The Easiest and Cheapest Natural Wart Treatment

Got a wart that needs to go? This Natural Wart Remedy is the cheapest one around and it really works! I tried several natural wart remedies, but this worked the best. Would YOU try this?

I’m always on the hunt for natural remedies to treat ear infections, sinus infections, headaches, and more.  I’m just not a fan of prescription meds, or even OTC medications, mainly since one of the things that contributed to my health issues (including candida) is overuse of meds and antibiotics in general.

So when warts surfaced in our home, I was not about to just run to the store to get an OTC cream – and I for sure wasn’t ready to pay $30 (how did it get that high?!) for a physician copay to have it removed from my son’s foot.

Warts are not a pleasant topic.

If you’ve ever had a wart, you know how hard it can be to get rid of it.

And it’s worse if you’ve got more than one wart. Once they start spreading they can really be tough to get rid of.

About 1 month ago I was helping my youngest get changed for bed. I don’t remember now what happened or why I noticed it, but I saw two small “somethings” on the sole of his foot, near the heel.

Got a wart that needs to go? This Natural Wart Remedy is the cheapest one around and it really works! I tried several natural wart remedies, but this worked the best. Would YOU try this?


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I wouldn’t have thought much of them, except for the fact that I remembered having a plantar’s wart when I was a young girl.

It was painful and it took a long time to get rid of it.

I think we went to the store and got an over-the-counter wart remover and I applied it over and over again.

And they’re gross.

Back to my son.

I took a closer look at his foot and scraped a little of the surface off of the skin.

It felt hard underneath, and I could see the tell-tale little brownish-black dots in the center of a pattern.

The dots are called wart seeds sometimes, but they really are little blood clots.


Anyway, he clearly had two of them.

Then, my son showed me a “callous” on his toe.


It was a big one. But was it really a callous?

I went to the internet and found a site with a great diagnostic information.

How To Tell the Difference Between a Callous and a Wart!

To tell the difference between a callous and a wart, you press on it:

  • If it hurts pushing straight down on it–it’s a callous.
  • If it hurts putting pressure on the sides (by squeezing it)–it’s a wart.

Sure enough. No pain pressing down, but when I squeezed it, my son wasn’t happy.

Now it was time to try to get rid of them.

Natural Treatments for Warts

We’d tried using oregano oil before on a wart on my husband’s finger.

It really worked great, but we weren’t consistent enough to get rid of it, so it’s still there.

One day we were on a road trip. I put the oregano oil on it and within 3 hours it went from being a raised wart to being level with the rest of his skin.

So I tried the oregano oil on my son’s foot for several days.

Again, I wasn’t consistent enough and no surprise–nothing happened.

I really wanted to be consistent with the oregano, but life was getting in the way.

So I hopped back on the internet and even asked my fans on my Facebook page for their ideas. (hop on over there if you haven’t already, K?)

Well, let me tell you, there were loads of ideas….

Plantar Wart Remedies

  • OTC topical treatments (not going there again)
  • super glue (doesn’t sounds very natural to me)
  • apple cider vinegar (I did this once for a wart on my hand. It ended up burning the surrounding skin and was super painful)
  • banana peel (the inside of it)
  • concoctions of all sorts
  • cutting them off (not an option. No way)
  • removal by a physician (I’d read over and over that the wart often comes back. This is the case for one of my son’s friends.)

and one that really caught my eye.


Yeppers. You all remember my post, Unbelievable Ear Infection Natural Treatment, right?

Well, at the time I tried that in my son’s ear (of course, after reading all over the internet that urine therapy has been used by many cultures for many years and there was even an international convention on it–so don’t think I’m just so crazy that I’ll try anything that I read on the internet–’cause I’m not), I was already trying this on my son’s warts.

But I wasn’t sure if it was going to take care of the more stubborn ones so I didn’t want to share it yet.

Well, now you can see what happened and judge for yourself:

Got a wart that needs to go? This Natural Wart Remedy is the cheapest one around and it really works! I tried several natural wart remedies, but this worked the best. Would YOU try this?

How to Treat a Plantar Wart

  1. Have child urinate in a cup (we had a cup specially designated for this task to avoid unpleasant “glass confusion” :-).
  2. Cut small pieces of cotton that will cover the affected area.
  3. Soak cotton in urine and squeeze to remove excess.
  4. Place cotton piece on wart.
  5. Cut duct tape in appropriate shape and cover the wart and cotton completely.
  6. Repeat one time daily.

