Homemade Rice Milk (or Milk Substitute)

Milk Substitute Milk AllergyAre you or someone you love suffering from lactose intolerance or dairy allergies?  Or do you just run out of milk sometimes when cooking or baking?

Well, today I have an answer for your troubles that you and your wallet will truly enjoy (and the environment will love as well :-).)

We’ve been making our own rice milk for years now, ever since my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy to dairy, over 10 years ago.

I must say, every time I see the price tags on those boxes in the store, I feel a small (or big :-)) sense of victory that I am not spending money on the packaging and processing.  (Not to mention what a good thing making your own does for the environment!)

Just wait ’til you see how much money you can make….

You can read more over at Money Saving Mom.  And what a bunch of inquisitive readers over there – there are lots of great comments, so be sure to read then and add your own, or come back over here if you have something to share.

It’s a bit easier for me to interact with you here, but no worries – either way I’ll connect with you :-)!

Again – you can find the rest of the post, including the recipe by clicking here.

Do you have a favorite “Make Your Own” technique to share?
Or something that you would like me to develop a homemade version of? 

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  1. I always have white “sticky” (Calrose) rice. Will that work for milk instead of brown rice?

  2. Any suggestions on filtering it? My kids complain it is grainy compared to what we buy.

  3. Adrienne, rice milk, candida?? do they mix? as someone who’s been working on pancreas issues, I am envisioning this as a glucose drip….

    Do you have any info on how this ranks on the glycemic index? I know you can sub nut milk or coconut milk, but rice IS so much cheaper….

    Any feedback would appreciated.


    • We don’t use rice milk or any other grain milk much anymore. We almost exclusively use nut, seed, or coconut milk. The glycemic index is higher (79-92) from what I have read, but we don’t drink it straight, either. We would typically use it for baking. Also, not all of my readers are on a candida diet. Thank you for reading :).

      • i understand that you are being user friendly. That’s what i love about your posts. I was asking specifically to the candida and GI issue–wanting to know if you had problems with it because of either of those. I didn’t think about baking. that would be pretty good then….

  4. Denise Womack says:

    I love cooking and baking and making my own things from scratch. With recent developments of gluten, dairy, corn and other food sensitivities; migraines and sinus issues I have been looking for new recipes to try. I just recently discovered your website and have been printing off alot of your recipes. I would love a good recipe for oat milk and for homemade Tuscan seasoning. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • I’ve been planning to post oat milk – for now, try my rice milk and sub in cooked oats for the rice. Tuscan…hmmmm….where have you used it before?

  5. Just wondering if it works to use this rice milk for things that need cooked like gravy on biscuts or bread ect…..One rice milk recipe I found said it thickens when it is cooked…..That is why I am asking…