Announcing the Best Essential Oils Company

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!I used to think that essential oils were a scam, but I ended up finding out that they are a great resource for your natural medicine cabinet for issues such as headaches, ear infections, tummy aches, viruses and bacterial infections, and more.

But I eventually felt I needed to make sure that I was buying from the best essential oils company that I could reasonably afford.

I spent a ton of time calling companies, asking questions, sampling oils.  Literally, it was a ton.  And it was very exhausting.

I’ve learned a lot with all the time I’ve spent researching oils companies and I’ve covered a lot of what I learned here in this essential oils series, some of which I wrote while I was still trying to figure out which company I was going to be using and recommending.

If you’ve missed any of the previous posts, here they are:

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Now–for the big announcement you’ve been waiting for.  The company that I have decided to purchase our oils from and the one that I recommend to you as having the best essential oils for the money, with natural healing qualities and no additives or adulterating, and ethics about oil production that I am proud to represent.

(Disclaimer.  Just to be clear, I did not choose this company because I was able to become an affiliate for them, but I am one. I decided to work with them and then we made an arrangement where I could partner with them via my blog. If you make a purchase after clicking through to their site from mine, I will earn a commission, but your price remains that same.

Native American Nutritionals.
Here’s How I Chose Them.

(Sorry for the big bold title.  I’ve had readers tell me that they couldn’t figure out what company I recommended so I am trying to make it more obvious.)

If you remember, I mentioned them in Part One of the series.   I said,

“Looks like they carry good products, but they are a bit expensive.  Their prices, for a number of oils, in fact, are almost identical to the MLMs in this group, Young Living and DoTerra.  And I don’t see any difference on the surface in the quality department.”

So, the fact that I ended up recommending them was really a surprise for me. I ended up talking with the owner for a few hours (at first….that turned into many hours in the upcoming month) and found that he really “knew his stuff.”  I also found out that there were a lot of differences between his company and many others in the industry. I asked him tons of questions during our first conversation (I guess you’re not surprised about that), and then more and more over the course of the next 10 months, while I investigated other companies as well.  (Wow–it’s been that long since I started writing this series…..)

I was intrigued by what he had to say about his company and the oils industry in general.

We had countless conversations from March 2012 – January 2013, during which I literally grilled him about his company and others to figure out which company I wanted to recommend–and if his, was in fact, good enough for my family–and for all of you.

I now can say that I feel very comfortable recommending this company to you and am now using their oils almost exclusively (I have a few bottles of other brands left over :)). I hope you check them out.  I would love to hear about your experience

Why I Recommend Native American Nutritionals:

1.  Experience

The owner, Paul Dean, has been in the oils industry since 1997, being first introduced to essential oils about 30 years ago.  He started his first full-time essential oils business in 1998.

2.  Purity

Quality Oilsall oils have been GC/MS tested.  Certificates are available upon request. More than that, almost all of the oils come from plants grown in remote locations where no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals are used and only natural fertilizers are used.

3.  Indigenous Plants

All oils come from plants grown in their indigenous locations (where they grow naturally).

4.  Oils from Small Farms

Almost all oils are sourced direct from small farms (many are from third-world countries).  He uses very few “essential oils experts,” who are basically middlemen between large farms and oils companies.  Mr. Dean contracts with locals in the countries from where he sources the oils, finds a quality farm, sets up a distiller, and extracts the oils.  The oils are then sent to Native American, then sent for testing, and bottled.  The only oils at NAN that are not from small farms are mainly the organic citrus oils.

5.  No Solvents

They use  no solvents for distillation except when necessary, as in the case of absolutes like vanilla and jasmine (since the cost of those essential oils is otherwise prohibitive.)  Update 2015: they now sell a vanilla extracted with CO2.

6.  Affordable Pricing

They have affordable prices (not as expensive as the multi-level marketing companies, but not “too good to be true” either.)

7.  Organic and/or Wild-Crafted

All of their oils are either: – organically certified – organically grown (grown with organic methods, but not certified) – wild-crafted The only conventional oils they sell are those for which the high cost of the organic oils is prohibitive (they can be four times the conventional price).

8.  Transparency

Details for oils are listed clearly on their site (including the Latin name, country of origin, and growing method) (Compare this with doTERRA that doesn’t list the country of origin for many of their oils, nor the growing method.)

9.  Reasonable Shipping Costs

I found the shipping costs with YL and doTERRA to be a little on the steep side.  I was told several times by customer service reps of one of the companies that it was due to businesses being charged more than residential customers.  T’hat didn’t make sense to me – business rates being more expensive than residential, when they have that kind of bulk shipping going on? So I called UPS and FedEx and was assured that this is not the case.  So I don’t know why their shipping is so high.  Maybe they are pocketing the extra?  I can’t see any other answer.

**UPDATE 2015:  Native American Nutritionals and Rocky Mountain Oils now both offer Free Shipping domestically in the U.S. and flat rate shipping internationally.

10.  Common Sense Approach

Native American’s owner, Paul Dean, says it is fine to use their oils internally–with caution.   I like to use oils internally sometimes, but I don’t care for excessive use that way. One of my favorite parts about the oils at Native American is this:

11.  No Adulterating

Oils are not heated, mixed with anything else, or adulterated in any way.

The only exception is Bergamot, which they sell 2 versions of.  The FCF Bergamot is heated after the distillation to burn off the furocoumarin  since furcoumarin is photo-toxic.  Even Native American’s Eucalyptus Globulus isn’t heated to remove the heavy “herbier” smell.  Most oils companies heat their Eucalyptus Globulus to remove that herbier smell, but Mr. Dean thinks that the essential oil left alone is more therapeutic, and so he leaves them as God made them.


Basically, I think that the oils industry is like the food industry in this respect.

In the food industry, you can buy from large grocery stores and companies with things labelled “natural” and “whole grain,” or you can buy from a farmer you know and trust. I really think, as I’ve learned more about the “Big Ag” industry, that it is often better to buy from a “small guy” (small farmer or small essential oils company) whom you know well, than a “big guy” (big farm or big oils company or expert).

In this case, with Native American Nutritionals, you can know you are supporting someone who cares deeply about the farmers he works with and who works with them directly.  And you can support a lot of workers in third world countries as well (by the way, Native American pays them a decent wage for their country).

Native American Nutritionals also carries a wide range of other healthy living products that I think are a great addition to your family’s natural medicine cabinet. This is one thing that I didn’t address in other posts in this series.

For example, with doTERRA and Young Living, in order to get the best discounts on their oils as a rep, you need to order monthly over $100 of products (to get free products that essentially reduce your costs).  Do that every month and you end up with waaaay too much oils).

A lot of multi-level marketing oils reps end up ordering other things from the company like personal care products in order to get to that “minimum.”  However, I wasn’t thrilled with the ingredients in many of the other products offered.

Undesirable Ingredients in Other Products from Essential Oils Companies

With doTERRA and Young Living, for example:

– the doTERRA On Guard toothpaste has titanium dioxide in it, a metal which I would prefer to avoid due to heavy metal toxicity, and simply because it isn’t necessary.  It’s there just for color.  Overall it is supposed to be pretty benign, but why introduce it to your body unless needed?

Both companies’ skin care products had ingredients rated 3 and above on EWG’s Skin Deep rating system (I prefer to stick with ingredients rated 2, at the highest).  For the prices they are charging, I would prefer to buy organic and really pure products.

I don’t think all of EWG’s ratings are flawless, but I do pay attention when I see higher ratings there.  For example, phenoxyethanol is in a lot of doTERRA’s skin care products.  Here is an article on phenoxyethanol that gives me pause when considering using a skincare line that includes it in almost all of their products.

There was, in fact, one essential oils company whose oils I thought looked to be very high quality, but their personal care items were loaded with artificial chemicals and I really felt that Native American had an edge over them in that department. With Native American Nutritionals, you can buy MSM, natural toothpaste, supplements like Defense, and Ph Rescue and feel good about the ingredients used and the quality.

Also note, if you are used to Young Living or doTERRA oils, Native American Nutritionals has a listing of oil blends that are comparable to Young Living and doTERRA blends on their front page. Of course, if you’ve been following along with this series, you know that I think there are other good companies out there.  However, I do think that there are fewer “excellent” companies than I originally thought when I started all of this evaluating.

Rocky Mountain Oils and Native American Nutritionals

Just so you know, a number of my readers mentioned Rocky Mountain Oils as a company that they were happy with.  During the time that I have been talking to Paul Dean, Native American and Rocky Mountain were talking about merging and they are now working together, though not in a completely merged capacity.  They hope to join together to offer more quality customer service and educational offerings in the the future.  I look forward to learning more from them.

You might find that shopping with Rocky Mountain Oils is a bit easier than shopping at Native American Nutritionals.  They have fewer oils to choose from (for example, Native American Nutritionals has multiple kinds of several of their oils) for one thing.  Update: 9/15 This is changing as the companies move towards working together more and more.

Their oils are sourced the same, so just choose the company that you like.

