Easiest Homemade Liquid Stevia Extract

Liquid Stevia Drops convenient, but sooo expensive. See how easy it is to make them yourself! Enjoy this zero-calorie, natural sweetener in your beverages and baking and save money!

I’ve been using stevia for a long time now–ever since I knew that I had candida. I personally think that stevia is one of the most safe “alternative” sweeteners and I think you can grow to like it even if you didn’t when you first tried it. I know it can be hard to know how to use it, but here’s a guide to help you use stevia.

One of my favorite stevia products is liquid stevia drops.

They are little dropper bottles full of super sweetness that you can add to your favorite beverages (like sugar-free lemonade and coffee substitute) and sweet treats (like raw brownies and almond joy® bars) without:

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  • feeding candida or
  • adding calories

I love them and with the amazing variety of flavors out there you can really go to town.

The only problem is, they are a really pricey.

Of course…being the type who tries to DIY or MYO processed foods like Homemade Powdered Sugar SubstituteHomemade Egg Replacer (like Ener-G)Easiest Almond MilkEasiest Coconut MilkHomemade Taco Seasoning, and Homemade Vegetable Broth, I sought to see if I could make my own liquid stevia blend.

And–it worked!

While I love all of the flavors that I’ve tried, vanilla liquid stevia remains one of my favorites.

So, it only makes sense that I tried making my own vanilla liquid stevia first.

And I was really pleased with the results!

Maybe if I work at it enough, I can come up with some other fancy flavors, but for now, this is fitting the bill.

I’ve used it in my Rich, Delicious and Healthy Coffee Substitute and it can be used to sweeten any beverage.

There are loads of low glycemic recipes that call for liquid stevia drops as well. Now you know how to make it yourself!

I know it is possible to use the stevia plant to make stevia extract, but being super busy, I wanted a super quick and easy way to do this.

Maybe I’ll venture out and try the “from plant version” next time!

Please note there are affiliate links in this post. If you click on them and make a purchase, I will make a commission. Your support is very much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running. 

How much will you save?

Well, liquid stevia varies in cost.

This vanilla liquid stevia from NuNaturals currently costs $12.52 on Amazon.
This one from Sweet Leaf costs $9.09.

The total cost for my 2 oz bottle?  It’s a little variable and took some intense calculating to figure out, since I purchase my stevia in bulk (maybe you should too :-)?) but here goes:

Stevia extract (I currently use this brand.): $1.03
Vanilla extract (I used this brand.  Here is another brand with no sugar.): $1.05
Dropped bottle (mine was free since I saved a leftover one from stevia, but you can purchase one at Mountain Rose Herbs or on Amazon (this is a handy-dandy set of 6 dropper bottles, so you can make all kinds of stevia drop blends.)

By the way, stevia is pretty hard to measure.  These stainless steel mini measuring spoons from Amazon are super duper handy.  The 2nd smallest is the size of 1/32 of a teaspoon so you can easily measure your stevia powder.


Norpro Mini Measuring Spoons

Total Cost:

Without dropper bottle: $2.08

With dropper bottle: $3.58 (plus shipping on the bottle, of course, but you can reuse it.)

So if you don’t need a bottle, you can save up to 84% by making your own vanilla liquid stevia.

At these savings, I guess you won’t be buying any more liquid stevia drops, eh?  Well, with a few exceptions. There are some flavors that would be pretty hard to replicate. One of them is this really great Root Beer Flavored stevia drops. Add these to sparkling water and you’ve got a great Sugar-Free Root Beer! (The link to the drops is an affiliate link.)

root beer drops

Have you ever used liquid stevia?
If so, how?


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  1. This is sersiously cool! I have a pretty big stash of liquid stevia at the moment (plain, vanilla, chocolate and english toffee lol) but when one runs out I am soooo making this! I will totally appreciate those cost savings :)

  2. Brilliant Adrienne! I am going to share this.

  3. Oh I love you!! Thanks ever so much for sharing this awesome recipe. I’m on it! =D

  4. this is excellent – I used to get a a green tea stevia blend that was about $20+ – I’m going to try that with your recipe!

  5. Wow! I’m so impressed that you figured out how to do this. Well done, and thank you so much! I would be VERY interested in a “from plant version” as we live overseas. I can get the plant really inexpensively, but I only know how to use it in tea. I don’t know how to use it in baking so I am always having friends bring me extracts from the States. Thanks again!

  6. You can purchase small vials of candy flavoring at a cake supply store. Jo Ann’s and Hobby Lobby usually have some too. They have flavors like toffee, butterscotch, orange, etc. They probably would work to make other flavors, I’m just not sure how healthy the ingredients are. Probably artificial flavorings.

