Could You Have Heavy Metal Poisoning and Not Know It?

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With all of the toxins in our world today, heavy metal toxicity seems to be an epidemic. This post is our story about how we learned that we seemed to have heavy metal poisoning and what we did about it.

Mercury drops - Heavy Metal Toxicity

One thing I never really thought I would deal with is Heavy Metal Poisoning.

We’ve dealt with a bunch of health issues in our family from autism to candida to thyroid disease to adrenal fatigue.

Just the concept of heavy metal toxicity sounds alarmist, doesn’t it?

I almost can’t believe myself that I am writing that title.

But then–life has a way of teaching us lessons that we really didn’t want to learn.

Metal poisoning is one of them for me.

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I Was Wrong

In my younger, more naive days, I used to think things like:

  • life threatening food allergies were all in someone’s head
  • autism and Asperger’s were just being over-diagnosed
  • heavy metal poisoning  or chronic fatigue was an excuse for someone who just was feeling tired and didn’t eat well or something and really had something else wrong with them

It’s hard for me to admit that, but it’s true.

There’s something about those younger, full of energy years that makes one think that these things just aren’t real.

But they are.

I found out the hard way when they hit our home.

But heavy metal toxicity?  That’s just a little too weird to be true, right?

Well, I’m going to share with you just a little bit today about our path with heavy metals, with more to come.

When my oldest son was born, we knew he was very sensitive.  His poor little body was covered (literally) with horrible eczema at 3 months.

I went to great lengths to continue to breastfeed, including doing trials to figure out what he was allergic to and adjusting my diet accordingly.

But when his health took another big downturn at age 6, we knew our work with him needed to go beyond food elimination.

Mercury drops - Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy Metal Toxicity in Our Family–the Beginning

My son was super anxious and had obsessive behaviors that were almost impossible to handle.

Basically, we were trapped in our home for a year.  And mom went into overdrive trying to figure out what was wrong with him.

Finally, we arrived at a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism) for my son, and I ended up with candida and adrenal burnout (see my post on a test for adrenal fatigue).

That’s when the visits with alternative practitioners and the heavy metal questions began.

There’s a lot of info about heavy metals and health issues on the internet.

Some of them are fascinating.

Did you know, for example, that:

  • Babies with autism have less mercury in their hair than neuro-typical babies.  This seems to be due to the fact that the babies with autism don’t detox the mercury so it is staying in their bodies. Source
  • Aluminum is used in medicine in many ways, typically as a preservative 

Anyway, we worked with a number of practitioners and over and over, the issue of mercury and metal toxicity came up.

Possible Results of Heavy Metal Toxicity

According to the CDC and WHO, there are many reasons to be concerned about exposure to heavy metals. Following are some possible health concerns that can result:

  • reproductive issues like miscarriage, still birth, etc. (source)
  • learning disabilities (source)
  • decreased birth height and weight (source and source)
  • and more

Honestly, I really didn’t want to talk about metals, mostly because I didn’t know what to do about it and I wasn’t too keen on the chelation protocols that I’d read about and the risk factors involved with them.  I never felt good about using an IV or suppositories to yank the metals out of mine or my son’s bodies.

Well, something really bizarre happened to me that changed my mind completely about metal toxicity and made me realize that I really needed to do something about it.

Our Heavy Metal Poisoning Evidence

When I was starting my health path, I started talking with a man who had overcome mercury poisoning.  I considered doing chelation therapy, but was concerned about the health problems that I had heard can be connected to this.

He recommended several immune-boosting supplements as well as liquid zeolite (a supplement that makes a small cage to trap toxins and heavy metals and releases them in your urine) to remove toxins and metals from my body.

So, on his recommendation, I tried some of these things in addition to purified liquid zeolite drops in my water as a detox supplement.

What happened to me was, well — very interesting.

This might qualify as the current expression “TMI” for “too much information”, but in the interest of sharing what I think is important health information with my readers, here goes.