As for all of the questions about 1st, 2nd and 3rd distillation questions, and the like (as we touched on in Personal Attacks, Bias, Distillation and Essential Oils), we’ll be addressing this more in future posts.  I hope to do an Essential Oils 101 Series during which we will address the basics of: – What Essential Oils Are and – How to Use Essential Oils Therapeutically – and More  Sounds great, huh?

I will also make sure we have a time in the future where we can have a time for you to interact with Paul Dean to ask about using oils for different medical conditions. You can also feel free to leave questions in the comments section about other oils companies if you like.

So….now that you have some more information about essential oils, you are likely eager to use them.

There are so many essential oils books on the market — so which one to choose?

Here’s one that I like a lot. The author has a huge assortment of recipes for all kinds of things, but she does not recommend internal use of oils, just so you know.

essential oils book

What are your thoughts?  Please share!

PLEASE NOTE – I have received a ton of inquiries asking me what I think about I think about other essential oils companies.  While I would love to check into all of them for you, I just can’t do that.  I recommend that you read this post on Essential Oils Testing and Quality and see if the brand you are interested in measures up.  I plan to write more about choosing an essential oils company in the near future so stay tuned.  


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  1. Hi Adrienne!
    Thank you so much for your post, it was extremely helpful! I’m sorry if this is a question you receive frequently as I’m sure I missed it somewhere, but do you know if NAN’s oils are of the first distillation?
    Thank you!

    • Hi there. Sorry for the delay – I’ve been swamped. My understanding is that the first distills only applies to ylang ylang and peppermint (according to some). So that is not something that applies to the other oils. Hope that helps!

      • Tina Snyder says:

        So are you saying that you chose this company as the best even though their oils are not of the first distillation? I thought I read that you thought this was important? I’m wanting to go along with your choice, but this is the one thing that is really holding me back. I’ll be looking forward to your response. I have been putting off ordering oils for my family due to financial restraints, but at this moment have the money available and would like to get what I need before something (inevitably) comes along and changes the situation. Thank you for all of your research. Without it I would probably have purchased my oils from a company without knowing all of the background information you provided.

        • Hi there. The issue is that first distill really only applies to a few oils. The others it doesn’t. Another way to think about it is that all EOs are first distill, but the ylang ylang and camphor can be distilled in stages. Peppermint is a little odd in that it appears there is often a redistill. I am trying to get exact clarification on the distillation of the peppermint but I wanted to make sure I got back to you to tell you that oils are apparently all or most first distill but there are some variances being for sure camphor and ylang ylang in that they are distilled in sequences. The peppermint appears to be a variance in that it is often redistilled but I am working on this. Thanks.

    • Shelesh Garner says:

      First off I want to thank you for all the research done about EO!! Second I was windering..of the two companies you recommend (native American & rocky Mountain) do they use 1st distillation? Maybe you stated and I have not seen it? I appreciate your response!

      • Hi there. Thanks for commenting. Basically the 1st distillation seems to only apply to ylang and camphor, but we are getting clarification on the peppermint. There are some saying that the “2nd distill” is just a redistill of the oils, but there are some saying differently so we are working on getting to the bottom of it. But NAN / RMO have very high quality standards. I am going to be updating this information as they are increasing their quality controls even more. This is a post I wrote about their quality awhile ago that should help. Some things have changed but they are only better now.

  2. Thank you for doing all this research and sharing it online! I have had enormous problems (most recently a commission check that vanished into their system) with Young Living, and it seems like every single order is fraught with problems. Finally, while they had me on another (very long) hold today, I started looking around online for a new company. I was thinking Rocky Mountain Oils looked good, and now you have done the legwork for me and said they are. I am switching with my next order. Many, many thanks!!

    • How fun!!! You have good taste and a good mind! I’m sorry you had those troubles w/ Young Living. I so hope you are happy w/ RMO. Take care and hope to see you around again!

  3. Hi Adrienne,
    Being very new to the uses of EO’s I find myself completely overwhelmed by the numerous brands available both on line and in my local health food stores. I learned so much by reading your posts about which EO company you think is the best. Thank you for all the time and effort I am certain you put into your research and summaries of your findings. While I still have so much more to learn, you gave me a good foundation to start with. I am going to take a look at both Rocky Mountain Oils and Native American Nutritionals and perhaps give one, or both of them a try. One last thought, in my experience, the people who complain and criticize the most often tend to be very insecure and need to belittle everyone else around them to feel better about themselves. It is very apparent the tremendous amount of work you have done compiling this information, and I for one, appreciate it!

    • Thanks for your kind words! Just so you know, the oils at both companies are one and the same – they are merging. More news to come on that. Thanks again for commenting and hope to see you around again!

    • I second everything about Allison’s comments! I was talking with a good friend of mine who is now a YL distributor about everything and was very interested. I was about to place an order, but my husband asked me a question about the whole thing which made me start to do some research. That brought me across your blog. I really appreciate all of the insight and research that you have done. It has given me tons of insight. I am not a skeptic at heart. I’m more of a truster, so I highly value your questioning attitude. I’ll definitely be looking into Native American Nutritionals.

      Thanks again!

  4. Thank you so very much for your time, your research, your recommendations. I am a Health professional and have grown over time to appreciate the alternative health modes without completely losing sight of modern medicines advantages. I fell in love with essential oils a few years ago. I have done minimal research but read voraciously articles and books on oils. Also, I am an EO wellness advocate. Having said all of that; I am so disheartened and put-off by comments from supposedly intelligent folks who are in prestigious positions in EO companies. Disrespecting other people’s opinions and degrading their efforts to learn is completely anti-social behavior. Not very conducive to winning a convert!!!! I am considering checking out the company you have recommended even though I am am completely happy with the current oils I use. The people I deal with have such an impact on the products I chose to use-obviously a fact of life some folks entirely miss!! Thanks again for all you’ve done- you have quite freely and honesty put forth you observations and I, for one, say BRAVO!!?

    • Thanks for your kind comment and for taking the time to do so. I hope to see you around again. I am in line with you as far as the alternative health and modern medicine. They both have their advantages.

  5. Wow Adrienne! So much good work! Since you obviously have an extreme passion for oils I thought I would tell you about a special person who I bet you’ve never heard of, as marketing and expanding isn’t really of interest to him. He translated Egyptian hieroglyphics to find ancient oil recipes and incense blends. I was so impressed with his products that I went on a journey to find him in NM, without even having his address! And yes I did find him living off-grid, no phone, in the hills outside of Taos. What a wonderful wizard and conscious being. He is a true master. I don’t want to seem like I am advertising so just contact me if you want to learn more.

  6. Hi do you have a company to recomend when I buy ylang ylang extra oil since Rocky mountain oil does not have it? Thank you.

    • Hi Jenn. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. My main contact at RMO was on vacation (I just found out). They should have ylang ylang back in stock this week or next. Does that help? I have recommended that they redo how they indicate that something is out of stock so hopefully that will make it more clear in the future.

  7. Melissa says:

    I found some information about the “Shipping Rewards Program” (doTERRA), and perhaps THIS is why their shipping costs are on the high end:

  8. I really appreciate all the time and effort you have put into researching this question for all of us. I have tried to sort it out myself but found it completely overwhelming. Finding your blog series was a great relief to me. I buy a lot of essential oils but use them mainly as ingredients in my natural bath and body products, not so much as alternative medicine (although I’m interested in learning more about that). I am wondering if you looked at Essential Depot essential oils when you were doing your comparisons, and what your impressions were. I have bought from them often because they offer larger sizes and have good sales sometimes. Also they seem to offer more info about sourcing and certifications than most other companies, but I know nothing about the legitimacy of those certs.

  9. I want to thank you for your time in putting this out there. I’m opening my own salon in a couple of weeks and i’ve been debating yl or dt and I couldn’t decide. And everytime I tried to talk to someone who sold one or the other always gave me info in more a sales pitch. This really helped me understand and allow me to decide what kind of products I wanted to bring into my salon. We are 100% pure (organic and natural) and I’ve spent the last year of my experience in my field doing research to make sure I could give dogs the same kind of treatment that some humans get, after all it’s what they deserve. This helped out so much, I was actually wondering if it was possible to become a “representative” of the company as well to buy my products (kind of like the way dt and yl do) or if I just register and purchase the business supplies online? I would like your input as you seem to have gained a lot of knowledge throughout your research and I highly respect your opinion. Thank you!

    • Hi Nicole, the company doesn’t not have representatives like YL or DT. Sorry about that. Thanks for the kind words!!! So you have a salon for dogs?

  10. Marcela Villarreal says:

    Thank you so mucho for such valuable información. It really shows all the work you’ve put into investigating EO, thanks for sharing!!
    I have a question on a new company, Melaleuca. It recently launched a new line o EO called PURE and it claims being all the good the other companies are, but cheaper.
    I have been using their home cleaning products for over a year now and I have really liked the results, however, I haven`t really heard anyone using PURE oils. Any info on this? Thanks again!!!!

    • Hi there. I don’t care for quite a few ingredients that are in their other products so I am not considering their EOs.

      • Could you elaborate? I love their cleaning products. I also use their toothpaste & mouthwash. I stopped using their food products because there were too many additives. I haven’t tried much else though. What ingredients/products of theirs should i be avoiding?