  7. I came over here for this awesome tip but I am already excited about perusing the rest of your great ideas!

  8. Melissa Gunther says:

    Any idea how to make it using an actual stevia plant?

  9. I do this all the time and sometimes add some cinnamon into it too !:)

  10. Wow this is an excellent savings! I found you on Thrifty 101; wanted to follow you but I don’t see a follow button; would love for you to visit. I’ll be dropping by often.

    • Thanks! Did you mean follow on email, RSS….? The follow links are all at the upper right. Would there be a more easily noticeable place? Thanks!!

  11. Wow! I’m so impressed with your site…I’m following via FB, Pinterest AND twitter (as The Bottomless Heart).
    Definitely will be making my own liquid stevia :)
    Oh, and I discovered you via the Show Off Your Stuff link up at Fireflies & Jellybeans

    • You are too kind.
      I visited your site and noticed you are ill. If you care too…please share what you are dealing with and blessings to you….

      • Hi Adrienne! I have fibromyalgia, disintegrating discs (lower spine), osteoarthritis, damage to my feet caused by a long undiagnosed congenital foot deformity and severe hearing loss/tinnitus. And I’ve recently been diagnosed with situational depression.
        I didn’t have medical coverage for 3+ years but managed my illness via stress reduction, avoiding chemicals/toxins by using organics and some lifestyle changes. Since my income went to zero last year I’ve been relying on food stamps and struggling to find ways to get back to healthy eating (but with even more positive changes than before) and focus on quality of life. It’s why your blog resonated so well with me!
        It’s also why I started my new blog – a way to emphasize the positives in my own life as well as to inspire others and share the things I learn on the way.
        Thanks so much for asking me to share! Many blessings to you and yours as well…

        • Oh my – you are dealing with a lot. I would love to introduce you to my practitioner who is working w/ me on metal detox – she says fibromyalgia is almost always related to heavy metal toxicity. I know I felt like I had it and it was clearly related to metals in my case. Anyway, she isn’t a fortune but of course you need some money. You could, of course, poke around her site and see what you think. I am also working with essential oils that have helped folks w/ degenerative disc issues. I am sure you are depressed. When I feel horrible I am so depressed it is almost insurmountable. If I didn’t know God I am not sure where I would be…..well, maybe I do.

          In any case, if you are interested, let me know. Are you maybe part of a church where you could get some help to get on some kind of treatment plan? The #1 thing I would do is get off all sugar and starch flours if possible and then try to go gluten free.

          Take care and God Bless.

          • Essential oils can help with degenerating discs??? Please provide info!!

            I have a “mild lumbar scoliosis” from childhood polio, and was shown x-rays of my lower back a year or so ago–bad news (I’m 63 now). The chiropractor did not say she could do anything about that in her introductory examination, which she obviously would to get my business if it were possible. (She said she could help turn my head a little more, but that wasn’t of interest to me. If she could have helped my back she probably would have had a customer for life!)

            Anyway, it would be great to be able to use some of the EO’s I bought from Native American Nutritionals to heal my discs! Would the following be useful: Lavender, Peppermint, Confidence, Clove Bud, Balance, Sport Pro, Purify, Gentle Healer, Tummy Rub, Spice Traders (all of them in the Emergency Kit), or Breathe EZ, Blue Tansy, Neroli? I cannot put any more money into EO’s right now. Many thanks!

            • I’ve asked the owner of NAN and I will get back to you.

            • Here is the response from the owner of NAN about discs: “for the pain use Relief or Sports pro. To stop the degenerating discs use pH Rescue and Defense. (Other supplements we sell like MSM, Enzymes, Rice Plus, and also glucosamine from the health food store would be great.)”

          • I would love the name of your practitioner and the website if you don’t mind sharing it.

  12. Looks easy enough–would be good in coffee! Thanks for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  13. This is a great idea that I will be trying today! Hope you have a great week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  14. What a great idea! I’m going to try this! :)

  15. We are only just starting to get stevia in the UK, and I’m not sure if I can get the liquid variety yet, but this sounds like such a wonderful frugal idea! I love the idea of being able to sweeten and flavour things in one step.

  16. Adrienne, I love stevia and can’t wait to try this recipe! I grew stevia in my garden this year and I need to find ways to use it. I don’t usually do liquid stevia. I love stevia in the raw granular. I will definitely try this, though. Sounds simple and tasty. Thank you for sharing on Fit and Fabulous Fridays! :)

    • You’re welcome, Amee! I don’t use the liquid that often either b/c of the price, but it’s super convenient for certain recipes. Take care!