I first tried a normal dose of zeolite in each glass of water, but it was too much for me, apparently. I had fatigue that was like a cloud in my brain.

So, assuming I was having a herxheimer reaction (detox symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, fatigue, headache, or uneasiness, that occur when toxins are flooding your body faster than you can deal with them), I cut back to 1 drop per glass of water. If you’d like more information on what a herxheimer reaction is, or how to manage one, you can see this post on candida die off.

I tolerated that dose.  And my urine smelled.  

Like metal.  For over 2 months.

Now I had to rethink what I originally thought about heavy metal poisoning.

My husband started taking the liquid zeolite as well.

As for his urine–well–he now describes it as “glow-in-the-dark Mountain Dew” (not that we ever drink that stuff, mind you :-)).

At that point, I was introduced to a Nutritional Balancing practitioner whom I mentioned in my post on Adrenal Fatigue.

We didn’t get much progress with this method or this practitioner, but this particular situation was very interesting.

I mentioned my husband’s urine color to her and she replied that cadmium is bright yellow, but she said that it was uncommon for cadmium to be released this easily.

However, months later when we had my whole family’s hair tested, guess what came up on my husband’s hair test?

That’s right—-CADMIUM!

I was a believer.  The metals were there and they needed to come out. We literally had heavy metal toxicity.  I was shocked!

I’ll share more later about zeolite, what it is and how I use it now.  Also, I’ll share about other metals that have impacted our family.

Metal toxicity, along with many other toxic concerns, is a huge problem in today’s world.

Detoxing from Heavy Metals

The CDC discusses the chelation of heavy metals if there is a toxicity issue. (source) However, this should be done with caution as there can be a removal of minerals as well that can lead to health complications. (source)

There are many things that have been used to support the body to excrete heavy metals includes:

  • antioxidants
  • taurine
  • NAC
  • lipoic acid
  • liposomal glutathione
  • EDTA
  • DMSA
  • sweating (source)

Current Thoughts on Heavy Metal Detox

There are so many different thoughts on how to detox from Heavy Metals–and some sources think that it’s not important to do so–that your liver, etc just naturally do this for you.

Some natural practitioners do IV chelation (I have a lot of concerns about that) and others use prescription means.

Most mainstream sources would say that one doesn’t need to do this unless facing a very serious situation.

Personally, I have tried a variety of zeolites on and off–kind of as an ongoing basis as an “insurance plan” to continue to keep toxins out of my body.  Some say that Diatomaceous Earth can be used for this.

There are other ways that one might consider addressing heavy metals in the body including some food sources. (source)

Natural vs Synthetic / Man-made Zeolite

I get questions now and then about what brand of zeolite to use. Please do your own research about safety, etc.

I personally prefer to use natural zeolite.  Think about it–in what situation would you prefer to use something synthetic rather than natural in your body?

From my limited research into zeolite, there are some companies marketing synthetic zeolites and saying that they are superior, but I have a concern about that. There is a study using synthetic zeolite on chickens and the results were not encouraging–reduced chicken weight and reduced bone ash, egg weight, egg production and more. We aren’t chickens, but natural is typically better. (source)

What I’m Doing Now / Where to Get Zeolite

Since publishing this post I have continued to work on my health.

I didn’t do a follow-up post to this since things changed and I didn’t feel my practitioner at the time could handle other issues that showed up and I needed other answers.

The road has been a very long one. I have looked at many zeolite companies and products–literally spent HOURS and hours on the phone w/ CEOs, owners, and VPs. It’s been exhausting but also very eye-opening.

I’ve even encountered massive lies and a lack of ethics about products, concentrations, educational background and more.


I’m thankful however that I found a fantastic source of pure zeolite powder that is very reasonable.

AND it’s very reasonable. Much more than those overpriced MLM sprays and drops.

omica zeolite powder

The powder is a great way to go. If you really want a liquid, then that’s fine too, and they have one, but the powder is much more affordable.

