Is Your Water Safe? …..a.k.a. Is There Prozac In Your Drinking Water?

There's so much to think about regarding toxins we put in our bodies - from pesticides on food, to chemicals on our lawns, to chemicals in our personal care products, chemical "nasties" are everywhere.  All of those are important, but since we drink so much water and our bodies are made up of so much water, what we really should be asking is, "Is tap water safe to drink?"Have you been: ...Read The Full Post

Gluten and–Your Thyroid, Adrenals, Autoimmune Disease, and More. Learn What Women Need to Know

Everywhere you turn someone is going "gluten-free" and more and more there are gluten-free menus in stores and in restaurants -- hey even McDonald's is getting on the gluten-free bandwagon!And there's a reason for that.More and more gluten is being implicated as a problem.For many people and for many diseases.I'm one of those people. ...Read The Full Post

Is There Engine Fuel on Your Almonds??

I'm always interested in what is going on in the food industry, for example with the FDA shutting down probiotics companies and raiding raw milk farms, police squelching lemonade stands, people going to jail for drinking raw milk, and more.Now, there's almonds and engine fuel?  What's wrong with this picture?Everything.Did you know that the "raw almonds" in the grocery store, health ...Read The Full Post

Response to Doubters – Still Don’t Think Food Affects Behavior? Read This.

{This post is a follow up post by Ruth of Paleo Diet Basics about food and behavior. If you missed the first post, Think Food Doesn't Affect Behavior? You've Got to Read This, then you need to check it out.  It went viral and has some fascinating comments.  Here's Ruth...}In a Whole New Mom guest post called Think Food Doesn’t Affect Behavior? You’ve Got to Read This, I suggested that food may ...Read The Full Post

Gluten. No Big Deal or Silent Killer?

Is the gluten-free diet just a fad or are there real dangers of gluten?I've mentioned gluten a little bit here before, but today we've diving in to some big deal stuff about this term that's being talked about a ton these days.There's a lot more I need to learn--and a lot more I would like to share with you.Let me just start with some facts and a little about my family's history with ...Read The Full Post

Healing from Autism, Hypoglycemia, Eczema, and More — Come Find Out How

As I read that title, I am amazed.We have made so much progress in our health journey over the past years and months.Are we completely healed of everything that ails us?No.But come read about what we have been healed from--and see how you can join us on this amazing journey. ...Read The Full Post

Good News, Bad News, and Some Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Gut

Digestive health is a big topic these days.People are talking about digestive enzymes, probiotics, the GAPS, SCD, gluten-free and candida diet.Truth is, our digestive systems are a big deal and people are starting to pay attention. ...Read The Full Post

100 Reasons Why Breast is Best – Part Two

I mentioned in the First 25 Reasons Why Breast is Best that I started this series to point out the many benefits of breastfeeding aside from it being a food.There's been a lot of stir in the whole food community about breastfeeding maybe not being the best option out there.Here is where this is all coming the words of the Weston A. Price Foundation-- Our interpretation is ...Read The Full Post

Eczema and Food Allergies – Our Story from Despair to Healing – Part One

Autism, food allergies, Asperger's Syndrome, eczema, and chronic fatigue are health issues that my family has dealt with over the past 12 years.And over the years I've repeated a number of stories to friends toconnect with others about our life share what might help others as they battle similar issues.This is one of them.It's the story of how our son's eczema basically ...Read The Full Post

Autism, Anxiety, and A Real Miracle

 Over the past four months or so, I've shared with you all on Facebook a number of times that my son has been dealing with pretty severe anxiety.   And you all have been very helpful offering recommendations.  Thank you!  If you haven't "liked" Whole New Mom on Facebook, please do join us.  It's a very supportive community over there.You see, my son suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, a ...Read The Full Post