The Easiest and Cheapest Natural Wart Treatment

Got a wart that needs to go? This Natural Wart Remedy is the cheapest one around and it really works! I tried several natural wart remedies, but this worked the best. Would YOU try this?

I’m always on the hunt for natural remedies to treat ear infections, sinus infections, headaches, and more.  I’m just not a fan of prescription meds, or even OTC medications, mainly since one of the things that contributed to my health issues (including candida) is overuse of meds and antibiotics in general.

So when warts surfaced in our home, I was not about to just run to the store to get an OTC cream – and I for sure wasn’t ready to pay $30 (how did it get that high?!) for a physician copay to have it removed from my son’s foot.

Warts are not a pleasant topic.

If you’ve ever had a wart, you know how hard it can be to get rid of it.

And it’s worse if you’ve got more than one wart. Once they start spreading they can really be tough to get rid of.

About 1 month ago I was helping my youngest get changed for bed. I don’t remember now what happened or why I noticed it, but I saw two small “somethings” on the sole of his foot, near the heel.

Got a wart that needs to go? This Natural Wart Remedy is the cheapest one around and it really works! I tried several natural wart remedies, but this worked the best. Would YOU try this?


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I wouldn’t have thought much of them, except for the fact that I remembered having a plantar’s wart when I was a young girl.

It was painful and it took a long time to get rid of it.

I think we went to the store and got an over-the-counter wart remover and I applied it over and over again.

And they’re gross.

Back to my son.

I took a closer look at his foot and scraped a little of the surface off of the skin.

It felt hard underneath, and I could see the tell-tale little brownish-black dots in the center of a pattern.

The dots are called wart seeds sometimes, but they really are little blood clots.


Anyway, he clearly had two of them.

Then, my son showed me a “callous” on his toe.


It was a big one. But was it really a callous?

I went to the internet and found a site with a great diagnostic information.

How To Tell the Difference Between a Callous and a Wart!

To tell the difference between a callous and a wart, you press on it:

  • If it hurts pushing straight down on it–it’s a callous.
  • If it hurts putting pressure on the sides (by squeezing it)–it’s a wart.

Sure enough. No pain pressing down, but when I squeezed it, my son wasn’t happy.

Now it was time to try to get rid of them.

Natural Treatments for Warts

We’d tried using oregano oil before on a wart on my husband’s finger.

It really worked great, but we weren’t consistent enough to get rid of it, so it’s still there.

One day we were on a road trip. I put the oregano oil on it and within 3 hours it went from being a raised wart to being level with the rest of his skin.

So I tried the oregano oil on my son’s foot for several days.

Again, I wasn’t consistent enough and no surprise–nothing happened.

I really wanted to be consistent with the oregano, but life was getting in the way.

So I hopped back on the internet and even asked my fans on my Facebook page for their ideas. (hop on over there if you haven’t already, K?)

Well, let me tell you, there were loads of ideas….

Plantar Wart Remedies

  • OTC topical treatments (not going there again)
  • super glue (doesn’t sounds very natural to me)
  • apple cider vinegar (I did this once for a wart on my hand. It ended up burning the surrounding skin and was super painful)
  • banana peel (the inside of it)
  • concoctions of all sorts
  • cutting them off (not an option. No way)
  • removal by a physician (I’d read over and over that the wart often comes back. This is the case for one of my son’s friends.)

and one that really caught my eye.


Yeppers. You all remember my post, Unbelievable Ear Infection Natural Treatment, right?

Well, at the time I tried that in my son’s ear (of course, after reading all over the internet that urine therapy has been used by many cultures for many years and there was even an international convention on it–so don’t think I’m just so crazy that I’ll try anything that I read on the internet–’cause I’m not), I was already trying this on my son’s warts.

But I wasn’t sure if it was going to take care of the more stubborn ones so I didn’t want to share it yet.

Well, now you can see what happened and judge for yourself:

Got a wart that needs to go? This Natural Wart Remedy is the cheapest one around and it really works! I tried several natural wart remedies, but this worked the best. Would YOU try this?

How to Treat a Plantar Wart

  1. Have child urinate in a cup (we had a cup specially designated for this task to avoid unpleasant “glass confusion” :-).
  2. Cut small pieces of cotton that will cover the affected area.
  3. Soak cotton in urine and squeeze to remove excess.
  4. Place cotton piece on wart.
  5. Cut duct tape in appropriate shape and cover the wart and cotton completely.
  6. Repeat one time daily.

We did this for a few weeks. It would have gone faster if I’d remembered to change the cotton daily, but I forgot occasionally.

But every day we noticed an obvious change in the big wart.

Plantar Wart Healing a Bit

Plantar Wart Healing a Bit

And now, this is what his toe looks like:

Plantar Wart Gone

All gone except for some peeling skin.