Their liquid zeolite is great, however, and much higher quality than the others on the market since they have ingredients in it that work synergistically and there is a lot of zeolite in there, as you can see by the color of the product. Think about it–if a liquid zeolite is clear, how much zeolite can there really be in there?

Coupon Code

I have a coupon code as well for this and for other products on their site–reach out here or via email at for that.


Purium has a really nice fulvic / zeolite blend. Fulvic is known for quality mineral content, helping to support and detoxify the body, so it works synergistically with zeolite in this product.

Purium pelvic zeolite

This product has clinoptilolite zeolite along with other ingredients that work synergistically with the zeolite. A lot of people have great results with it.

Purium’s fulvic / zeolite is a great product and I’ve toured the company and met the owners. Code wholenewmom gets $50 off your purchase of $75 or more.

pack of LimuZ6 youthful supplement

It’s free to sign up to get wholesale pricing and there’s no monthly autoship required. We use their colostrum daily and love it.

I will have more out about zeolite in the near future, so stay tuned. You can read more about our health journey and sign up for updates here.

Another Option for Metals

Chlorella is another substance that’s used by many to address heavy metals.

This is the brand that we use and trust.

They also have tablets.

Code wholenewmom gets $50 off a $75 more order. It’s a great deal and you save ongoing either 15% or 25%. If you order on autoship, you get 25% off every order.

So–have you thought about heavy metal toxicity before?
What are your thoughts?


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  1. What Zeolite product do you now recommend? I seem to remember you having a post awhile back about changing your mind on a zeolite that you used to recommend? Or am I thinking of something else??? I want to detox from heavy metals and am interested in trying zeolite or anything else you may recommend. Thx!

    1. Hi there! I just updated the post a bit…is it more clear now? Hope that helps!

      I have other ideas for sure. I just put two more in the post and I will reach out to you as well.

  2. Hi There,
    I came across your post because I was researching zeolites and found your post very interesting.

    I was diagnosed with ALS in January 2021. They do not know what causes ALS, but there are some indications that heavy metals in the brain and spinal chord could be part of the problem. Because of that, I have been doing the following as heavy metal detox for 6 months:
    1) Chelation IV EDTA
    2) FAR IR Sauna for sweating toxins out (skin is the largest detox organ)
    3) Chlorella (binds to heavy metals and doesn’t release them). Also highly nutritious. I suggest “Prime Chlorella” or “Nature Balance” brands. Zeolites work similarly but seem to push toxins out through the urinary tract whereas Chlorella is more through the bowels.
    4) Lymphatic Drainage I.R. lights and soundwaves to clear the lymph system (sleep with these every night) so toxins can move into the blood circulation system and then be processed by your liver
    5) I just started using Zeolites and I believe they are working too as my urine has gone yellow.
    6) Lots of supplements but that is not really for detox but to counteract how Chelation draws minerals out of your system.
    7) I use Liposomal Glutathion (brand designs for health), NAC (used by liver to produce glutathion) and Emulsi Formula (for liver support). During detox you need to support your liver.
    8) Exercise. I hike 4km a week with walking sticks for balance. I used to run in the mountains but my legs won’t let me run anymore due to the muscle degradation from the ALS.

    All of this (except #5) is by direct supervision from a naturopath. The naturopath tests me every 3 weeks to see what my numbers are at. The last two most stubborn heavy metals in my nervous system are mercury and cadmium. Since taking Zeolites my urine has become bright yellow which seems to be Cadmium per your post above. I am really looking forward to my next appointment to see if the Cadmium numbers will be near zero.

    I am not sure if all the detox will help with my ALS. When you get diagnosed with ALS, they basically tell you that there is nothing they can do for you and that you should get your affairs in order while you can. They gave me 2-5 years to live.

    1. Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry to hear that you have this. It’s a terrible disease. Have you made any progress?