        • Hi Kristen. Their dish detergent has colorants and fragrance.

          Melapower has fragrance.
          Lemonbrite has colorants, fragrance and preservative
          Diamond Brite has fragrance and preservatives
          Tooth Polish has acesulfame potassium. I can’t find data on its sodium alkyl sulfate.
          Mouth Rinse has PEG 40, flavor, potassium acesulfame (written wrong on the label).

          There is a lot that puzzles me. I wonder if you have heard of Ava Anderson. I am just thrilled w/ their products and their mission. They have free products every month at a certain order level and they are based on educating / not on products.
          Here are some things you could check out. I would be happy to talk more if you are interested. They are super clean and they perform.

          Ava Anderson Non Toxic Consultant ID #12787
          “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

          Learn More Here:

          Ava’s TEDx Talk:

          “A Wake Up Story”:

          “We do not share this message about harmful and toxic chemicals to sell products, we created our products to share this message.” – Ava Anderson

  11. JERRY CAJKO says:



    • Hi there/ The company mentioned in this post has both of those oils. Let me know if you need further information. This post might help as well:

      • Hello, I really appreciate all the research you’ve done. I loved it so much that I brought a few single oils from NAN. I am just really starting to dive into this EO thing. My main question is, since NAN has many oils to choose from they have very very few carrier oils. Can you please email me where you get your carrier oils from which is equally important since I am using it on my skin. Thanks a bunch!

        • Hi there. I am going to purchase their fractionated coconut oil. Is there a reason you don’t want to use that? Also, here is some info about carrier oils from NAN / RMO.

          “F.C.O. or jojoba or Floraha are usually the best for therapeutic quality. Almond oil can effect the constituents in the essential oil, its also thicker, and worse of all, it stains sheets and clothes. A lot of people are allergic to almond oil. Almond oil also has a shorter shelf life….
          Almond oil makes a great carrier oil in the home, especially because it is easy to find at the grocery store. Olive oil works good too, but almond oil is a little better.

          We used to carry jojoba oil and Floraha, and its very possible we will have it again soon. Ill make sure to bring it up as a reminder :) thanks!”

          I am going to email them about it again. Thanks and hope that helps!

          • Dear Adriene,
            I love your research too and for first time I am planning to buy from NAN. I need some help.
            I am new at this:
            1. I listened to Dr Axe’s webinar on essential oils and was thinking to buy his EO Transformation Program for 47$, but I chose to try NAN and he recommends DoTErra, which I don’t care, just needed a guidance on how to use the oils and that is why I need recommendation on good program or complete guide to EO online, since I live in Europe I want to purchase online
            2. I need recommendation on best diffusers- NAN has 2 types and do not know for healing which one to buy- one they claim is too strong and can be used just for short spurs since you just place concentrated oil, the other one is with water, what do you recommend
            3. I live in Bulgaria and we have the best ROSE and LAVENDER oils because we are famous for producing that because we have best conditions for that, just so people can check that, so I am planning to buy these oils from them. What oils should I buy from NAN- do you like their blends -it will be cheaper for me or should I include some singles- I am interested mostly in overall wellness and some specifics- wait loss and thyroid help for me and upper respiratory and lymphatic health for my 3 year old son- any suggestions
            Thank you in advance

            • Hi again, Diana.

              1. Does this post help w/ use?

              2. I would recommend the spa or the cloud. The other one uses too much oil at once and I suspect would be too strong.

              3. I can’t medically advise, but I think both the blends and singles are nice depending on the time you have regarding blending your own and if you would like it already done for you. I have both in my house. I personally have some additional thoughts about the things you are sharing but again, not medical advice. I have a lot of posts on thyroid, including this recent one:

              I personally use a version of an eating plan that I like and T Tapp for exercise. I am going to start something else soon that I can talk about once I have tried it. I do the Basic Workout Plus: (that is an affiliate link). It’s only 15 min and I really really like it.

              I do not subscribe to the whole book and its contents, but the overall gist of the plan is very very helpful but I recommend not “going overboard” with obsessing about the plan. This is the food plan and it is an affiliate link as well:

              I hope that is helpful. NAN / RMO do have a thyroid blend and I have a DIY one I am trying to remember to use. Myrtle is supposed to be good for the thyroid, but again this isn’t medical advice. If you look up lymphatic on the NAN / RMO sites you will find oils for that. I know they have oils for breathing (like then Breathe Ease we like) but you should check the description to see if they match what you are looking for.

              As for overall wellness, of course there are tons of things for that. I have lots of thoughts w/ most of them being around gut health. I have this post on probiotics: and this one on toxins: and if you look around under those topics you will find more

              I hope that helps!

  12. Not impressed with NAN Customer Service. Ordered from them, online status says everything sent. Received my box, one item marked out of stock. No explaination. Still charged for item! I emailed on their website. NO response. I responded to their customer service email from my confirmation. NO response. It has been DAYS! I finally called and they said sorry and sent me the missing item ‘no charge’ via SLOW boat! I paid for expedited delivery, they didn’t pack the item, charged me for it and never credited me or explained what was going to happen with the out of stock item. I had to chase them down and they finally send it. Now I have to wait 5-10 more days. Sucks. Not happy at all. Will look ELSEWHERE for my EO needs.

    • Hi Heidi. I talked to the oils company and they did say they have record of a “Heidi” with a missing oil and that you were taken care of and that the person in question was refunded. Can you tell me if that isn’t the case? They stated that you should have been refunded. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

      • I also had a oil that was marked out of stock on the shipping invoice but received the oil a few days later. On another order for an oil that was out of stock they issued me a store credit. RMO and NAN have great customer service as far as I am concerned and I am never disappointed with their oils.

  13. Thanks for this series! Very informative. Do you know if they now have an affiliate program?

  14. Christina says:

    What are your thoughts and / or experiences with Simply Aroma?
    Was just about to resign up w YL and a friend came over and just started with simply aroma. I am pretty interested.

  15. Avo Love says:

    Hi There, Whole New Mom,
    I LOVE your blog. I think of myself as a whole new mom as well. I just wanted to thank you first off for giving me the opportunity to “speak my mind”. I am starting a nano enterprise, crafting a product which will be utilizing essential oils form sustainable indigenous sources. I can appreciate your research and evaluation of the above essential oil companies. And I am sure that “Native American” provides an excellent product and good information. Unfortunately, I am of a different opinion. My woman-owned start-up will involve creating an all natural product that will have essential oil from herbs/raw material grown by Native American tribes. I contacted “Native American” to see if they would be willing to put me in touch with one of the Native American tribal farmers they source from, to give that tribe an additional source of income directly, rather than go through a non-Native American business owner who is benefiting from using the tribes raw material. The owner was very pleasant and kind enough to respond, however, unwilling to provide even one farm’s contact info. The reason was because it took him 25 years of research for his sources and feels there is no benefit or profit to his business if he gives me that info, regardless of the indigenous farmers that may be rewarded from an additional business. While he has a point, I am not in the same business as he is. I do not intend to bring a distiller to a farm, extract the oil and go through that process and then sell the oil. I only want oil for my product, which I will market and sell. And, therefore, I am neither in the same league nor his competition. I only want the information in order for the tribe to benefit 100%. I am part Native American myself, but I am displaced with no connections to my heritage or culture having been raised from an infancy in a Caucasian household. Since I spoke with him, I was lucky enough to locate a Native American source. However, I do not want to rely solely on the one source. No business can survive that way. Especially since sustainable farmers requires rotating crops and resting of the soil, which is why I am infusing the indigenous product with molecules I am creating in my lab. If you or your readers no of other authentic Native American farms that I could approach for herbs, it was be mutually beneficial for both them and my business. The company’s name, Native American, somewhat mislead me into believing that they were initially owned and operated by Native Americans, which is why I contacted them in the first place. And unfortunately, when you search online, that company keeps popping up, so it’s unfortunate that even if an authentic Native American supplier were to have a website, they would probably not be as easily found as the non-Native American business, which is disappointing. He told me I was naive, but I am educated with a Master’s degree from an Ivy League Medical Center. Competition is changing and so is being proprietary, we are living in the modern “open source” age and many small startups benchmark themselves after larger entities that believe in sharing information, and not so insecure. When I launch my start-up, I plan on being transparent and telling the world who my Native American sources are, to give them much needed exposure, so other businesses can buy from them directly as well. I am not a hoarder of valuable resources and information, especially when it comes to indigenous people .
    Thanks for reading and allowing me to speak my mind!

    • Hi there. My understanding is that the company doesn’t not source exclusively from Native American farms. I don’t even know that they do that at all. So if that is what you are looking for then they wouldn’t likely meet your needs. They have that name for the company since they were sourcing to Native Americans – not from them. And there were other reasons as well. I hope that helps.

  16. Adrienne- have you looked at Verditas oils at all?

  17. Thanks for all your research! Have you ever used Wyndmere Naturals oils? They are local to me and would love to support if a high quality oil.