We did this for a few weeks. It would have gone faster if I’d remembered to change the cotton daily, but I forgot occasionally.

But every day we noticed an obvious change in the big wart.

Plantar Wart Healing a Bit

Plantar Wart Healing a Bit

And now, this is what his toe looks like:

Plantar Wart Gone

All gone except for some peeling skin.

And the other warts are gone as well.

Even while we were treating the first 3, one more showed up on the other foot (lovely) and that one is gone as well.

Now, I am thinking the oregano oil would have worked if I had been more diligent, but I would forget sometimes and frankly, urine is a lot cheaper.  But if you’re squeemish about the urine thing, then hop over to Native American Nutritionals and get some oregano oil. It’s great stuff and is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I’ve even heard of folks treating MRSA successfully with it. Now that’s something to have on hand, you know?

If you’re curious about  why I recommend Native American Nutritionals, you can read my who series on Which Essential Oils Company is Best.

But I tried the urine also because the testimonials were so emphatic.

One was even pretty hilarious.

A man said his whole family had been plagued by plantar warts–except for him.

He thought it was because he had the habit of urinating in the shower, so he thought his feet were getting a natural anti-wart treatment every day.

I don’t know, but interesting, huh?

I’m not sure why my son got all of these, but they did start when he was wearing footie PJs and during winter when he was wearing winter boots around a lot, and his feet would get all sweaty.

I never liked those footie sleepers because they made my feet sweaty and sweaty feet are like a breeding ground for warts.

No more footie sleepers for him.

And no more warts for him either.

Happy mom!

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Think I’m Crazy?

Likely you think this is just gross and NUTS, right?

Well, check out this book – it’s got some very nice reviews.

I say – if you can get things done naturally and inexpensively then it’s worth looking at :).

Urine Therapy

What remedies have you tried for warts?

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  1. Antoinette says:

    I have small white wharts between and under my breasts. I tried lemon juice and vinegar on cotton wool at night and again in the morning. The warts started disappearing, but I think it was the vinegar that burnt my skin.
    I have now started using Justine’s Tissue Oil which I know is available in South Africa and Australia (not sure about New Zealand). The strangest thing was that all the “white” warts are still there, but a big raised flesh coloured wart under my breast, has disappeared. This Tissue Oil has many uses and my mother-in-law told me years ago that I should tell all my clients about Tissue Oil because she used to smooth it on her face and all the warts on her face disappeared. I think I will next try the urine on my warts :-))

    • I hope it works for you!

      • Brandy Buczek says:

        My son started with one plantar wart on the ball of his foot. He now has 3. Once a week I take him to the doctor and he puts liquid nitrogen on them. The oldest wart is making progress but it’s still there the other two are fairly new and barely noticeable. I have also been putting on oregano oil on them. I think I will get him to try the urine trick though. He’s 13 and very active.

        • Hope it works for you!

        • Oregano oil is absolutely the way to go and it’s natural… Second option is to take a clove of garlic and mash it with fork place on wart cover with bandaid overnight.. It will burn a little and the form a small red blister but it will heal and be gone!!!

        • I did Oregano oil overnight with a bandaid. It was gone by the more. I used Nature’s Alchemy.

          Every time the doctor froze them, she got more.

  2. The dermatologist recommended to take L-Methionine supplement and put wild orange oil on my grandson’s wart which was near his lip (a place you might not want to use urine). She suggested that she did not want to remove it due to scarring. Within a few weeks it was completely gone. I was totally shocked that a person trained in western medicine would recommend such a natural cure that worked so completely. This may be a better solution for people with warts all over their hands that might not be good candidates for the urine method..

    • Interesting – thanks!

    • Hi. I saw your post about your grandson’s wart solution. Can you tell me what the dosage of the L-methionine was? My son weighs 125lb. Also did you cover the area after you applied the essential oil? Did you use duct tape at all? Really hoping for a remedy. Thank you for your help.

  3. No offense but I can’t believe you would make your child cover their skin in piss instead of paying a 30 dollar co payment for a doctor who could freeze it off in one visit. There is such a thing as being too cheap.

    • Hi Alison. Thanks for commenting. Well, if you read the comments, many who had their warts frozen off had them return. Ours have not returned. I personally think this isn’t a big deal and many of the commenters agree. Thanks again.