And the other warts are gone as well.

Even while we were treating the first 3, one more showed up on the other foot (lovely) and that one is gone as well.

Now, I am thinking the oregano oil would have worked if I had been more diligent, but I would forget sometimes and frankly, urine is a lot cheaper.  But if you’re squeemish about the urine thing, then hop over to Native American Nutritionals and get some oregano oil. It’s great stuff and is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I’ve even heard of folks treating MRSA successfully with it. Now that’s something to have on hand, you know?

If you’re curious about  why I recommend Native American Nutritionals, you can read my who series on Which Essential Oils Company is Best.

But I tried the urine also because the testimonials were so emphatic.

One was even pretty hilarious.

A man said his whole family had been plagued by plantar warts–except for him.

He thought it was because he had the habit of urinating in the shower, so he thought his feet were getting a natural anti-wart treatment every day.

I don’t know, but interesting, huh?

I’m not sure why my son got all of these, but they did start when he was wearing footie PJs and during winter when he was wearing winter boots around a lot, and his feet would get all sweaty.

I never liked those footie sleepers because they made my feet sweaty and sweaty feet are like a breeding ground for warts.

No more footie sleepers for him.

And no more warts for him either.

Happy mom!

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Think I’m Crazy?

Likely you think this is just gross and NUTS, right?

Well, check out this book – it’s got some very nice reviews.

I say – if you can get things done naturally and inexpensively then it’s worth looking at :).

Urine Therapy

What remedies have you tried for warts?

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  1. I used clear nail polish on my sons warts and it worked great, he had a lot of warts all over his fingers. . However, it does require consistency and time, This was after multiple visits to the doctor, who froze them, and injected them and they all came back. After using the clear nail polish they never came back. Also advise to anyone who is thinking of having them injected, don’t do that method, it leaves nasty brown scars! :( I know because my daughter had this method done and has to live with the scars… With the clear nail polish i would put on a nice layer and blow dry on a cool setting until it dried, i did this once a day, some of the smaller ones were gone in a couple weeks, the bigger once took a couple months… I have to admit it would of been faster, had i been more consistent. I believe that the theory is it suffocates the warts to death, same as the duck tape but less obvious.

    • Thanks for the tip! I do not like the smell of nail polish at all but that’s a good option for others that don’t have that issue. :)

    • Marcia Van Drunen says:

      We were all set to try the urine method, but realized that with the sheer number of warts on the bottom of my daughter’s feet (20 plus) she would be limping from the cotton ball bits. Plus, my pre-teen was really grossed out by the idea, but that doesn’t bother me. I was sad I had let it get so far without intervention. However, I gave her the nailpolish and duct tape option and she agreed. Plus we worked with soaking her feet and removing dead skin/wart tops. It took three months but ALL of them are gone, the best Christmas present. I’ll keep a close eye on the situation now. Even though I do not like nail polish, I was so glad to find this idea here as it was one we could work with. Her pediatrician offered to freeze them off, but I’ve read too many negative reports, plus $$$$. This worked! Thank you.

  2. I have always struggled with planters warts on bottom of my feet. Recently, they started spreading, and I decided I needed to get serious about killing them. In the past, I tried everything… banana peel, apple cider vinegar, duct tape, pumice stone, many different essential oils, etc. None of these really worked, and I knew that if I went to a foot doctor, I would have to get them cut out… which would take some huge chucks out of my foot. ;)

    I had a few people tell me to try urine on my warts, but I thought that was just too gross, and therefore never did it. Anyway, since the warts were getting so out of control, I broke down and decided to give urine a try. I found this article and have been following the directions for about 6 days. It’s a little early to tell, but so far, they are going AWAY!!!!!!!! I’m so excited, thank you so much! I can’t wait to be wart free! Whew!

  3. I will try this for sure. Yeah, its unconventional but so is putting your earwax on fever blisters/cold sores. My Grandma told me about this as a kid (I’m 59) and it really, really does work, have used this old home remedy for years. People say, “ewww gross, ear wax?” Well, you don’t EAT it.
    Thanks for this post!

  4. My son had 2 warts, a raised one on top of his toe, and a plantars wart. My daughter had a whole colony (gross I know) growing on one of her feet and one on her fingertip right under the nail from picking them I believe. We started making and drinking water kefir about 6 weeks ago. My sons warts have disappeared and my daughters are shrinking and some have gone away. We haven’t done anything else differently, I believe that the immune boosting properties of the water kefir let their bodies fight off the warts (viruses). We tried other things, but like you were not diligent. This has been easy.

  5. Urinating on your feet in the shower helps with athlete’s foot too! My brother did it while away at Bible college and living in a dorm, sharing showers with 80 guys.