  17. Ok, I admit, I’ve never heard of stevia! I always learn new and interesting things here Adrienne! Thank you!! :)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  18. Kat Alongi says:

    i used to work for an international bakery & learned that brown sugar is mainly white sugar with molasses worked in .. so i’ve made my own (used to often) and just started adding molasses to the recipe using white sugar, back in my more sugary days. I do still use some sugar to my stevia recipes since they just seem to do better with the bulk of real sugar. But i’m still experimenting as well! Just bought some low glycemic palm sugar (which i’d never heard of before) and am looking for a good cheap supplier of xylitol – which i notice u’ve used .. perhaps you could tell more about working with xylitol; i’ve used it some, and have had some good check ups lately at the dentist with using the toothpaste. So i want to do more, & since i’m out of that expensive item, am wondering about a cheap source.

    • Hi Kat. I purchase my xylitol in bulk (like super bulk) from a place called Global Sweet. However, you can get almost the same price through Green Polka Dot Box. I wrote a post on them (several, actually). Here is one post on them. You can get a 30 day free membership w/ them. It’s under $5 per pound there. Here’s a link to Amazon’s xylitol, about $5 something per pound.

      I’ll write more about xylitol later. If you have specific questions, email me at wholenewmom at gmail :)

  19. Hi Adrienne,
    This for this MYO liquid stevia extract recipe. I LOVE cooking/baking/sweetening with stevia, and I’m always looking for various ways to use it in budget-friendly ways. Your recipe here intrigues me, mostly because of how simple and easy it is, while also only using water (vs. alcohol) as the extractive here. Terrific! (Alcohol has its own set of negatives in and of itself, and using it as an extractive only increases the entire extraction process time.) Can’t wait to make this!
    BTW…checking on Amazon.com, I found “Radiant Stevia Extract 100% pure” (NO FILLERS) for a great price (even better than the NuNaturals brand), and the 4-oz. bottle has 1062 servings: http://www.amazon.com/Stevia-Extract-100-Pure-Servings/dp/B0047USSFS/ref=pd_sim_sbs_gro_2

    THANKS, again, for sharing your liquid extract formula!

  20. Adrienne, I so want to feature this today, but you left me out of the link backs! I know you didn’t mean to, but I wanted to tell you how much I love this recipe, and would love to feature it. Maybe you could add it again this week, with a link back so I can feature it next friday?

    all best,


  21. Do you use the pure extract, or the one with maltodextrin?

  22. How long will this stay fresh? Does it need to be refrigerated?
    How many ounces does it make? Is the serving size comparable to the manufactured liquid stevia (e.g. 6 drops)?

    Does it really taste like the manufactured liquid? I am thrilled at the prospect!

    • To my knowledge this should stay fresh a long time. I have read that the shelf life is 2 years. It won’t spoil, but you should refrigerate it to keep the flavor strong. I didn’t know that so thanks for asking!!!

      • The reason for which the bottle has a shelf life of 2 years is because the alcohol or glycerin acts as a preservatie. However, when these are eliminated and the stevia is mixed with just water there is not preservative, so bacteria can grow. This is why I was wondering how long it will stay?
        Any ideas? Thanks!

        • I got that info from a brand that doesn’t have alcohol, glycerin or other preservatives. So I think it will work. No promises, but mine hasn’t even been in the fridge.

  23. Hi Adrienne!

    I am not able to use any sweetener except stevia. Is there a way to maybe use this to to substitute for liquid sweetener in your recipes? And can I use just Stevia in the dry sweetener recipes?
    I was able to use honey but now I might have gestational diabetes so no more…

    thank you for your amazing website, I don’t know how I would make it on this journey without it!

    • You can for sure sub in liquid stevia and/or stevia. I haven’t done a chart and honestly, it tastes better if you use other sweeteners as well. They aren’t as natural but have you tried xylitol and erythritol? Vegetable glycerine is another one that should be OK for you since I am able to eat it :-). Since you are using so little stevia, it doesn’t really matter if you use dry or liquid, but dry is more concentrated. It can be a little tricky to bake w/ only stevia and I think you’d find it easier if you blend with other sweeteners. Take care! – and you’re welcome!

  24. Just discovered your site, LOVE it! Lotsa great stuff!

    A quick question:

    Since the volume changes, do you have a recommendation for how much to use? For example, a 1/4 t of commercial vanilla stevia would be equivalent to how much of this recipe? I suppose I could do the math, thought I would ask first :0)

    • Hi Nikki. Thanks! I’m not sure what you are asking – could you clarify please? I plan to revise this recipe and make it so it all fits in the bottle–for some reason I didn’t think about it :).

  25. Nevermind! I was envisioning that you were using a bottle of liquid stevia and adding water and vanilla to it. I now realize that you use solid. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks so much for replying!