  18. I am so thankful to have found your blog! I was rooked into becoming a YL representative a year or so ago and am sooooo tired of being pressured to bring in more people. I opted to buy the starter kit due to the pricing and nothing whatsoever was said about their business structure or what was expected of me if I joined. I constantly hear “spread the word–give all your friends and family the joys of oiling” and “Gary can’t wait until everyone in the world is using oils”, which (of course) means HIS oils which will make him an even more obscene profit.

    I have only made a few purchases because I work for a shipping company and know what it costs to ship their tiny packages at regular cost, and even without the massive discount they have negotiated, it is no where near the prices they charge. They are definitely making money hand over fist their shipping fees alone! My last order (and I do mean last) was for 3 small bottles of oils. Almost immediately (like 10 minutes) after placing order #1 my daughter called and asked me to order 1 bottle of the only oil she uses. I tried to modify my original order but there was no way to do it, so I placed order #2 thinking they would see I ordered twice within the same hour and combine the orders. About 2 weeks later (their “standard” shipping at $7.99; if you want it fast, you have to cough up another $8) I got one 4″x6″ box with the 3 small bottles of oils from both the orders. Then I looked at the shipping papers and saw that I was charged $15.98 in shipping fees ($7.99 for each order) even though they shipped them together. I called customer service and they were adamant that it cost them $15.98 for my orders. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and was told there was no supervisor available. I finally told them I was going to contact the Attorney General’s office and file a complaint against them for fraud–THEY.chose to ship my orders in one box. That finally got their attention and I was then told my account was being credited for $7.99. I asked if she needed my credit card or if she would take it off my order and I was very snottily informed that “Young Living doesn’t give cash refunds. The $7.99 will be applied to your next order”.

    My advice to anyone who is considering YL is FOR GOD’S SAKE, DON’T DO IT!!!!!!! The oils are good–I will be better able to judge how good when I begin ordering from Native American Naturals–but every aspect of the company is pathetic. Greed is the main (and probably only) motive behind its operation.

    • I’m so sorry you had to go through that. That seems very odd indeed.

      I so hope you enjoy the NAN / RMO oils. Did you see they are offering free shipping to all US orders now :)?

    • It’s unfortunate that you had that experience and you have a jaded perception. I invite you to look into the young living foundation that was started some years ago. Unlike any other foundation i know of, 100%….yes 100% of the donation dollars go to work. Young Living covers ALL the administrative costs! The philanthropy work that goes on with the foundation is amazing. School in Ecuador, clinics in Uganda just to name a few.
      Gary himself is involved hands on with building the distilleries around the world….just completed one in Croatia, and one in northern British Columbia, all to be able to source the plants and distill them in their native habitats…. and he is in there driving the bulldozers, fixing the equipment doing whatever needs to be done. He is not some executive that sits in an office all day.
      It is for these reasons that I will remain with Young Living. All companies in existence want, and need to make a profit, but when one puts so much back into the world through philanthropy then it makes me feel better about where the profits go!

  19. I was beginning to think the same thing in regards to who to choose our products from(i.e. small companies). I think now that more and more people are jumping on the DIY healthy and Go-Green bandwagon there is a lot of money out there to take advantage of that. That is the reason why you would find a product that has the name organic in its brand name but may not be necessarily organic once you read the ingredients.

    On another note, I noticed that Amazon has been flourishing with new essential oil companies and I’m starting to think a lot of these new brands are private label. Now I wonder who are these private label owners and do they really know about essential oils or are they just out there trying to make money considering the field of essential oils is now booming.

    One of the essential oil companies I’ve been looking at is Healing Solutions. Would you know anything about this company? Know of anyone with experiences with their oils? I have tried their basic 6 single essential oil gift set kit and I find their oils to smell great and herbaceous as compared to NOW(but that’s just me I didn’t know as much as you do about essential oils until now). Their oils are labeled therapeutic grade (I’ve just realized all the other essential oils that I used to purchase were just labeled pure and natural) and they have great reviews on Amazon too. Please get back to me of your thoughts on this company. I would really appreciate it.

  20. WOW, I surely respect the time and effort you’ve invested in researching the subject of EO. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned. I’m new to the use of EO for health (plantars warts & toe fungus), so very grateful for your insights and deligence.

  21. So the “detective” in me had to go do some more searching on my own and some validating on what I read. I came across this scholarly article from the NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy):

    On another note, I opened my email and saw that you sent me to two of your articles to help answer my questions. The first word I read on one of your posts was GC/MS testing. I immediately felt at home because this testing is actually discussed in the article. I came right here to comment before I go back to read your articles.

    Here is one essential oil company that is recommended in the article that provides certification and GC/MS testing reports for the buyer to download for EACH essential oil (Florihana).I am sure you would enjoy reading that article as much as I did and feel at ease with the company I listed above (if you don’t already know about this company). I don’t know if they have an affiliate program but if they do I know I would sure be on board, but even if they don’t I still would recommend their products- at least after I first try them out myself. I think my search for pure and authentic oils has ended. I feel at an advantage that my answers has been solved within two days rather than within a couple of months.

    Through the reading of your series and the quest to further investigate on my own I LEARNED that sometimes its best to go find information through unbiased sources. I feel that dealing with companies is biased to begin with because of the marketing aspect. Representatives of a company usually seeks to keep the company in the best light possible. I also realized that when searching for unadulterated truths that we must keep an open mind to find sources that are unbiased too. Although there may be biases in our writing due to our experiences, if you are writing on a blank canvas with the INTENTION (this is what matters most) to bring forth light to a matter ( such as what you have accomplished) than we have nothing more than to follow our intuition and submit to truth.

    I think this has inspired me to write a few articles on essential oils myself sometime in the future for my own blog.

    • Hi again.

      I have heard of Florihana. I looked into them a bit but decided against them for several reasons, but of course it is your choice. I would not personally consider NAHA to be unbiased. They charge membership fees and of course are likely more interested in promoting their members than their non members. They have a lot of good things to say about essential oils and purity but if you can find them in the vast amount of comments here, some of the NAHA folks were very very angry with this series of mine and got unprofessional in my opinion. That doesn’t mean the organization is bad, of course, but it is something to think about.

      I hope that helps. Feel free to write back if you have any questions.

    • Love this article, but it made me think that the task of finding high quality essential oils is very hard since smelling it can’t test it all you have to find someone both with standards covered and that can be trusted. Please, let me know when you find it

  22. Thank you for your dedicated effort. I am pleased to have found your blog and have spent the past hour pouring over your oils study. I am thrilled to have your recommendations at hand (even if I did read every last word and forced myself not to jump immediately to part 7)!

  23. Patty Carroll says:

    I’m very impressed with your research. I have used Yl and do terra for years.
    Yesterday I had emergency viteoretnal surgery and my lense was removed. I can’t see much at the moment.
    I Would greatly appreciate it if you could direct me to the oil company that you recommended.
    Also, is there someone there to speak to about the oils.
    Thank you for you for Your time
    Patty Carroll

    • Hi there. Sorry about your issues. I can help possibly with any questions you have. Let me know.

      Here is an affiliate link to the oils company. They are having a big sale now so hopefully that is a help to you. Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with. Were you not able to read the post or just couldn’t find the information in there easily?

      • Isn’t this sale just for the discontinued oils? Why do companies discontinue the oils? Is it because they don’t work the way they wanted?? Sorry I don’t want to buy some and then have it not work.

        • Hi there. Yes, it is discontinued or overstock. They might bring some of them back depending on decisions they are working on about stocking. They are only considering discontinuing b/c they have too many varieties of a certain oil (lavender, for example), or not many people buy them. Enjoy the savings!!

    • Keep in mind it is best to discontinue oils at least two weeks prior to any surgery, they can have interactions with the meds being delivered to you during your stay in a hospital.

  24. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. I found this very useful!

  25. Hello, I would like to know what your opinion of the EO brand called Now. I have been using their peppermint and eucalyptus for years and have been very satisfied. I have a friend that is pushing doterra and my sister-in-law that is pushing young living. I feel like I’m on a yoyo. My family lives on my husband’s monthly disability and my meager paycheck so needless to say I have to be very frugal. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Hi,
    > Help…!
    > 2 questions.. Do you have any info on Edens Garden EO quality.. ?
    > Vs rocky mt?
    > I’m a little overwhelmed after reading your whole review on EO.
    > The almost full set of oils in the two portfolios with Edens Garden look great/ great price!
    > If I’m going to do oils… I want the best quality of course.. Reasonably
    > I love the philosophy and apparent quality of Native American Nutritionals/ Rocky Mt.
    > You seemed to leave Eden garden … Kind of vague..
    > Any thoughts opinions?
    > I’m ann organic tree hugger. With two busy boy’s, ..scouts.
    > I’ve wanted to get into oils for long time but can hardly find time to check my email. Every time I start researching I’m up till 3 am tonight is the 4th time I’ve done
    > I ordered a diffuser and took advantage of the sale at Rocky Mt ( sadly second day they are sold out of a number of oils on their list)
    > But I took the plunge.. I bought 1 of everything they had on sale! No clue what I’ll do with them.. But I’m going to start learning..
    > Also do you recommend a simple book for starting..something put together and easy to reference conditions and individual oils?
    > Thanks for your honest thoughts
    > sherry

  27. Hi Adrienne,
    I have been devouring your site today. Thanks for all you share. Wow. Anyway, I am wondering what these two oil companies say about taking their oils internally. I know, I know, it’s a huge controversy. Doterra claims you can but I agree their prices are steep. I can’t wait to check out these companies. Thanks for all your research.