      • Melissa Paine says:

        Way to not feed the troll!!! I have been plagued by them on and off for years and they gave always come back after freezing them. I am definitely going to give the urine a try! Thank you!!

    • Hi again, Alison. I just approved another comment where the mother has had to return the doctor once a week to have her child’s warts frozen. Here is the text:

      “My son started with one plantar wart on the ball of his foot. He now has 3. Once a week I take him to the doctor and he puts liquid nitrogen on them. The oldest wart is making progress but it’s still there the other two are fairly new and barely noticeable. I have also been putting on oregano oil on them. I think I will get him to try the urine trick though. He’s 13 and very active.”

      So we could be talking multiple visits. Hope this helps as well.

      • Christine says:

        Frozen off in one visit…HAHA! I went repeatedly and cost me a lot. Oh I forgot to mention, I have more now than I did when I started. I’ve had at least two since I was in high school (I’m 36 now) and they never got worse or better, just always there. They went away for almost a year when I was pregnant but then came right back and multiplied. The dermoyologist said I would need to keep coming back till they are gone and surgery wasn’t an option because there were too many and I would be in a lot of pain. So here I sit, doing consistent attenpts with OTC products out of sheer hopeless routine. I might just try this, in hopes that SOMETHING might be my answer! (Hahahaha one visit?!?!?!)

    • Shirley Mauselle says:

      I have had a plantars wart on my foot and my finger. I read somewhere to use oregano oil. I had tried everything. doctors froze it, didn’t work. tried over the counter stuff… all of them did work, in fact it made them bigger. I used the oregano oil and it took a few weeks but its almost gone… would put it on a band aid and a drop directly onto wart. after a bath or soak first when skin is soft. kept it on all day, and changed at night. glad to say its almost gone… give it a try..

    • Natalie says:

      Cheap isn’t the issue… I spent a bunch trying to freeze mine off my heel… did it work no actuallyit got bigger… apple cider vinegar works! Took a few week, I left it on 24/7, and was painful at times but worked and costed me $3.

    • My daughter’s multiplied every time she went.

  4. Years ago a pediatrician told me about this: You can easily get rid of the ones on the feet by soaking in very warm water (as hot as is comfortable). When my children were small kids and had warts on their feet a couple times, we just soaked them while they were sitting at the kitchen table doing homework/reading/eating breakfast. We did this once or twice a day for maybe 15-20 min and the warts were completely gone in a couple weeks. Apparently hot water can kill the plantar wart virus.

  5. Urine also works very effectively to treat athletes foot.

  6. One trip to have them frozen and cut off worked for me as a child. I was in ballet and got them on both feet. There were two draw backs. First the doctor did both feet at the same time then expected me to walk. Second I have permanent puffy places of the sides of my feet just behind the arch.
    Also it hurt really bad, the freezing part.
    That is why I am searching the internet now. I have one on the curve of my thumb and I don’t want it frozen. It has been there for about 5 years. I cut it down with finger nail clippers from time to time.
    After reading this I will try the orange oil.
    Thanks for writing this.

  7. Interesting!
    We have used potatoes to get rid of warts. You simply cut the potato and rub the flesh side on the wart. To speed up the process, I would cut a tiny piece of the potato flesh (just large enough to cover the wart) then place it on the wart and cover with a bandaid or piece of tape to hold it in place and leave it on over night. The warts would turn black in a day or so and then be gone within a couple of weeks.

    • Sarah, is the potatoes only applied to the wart one time? Then u just wait for it to go away or is the potatoes applied more than once? TIA

  8. I had one big wart on my foot for years that didn’t respond to my once off freezing treatments or salicylic acid. It wasn’t until two more smaller ones popped up next to it that I decided to research and make it my mission to get rid of them. This is what I did and they were gone in about 10 days:

    Before bed every night
    1. Bathe the foot for ten minutes in warm soapy water to soften skin.
    2. Use a micropedi to file down the wart gently. I like the battery operated roller pedis because they are gentle but effective.
    3. Freeze the wart with a home wart freeze kit. I used Wartner but it didn’t work on its own. Only when I used it in this sequence. You don’t have to do this step every night. The instructions on the box advise not to use more than once within a two week period but I froze it about 3 times during the ten days.
    4. Dip a little cotton wool in apple cider vinegar, place it over the wart and secure with a plaster (of everything I had tried before, it was my first time trying apple cider vinegar and I think this was a key step).