  26. How would you make plain liquid stevia (not the vanilla flavored one)? Thanks!!!!!

    • Just don’t add the vanilla. It will be just about the right concentration.

      • Thanks! Really? I would have thought that I might need to replace the vanilla with more water or something.

        • Hi Chris. I found a different method using different proportions than mine just now on the internet and theirs wasn’t as sweet as it used less of a stevia per water concentration. I think you are fine either way. Enjoy!!

  27. Thanks! Which version do you think is closest to the NuNaturals Pure Liquid Stevia (non-alcohol)?

    • I have never purchased theirs but I really liked the strength of mine. I would go with what I suggested. I did a taste test over and over in my kitchen. Let me know what you think.

  28. Thank you for this idea! For some reason it never occurred to me to make the extract myself. I just purchased the powdered stevia and I’m going to make a plain version with vodka (same way I make my own vanilla extract).

  29. I grew my own Stevia this year and have harvested nearly all of it. I have tried 2 methods so far. The first, I just used a leaf in my iced tea, not crushed. The longer the tea sat, the sweeter it became. No aftertaste. Yesterday, I tried the powdered version. That I did not like. It made my tea sweet, but I didn’t like tasting the powder. You can drink the powder residue, but I just didn’t care for it. This afternoon, my Stevia processing with vodka,, will be ready for me to work with. Check out my blog for an update. Thanks for sharing the vanilla stevia with us. I can’t wait to try it.

  30. So I have found stevia in whole leaf form (dry), how can I make a batch of regular stevia from this? is it possible?

    I have yet to even try stevia in any form so not sure if the leaf form is the purest to start with …..thanks for any help!!

    • HI! Are you trying to make liquid extract? Yes you can but I haven’t done it yet. The leaf is the purest = it just takes more time and will have a different taste. I think you could grind it and use it as is for a flavoring but it will be a very different taste than the clean extract that I recommend using. Does that help?

  31. I have always used the french vanilla Stevia (NOW brand) and I use it to sweeten my kefir every morning while my husband uses it in his coffee… It costs about $8 per bottle (we buy in bulk), so I am going to try this out. I just stumbled across your site today and am excited about trying tons of homemade recipes… I already do homemade kefir with raw milk from Jersey cows that are grassfed (and fed no soy, no corn and no hormones or antibiotics). I have made homemade cheeses, and am learning a ton of other things, like making beef tallow, and my homemade stock from marrow bones. I haven’t gotten a Vitamix yet… I have a decent Cuisinart blender, but maybe I have to look into it. I have a kitchen aid, so I have been able to do everything that I wanted so far, I think…

    I am definitely a meat eater, but we go in on buying a cow (grassfed, no hormones antibiotics, etc) and it is so different from what is at the grocery stores! I avoid soy, and pasteurized dairy. I am going to try my hand at fermenting vegetables now that my cabbage is done in my garden. Sauerkraut, here I come!! :) I have “liked” you on Facebook so now I look forward to the updates in my newsfeeds.

  32. Did you use the stevia granules in this?

  33. Hi Adrienne. I live in a small town in Canada and cannot find liquid vanilla stevia. I was so excited to find your recipe, because I want to try a recipe for pumpkin custards for my brother who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I have purchased WalMart’s brand of stevia. The ingredients are: Maltodextrin, stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana leaf extract standardized to 90% of glycosides (48mg per 2.7g). I don’t understand all of that. Do you know if this extract powder or should I keep searching? I haven’t opened the bag yet, so I don’t know if it is in granule form. It does feel like corn starch through the bag. Thank you for this recipe and your help!

    • That is for sure not the extract. The extract is only the stevia. That’s the only ingredient. You can order it online at Iherb – just click on this link (which is my affiliate link). I buy the 1 lb size which saves a TON of money :). They ship internationally :-).

  34. Thank you! I bought SweetLeaf Natural Extract when I was out tonight and I see that it contains inulin, along with the organic SweetLeaf stevia extract. I guess I am going to bite the bullet and order something! Thank you so much for your comment.

    • Inulin is fine for you but it is still a filler. Sweetleaf is the only other brand I really like. KAL is oK but I don’t know about their processing.

  35. LOL You should receive a commission. I bought NuNaturals pure white Stevia extract as well as their vanilla to try.
    Adrienne, do you cook with a Stevia product that has a ratio of 1:1 to sugar? I’m not great at experimenting with recipes to try to find a replacement for the volume of sugar. My brother loves my lemon loaf and I would love to be able to make it for him without the cup of sugar in it. Thank you for your recommendation!