      1. Hi Adrienne,
        I think the disease’s progression has slowed down since late Spring/early Summer. I believe the detox and heavy supplements are working. Only time will truly tell.

        Have a wonderful day,

  3. Hi!
    I would like to coupon as I would like to pass on to my MIL but also just signed up for your newsletter and really excited to try zeolites.

    There are a few other reputable brands out there, and you mentioned you have tried a few. In another post this week can you possibly address some of the pros/cons with brands or types out there? Ie: powders, capsules, tinctures.
    We really need to start this kind of detox and I have been dragging my feet- guess there’s not much of a reason too wait now!

    Thank you! -J

    1. Hi Jenny! So if you are on the newsletter, that deal is better than the coupon so I would go w/ that one. But it’s your choice–let me know! Just make sure to put my email (adrienne {at} wholenewmom {dot} com) in your contacts so you are sure to get the email tomorrow.

      So it’s hard to address everything here but the company has two products. One for the gut mainly (drops) and the other for the whole body (spray) – so we are using both.

      The testing behind these products is impeccable as is the value.

      Also there’s an MLM brand out there that is manufactured and I have concerns about that, some of which are outlined in this study:

      There is an FAQ tab on the products where you can read about synthetic vs natural and powder vs liquid.

      Another brand that I have done comparisons with is Navan, which is more comparable to the Pure Body Spray – 60 mg zeolite for about $80 compared to the PB which is 3000 for $64 if you get on autoship.

      I used to sell one on Ebay – not a good value at all by comparison but I have some left if you’d like to try both and compare. The owner treated me incredibly unethically so I walked away.

      The size of the particles is really key here. Hope that’s helpful and happy to answer more questions if you’d like!

  4. I would like to get. A 50 dollars off coupon so i can try the zeolite. I have fibromyalfia and chronic fatigue as well as other health challenges. Thanks for addressing this.

    1. Hi Allene – I just sent you an email. Look forward to connecting. I would drop it here but they expire and I need to reissue them.

  5. Interesting. I have some powdered zeolite, but stopped taking it due to some contamination issues….not sure if they were true, but you know: caution!
    I’d be interested to know the company and product, and get a coupon.
    Anyone ever say what could have caused such metal contamination in your bodies??

    1. There are all kinds of ways that one gets heavy metals in the body—cigarette smoke, water (think Flint, Mi), cosmetics, seafood, medications…my husband lived in China for 2 years, so there’s that. Also, if one doesn’t detox well, that causes many issues. Sending you an email about the coupon code–look forward to hearing from you :). This company does extensive testing, which is, I think, unheard of. Mass spectrometry and X-ray defraction.

  6. Hello. I’m autistic and I find what you say very offensive and inaccurate. Autism is not a “health issue”. Its a neurological disorder. It’s not like diabetes. Saying it’s a health issue is very offensive and untrue. Second, does not need a cure. You cannot get rid of the way someone’s brain is structured. Third, calling autistic children “gifts from god” is wrong, because they should be treated just like every other child, no more special or less. Please do more research next time you make an article on autism becuase you are spreading lies. I am autistic, once again. Good day.

    1. Hi there. Sorry you feel this way.

      Here are some quick thoughts.

      1. The CDC claims that autism is a health concern: Wikipedia has its flaws, but here they have disorders lumped under Medical Conditions.

      2. Yes, medical issues don’t need a cure but many try to do this.

      3. Yes, you can address how brains are structured. In fact, I’m doing a lot of research into this. You might be interested in looking into neuroplasticity,

      I’m not saying that that will address autism but I think it addresses your claim.

      4. I think all people are gifts from God–do you disagree

      I hope that helps. Thanks for reading and for commenting.