  28. Idolina Braghini says:

    Thank you for these thought provoking articles! I’m a doTerra user who will now be buying from Native American Nutritionals when I need to replenish! On my way to check out their site!

  29. Debby Long says:

    I was looking for information on what is Therapeutic Grade and came across your blog. I am so glad that I found you and I appreciate all of the time and effort you have put into your research. The reason I was looking was that I had just gone to a doterra house party and bought some of their oils. I then began to wonder what exactly “Therapeutic Grade” meant. Thank you for the information and helping me to become educated.

  30. Doris Orvis says:

    Wow, You have really taking your time researching these oils, so therefore I will take your word for it that NAN has the most effective oils. I went to a class for doTerra and have the box of oils. Then I decided to go to the classes for Young Living where I know people who have used it and had success in it working. I do like the aroma of doTerra and it has worked somewhat on my back and foot. Young Living has promised that it will take away the pain, but I have not invested in the oil. Next class I will ask to try some without me buying it.
    I registered for the email from NAN and hope to learn a lot more about the company. Thank you for all your work, time, and probably financial investment.

    • Hi there, Doris. Well, I can’t say that NAN has the most effective oils, but they are the best I could find for the money with the research that I did. I don’t see how Young Living can make a promise about taking away the pain. What is your problem that you need help with? They are having a sale right now and they have a new policy of free shipping to the US and $8 flat internationally. Hope that helps.

  31. I found myself shaking my head as I read this series; in fact I checked the validity of a lot of your statements. For example, young living has 9 major farms that they use for the majority of their products that are sourced all over the globe, doterra does not. I believe you may have mixed this up. It is true that young living does OWN the majority of their farms so they have more control in the entire process, hence “seed to seal”.
    As for the purity of oils, this one is going to be all over the place. I find that many young living oils, peppermint for example, do not smell like what I usually relate to that particular scent. I grow my own lavender and have also used multiple brands for lavender EO; young living’s is the only one that smells like what I grow in my backyard.

    As a nurse in westernized healthcare I take everything with a grain of salt when it comes to any type of treatment. Yes, they have a medication meant to treat dementia but I’m here to tell you that it isn’t going to fix the problem, it may just lessen a few symptoms. When I use essential oils I know that I can’t cure herpes with these oils but I can lessen the symptoms or the number of days of an outbreak (this is meant to address the advertising lawsuit YL and DT went through). These companies may not explicitly state this but, come on people, use your common sense. Remember the miracle drug called penicillin, the one we use in westernized medicine, yeah? That came from nature, the soil to be specific. We have to realize that SOME westernized medicines are just regulated forms of what you’re getting from an essential oil.
    My husband can’t take any decongestants due to a heart condition and I taught him how to use eucalyptus and peppermint in its place. This provides close to the same effect as a decongestant but it doesn’t get into his blood stream thus causing a cardiac event.

    I think any of the companies can provide what you need for essential oils. However, DO YOUR RESEARCH before ingesting oils or spreading them across your skin. Cheaper oils are great for diffusing or bath salts but buy higher grade products if you plan to ingest them. There are a lot of great resources out there that tell you how to safely use oils.
    In relation to the CEO’s of the companies, yes, they may be crappy people but let me remind you about Steve Jobs….he was an ass hat till the day he died but my goodness he ran a great company. Do not base your overall judgement on that, look at what’s inside the bottle. It’s a great idea to validate the quality of the oils you’re purchasing.
    I will tell you this though, I appreciate your posts. It’s good to have a variety of people review and research so we can have a well-rounded view of a topic. There was a lot I took into consideration based on your series of posts and I thank you for that.
    Disclosure: I am technically a “distributor” for young living and I only did that for the discount. I rarely order enough to get the freebies unless my family asks me to order a bunch of stuff for them (I do not have anyone signed up under me). You’re not required to spend 100/month to stay a distributor.

    • Hi Kyndall. I appreciate your commenting.

      As for what you think is wrong w/ my posts…

      1. I stated that YL had many of their farms in the US and I stand by that. I called the company and got the list of their farms. I wasn’t told anything about other locations that they get their oils from. Do you have such a list? I would be more than happy to look at it. I notice that they don’t at present have a list of country of origin on their site for their oils. I have one older bottle left of their oils and I don’t see it on their either. Do you know where that information is available?

      2. I don’t know what you mean by “all over the place” for purity of oils. I think that NAN / RMO’s lavender smells very much like natural lavender. In fact, I really enjoy the scent.

      3. I disagree that you think that any company can provide what you need. There is a lot of adulteration going on. A lot. Fillers and chemicals in oils. And as far as diffusing cheaper oils, I am not sure I would like to be inhaling some of the stuff that some companies are putting in the oils. It might be even more important than what you put on your body as it is possibly going into your lungs.

      4. Were there other statements that you take issue with? As for Gary Young, I don’t believe I made any claims about him. There is a lot on the internet and people can read that and make their own determination.

      Hope to hear from you again :).

  32. Thank you for doing this. I have ordered from NAN after reading this and found geranium to be very helpful. I really dislike that they stopped carrying the oil out of nowhere. I feel hopeless now as I don’t know what other companies are 100% pure. I really hope they bring it back or id have to look for other companies :(

    • Hi there. You are welcome. They are going to be restocking that. I don’t have a time estimate right now but hang in there. What did you use it for mostly?

  33. Some comments to your point #5, NO solvents.
    Jasmine is absolute, but it only means that it was extracted vs. steam distilled from plants. The aromatic essences of some plants can not survive the heat and hydration of distillation. Extracting them as absolutes is the only practical way to obtain them at this time. Jasmine cannot be extracted by distillation.The heat destroys the desired constituents. Do not take Jasmine oil internally, it usually contains traces of petrochemical solvents, like hexane. Jasmine oil should cost about $200 or more per ounce and is one of the most commonly adulterated of oils. It takes more than tree million jasmine blossoms,plucked in the dark hours of early morning, before sunrise, to produce one pound of oil. A pound of true jasmine absolute can cost $1,200 or more. A pound of synthetic jasmine can be produced for less than $5.

    • You are correct. This is from NAN / RMO:

      Jasmine is an absolute and can only be extracted with solvents. This is the same for any company, it is too fragile to extract with steam.

      However, other oils that are commonly extracted with solvents from other companies are not extracted with solvents through us. Rose for example, neroli, melissa, and Vanilla are all often extracted through as solvents. Ours are steam distilled with the exception of vanilla which is CO2 extracted.

      Jasmine is the most fragile of the flowers and even if done with the utmost care, can not be extracted by any other means.

  34. So I went on the site I just have a question because everyone is talking about putting oil in there water .But water and oil don’t mix so can someone please tell me how you would ingest these oils otherwise

  35. lisa lowy says:

    Have you heard of NHR Organics?

  36. Andrea Jenkins says:

    Thank you for your indept analysis of the growing EO market. I learned a lot and feel I have a good starting foundation in which to decide what is best for me.
    From my experiences with DS and MLM, it’s always more about the $$$ than the product. I can say this from personal experience.
    Anyway, you did a GREAT job. I look forward to a follow-up; EO 101.

  37. Teri Siers says:

    Thank you so much for all of the hard work you did on this research. How do I make sure you get a commission from my purchase? Also, I had lined up to purchase Zendocrine, Deep Blue and Clarry Calm from DoTerra. At Native American, what would you suggest would be a comparable purchase (either blended or single oils I combine myself) for endocrine(my thyroid was completely removed and that has led my adrenal glands to be out of whack.) I saw many blends on the Native American website for arthritis and muscle pain, I have bad arthritis and my husband has lupus (joint pain in general) and I would like something to help me if I’m sore after a workout. Is there once or two of the blends you would think would work best? I was going to order Clarry Calm for menopause. Are there any comparable blend at Native American? Again, thanks for all the fabulous research.

    • Hi Teri.

      Thanks for the kind words! If you click through from my site to one of the oil companies then I will get credit. As for the blends, there is a page here with a listing that should help. (that is an affiliate link also). Additionally, this is not medical advice, but have you heard of the autoimmune paleo diet? I have a few other thoughts as well – like of course cleaning up diet and personal and home care items. This post is a good starting point. I am dealing with autoimmunity as well so I will hopefully be writing more but in the meantime happy to help if I can. The Ava Anderson line mentioned in that toxin post has a ton of clean items that might be of interest to you if you are moving in that direction.

  38. i have just sat and read through your entire essential oils series. I to am a self proclaimed “research nerd”. When I want to know something I don’t believe you can over educate yourself. Of everything I’ve been reading for the last year on essential oils this was by far the best thing I’ve seen! You answered every question I’ve had in detail. It was to the point and honest. I’m very impressed and delighted to say you have gained a new blog follower. Thank you for all the research you have done. I look forward to sharing my experience with NAN.