    In the morning
    1. Bathe the foot and dry.
    2. File with a micro pedi.
    3. put a drop of salicylic acid on the wart and allow to dry.
    4. Cover with a piece of duct tape and leave it there until you go to bed

    After about a week of doing this I found I would wake up in the middle of the night with an ache in my foot and I could feel a lot of heat coming from where the wart was. some nights I had to even take the apple cider vinegar soaked pad off my foot because it got too painful. After ten days it fell out and left a little hole in my foot but with new healed skin underneath.

    Note that I did one wart at a time so I completed this process 3 times but after years of worrying about people seeing my feet, the month of intense treatment was totally worth it.

  9. I’m looking for anything to help with my several warts I have on my fingers. I just started a new job and would hate to pay a co pay for them to only come right back. However I don’t really want to let urine sit on my fingers, but I’m on a very tight budget.I’ve tried everything from synthetic acid to the bandaids with medicine on them yet nothing seems to help. Does anyone know of anything else that would work that doesn’t cost much that I could use? This all started from one Wart more showed up the more I picked at them and the more I tried treating them. Please help.

    • Sorry about that. I would look through the comments and try whatever you think might work based on others’ experiences and of course keeping safety in mind.

    • Mohit Kumar says:

      I was also very upset with the planatar warts and mosaic warts for more than a year. I have searched on all the internet about its treatment. finally i got the solution and my mosaic warts disappear and the planatar wart is about to disappear. I have used cotton swab dipped in white vinegar(non diluted) in the morning and wrap it with duct tape (since, I am from india, I have used brown tape) and do the office for 2-3 days until the white skin came out around the warts and remove it during the shower or after shower. After that I used coldpressed pure castor oil, repeat the treatment same as with vinegar. After a week or two, you will notice the change. Don’t stick the time duration of 2-3 days, observe the warts closely. I hope it works. Let me know if anyone gets benefit from that.

    • Hi Emily, I had a few warts in my lifetime and have frozen off two, and had one cut out (when I was a kid) but the most recent one on my finger was very stubborn. The freeze away kits were not working. So I tried the milk of a fig tree leaf when you first break it off the stem. I’d just walk out to the yard and pluck off a leaf and hold the milk on there for about a minute or so. I did that maybe twice a week for two weeks and it was gone! Painless and inexpensive- free! Maybe if you don’t have any fig trees, you could see if a neighbor or friend would let you break off a few leaves. I’m presently trying to cure my husband’s wart with oregano but the fresh fig tree “milk” was a sure fire thing and I definitely recommend it.

    • Erin Nelsen says:

      Hi Emily! I had 3 warts on my finger. What worked for me was a Thieves Oil blend. I used an MLM’s EO at first but then switched to RMO’s version. I was pretty consistent using it but sometimes I would switch it up with Oregano Oil. It took a few months but they are completely gone and haven’t come back. Other treatments I tried were OTC freezing and general wart removal products as well as duct tape. Some mild success with all of those, but they always came back 🙁 I have before and after photos as well but not sure how to post here. Don’t give up!

  10. I had a HUGE plantar wart that covered the top of my little toe when I was in 6th or 7th grade. We went river tubing, and I overshot the exit area. I didn’t know you were supposed to wear shoes on the ride, and the part I had to climb out of back to the exit was covered in sharp rocks. You guessed it, the wart got ripped off entirely. I remember getting to the beach, looking down and NO wart! I don’t remember any blood, but it was sore. I waited for months, but it never came back!
    About 2 months ago, I had a weird bump on the side of my pinky finger and came across your page. I was to squeamish to try urine, but I had oil of oregano and I faithfully applied it daily and kept it covered with a bandaid. Gone in 2 weeks. Having grown up in a Midwest family who had never eaten a bagel, let alone heard of natural cures, I was amazed! Please know that you can affect someone’s life in big and small ways, and all are good!

  11. I have been plagued with plantar warts on my right foot since I was about 12. I got my original 3 frozen off and it scarred my foot and they came back 10 fold! I now have 2 mosiacs and several warts (approx. 13) all over my foot and toes. I want to try this to get rid of these irritatingly painful warts but bandaids and tape don’t stick to my feet well at all. Any other suggestions?

  12. Interesting! I have been plagued with plantars warts for years. Have had one cut out to have it return within a year. Bloody socks for weeks! The freezing did nothing to these painful warts. I tried garlic for the next one and it worked well – but again the consistency thing is what kills successful treatment. I now have my third and have been fighting it for a while. Consistency is not going so well AND smelling like garlic is not the thing either.