  36. I’ve only found Krisda’s stevia baking product locally. I tried Krisda’s Cafe flavour in my coffee and I found it had an aftertaste similar to drinking soda with aspartame. I’m not going to try Krisda products again. Down the road, I may try NuNaturals More Fibre Baking Blend. So far, my brother is just on oral meds and low carb diet to regulate his blood sugar level. Keeping fingers crossed that he can have a treat now and then. :)

    • The ingredients in that blend really aren’t great – I mean, it depends on your situation. The tapioca flour I try to stay away from and you might find it gives him gas. If you are open to the erythritol / stevia blend I can try to get you proportions soon. Have you tried xylitol? It is a 1:1 replacement for sugar.

  37. I haven’t tried xylitol. I will do a little research on that and add it to my list (like a scavenger hunt). I would love if you figure out proportions and let me/your readers know.
    My sister-in-law is going to try apple pies using Splenda’s baking product. I’m cringing thinking about it. To each his own!

  38. If there is a erythritol stevia blend that can be used for baking and it’s not too difficult to work out the proportion to sugar, I would be thrilled. If this is something you want to know for yourself, of course. :)

  39. SweetCarol124 says:

    Was the Stevia that you used $60.06 for the jar size you got? Sure seems steep. I do have some good Pure Mexican vanilla my son brought me that I suppose would have worked well. It is not artificial. Does the stevia itself have an aftertaste or a bitterness? Does it disappear in the vanilla?

    • The stevia was pure extract. It lasts a loooooong time. Yes, it has a little aftertaste but it really depends on the brand. The ones I recommend are quite good. What do you mean by disappear? Let me know :).

  40. Do you have a recipe for sugar free maple syrup?

    How about sugar free honey?

    Thanks! Hope you are up to the challenge!

  41. I am SO happy to find a way to make vanilla liquid stevia myself as I am blowing through the Sweet Leaf brand. I can’t have caffeine, so I drink a lot of water, but I almost ALWAYS add the flavor. My question – how much does this yield? I’m just trying to figure out what size bottle to store the extra in. Again, thanks for the recipe – what a find!!!

    • It yields a little more than the standard stevia bottle. I should try to re do it to fit all of it in one of their bottles :).

      • Thanks for the reply! So if I double or triple the recipe, I could do about three 2oz. bottles and save the rest, right? Is my math right?!?!? Thanks.

  42. Adrienne, you are truly a Pioneer Woman! I am in awe and so grateful for your hard work. I just recently got hooked on the very expensive liquid Stevia and now I can save some money with your awesome recipe. Shared this on my bakery FB page too and wanted to let you know that your Facebook like button does work! Have a wonderful day and thanks!! Ali

    • Yea! Thanks, Ali. You are so kind and really too much w/ your compliments, but I’ll take them anyways. Have a great day! Now if I could just recreate the root beer flavor my kids love so much :).

  43. Adrienne, I love all you do! What a wonderful website you have! I was wondering where I can get that nifty dropper bottle. When liquid stevia is called for in drops, I have quite a problem without a dropper.


  44. Just in case anyone is interested, it is easy to grow your own stevia and make extract from it. Making extract from fresh stevia leaves is SUPER easy, probably nearly as easy as the seven-step process you show here in this tutorial. Stevia is a very low maintenance herb which requires no special care, and it’s also easily rooted from cuttings if you want to grow additional stevia plants to increase your yield. Plus, mine dies back in the winter but has come back every year so far, so I never have to pay a penny for sweetener, and don’t even have to pay for a new plant every year!

  45. I am ready to try this. What a great idea! I just want to make sure I have this right…. 2 and 1/4 teaspoons in 1/4 cup water? Seems like a lot of powdered stevia. How many drops do you use to sweeten a cup (about 8 oz.) of a drink?
    Thanks so much!

  46. Lylliam says:

    The NuNaturals Stevia is cheaper at Iherb – 1oz for $9.79.

  47. Just saw this recipe and want to try it… I already have the white NuNaturals pure stevia extract (powder) and I’ll use water from my Berkey filter. Just want to make sure that the vanilla really is 7 tsp? Wouldn’t want to make a mistake and overdo.

    Thanks for all you do!

  48. Have you ever tried to make a stevia extract from fresh stevia? I have several plants, the main being 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide, so I have a LOT of leaves.

    • No Michael…but I would LOVE to. You’ve read about my gardening problems. Hoping to get our peppers going and maybe some lettuce and broccoli…..maybe I should buy some stevia :).

      • Michael LaBelle says:

        Stevia is an easy to grow plant and a perennial. It gets better every year.

        The only way that I know to use stevia is (1) fresh (2) dried (3) the juice (4) as an extract, from dried or I suppose fresh. With the fresh you are dealing with all the water, so I don’t know if that would adversely effect the taste, but the stuff doesn’t taste that great anyway, in my not so humble opinion.