  39. Dear Adriene, tell me about internal use of EO and if NAN oils are safe to use internally. I know alreday that internal use can be done in specific cases under strict supervision of mediacl or aroma therapy specialist and that only certail oils , graded GRAS by FDA are acceptable to take under certain conditions. However, I also read that EO can not bi diluted in water but gelatine capsules or honey or coconut oil for example so they do not burn or irritate vital organs. What about diffusers is it better to use diffusers with water or straight up with oil or how? I know the plastic of diffusers should be grade 1 or 2 so it doesn’t get into reaction with the EO and that cold water or cold diffusers are better for EO since they can not be heated to get the healing benefits, but what is your take on that as well. Last, as far as the internal use I am asking specifically about the following oils- lemon, frankincense, peppermint, lavender, oregano, eucaliptus, tea tree, cinammon, ginger, Thank you in advance

  40. Thanks for all of your hard work in researching these companies. I just received my first shipment of Rocky Mountain Oils/Native American today. I made some hand gel (no alcohol) and some glass cleaner which also worked well on the stove top. I did go to a class with one of the MLM suppliers after reading your blog, but stuck with my first choice. Thanks again for your hard work!!

  41. I’m just starting to explore using essential oils so landing on this page was an awesome find! I am an animal Reiki practitioner and have been looking into using essential oils during Reiki sessions. Do you have any information or thoughts on that?

  42. Just curious how NOW oils specifically lined up with the quality and value you have found in the Native American Nutritionals?

  43. Satoko Kuroda says:

    Hello. I enjoyed reading your internet article about each American brand of essential oil. The reason why was recentelly my friend recommend deTorra , and I felt odd about it. Because we are in Australia and we have a few essential oil camp any here that I used and i used my produce of herbs and flowers to make tea and make some of cosmetics. And we do good indigenous plants oils which are so popular, it is odd to buy that essential oil from overseas. I guess my produce is not top quality and not the origin of plants, but they are more than just for oil. They attract bees to your garden, repel the pests, and oil is just bonus. I don’t spray my plants so I believe it is organic. And herb teas make already working for me, I don’t want to consume something very strong anyway. You said it is too strong anyway. I don’t want to cook with just concentrate of oil from the bottle. And if I have to pay for it, no way. Environmentally, it is so wasteful if I have to order something overseas which I try to minimize. I supporse I have to still ask my retailer to ask question which I don’t really good at, but I should try.
    Thank you for checking the deTORRA for us. It was helpful. I feel better I can go my way without feeling guilty.

    • So are you saying you tried to make your own oil or you are just making your own teas and such? You are so welcome. I have family is Australia and I used to live in Japan (I noticed your name :).). Hajimemashite.

      • Satoko Kuroda says:

        Yes, just the herb tea. I also make my toner out of tincture from my herbs and works so far.
        I just want to live environmentally sound living with herbs and other plants.
        I do use essential oils but I want it to be minimum.
        Asian country’s people drink tea so much. And I like to learn different herb tea.

  44. Hello,
    I have a question but it was related to a comment I believe I saw somewhere in the sands of time within the comments here that I can’t find anymnore. Hopefully this is the right place. I saw a comment relating to an app for Asanas amoung other features that someone was talking baout and I wanted to go back for find out the name of the app. I remember the discussion about there was an app, the name that I can’t remember and using it for Asana and some other things. I know this isn’t really realted to the oils topic, but thought I saw it here, it’s more yoga related. Anyway I’m hoping I’m in the right place, if not just let me know. Sorry to take up your time.


    • Hi there. Sorry but I don’t recall that. I searched the comments for “asana” and didn’t find anything that seemed to be related. Thanks and hope you find your information.

  45. Dear Adrienne.
    You have been great, but lately I haven’t seen your comments , neither you have you answered my questions bia email. Is everything ok.?
    I went from the links you offered to NAN, which I hope it benefits you and put in my cart essential oil purchases for over 700$ but because I live in Europe, I need you to help me with something before I go ahead with the order. Please, find out when they will have back on stock Chemomile Roman, Blend of Rose, lemon, DNA Repair, Breeze Diffuser, Bergamot FCF, because I was hoping to get them in one order if possible
    Another thing, Lets start with a story-since Bulgaria has the best Rose oil in the world and we are also famous for better Lavender oil because we have for both best Climate for growing them, I was communicating with a representative from the best EO company in Bulgaria Ecomaat to purchase some. Unfortunately, they offer only a few oil kinds that we can produce locally, so I still need another company to buy others, so I trusted you with NAN. During my conversation and readings I learned that a 10 ml bottle of pure EO has 200 drops and 1:5 EO:Base OIl is the distribution to get 10 % oil. My question is- is that mean that if a company sells 10 % oil in 10 ml, I get only 18-20 drops of pure oil, how can I find out about the concentration in NAN products- they occasionally mention about some of the products 10 %, 40 %, but most products is discribed the technology more so the concatenation. Please, help. Thank you in advance, Diana

    • Hi there. Sorry I have been swamped. I am trying to get an answer to your questions. Hope to get back to you soon. Can you tell me what you mean by this, ” they occasionally mention about some of the products 10 %, 40 %, but most products is discribed the technology more so the concatenation.”? I thin you might have a typo or two in there. Thank you.

  46. I bought the book u mentioned, The complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. I would certainly recommend this to anyone using or seeking the use of essential oils, as well as making your own blends, lots, and lots of good info! Very broad as far as info, medicinal, household uses, etc. I want to thank Whole New Mom for all the great research and writing she has done for us, (as well as herself & family) You really are quite good at this young lady! I look forward to reading more info from you.

    • So glad to hear it!!!!! I found some of those blends to be made of eccentric oils but it’s good nonetheless. Look forward to seeing you around again!

  47. Jim Bussell says:

    Hi Adrienna!
    My wife and I have been using EOs for about three years. We were initially introduced to tea tree oil by our organic daughter and after we discovered the crazy great properties of this oil, I started researching properties of EOs like a mad man, reading everything I could about them, ordering some from the internet, reading some more opinions, blogs and books since my wife and I have a healthy fear of modern medicine. During this research process last year I found your blogs about oils and oil companies and enjoyed them, though I was still having a lot of the same concerns as you. I also was testing personal results from the oils we had purchased to help get my mind wrapped all around this confusing issue. I found a website from YL about growing their own and controlling the process and decided to become a distributor so I could get the discount on their oils. As you discovered in one of your blogs…there is a lot of fine print. I have to say that I decided to not purchase any additional oils from YL for a couple of reasons: one was high shipping, but for me, it was they charged me taxes on my purchases based upon potential retail, rather than the amount I was actually purchasing the oils for…in addition, YL charged me tax on the S&H and neither one of those tax rates set well with me…not at all. I enjoy reading the fruits of your research and I will continue to look forward to your writings.

    • Thanks, Jim and welcome! Glad to have you hear. I hope to have another oils recipe up soon. Did you see that NAN / RMO have free shipping now for all US orders?

  48. Thank you for this series. It’s helped me a lot. I want to introduce essential oils into my family but I am totally new to this world and very confused! At first I was most interested in the tea tree oil because I had found it in many home made recipes from cleaning product for your home to hair cleaning recipes. As I’ve researched essential oils in general I’ve come across so many other oils I didn’t even know existed as well as different blends by different companies. It is so overwhelming. I don’t know how you did this series but thank you for doing it and putting so much time and effort into it!
    I’m still undecided and think I will only start with a couple oils I feel I will use the most. I’m wondering what you opinion is on blends. Companies like do terra sell a few for different reasons. Do you recommend buying a blend (regardless of whatever brand) or making my own blends at home?

    • Hi Johana. Thanks for the kind words. It is overwhelming. The series was too. I was exhausted when I was done. There are blends with NAN / RMO as well and they are less expensive. I like to buy some blends and some I make myself. I have this one on my site and will be adding another shortly: I think you do whatever is more important to you – getting the convenience of a pre made blend, or making your own to save money. Of course, if you are only going to use a small amount of a blend then buying oils to make that doesn’t really make sense. However, likely you will have more uses for the individual oils as time goes on. I have found that to be true.

  49. Another question: have you tried any diffusers? Is there one you prefer most?

  50. Have you heard melaleuca is now doing oils…

    Thoughts on that????

    • Hi Cindee. Melaleuca has a ton of ingredients in their products that I am not comfortable with including colourings and fragrances and acesulfame potassium so I would not look to a company like that for pure oils. I hope that helps. Do you use their products?

  51. Adrienne,

    Thank you so much for this full analysis. Our minds think alike and I too like to get to the bottom of what is best. I appreciate your insight as I have just been thinking about getting some doTerra. I wanted to educate myself before I invested the money and your blog was a great place to land.

    I will now be checking out the Native American Nutritionals at your recommendation!
    Thank you —

    p.s. Ignore the others… they are ignorant to the purpose of your blog!

  52. I have just read your series on the best essential oil company, and I was gratified to find that you and I agreed on the same company….Native American Nutritionals. Since you seem to focus on Young Living and doTerra in the beginning, I was afraid you were going that route, but happy to see you did not fall for the hype. Thanks for the hard work you did to come to this conclusion. I purchased MANY bottles of other brands before I chose Native American as my favorite….because it works.