      1. I ask Autistic, as are are my two children & I found your article to be helpful & informative. I believe there are both genetic predispositions to our neurochemistry, but I also believe that the environmental factors exacerbate the more undesirable affects of Autism. As time goes on, our commercial food/ water sources because increasingly contaminated as does our breathing environment.
        You never said “cure”… however, a better diet/lifestyle & detox protocol does lessen the more undesirable aspects of any physical or mental/ cognitive disorder. I appreciated this article. ??????

        1. I just commented, the last thing I had put were some emoji’s that appear to look like question marks on my end. Lol

          1. Yes, there’s something not working at the moment. Sorry about that and thanks again for reading and commenting!

    2. I would like a coupon so I can try the detox. I found this article very interesting! Thank you for posting it. I will be looking your FB group up also, look forward to reading more about your journey and advice you give on ways to become healthier!

      1. Hello Natasha! Thanks for reading!

        I am happy to send you a coupon of course, but right now there’s a better deal going on – you can get it this week by subscribing to my email newsletter.

        There are 2 options to sign up – go here and drop your email in my Healthy Living Group on FB:

        or go here to sign up without the group. (we’d love to have you though!).

        Take care and hope to see you around. Feel free to email for the coupon if you’d still like that – adrienne {at} wholenewmom {dot} com.

  7. Hi MS adrienne…

    Are you still using the zeolite mentioned in the above link?

    I heard there were concerns with the company and/or product?

    As I am doing more research I am realizing that heavy metals are playing a major role in my suffering…
    A few months ago I took a tiny bit of MT oil and have been horribly ill since…
    It stirred up my candida and adrenal fatigue and I’ve been miserable since…

    1. Hi there. Sorry for the delay. The one that I linked to in the post has a great reputation. I had concerns about another company that I used to use. Not sure that there was anything wrong with the product, but the manufacturer was not behaving professionally. It’s the first one that I used. If you would like to try it you are welcome–I still have quite a bit of it.

      I’m so sorry you are having that issue–was that MCT oil?

      1. Yes…MCT Oil…
        (Sorry for that typo)

        My theory is that it stirred up the candida which stirred up the metals which then made me feel like I was dying…
        It was terrifying!
        I notice now that if I chelate in some way whether it’s Diatomaceous Earth or what have you…
        I begin to feel normal again…
        I so appreciate your offer! Thank you!
        I have plenty of MCT Oil left…
        IF you like that we could trade? LOL

        1. I have not studied the proper way / order to address these things but I know it depends on what you are doing and gut / liver support is crucial. I hope to learn more going forward. I think trading would be tough! You can reach out via email if you’d like to talk about ordering though :). I used to have it on my site but removed it due to it being a bother. Might bring it back…..once I have more things to sell like ebooks, etc.

          1. I have learned a lot just trying to get myself out of this pit…
            It’s been a journey to say the least…

            Do you have an email address for the Zeolyte?

            Many thanks…

        2. From my personal experience, your candida could also be contributed to type 2 diabetes. I had NEVER suffered from candida issues, but then got a horrible one, which 3 years later I THOUGHT I was finally getting ahead of it using herbs vitamins, enzymes, etc. . I then went to a doctor, one of my FEW visits as I don’t care for them. (Nothing against them, but they just treat SYMPTOMS with drugs which MANAGE the SYMPTOMS) for an unrelated issue where he told me I had type 2 diabetes with a blood glucose of over 500. This, I determined later, was caused by high stress levels on a regular basis.I asked if the candida could have caused the diabetes, and he said the opposite: the diabetes had triggered the candida.

  8. Thanks for sharing your work! This helps me narrow down how I approach treating my young children. 🙂 The comments have been most enlightening as well. I agree that the marketing hype on products is super frustrating!

  9. Hi there,

    I think we are on similar lines – dealing with leaky gut first, rebalancing microbiome, used Advanced TRS (zeolite), then made a smoothie based upon a video I found on youtube – autism ice cream detox. It includes spirulina which works with cilantro (coriander in UK) to pull out cadmium, lead, arsenic, and to some degree aluminum and mercury). We also did diatomaceous earth – see “DE Detox” video on youtube. That has had amazing results in a few weeks on my son, with all above mentioned too.