        All non-caloric sweeteners taste “artificial” to me, but that’s just me. My wife mixes stevia extract with sugar to mollify the flavor. So it’s not too bad.

        Let me know if I can assist.


        • Thanks Michael! I don’t know if you remember me, but we have interacted a bit about gardening. I would love any help you can offer. I’m at wholenewmom at gmail dot com – thanks!

        • We found stevia plants in one of our local garden shops, alongside their wide variety of lettuce and other vegetable starts (we call them “bedding plants” here in Alberta, Canada). Another friend found the seeds online and was going to grow them from seed. They won’t survive our winters, but I tried bringing it in one year — I don’t know if it died because of being indoors or because it’s not hardy enough to survive my lack of care! 😉 We have used the fresh leaves and dried leaves both in green smoothies. My kids like their smoothies sweeeeet, so they enjoy it. Because we haven’t had a great blender, it leaves the dried leaves in little bits and that’s their favourite part of the smoothie! I am pretty stuck on the liquid stevia drops, too, so also very thankful for this recipe! I just bought about $45 worth of liquid yesterday because it was on sale. Now I’ll know to save my bottles and experiment with flavours. My kids really like flavouring their water with it since they don’t get sugary drinks like the kids at school and then they don’t feel deprived. Thanks. Looking forward to checking out all your other posts.

  49. I think using the lorann oils or other oil flavorings you could use far less than alcohol based flavorings. I know it works great for vanilla and they have so many flavors to choose from otherwise some of the fruit flavored essential oils also work well but you need so very little

  50. How do you make a stevia extract from fresh stevia leaves? I have about a bushel of leaves (or more) and am game to give an extract a try.

  51. GAH! I see this AFTER breaking down and spending $11 for a bottle of liquid stevia. Well, I know what to do next time and already have the bottle to store it in. I have been making my own from boiling the leaves of the plant I have. That poor plant has been ravaged.

  52. candmforever says:

    I want to try this but every single NuStevia extract I find lists natural flavors in the ingredients. http://www.iherb.com/NuNaturals-NuStevia-Pure-White-Stevia-Extract-1-oz-28-g/4231#p=1&oos=1&disc=0&lc=en-US&w=nustevia%20extract&rc=35&sr=null&ic=3 ETC

    I keep clicking on your links but they aren’t opening. Maybe try one more link?

    • Their natural flavors are only natural plant extracts. Sorry this took so long to get back – I’ve been swamped w/ these comments. Which links aren’t working?

  53. candmforever says:

    Ok, I got the one to work that is in the recipe …and it too lists natural flavors. :(

  54. Stevia can lower blood glucose …and should be used with caution in type obe Diabetics as it can cause blood glucose to lwer quite sharply. It also must be used with care in people with low blood pressure. Green Stevia can cause infertility. White is safer although more processed.

    • May I ask why you consider the white to be more safe? I know there are concerns about stevia but I do think that many of the publicized concerns are ill founded. Of course, anyone can react to any food. Interested in your thoughts.

  55. Does anyone know how to make the chocolate stevia?

  56. How Diy are you?? I am quite Diy for everything myself. Have you ever thought of getting the Stevia plant itself to substitute any “sugar/sweetener” store bought?? Thinking about it myself but I don’t really know how it would work, I know it is pretty easy to stick a leaf of the plant in any tea/coffee or hot drink but I am wondering how it would work for the rest of the baking. Lately, I have been Tempted seriously to get the plant myself.

  57. What can one replace starch with. I cannot use starch of any kind, so I am looking for something that will do the same thing as starch. I’ve been thinking about Whey Protein or maybe Sunflower Lecithin or gelatin. I cannot use agar. So, so you have any ideas. I have a pudding recipe that asks for 2 tablespoons of corn starch, what can I use to replace it with? Thank you

  58. Can I make this without the vanilla?

  59. Kirkland’s brand of Vanilla has sugar in it…I purchased it myself and returned it after learning it has sugar in it!!!

  60. how long does his last in the fridge?

    • I don’t think you need to have it in the fridge. It might extend the flavor though. I don’t know. I can’t make shelf life claims. It would depend on too many factors.

  61. NuNaturals has changed their formula and is now terrible tasting, so I hear, I’m very new at all this so do you have any other kind you recommend instead of the NuNaturals??

  62. I loved this recipe. I used the quantities and scaled down. I made Raspberry Drops with your recipe. McCormick Raspberry flavoring needs to be about 2 1/2 times more than what you use with vanilla extract though. It also needs to have citric acid to add tartness. I guess I could have used lemon juice though. I also had fresh raspberries which I smashed, sieved the seeds, and then squeezed through a coffee filter. I wanted a bright color and it gives the drops a very distinct raspberry smell. I used KAL brand stevia pre maltodextrin. The scoop that it came with is equivalent to 1 Tbsp sugar. Here is what I did:
    2 tsp Raspberry Juice or water
    2 1/2 tsp McCormick Raspberry extract
    6 scoops KAL Stevia
    1/8 tsp Citric Acid

    Add 24 drops to 1/2 C Water for a strong flavor.