    • Thanks so much, Diane. I really didn’t know where it was going to end up and it was a hard decision to make. More things to come – did you see they have a sale on right now?

  53. Have you heard of Ananda Apothecary? If so, what do you think?

  54. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your journey and how helpful your information is. Thank you for continuing your blog even with the rude comments and attempts to dissuade you from voicing an educated opinion. Bravo!

  55. thank you. this article is just what I was looking for. Thanks for doing all the hard work and research, I’ll be checking out NAN and the books you suggest.

  56. Thank you so much for your in depth and diligent work in this matter. As one with a small crafting business making a lot of natural remedies and somewhat beauty items (lotion bars for instance), I’ve received a bit of pressure from a friend on using only Young Living oils as they are the best as well as a family member stating her DoTerra is of course the best. It’s always been my goal to provide the best for my customers and this series of articles has been somewhat eye opening. I will be changing my supplier of EOs even though I still have plenty or a lot in fact on hand. Those mentioned as complete distills I can always use in my cleaning products for home as those will be the first replace for my business and most importantly my customers. Once again thank you for taking on a task I will admit I don’t think I could have done it knowing it had to be overwhelming at times.

  57. Adrienne,
    Where do you go to get oils that Native American Nutritionals does not carry? I do not see that they carry geranium and ylang ylang at this point, but I haven’t done a complete comparison. Is there a secondary company that is second place to NAN in your opinion?


  58. I just have to say than you for being the “investigative reporter” you were created to be and putting this all together for us! I have multiple companies in my arsenal and do not like the idea of taking oils internally so most of my use is topical or diffused. I don’t have time to do what you’ve done and I’m truly impressed and appreciative. I’ll be checking out NAN soon! Thank you!

  59. David Roalsen says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    Thank you for doing the leg work for me. I have just discovered essential oils just last month. I joined doTERRA and have spent just under a grand. I thought that doterra was the only company who has this kind of product.I jumped in with booth feet and didn’t look where I was jumping. The oils do work, I just didn’t do my research. I am not a fan of MLM’s but I found a product that didn’t appear to be a scam so I thought, why not. Now after reading several of your post, I will take a second look.
    I started a blog about beating diabetes and some of the things i’m doing. I had mentioned that I was using doterra oils in my blog and my up-line asked me to remove all references to doterra. I did as they asked but started to wonder why? I did not make any remarks that it was curing any ailment, just that using the oils had helped where other products or drugs haven’t. I think doterra is a great company, but if I can find a product just as good for less $$, then I must look into it. I might be burning my bridge with doterra, but I’m all about the truth and I don’t like being told what I can write and what I can’t.
    I haven’t said anything about my blog because I don’t want you to think I’m spamming.
    Thank’s again for the work you have accomplished

    • You are very welcome. I don’t mind if you share your blog. doTERRA has been doing this for awhile now. They even contacted me to remove things off my blog. I think they are very concerned about the FDA and what they are doing to oils companies, etc. Hope to hear from you again.

  60. Adrienne,

    Thank you so very much for your investigative approach to EO’s! I have been long desiring to integrate and eventually replace all of our toxic “household stuff” with EO’s, however MLM is seriously off putting! A quick question about your “final decision”, do either of the two companies that you mentioned have EO’S that can be ingested? One of the incredibly high selling points for me was the fact that they could be used in so many food and dietary suppliment recipes.

    Again, thank you so much & God bless you!

    Grace & peace to you


    • Hi Lorin, I really appreciate your writing and encouraging words. They are basically the same company since they are merging. About ingesting, they are pure oils, so in that sense, you can treat them as you would any other essential oil, but I would not recommend ingesting oils without being under the care of a physician or certified aromatherapist. I hope that helps! And of course, there are some oils that should never be ingested at all.

  61. Thank you for this review and recommendation. I have been looking for a well researched and honest review for a few years now. I just placed an order with NAN.

  62. Hello Adrienne — thank you for all your research comparing brands. It was so helpful. It seems to me you were very thorough and you went way further with it than I would have had time to do. I ordered a few from Native American Nutritionals to see how I like them and how they work for me. Wishing you the best of health.

  63. Thanks so much Adrienne, I have been researching for months even though I am a YL distributor and my friend is with doTerra, I have problems with both companies and look forward to ordering from NAN/RMO soon. Thanks for saving me hours of research…you have blessed me.
    God BLess you and your family.

  64. Thank you! You help me with my dission on who I wanted for my eo supplier.

  65. Thank you so much for all your research. You saved me time and sanity. Just keep believing in yourself and your ethics. If you were full of it, you wouldn’t have so many followers. It’s a sad situation that you can’t form your own educated opinion without being attacked. I will be looking into your choice for purchasing my oils. Thanks again for your dedication.


    • Hi Anna, and thanks for your encouraging words. I hope you enjoy the oils should you purchase them. I guess, to be fair, I could be “full of it” and have a lot of followers. I know of some questionable bloggers with many followers. But I will say that I really try to stay true to my word and have taken financial hits for doing so — on numerous occasions. Thanks again!

  66. Hi there, I’ve read your whole series through a couple of readings and I’d like to thank you very much for all your hard work and research. I’m sure it took tons of hours of research and commitment and I applaud you for sticking it through especially for it being for the benefit of others. Like so many others it’s overwhelming when first learning about EO’s and you laid it all out clearly being careful to hit every point. Again I thank you for these posts and the knowledge you shared! I’m going to look to see if you posted your ‘must-haves’ yet, I saw in your comments you wanting to post something on it :)

    Thanks again from a new subscriber!!

    • Thank you so much. It definitely took on a life of its own. More to come. I haven’t done a “must haves”. I would look at their kits. I think you would like #1 or #2. I personally use a lot of those oils fairly regularly. I’ll be writing more soon. I just did a “DIY Hair Growth” blend.

  67. I was about to place a fairly large order from NAN and happen to stop by their Facebook page. There seems to be many, many complaints about orders not being complete and when they try to contact the company to get a replacement or refund, they are unable to get a response. Have you dealt with this? I want great quality EO’s but I also want great customer service and reliability!

    • Hello Sue,

      I just perused the FB page and went back to the beginning of Sept. Unless I am missing something, I only saw 1 complaint about something like that while others had issues w/ items that they wanted being out of stock. I know that the company is having growing pains and I have been talking to them about that. As for the customer service issue, I have passed it on to one of my contacts there and hope to have an answer for you soon. If you see another complaint that I am missing, please do let me know. I can assure you that if you have any issues, you have me to lean on as well. Let me know about other complaints please, and what date they were from. Thanks.

  68. Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this adventure and research down. I’m pretty sure some parts were very exhausting, and i really appreciate the feedback and transparency! Will keep an eye on you and wishing you luck!

  69. Thanks so much for your blogs – I truly appreciate the extensive hours of research that you have put into your site! Very informative and helpful.

  70. You wrote that with YL you have to order at least $100 to receive a discount as a member. No, here is no minimum. When you are a member of the Essential rewards (ER) program your minimum per month is only $50 and your earn points to be used for future free products. I am waiting on over $250 of free items from Young Living now. You can place a “regular” order with absolutely no minimum. Please correct your post since I know you want to provide accurate information for your readers. The minimum to receive commissions (those doing the biz) it’s $100. Also since I have been to one of the YL farms I have witnessed their “Seed to Seal” guarantee in action. No oils form YL are adulterated. Gary Young would not put his reputation on the line by doing such to these oils. YL is a Company that has been around for over 20 years.
    Thank you,

  71. This was a great bunch of articles! Really got me thinking. First of all ive been a YL distributor now for about 8 years – for the past 6 ive just been using the oils and we all have been getting great results. Over the years so many new EO companies have evolved! Its mind boggling! In trying to sell YL oils, most people complain they are way too expensive, and will try to find altrenative means. I know there are many EO companies who use other ingredients into their oils, yet call them Natural or Pure – two words usually when i see them i run the other way, but they are catchy names for people to want to buy them. Anyhow ive since been trying to find comparable quality with another company because building this YL business has been impossible. Now im just looking for excellent oils with excellent ingredients (mainly plant and nothing else) but im so scared to leave because i know the YL has great stuff. How can I really know or compare an oil when im not really a chemist? How do i really know what goes into an oil? The one thing i liked about YL is that i had no problem ingesting the oils (small, a couple drops at a time), etc. We’ve gotten great results with colds and flu and other stuff with them. HELP!!! Thanks!!

  72. Lorie Clark says:

    Hi Adrienne!
    I enjoyed reading this series. I have a friend who swears by doTERRA and another who uses Thieves. I was not convinced about either company and am just learning about the benefits of essential oils. had I not stumbled onto this website I would have never known all that you shared.

    Thank you!

  73. My eyeballs are going to pop out, is there an oil for that? 😉 Wow! This has been such an eye opening experience! So much info and so many comments, I was hooked!