    1. Hi there. I can’t comment about all the other things but I have heard that RNA Results is a very comparable product to TRS and is much less expensive. Might be worth looking into.

  10. Hello, great post! I was wondering if you have researched the MTHFR genetic mutations at all and if you think that could explain why some people detox heavy metals no problem, while others of us hold onto them and need daily supplements (methyl B12 and methyl folate) in order to get them out?

    I just submitted my Ancestry DNA and am eagerly awaiting the results to see if I have one or more of the mutations. I decided to start methyl folate ahead of time anyways, but I’m a little concerned because there’s all this conflicting info out there and some stuff says it can cause more problems. I also asked two doctors for a homocysteine blood test to try to evaluate if I was under-methylating but they wouldn’t help me and said I have to find a functional practitioner (hard to come by in Boston).

    Also do you think the zeolite is superior to activated charcoal? My naturopath has me doing the EDTA suppositories with glutathione (from Detoxamin) with activated charcoal but I’ve been on them for two months and have been feeling some major herx-like reactions (the first 6 weeks I felt only improvement, then suddenly an onslaught of symptoms that are still ongoing).

    I assumed this was either Candida flaring up suddenly or candida die-off because I also read mercury toxicity and candida go hand in hand and like compete for resources in the gut, so as the mercury gets expelled the candida can thrive temporarily.

    I’m so overwhelmed with all of the research and because I’m so tired now and fog-brained it’s making me depressed and anxious. If you have any tips or suggestions I would be so seriously grateful!

    I’m also on an antifungal and take milk thistle to support my liver.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I am familiar w/ that but not as up to speed as I would like.

      I have heard that if you take too much you can feel bad but that there aren’t long lasting effects, but this is not medical advice.

      Have you heard about Life Extension? You can get your homocysteine tested here (this is an affiliate link):

      I don’t have an opinion about charcoal vs zeolite. I think it would depend on the zeolite too.

      From what I have heard…..there is a lot to consider with detox including liver and gut health but I am for sure no expert.

      It’s a lot to consider with all of this–I know! Hang in there. I wish I knew and could advise but I don’t know! I just know that I have read a lot about people doing detox w/ preparing and ending up with worse issues…..I’m still learning!

    1. Hi there and you are welcome. I just put one in there and hope to add another one or more. Thanks for reading!

    2. Hi again. I just added a link to one that I feel comfortable with now. Hope that’s helpful!

  11. Hi. I have a question regarding the use of zeolite. I have read some, but need to research more to determine if it is appropriate in my situation.
    I am interested in detox but am wary of chelation.
    I would like to detox slowly, but would like to have medical support to make sure I’m doing doing it safely. I would also like for a doctor to check for deficiencies or any other concerns.

    Was this recommended by a doctor and were you monitored while using it?
    What kind of doctor should I look for? Thanks.

    1. Hi there. I would recommend talking to your physician if you are concerned. My physician at the time didn’t know anything about zeolite so he wasn’t a help. I personally like functional medicine practitioners and one that is an MD as well is great.

      1. So, have you heard of Clear Drops. It is new….it is the 1st double patented, clean Zeolite that doesn’t just work in the gut….it is proven to cross the cell membrane to remove heavy metals from the bones, brain & fatty tissue.
        Formulator is Dr. Nicholas Tsirikos….
        I am being tested as well & now my whole family uses it. I have mercury & cadmium in higher levels. It takes out the bad without taking out the good like chelation does. My natropath doctor now uses it in his practice.
        Check it out…. ??

        1. Hi there. I haven’t heard of it. I will say, however, that from my limited research into zeolite is that there is natural and synthetic and that I don’t know what could be patented. You can clean it but it must be synthetic to be patented I would think? As such there is a study using synthetic zeolite on chickens and the results were not encouraging–reduced chicken weight and reduced bone ash, egg weight, egg production and more. We aren’t chickens, but natural is typically better. Thoughts? Here is the study:

          1. Going thru horrible detox right now on DE and homeopathic parasite and Candida…
            What zeolite do you use and where can it be bought?

