Homemade Decongestant Chest Rub – Compare to Vicks®

Homemade Vapor Rub / DIY Chest Rub I never even thought of making my own decongestant homemade chest rub.In fact, I had completely forgotten that there even was a product like that.Until I needed it.Necessity is the mother of invention, right?In this case, yes.  And though I didn't really invent this, I finally cobbled together information from the internet and made my ...Read The Full Post

Turmeric Tea Recipe for Menstrual Relief

I love finding and using natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals and OTC meds for everything from colds and flus to ear infections and warts. Some of my favorite natural remedies are homemade saline wash, essential oils, and even activated charcoal.Today, Kristin of Nature Had it First is sharing with us a fabulous natural turmeric tea remedy for Menstrual Cramps and Heavy Bleeding. ...Read The Full Post

The Easiest and Cheapest Natural Wart Treatment

Today I'm sharing with you a natural wart remedy that's surprising, but it really works.I'm always on the hunt for natural remedies to treat ear infections, sinus infections, headaches, and more.  I'm just not a fan of prescription meds, or even OTC medications, mainly since one of the things that contributed to my health issues (including candida) is overuse of meds and antibiotics in ...Read The Full Post

Good News, Bad News, and Some Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Gut

Digestive health is a big topic these days.People are talking about digestive enzymes, probiotics, the GAPS, SCD, gluten-free and candida diet.Truth is, our digestive systems are a big deal and people are starting to pay attention. ...Read The Full Post

100 Reasons Why Breast is Best – Part Two

I mentioned in the First 25 Reasons Why Breast is Best that I started this series to point out the many benefits of breastfeeding aside from it being a food.There's been a lot of stir in the whole food community about breastfeeding maybe not being the best option out there.Here is where this is all coming from....in the words of the Weston A. Price Foundation-- Our interpretation is ...Read The Full Post

An Unbelievable Natural Ear Infection Remedy

When it comes to sicknesses in our home, I am always one to avoid antibiotic use whenever possible.We try to use saline washes, essential oils, probiotics, and other natural methods of strengthening our systems and healing before turning to OTC and prescriptions medications, but finding a natural ear infection remedy that really works has been tough.When I was young, my mother took me to ...Read The Full Post

Announcing the Best Essential Oils Company

I used to think that essential oils were a scam, but I ended up finding out that they are a great resource for your natural medicine cabinet for issues such as headaches, ear infections, tummy aches, viruses and bacterial infections, and more.But I eventually felt I needed to make sure that I was buying from the best essential oils company that I could reasonably afford.I spent a ton of ...Read The Full Post

In Search of The Best Essential Oils – What Makes a Good Essential Oils Company – Part Two

This path of figuring out which is the best essential oils company has been hard work.I had NO idea that when I started out trying Young Living's Thieves blend that I would be digging this heavily into a bunch of oils companies to find out which brand gave my family the biggest bang for the buck.There's been a lot of info to sort through, and life has been little [a lot] crazy over the ...Read The Full Post

Saving Money on Special Diets, Vaccines, Autism & ADD, & the Best Probiotic ~ Whole New Mom Q&A

I'm back with another installment of Whole New Mom Answers Your Questions.I so love hearing all of your thoughts and questions.  I feel honestly inadequate to answer them sometimes, but I will for sure do my best.And I hope that all of you super sharp readers will chime in with more information on all of the great questions that were asked...So.....here goes with your great questions ...Read The Full Post

Could You Have Heavy Metal Poisoning and Not Know It?

Post Updated 4/19/17 We've dealt with a bunch of health issues in our family from autism to candida to thyroid disease to adrenal fatigue.  But one thing I never really thought I would deal with is Heavy Metal Poisoning. Just the concept of heavy metal toxicity sounds alarmist, doesn't it?I almost can't believe myself that I am writing that title.But then--life has a way of teaching us ...Read The Full Post