Natural Lip Scrub – Cure for Chapped Lips

Got dry, chapped lips? This Nourishing Lip Scrub will smooth and soften them to near perfection. Sooo good for you--you could eat it :)!

Making your own personal care products is one of the best ways for you to keep toxins out of your body.  Some of my favorite homemade personal care items are alcohol-free hair spray, eye makeup remover, foaming soap, and healthy hair rinse.  And–this nourishing lip scrub.

If you every get dry or peeling lips, you’ll love this.

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Awhile ago I shared with you my recipe for a Homemade Sugar Scrub.

It works wonders for dry hands, feet, elbows, knees.  Anywhere your skin needs a little renewing.

But today I am going to share a recipe for a Natural Lip Scrub.

I’ve had this recipe for quite awhile but had completely forgotten about it for some reason.

Until the other day.

My lips were having a bad day — Make that a bad week.

They had been peeling for awhile and it was getting really annoying.

I am not sure what all causes this but dry lips have plagued me my whole life.

(And yes, I drink a lot of water.  I have noticed that if I am struggling with candida, then my lips tend to suffer afterwards, but regardless, my lips are typically dry.)

I suddenly remembered that I had some of this scrub stashed in my cabinet so I went and grabbed it and rubbed some of it on my suffering lips.

A few minutes later  — and — ta da!  All the peeling was gone.  And what was left was soft lips that felt as smooth as a baby’s skin.  Really!

And one very happy momma.  It may sound silly, but I feel a little self-conscious when my lips are peeling.  Anyone else feel that way?

Anyway, while I am sure my Homemade Sugar Scrub would work on your lips, this nourishing recipe is something special.

I got it from Michelle, who is the sweet fiance of one of our local pro hockey players.  Here’s a link to her post where I got this ingenius idea.  And if you would like a peak into the life of a blossoming pro hockey player, you can check out her other posts as well :-)!

Back to the scrub.

Here is the super simple recipe.

The sugar provides the exfoliating, while the oil and honey hold everything together while providing moisture and nourishment to your lips.

Please note there are affiliate links in this post – if you click on them and make a purchase, I might make a commission. Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.


– I used brown sugar just because I had some left from my sugar eating days :-).  Use xylitol or erythritol to stay completely away from candida-feeding stuff.)

– Store in fridge to lengthen shelf life.  The shelf life will depend on the type of oil you use.  Just give it a sniff before you use it and if it smells rancid, discard.

I think this would make a fabulous Homemade giftPaired with my Homemade Sugar Scrub this would be great.

I photographed mine in a re-used lip balm container.  Anything smallish like that would work great. I tried to find the exact container that I used, but it was pretty hard to find.  Here is the lip gloss on Amazon so if you really want the same thing you can get it.

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Do you suffer from rough lips too?  (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)


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  1. Hi Adrienne!
    Thank you so much for the mention on your blog! I always look to your blog for recipe ideas with Will being on a stricter diet. It means a lot to me that you read mine too! Hope everything is well in GR and we get to be back there soon!
    Well wishes,

    • Hi Michelle! You are so welcome. I just can’t believe it took me this long!

      We so look forward to seeing you again soon! Stay in touch and say hello to Will for us! My boys got a kick of seeing the hockey photos on your blog today :-).


  2. This sounds awful to admit, but I used to have the worst chapped lips and I’d pull at them which made them worse! A similar scrub worked wonders.

    • I know- I wouldn’t pull at them but I didn’t know what to do – more balm didn’t work and I’d wonder whether to bite them or not. This helped so much!!

  3. Dropping by from Frugal Friday. I NEED this recipe right now! Thanks for posting it!

  4. I would have a hard time resisting the urge to lick this off immediately! :) Living in the high desert, my lips are always chapped. I will be giving this a try because I haven’t found anything else that actually works! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Thanks for the natural remedy. Will definitely be trying. I have struggled periodically with peeling lips and am currently. I have never been able to pinpoint a cause. Could be using the same treatment, seems to be working and then BOOM, stops working! How did you link yours to candida? Other symptoms?

    • I had had the same issues w/ my lips. I noticed once that after a candida flare that my lips got really bad and after it happened a few times it was like connecting the dots. Yes, I do have other symptoms. My candida has been quite bad. It is very much under control right now but if I slip w/ my diet it is back. I am still working on figuring out why that is – or maybe that is just the way that it is going to be. Not sure…

  6. I think I just want to eat it…is that bad :)

  7. This is exactly what I need today! And I love that it’s made with natural ingredients and obviously good for you. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I desperately need to make this! My lips have been so chapped because of the changing weather! And I like the idea of giving this as a Christmas gift :)

  9. Adrienne—Google toothpaste allergy—! Sodium laurel sulphate–causes a lot of allergies! I had constant dry peeling milk-mustache lips–and so I googled the above-found toothpaste without the SLP—which is no easy task!—and it all stopped! Nice normal lips! I have a lot of food/chemical sensitivities…and this is one of them. Lipstick is another challenge as it would only make things worse-again, SLP in the contents….! Good luck! Blessings, Sharon

    • Thanks! I use an all natural tpaste – so that’s not my problem, but good info!!

    • Hi Sharon I saw your post and I don’t know your sensitivities but I think you should look into Red Apple Lipstick. Sorry to hear about toothpaste causing an allergic reaction for you. Check them out on the web.

  10. My family could definitely use this! I would love to have you come share some of your great ideas at the link party on ‘Or so she says…’ There’s one going on right now (and every Saturday – Tuesday). Hope to see you there!

