one that you may wish that you never took because so many of us these days will fail it.

However, knowing you have a problem means you are on the way to a cure.

So while this isn’t a true diagnostic test of a medical condition, it’s an interesting thing to consider and it will for sure get you thinking about how you keep yourself going.

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Adrenal Fatigue Test

Again, this “test” isn’t going to lead to a real medical diagnosis, but it is helpful to see the workings of your body and gives clues about what you might want to change.

Here is the test:

Do you rely on stimulants to keep you going? If you feel you really can’t exist without stimulants, then you might have an adrenal problem.

That’s it.

Oh boy.  Stimulants?

“What do you mean”, you ask, “stimulants?  I don’t take illegal drugs, so what are you talking about?”

Well, how about this list of things that can get your adrenals going — and keep them going.

Stimulant List aka “Adrenal Crutches”

  • caffeine (still trying to get off coffee or chocolate?  Here’s a great coffee substitute recipe that can help.)
  • exercise (do you feel that you need to get a run in or you can’t make it through the day?)
  • sugar (do you keep reaching for sweets for the temporary energy boost that they give you? Check out What is Candida and Why I Went Sugar Free.)
  • stress (do you push everything to the last minute, feeding off the adrenaline rush that you get from deadlines?)
  • busyness (gotta keep running from one thing to the next to keep life interesting? This post on “Best Autism Therapy” has a tip for you.)

Really anything that “stokes your fire” is a stimulant.

We are not designed to be constantly under stress. Our bodies need rest from all the stimuli in our lives.

Now, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have any stress in our lives.  In fact, we can’t live without any stress.  But clearly, we have been overdoing it. I have been overdoing it my whole life.  How about you?

In the future, I will be (slowly and with as little stress as possible :-)) sharing with you how I have been working both on my own and with practitioners to get my adrenals back in balance.  I will also be giving you tips on how I am trying to reduce my dependence on all of the above stimulants — and how you can too!

We all need to be taking better care of ourselves.  Body.  Soul.  Mind.

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How did you do on the test?

Which stimulant do you need to work on giving up first?

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  1. I will have to check into that. What was the reason you decided to stop nutritional balancing if you don’t mind my asking, and how long did you try it?
    Thank you

    1. Good question. Well, multiple reasons. I didn’t feel that I was getting anywhere and an issue came up with me that I felt needed to be addressed in another way. I still am not sure what to think about HTMA. I think it’s valid but my gut is that it needs to be done in conjunction with other things. I think we tried for at least a year or 2. So many things can be causing these issues. I am wondering how many people get better just with doing only HTMA.

  2. Hello there, I have been using nutritional balancing for 1 year now and I am in adrenal burnout. I am curious how your progress working with Theresa Vernon is going?
    Thank you