    • Well, there you have it :). Thanks!

      • After I had my first child, my hormones went crazy and I got these weird blister looking things on the bottom of feet that were so itchy and they were filled with liquid. If I popped one liquid would spread and then the next day I’d have several more blister things where the liquid had hit. My husband told me to try peeing on my feet in the shower. After a couple days they were starting to go away. Now they are totally gone. I will never shy away from natural remedies, especially if I can heal something with my own urine!!!

  6. Robin Gitchel says:

    Oregano works great on warts, moles, and skin tags but be careful it can burn the skin. It is recommended to dilute with another oil (like olive or coconut oil) if using on the face. My doc told me plantar warts are indicative of a vitamin A deficiency. I really enjoyed your post on “Which is the Best Essential Oil” I too am a true researcher and need to know about the product(s) I bring into my home. I started with YL and didn’t like some things I discovered about the company and since switched to doTERRA. I don’t like that Native American Nutritionals doesn’t have certification that they are organic. I understand that certification does cost money and doTERRA AND Young Living are both spending the money for certification. Which makes me question why Native American Nutritionals oils cost the same as Young Living and doTERRA when they do not pay rep’s nor are they certified organic?

    • Hi there. Native American does not cost the same as YL and doTERRA – you might find some oils that are the same but many are less expensive. Some are way less. I would be happy to ask them about that if you have specific examples. Also, often their oil is grown organically but YLs and doTERRAs are not so I keep that in mind.

      NAN does a lot of work w/ 3rd world farms and pays them much more than they would otherwise make. I need to work on a post about that.

      I hope that helps but happy to answer more if you like. Thanks :)!

      Interesting on the vitamin A. I think we tried oregano but it stung and didn’t work as well. Thanks though!

  7. Two years ago my daughter got a wart on the bottom of her right foot. She said it didn’t bother her so we didn’t try to get rid of it. Over the next year she got 5 new warts. Three on the right foot and two on the left foot. She still said they didn’t hurt much but she said they looked ugly when she wore flip flops or stayed with friends. We tried various treatments but the warts came back. Over the second year she got 7 new warts 4 on her right foot and 3 on her left foot. Now she had 7 on her right foot and 5 on her left foot. The new warts on her heel started to hurt. We tried many more treatments but the warts still came back. Then we tried oregano oil and the warts disappeared. She is happy she can wear flip flops or go barefoot without being embarrassed.

  8. Nina Bradley says:

    Hi!! I am new to essential oils (I just got my diffuser and a few starter oils for Christmas!). I would like to try the oregano oil for my planters wart, I am wondering do you dilute it with a carrier oil or do you apply it straight to it? Thank you for any advice!!

  9. Please correct the last line – It’s not inexpensive ? It’s totally free , not inexpensive( meaning costing less – there’s no cost here ! ) or cheap !

    I’ve been battling from horrible hyper pigmentation on my chin area due to hirsutism, I’ve to pluck some 100-200 hairs out every morning before I can show my face to the world, and the chin area became so dark, look from far – it looks like I’ve a beard, just for the color difference between the rest of the face & this chin area !

    I was so desperate for a cure. Dreaming about the day when I can get up, not worry how I can show my face to the world without any upkeep. I also have a lot of facial warts, using topical urine application ( first urine in the morning is better – has highest amount of minerals, urea etc ) for about a week. The warts have shrunk to a minor amount, but the pigmentation part – it’s lovely – I can notice huge difference from day to day.

    Initially I was completely grossed out at the idea of applying urine esp to my face. But I did it anyway & it’s doing wonders to even out the skin tone – I can see 75% improvement within a week ! It’s amazing ! Also I’m using acupressure to deal with endocrine gland issues to lessen the testosterone running in my blood which is the cause of this dark, thick facial hair. ( Using Dr.Devendra Vora’s Health in your hands ) & the hair is thinning on the chin day by day, it doesn’t happen in one day but there’s less & less hair to pluck – day by day.

    • Thank you very much for the post. Your post made me research about urine therapy’s topical application part for warts – I still can’t bolster the nerve to injest internally. Even the topical application grossed me out by a great deal for 2-3 days though the urine had no smell whatsoever & none of the people I’m sharing living space with can tell, and I’m pretty hopeful I can be wart-free in no time ! There are also additional benefits, I’ve severe dry skin – apply the creamiest lotion ever or various oils – massaging with sesame oil, coconut oil even & wash your face – the dryness is intact within an hour or so. My face is glowing radiantly & it’s very much moisturized by the topical urine application. I’ve read that many facial creams contain urea extracted from urine of animals, instead of that combined with many chemicals – we could use our own & get amazing results. The first urine in the morning, which is collected mid-stream works best !
      I’ve about 40 warts ( tiny small dots & some are big enough to be noticed ) on my face & atleast 60 on my torso – I’m applying it & have to await the results on warts as its only been a week.