    Thanks so much for this amazing recipe!

  63. DON OCONNELL says:

    YUP, in my coffee in addition to turmeric, ginger and cinnamon – all organic of course!!!

  64. Heather Wolstenholm says:

    I love this recipe!! It’s going to save so much money! I have a question though. I made this last night with THM Stevia. It was good this morning with coffee. After I got home from work I noticed it had solidified. I had it out on the counter and it wasn’t cold. Any idea why it would do this, and what I could do to prevent it?

  65. Heather Wolstenholm says:

    Yes, pure stevia. I also use a filtered water. I had it in the fridge over night and it was a little cloudy looking, but still liquid.

    • I am not sure. I haven’t kept all of mine in the fridge so I am not sure. I wouldn’t suspect it would be a problem but of course if you suspect a problem then don’t eat it :). Just needing to add that disclaimer…..

  66. Heather Wolstenholm says:

    I’m not too worried about it. I will try keeping it in the fridge. Thanks for the quick reply!

    • Sure thing! I wonder if it’s something to do w/ how the stevia combines w/ the water……I keep some of mine in the fridge but most of them were other brands I got given to me and not the homemade ones.

  67. Brenda Baker says:

    I cant wait to see what results you come up with using the raw stevia plant. I live in New Zealand and Stevia is expensive here but I do have a couple small stevia plants and have dried some leaves and so far I havn’t had much success with getting used to the flavour and using it in everyday cooking

  68. I grew my own stevia this year. It is awesome, but green. Any suggestions on what to do with it? Have used in recipes where the green color does not matter, but have a LOT of it to use. Would it work for the drops?

    • You can do the drops but I am thinking they will taste more herby. You would have to dry them and use more as the powdered extract is more concentrated. I would try to make stevia extract by steeping them in vodka or glycerine. I should buy a plant and do a post on it!

  69. Dawn Morgan says:

    I prefer a squeeze bottle (like Saline is sold in) instead of a dropper bottle. Also the Glycerite Stevia is sold in the squeeze bottle and once you use it all you can make more and refill in that bottle because it is smaller to carry in your purse. Thanks for the recipe…

  70. Hubby bought nunaturals nustevia at the health food store and this is the ingredient list: maltodextrin, stevia extract and natural flavors. Did he get the wrong kind? I haven’t opened it yet, so I can return it (the seal is unbroken). Thanks.

  71. This is so cool! One of the primary reasons we have yet to try the liquid is the cost… We’ll definitely be trying this, thanks for the recipe! ????

  72. I found some of my liquid stevia recently – Mango flavored and have been looking at the prices. I can’t wait to try this! I have been upping my water intake and the flavored Stevia makes it easier to drink all that good (reverse osmosis) water.

  73. I have passed on recipes calling for flavored liquid stevia because of the price. Has anyone made chocolate, cherry, french vanilla, lemon, or any other flavors. How much and what type of flavorings do you use. Thanks in advance.

  74. Have you tried any Favors fOr water? I made orange using yOur measurements for vanillA (which was Great by the way) and it didn’t work at all, Couldn’t hardly taste the Orange. AnY thoughts On this would be greatLy appReciated. Also I Have a soda stream that I use which reaLly Makes Water so much easier to drinK But the flavored stevia Would make it that much Better.

    • Hi there. I’m sorry but I don’t know what that is – can you tell me? I am guessing the flavors aren’t strong enough? Maybe it’s misspelled in your comment?

      • Sorry for the confusion, my computer was acting weird. I made orange stevia extract using your recipe for the vanilla extract but the Orange flavor was too weak. I kept adding more orange extract and ended up throwing it out because I couldn’t get the right proportion. I was wondering if you have made any other extracts with different flavors ….. ..especially for making flavored water and if so what were your measurements

        • I made a few – chocolate and one other, but it’s been a long time. A few readers commented that they did it as well – maybe check the comments?

  75. I’m so glad I found this. I have been buying liquid stevia for a few years and it can add up…especially since I use caramel and coconut for coffee, lemon for tea, root-beer and lemon for water, chocolate for kids milk, and plain for everything else.

    I just tried making it using root beer. I had to use double the drops in my water to get it to taste the same but it was really good. I used kal brand powdered stevia and Wilton brand flavoring. It was too much for a 2 oz bottle so I had to use two bottles since that is all I had.