  11. This sounds wonderful! I love honey! Where did you find the little container?

  12. This would make great Christmas gifts! I would love to have you share this on Thursday at Tasty Traditions

  13. Great recipe, thanks for sharing. ;o)

  14. Lip scrubs can be so expensive, and I much prefer your natural alternative! Thank you for sharing it.

  15. Hi Adrienne, thanks for linking up to Your Green Resource! I love this recipe for homemade lip scrub and I’ll be featuring your post this week! My lips have been dry and peeling this week and I can’t wait to try this!

  16. I bet this works wonders!

  17. So I’ve been making my own lip balm for a while, but never thought of doing a lib scrub! Oh my! My lips need this. They get so dry. Can’t wait to try it.

    Thanks for linking up at Thank Your Body Thursday. Hope you’ll come back tomorrow!

  18. I added a few drops of vanilla extract to mine and it tastes soo good! Thanks for the recipe :)

  19. This is a fantastic blog and I love it. Thank you for doing this.

  20. Hi Adrienne

    can you tell me the measurements you used? Is it better to make a big batch or keep it small? Also you said to keep in the fridge…does that go for the sugar scrub too?


    • I think small is better b/c you don’t use much. I just looked at my container size and tried to divide by 3 and it worked out :). They both should be in the fridge – but don’t tell anyone – I used my scrub even though it smelled a little “off”. Oh well.

  21. I can’t wait to try this, I also have very dry lips. I’ve been told it’s psorisis, so I can’t wait to try this.

  22. Love this idea. Can you tell me if I could use Vitamin E oil? Thanks!

  23. I needed this terribly bad today. I love how soft my lips feel. Between the colder weather and having to wear a mask in surgery my lip & face get really chapped.
    I am going to make some to give my co-workers. I have several Scenty teaser samples and I think those containers will recycle nicely to give away.
    Thanks so much!!

  24. Hi i was wondering how much of the ingredients you use. I really want to try this lip scrub since my lips have been crazy chapped but the amount of ingredients on the page only show as 1 part can you explain what 1 part is, is it 1 tablespoon? thanks in advance!

  25. I just linked to your contributions through and find that I’ve just kept going deeper and deeper into your comments and recipes! You might also notice that I’ve subscribed via email, as well. Your solutions answer things that have been weighing more and more on me; things like homemade hand and body lotion, lip scrub, natural face cleanser, makeup remover… I could go on. Thank you for taking your time to research, develop and share your findings! The ones I’ve read through are the best :)

  26. PS… I just mixed and applied this Lip Scrub using coconut oil. My lips feel refreshed and are definitely softer (I’ve been nibbling the little dry skin which is why I made it right away!) The only thing is, it is so delicious, I can hardly keep myself from eating it!

  27. Cushy Lips says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  28. I have been suffering from chapped lips since childhood. That is why I always take my lip balm stick with me. Will definitely try your remedy next time!

  29. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am trying it right now, as a matter of fact i have it on my lips as im typing :)

  30. Hi Adrienne thank you for this post. I love using a lip scrub and I currently have all the ingredients. I currently use the one from Michelle Phan on Youtube. Instead of the oil it uses petroleum. So Im going to make one with the honey and one with the Vegetable glycerin. I will let you know as soon as I try it. Oh for the little lip pots you can also get them in the little travel kits at drug stores.( The ones that are see through for air travel.)

  31. Well stinky flip flops candida monster again causing havoc inside your body I’m battling that myself. Yikes! Brand new to your blog today found you because I was looking for a natural homemade lip scrub and google that topic and there you were. So I’ve peeked around a bit like what I see new subbie now. Great work you are doing here. Chapped lips mine will sometimes bleed they get so bad. The more chap stick stuff I put on the dryer the lips gets. I will be making this up this weekend. Can you use stevia instead of sugar?

  32. Thanks for the idea, but will it be okay if I use golden syrup rather than honey??

  33. Hi! I used this Lip Scrub and my Lips feel so smooth, I love it! I was wondering, how many times a week should I apply it?

  34. My lips have been peeling badly. I made and used this for the first time yesterday. Easy to make. Easy to use. Lips are nice and smooth. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

  35. I don’t know how much of the ingredients to use. I found in the comments another one asking for, but I didn’t understand your explanation. Could you explain that more easily for me? Or tell me what consistence it’s supposed to have?

    • You simply base the recipe amounts off of how much you wish to make. In other words, if you use 1 tsp of honey, then you use the same amount of the other ingredients so that you have equivalent amounts of each ingredient. If it was 2 parts honey and the rest of the ingredients were 1 part, then you could use 1 Tbsp honey and 1/2 Tbsp of the other ingredients. Does that help?

  36. Thanks so much for this. My lips are looking great :)

  37. Hi, its really helpfull ,, thanks for sharing :)
    Well, i had a bad pigmented black crazy black lip, since i was little.. do you have an idea for natural ingrediant for cure black lips?

  38. Hi, Adrienne,
    I see in the comments that you said you can use this scrub as often as you like. I do not suggest this because of the fact that your lips are very sensitive and using this too often can cause sore, red, even bloody lips. Please be careful when using this miracle scrub.

  39. Jocelyne says:

    Is white sugar fine?

  40. Caroline says:

    Do you know what the approximate life span of this would be? Thank you!

  41. Hi Adrienne, do you put it on daily or once a week?

    • I just use it whenever I feel like I need to. I am working on finding really good lip balm so I need it less. Also, I think candida causes severely dry lips – do you have a severe problem?

  42. Hi.
    In your ingredients what does one part mean?

    • That’s a generic measurement. So if you are making a small amount use 1/4 tsp as 1 part so each time you see a part you use 1/4 tsp. 2 parts would be 1/2 tsp in this case. Does that make sense?

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