      How much time exactly did it take for your son’s wart to disappear ? You said few weeks – but I want to know how many as sometimes I lose hope easily early on. If I’ve an estimate, I can keep up. Thank you very much. Keep writing useful things – some people may be grossed out – but those that are determined for cure even if they’re grossed out initially will try & benefit from it & will thank you in return immensely, like me for example.

      • You’re so welcome! I don’t know about that ingesting either but boy aren’t the testimonials interesting?

        I have no problem with the urine treatment on skin- it’s such a small amount.

        I don’t remember how long it took but there was a clear difference after just 1 day. Every day I saw a change as long as I kept applying it. Hope that helps!

    • Hi there. I am sorry but I don’t know what you mean about correcting the last line- please explain – thanks!

      That is great to hear!!! Wow!! I guess there really is something to this!

  10. I had what you might call a colony underneath all the toes on my right foot. i had 3 rather large ones and after having the doctor ice them i couldn’t walk for a week, and it didn’t work. one day i got particularly peeved after spending a fortune on treatments and sat down with a pair of nail clippers after i had gotten out of the shower (skin was softer) and basically cut at the 3 larger ones until they bled. a week later they were all gone! so i am guessing it is like a queen bee type thing where one rules them all ?? urine is an interesting way to treat and may very well be used in our household in thew future if the need arises! thanks!

  11. Hi! Do you think this would work for toenail fungus as well? If not, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    • Hmmm…I think probably not but I have seen testimonials of it working on the internet so could be worth a try – again, this isn’t medical advice, but I would personally try it. Typically one would think of tea tree oil, etc for that or maybe apple cider vinegar. And many would suggest a candida diet for any time fungus is an issue. Hope that helps!

  12. I’m surprised that you didn’t try fresh garlic! It works like magic. Just put a thin slice on top of the wart and keep it there with a band-aid. Change it each day until the blood clots are completely gone. Definitely less gross than urine! ;)

  13. Garlic is the cure!
    My friend said she got rid of her warts as a kid by taping a clove of garlic to it every night for a few weeks so I decided to give it a try. It totally worked! And I didn’t even remember to do it every night. My wart on my foot had gotten to be really painful, and after a few nights of garlic treatment the pain subsided. After 2 weeks it felt like a hard callus. A few days after that I decided to cut it off and it came off painlessly, with health skin already growing beneath.
    I would highly recommend this.

    • So your foot didn’t feel pain w/ the garlic burning into it? Thanks!

      • To be honest it did get warm every application. It did start to tingle after a long while, and once or twice there was this weird deep shock like feeling (which I just perceived to be the wart root dying, as the super awesome intense powers of garlic take over!) but overall the treatment wasn’t extremely painful. I did it at bedtime and was usually asleep before I felt any discomfort. I also shaved the wart down with a surgical scalpel (Mom in law’s a nurse) so I feel like if you didn’t shave it there would be less chance of discomfort. I would suggest using a whole clove as cutting into it would make it more likely to irritate. I tried puncturing the garlic once so it would juice on my foot, thought it would help speed it up, but after it being taped to my foot for a couple minutes I had to take it off as it was too uncomfortable to fall asleep wearing.

        I’ve tried duct tape, maybe my feet are too sweaty, it always comes off or moves around from where I put it. Interesting about the kiwi, I never would have thought of that! And much faster too eh? You would think it might be wet and get on the sheets maybe, but it’s worth a shot. I’ll have to try that next wart. Garlic is so convenient because I always have it around the home and it’s also easy to keep by the bedside with the tape lol

        • I was thinking that too about the kiwi – mushy!!!! Yes, garlic is convenient … but urine is moreso :). Just had to say it.

          And I am in total agreement about the plain duct tape. Yuck.

  14. Duct tape alone works. No need for urine….
    I had a wart removed professionally on my arm, cost me $500! It came back!! Did the duct tape method and it’s been gone over a year now!!

  15. The best thing for planters warts is kiwi. Simply place a slice of kiwi over the wart(s), use medical or duct tape to hold in place, and go to sleep. In the morning remove the kiwi and toss it in the garbage. Repeat twice, for a total of three applications. The wart(s) will be gone in about a week. We have used this successfully for over 20 years. Waiting weeks for the warts to be gone and using urine is absolutely unnecessary.

    • Hi there. I am guessing you’re the same person I talked to on Google + :)? I asked you over there if it’s always been successful for you (b/c you said you only did it for 3 days) but now I guess I have my answer. I guess I would rather not pay for the kiwis, but glad to know :). Isn’t it really mushy too?