    I also made caramel (which I like in my coffee). I used half the water but kept all the other measurements the same. I was short on caramel so I used two tsp of vanilla to replace it. It was good but still weak compared to the sweet leaf brand liquid stevia. It was also a bit too much for the two ounce bottle. I think next time I will use less water to make it fit in the bottle and it should be about right on the strength as well.

    I may never have to buy bottled stevia again…and I might even be able to make new flavors too! Thank you sooo much! You’ve made my day!

    • Yeah- thanks so much!!! I have to try some more too. I have a bunch of prebought liquid stevia that I need to use up first though. Nice to “meet” you!

  76. Liz Thompson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. I start using stevia because we have a diabetic in the family. This recipe sounds wonderful and comes very handy, but what if I don’t want the vanilla flavor, can I exclude the vanilla extract from the recipe?

  77. But why not leave stevia out?

    • Hi Maxine. I think I have explained myself. I enjoy having things that taste sweet – and can’t eat most other sweeteners b/c of how they affect my body. Stevia is the purest one (the type I order) that I can have. I hope that helps.

  78. Ok. But you seem to persistently avoid the question of Are you a stevia rep!?? That question doesn’t seem to register on site, which I find a lil odd…Are you a paid stevia rep?

    • Maxine, I am sorry but I don’t understand why you are asking this again. I am not a stevia “rep”. I make money on many products by linking to them on Amazon. That is the same as almost every blogger. I don’t know what you mean by this question not registering on the site. Sorry – but I am very busy and I think I have explained myself. Thanks.

  79. Can’t wait for a stevia recipe made from the plant. (Both powder and liquid)

  80. If we don’t want any flavoring do we just leave it out or add water to replace it?

  81. Hey, Adrienne! I have been missing your posts for a while. Not sure what has happened but I will sign up again since I seem to have slipped through the cracks. As an aside, let me tell you I love my Berkey and am so glad I bought it from you. I like supporting the people who ‘work for me’, like you do with all your health research.

    We chatted a year or so ago about stevia, when you discovered NuNaturals had changed their formula. You said you were on the brink of announcing your new favorite, but I can’t find anything about it on your site. I switched to KAL but when I started to reorder it today I realized they have changed their forumula and now are adding maltodextrin. NOW brand seems to have a good one out now, no additives and it is organic. What do you think? What are you currently using?

    • Hi there. Thanks for writing. Did you get the posts on Low Carb Snacks and Low Carb Desserts? I haven’t been writing as much since we’ve had a whole lot going on – trying to keep things at a livable pace.

      Thanks for the kind words!

      I haven’t found a favorite yet – it kind of went to the back burner. I have tried NOW (not sure if it’s the current brand) but not thrilled. There are 2 more I am interested in. I am buying one from Amazon soon and the other I have a sample of here. This is the one I have a sample of http://amzn.to/1S3gO19 and this is the one I am going to buy. http://amzn.to/1KHiJd0 Those are both affiliate links. Sorry it’s taken me so long. We’ve certainly tried a few “duds”. :(

  82. Kalyx.com has bulk stevia extract 90% powder for a little less. This is a mega-bulk store, which also carries 85% and 98% stevia extract powders in 10, 20 kgs. I also found out that most branded companies sell the 90%, which is not as sweet as what I purchased 10+ years ago…

    • Do you like it? I’m in the market for some new stevia asap! Thanks!!

      • I have not purchased yet, but I plan to buy a slightly higher extraction than 90% when I run out. One pound of stevia extract lasts me a year or more, so I don’t use it up that fast. It is sweet, but I confess it’s not my favorite sweetener, because I still do taste a hint of bitterness and I usually mix it in with other sweeteners like Sucanat. When I bake (which is not very often these days), I often use NewSweet. I highly recommend NewSweet, which I’ve been using for 5+ years. NewSweet is a direct 1:1 substitute for sugar and it is a mixture of stevia + trehalose. I don’t know how to get trehalose by bulk to do the mix myself, but NewSweet prices are reasonable enough that I don’t bother.

        Just recently, I purchased a bag of monk fruit powder from GoNutra.com to try. It tastes very good! And it is pretty sweet, though still not as sweet as stevia extract 90%. But it is half the price and I really like the flavor of it, so I might be using more of this instead.

        • Interesting. I am going to consider buying some. Thanks!!! I hadn’t heard of NewSweet but looking into it. Is this bulk “enough”? http://amzn.to/1SJKFfu (affiliate link to Amazon). I think Monk is a little too high glycemic for me but I will look at that again as well – thanks!

  83. PoohBear11778 says:

    Great work, thank you!
    Can you please advise if this conversion works for recipes that call for liquid stevia?

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