            Thank you…

            1. Hi there. Sorry you are dealing with this. I have been doing more research and just added the zeolite that I feel most comfortable with to this post. Hope that is helpful.

          2. Have you considered juicing fresh cilantro as a heavy metal set of protocol? I have read considerable amounts of anecdotal evidence supporting it’s use. One story, was especially exciting: a mother of an autistic boy was able to see significant improvement within 6 months. I’m trying to to recall the details (it was on a GAPS diet Yahoo group). The child was almost nonverbal and at 6 months was making significant strides in communication and meaningful interaction. From what I can understand, it crosses the blood brain barrier. Food from our Creator can be the most amazing thing!
            Just wanted to share…

            1. Hi there – I have heard that one should be careful b/c it can stir up metals and deposit them elsewhere. I’m very concerned about DIY detoxing without working w/ a practitioner. I have heard that leaky gut needs to be taken into consideration for sure and that you need to bind the toxins. Thanks for reading and yes, you are right about amazing.

    1. Hi there. There are some links in the post to options that we have used. There are instructions on the bottle but there are varying opinions on that.

  12. You know in your post for Shephards pie with Roasted Vegetables, you criticized people for not trusting people who don’t trust nutritional yeast. As far as I know MTHFR is less of a term used by an educated woman trying to come across as an expert, and more like a teenager slang.
    I too come from the mixed world. I was a data analyst for a metro police department before I became a professional patient, interesting that food allergies are part of my big picture like you. But also like you, it doesn’t stop there.
    So I will never judge how hard or how disabling your situation is and the lengths you and your family has had to endure. I can’t imagine. Please give me the same respect.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for reading! I’m sorry but I don’t think I criticized anyone–could you show me where you thought I did that? I was just talking about some people being concerned about it and actually I think they are right.
      1- you could be ultra sensitive to yeast–even inactive yeast
      2- you could have MTHFR and not process synthetic folic acid (in most fortified yeast) well.

      Maybe you can look it up and come back and tell me what you think about the MTHFR. Not sure what you mean by teenager slang? It stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase.

      Please let me know how you think I didn’t give you respect. I’m pretty puzzled on this one. Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi, I am wondering specifically what metals Zeolite helps remove? I have a mouth full of silver fillings and for the past year have been having health problems and every few months a new one comes along. I am now suspecting that I have mercury poisoning as I also have had a broken filling for approx 2 years. Every time I have looked at getting it fixed I have been sick prior to my appt so cancelled 3 times. My concern is their is so much conflicting information on safe removal that I am too scared to try them. Also reading some of the facebook sites shows many people are following specific protocols pretty much on their own for chelation, and what I have read is very very very scary as you can do more damage to other organs. I would be interested in finding out if you have done any research or come across anything with regard to safe Amalgam removal and safe mercury chelation? I hope you sort out all your heavy metal issues also.

    Regards Mary

    1. Hi there. Zeolite is said to remove heavy metals by trapping them in a cage due to its negative charge and their positive charge along w/ molecular size. I have heard that zeolite pulls these out to have them go to the urine. I would encourage you to do your own research, however, as I can’t make medical claims. Thank you and hope you do better! There is something called the Huggins Protocol that you could look into.

  14. Hey Adrienne! This is fascinating. I have considered chelation for my son in the past, but after reading your article we may need to try this! We have used CBD oil but not the other products you mentioned. I am taking notes!

  15. I have extreme chemical sensitivity right now. Does your metal toxicity cause your chemical sensitivity, or have you found something else that causes it?

    1. Hi there it seems to me that all of these sensitivities are related. I am currently investigating mast cell activation disorder. Might be worth looking into.