    I have heard of the urine earache cure but this is a first for the warts. There may be something to it! Maybe the peeing in the shower makes sense to try!

  13. Monica Garcia says:

    This may seem like a weird question, but, does this method work for genital warts? The apple cider vinegar really burns my intimate parts and I’m forced to stop after a couple of days.

  14. Robert Sharp says:

    I had a wart on the side of my finger. I tried OTC remedies which seemed to make the wart grow, and when you tried to trim it, eventually I would get to close while cutting; and it would bleed. Then, a couple more appeared on neighboring fingers. I googled solutions, and one person said to rub the warts with a COPPER penny. Cheap enough, I found a wheat/Lincoln penny and rubbed each wart vigorously.. It actually seemed to ease any pain from them, and in a very short period of time (without repeating the treatment) the warts shrunk , and then disappeared completely, 20 years later they have not returned. I’m not sure if it was a mental thing or the real copper has some property that kills the virus, but be that as it may, it worked for me!!

    • Apparently copper does have antimicrobial properties. Thanks for sharing!

      • I have had a plantar wart for years on my big toe. I once had it surgically removed and it was sooo painful. I had a hole in my toe for weeks. Then, like you said, it came back. Couldn’t believe it! Now my daughter has a plantar wart in the EXACT same place on her big toe as mine. I just cant believe it. We will be peeing in the shower!! and following your advice!

  15. this is very interesting. I know as a child I had several on my hands, and after i had them frozen several times with no improvement, my dad had a friend tell him to cover them with duct tape. Just to soak with soapy water at night and wrap it back up as soon as it dries. the skin just gets so soft that eventually the wart will just stick to the tape one day and leave a small hole behind. I had a very large one on my knuckle that my dermatologist called the “mother wart” & once it fell off, the others disappeared as well. I have a plantars wart now though, and am not sure that the tape would stick to the sole of my foot. may try this!

  16. When you used the urine did your son feel any burning sensation? I feel slight burning on mine but this might be because I picked at it with tweezers earlier. Also, did you leave the urine soaked cotton on all day and all night or just for a certain amount of time? Mine is on my toe and I just want to get rid of it as quickly and painlessly as possible. I tried vinegar which has been working but gosh does it burn, it keeps me up at night which is why I was worried when the urine started burning as well.

  17. I use FRESH garlic on my son’s wart. It has to be fresh tho. First 2 bulb (4 tries ea bulb at least) tries even tho I just bought them from the store wasn’t fresh. The 3rd time ws the charm tho.
    Dice the clove, cover just the area where the wart is. Over night with them tiny round bandages.
    Tbh I 4got about only putting it on the wart itself(by that time) and sliced the clove and applied it. It blistered his skin where the whole sliced laid.
    SO PLZ PLZ PLZ just apply to the wart. After the blister healed yes the wart ws gone also!
    Learned hard way and son paid for it. He doesn’t have scar but momma felt bad for long time.

  18. After trying everything including having them frozen by professional, we tried oregano oil…. 1 treatment overnight and they were gone by the morning. The skin still looked funny, but the lump and pain were gone. We did 2 more treatments just in case.

  19. Denise J. Hurley says:

    Since here we are talking about different methods that won’t require a doctor visit, it is first important to figure out if what you have is actually plantar warts. This must be a very confusing time for you and you are just filled with so many questions. If you aren’t sure if what you have is plantar warts, that is your first clue. It is small, fleshy, rough and grainy growth. A spot made up of hard thickened skin. It has a very small black dot aka wart seeds (these are clotted blood vessels). Like what was mentioned above, there are many (and easy) ways to get rid of foot warts. So I would like to add that you may buy many various medicines in modern pharmacies for removing blisters and callouses. It doesn’t necessary to sort out in it, at the first, active agents in the heart of these preparations are often identical or similar, therefore any pharmacist can provide a mini-consultation. At the second, it doesn’t exist absolute recipe from anything, one preparation will arrange someone, someone will suit another. Somebody can be treated by one medicine, someone else can be treated by another medicine. Here more details
    Here are also some general instructions/tips when using home remedies to get rid of your plantar warts. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after each time you touch your warts. If you choose an option that comes with instructions, read and re-read that and follow the steps to the tee.

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