    #1 THANK YOU!!! There was obviously a ton of work put into this series! And you really do take the time to graciously reply to your comments. A+

    #2 I’m new to the EO world, but I’m 99% sure I’m going to go with the NAN company. I attended a doTerra meeting last night, and while the presentation was great, I was not impressed at all with the retail pricing or the “kit” pricing of the oils. I would like to I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and would really like to incorporate the healing power of EO into my sessions. However, I’m not crazy about the MLM idea. They seemed to hungry for me to get become a rep. (aka wellness consultant)… And with all the legal issues they are having right now in the he said/she said battle with Young Living, it’s just a turn off for both companies too me. * I’m not knocking either companies oils, just the business side of things.

    #3 At the doTerra meeting we did a sniff test between that grocery store Aucia (whatever) brand and doTerra, there was an obvious difference in the two. I don’t doubt that Aucia Cara vs NAN would show NAN to be superior as well. So my advice fellow comment readers, is to stay clear of the grocery store version of EO’s. They don’t compare.

    Okay well, I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that I’ll use your link to check out the NAN and buy when I’m ready too. Thanks again! :)

  74. ivy lou says:

    Hi i just starting on essential oils, i was looking on which to buy came across many brand but wasnt sure which to buy from, anyway i saw a video of someone using essential oil and i saw they use young living so i decided to research the brand and i tpye in young living in google went on their site saw what they had to offer anyway whenicame out of their site i saw ur page and i read ur journey and blogs also the way you answer the questions given to u, some point i lost trust in u then the next i gain it back, im a person like u if i no something not be true no way will i say it is true, om jamaican and im going to try order the NAN brand u recommend i hope it work, wish companies would see if the sell their product pure and that it works good with no harmfully cheical they would make 10 times what they or make cause which it is real people all over the world wuill buy it, exp im jamaican and if that work for me and is of the best quality i can pass on the information to my whole jamaican family even my caribbean neighbours ass well

  75. You are soooo welcome. I don’t mind MLMs (I am in a few that are different than others that I found to be waaaay too pushy and making irrational claims, etc.) but I didn’t care for Young Living or doTERRA (as you can see). Hope to see you around again. More to come…did you subscribe to my blog updates? That way you won’t miss anything :).

  76. I’ve been reading your research and it’s saved me a lot of time! thank you. I have a really important the question about NAN/RMO’s claim to be organically grown, whose standards do they use to claim “organic” ? The U.S. or each individual country they source from or an international ????

  77. I am a massage therapist,too, and feel compelled to share with you that when I was researching doTerra (my sister is a rep), I found a couple of commentaries from aromatherapists who warned that if one is not a trained and/or licensed naturopath or aromatherapist, one might be setting themselves up to be sued by recommending that anyone take any EOs internally. Additionally, because EOs can be absorbed through the skin, one really needs to know what they are doing when recommending oils to be used either internally or externally, especially in the care of babies/children, or the elderly or ill. Being that I am not a trained/licensed naturopath or aromatherapist, recommending that someone take oils internally is definitely out of my “scope of practice” and would put me at risk of losing my massage license. Just food for thought.

  78. Adrienne,
    I’m so glad I found your site. Any chance you or anyone have more information on the use of essentials oils for pets. I’m going to put together a “pet emergency kit” and would like to have other input beside what I found on the “Young Living” sites. Any information is greatly appreciated. Also, any chance there is a list or anything you have what the different oils are good for and used for and how much should be used both for people and pets. Thanks so much.

  79. HI! This is from the owner of Native American Nutritionals:

    You will want to be cautious when using them on cats. Cats are highly sensitive and just having them on your own body is usually enough. With that said, the essential oils work wonderful for pets. I see quicker results with using the oils on animals than I do on people. As a rule you want to make sure you use the oil in the appropriate amount when compared to your animal’s size. A 5 lb rabbit will take a lot less oil than a 100 lb Rottweiler.

    Use the oils in the same way you would use them on yourself. Because animals are sensitive, when putting the oil on the exposed skin, it is always advisable to use a carrier oil as well. I normally use five drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil to one drop of pure essential oil. I also put them on the pads of their feet, or when I do use the pure oil it normally is just put on the fur and the animal breaths it in.

    Here are five examples that people have shared with me about using the oils on their pets.

    Example: “When my Chihuahua gets a little hyper, I rub a drop of Tranquility on the fir on his neck. It is amazing to see what happens. Normally within ten minutes he is sound asleep.”

    Example: “My dog had cancer. To combat this I started out by putting a drop of lemon oil in his water. It took him a few days to get used to it then I slowly added a little more and then a little more. I built it up to have five drops in his water bowl a day. After two months his cancer was completely gone. As an experiment I set down a bowl of regular water next to his lemon water. He ignored the regular water and would always drink the lemon water.”

    Example: “My daughter’s hamster got dropped on the floor and was injured. It could not move its back legs and would just drag them around. I got my Helichrysum italicum and put a drop right on his back. The next day he was back to normal.”

    Example: “I use the essential oils with training my horses. I have found that what would normally take me two hours to accomplish can be done in a half hour with the oils. They are wonderful to keep the animal calm and learn quicker.”

    Example: “I use the oils on my dog all the time, especially during tick and flea season. I take a 4oz or 8oz spray bottle and add drops of the oils that I want to use, shake and spray. This has really gotten to be a special time with my dog, when he sees me with the brush and the spray bottle he comes a running. He loves it. I added Lavender to the bug spray that I made and that helped to clear up the bug bites on his skin.”

  80. NEVER EVER use EO’s on cats!

  81. Please do not use oils on any pets w/out confirming first w/a vet. the info in the recommended book is wrong and you can kill your cat w/it. Also be aware that cats & dogs are not the same. Just because the vet said you could use something over the counter for your dog does not mean it is suitable for a cat. Cats have extremely sensitive systems. Thats why cats were often used for research at one time.

  82. Adrienne,
    Thanks so much for the information and examples. I really appreciated your hard work.

    Too funny about your comparison with the bunny and Rottweiler. I have 3 Rottweilers and I also have lost a few to cancer over the years. For a while now I have been researching options for all natural care inlcuding the essential oils for pets. I ordered “The Animal Desk Reference” by Melissa Shelton and I am expecting it today. Is there a book that you recommend that explaines the different essential oils and their uses for people?

    Thank you!

  83. Thank you so, so, so much for your extensive research. I have looked online many times to determine which EO company I would like to purchase from, specially since I have dogs, and I plan to use some on them. I really like that you were upfront about your affiliation with them. You did not make yourself appear to be an expert, you only provided the information you were given. I do not like companies that make you join so that you are forced to sell to others. I simply want EOs to enhance my health and my family’s health. I went to NAN’s website and they look like a reputable company. They even have oils that similar to YL and doTerra. Because I like to support small, honest companies. I decided that I would give NAN a try. Is there any way, I could get more information regarding EOs and animals?? If so, can you email me?

  84. There’s a book by Native american nutritionals that you might like – and there’s a book mentioned in my thieves giveaway if you search on my site. I have a few other books by Young Living and doTERRA but I don’t use any of them that much – I’m hoping to do a post on books when I can :).

  85. Are any of your books for sale????

  86. Christine says:

    Hi Adrienne. Have you done that post on reference books yet? I just found your site today.

  87. Hmmm…. the young living or doterra books you mean?

  88. Wow! I have been reading your posts all night! I am eager to try the beginner sampler from NAN. I have to say you have have been quite inspiring in your responses -especially in your kindness toward many who have been less than kind towards you. Hopefully they will gain some insight not only on oils, but on what it means to show basic kindness to others. After all I am certain Jesus’ number one rule is to do everything out of a motivation of love. Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you on all your work and generosity in sharing it with those of us who would like to learn more. I still like Eden’s Garden organic oils and use most of their other oils as well. They were the company that started my journey with oils. But I am interested in a larger organic selection and am interested in how they all compare. So Thank you again. I’ll be eager to keep an eyeball on your blogs! Very well done!

  89. Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I hope that you will sign up for my email feed or the newsletter – or both! Did you see the freebies you can get? Take care.

  90. Hi Adrienne!
    Thank you so much for putting all this time and effort into this post! I for one am very grateful!
    I am very new to EO world and didn’t like the idea of signing up with a MLM company and this gave me a place to end my research. I’m looking forward to diving in with this company!
    As a Christian myself, I believe if you want to avoid any business that partners or supports anything against the bible, you should turn yourself into an organic farmer with no technology or any modern conveniences 😉 Lol!! God will write His law on the hearts of His people!!
    I can’t wait for my birthday next month to get some blends!!
    I do have a couple questions,
    My hubby thinks most of the oils I have (NOW oils are what I was introduced to and what I have local right now) stink. He doesn’t believe in the healing properties of them either!
    Any suggestions!!

    Many, many, many, many Thanks!!

  91. Hi Tammy – did you see the sale that is going on right now? Sorry I am getting this to you late!

    I think they do work. I will be up for a little yet if you get right back to me.

    I think they for sure work but there are often other things you need to use. Many many pharmaceuticals are made from plants or are made to mimic what plants do. So they are good to use. I love the peppermint and lemongrass for tendon issues. And peppermint for headaches. Rosemary for hair growth and rosemary and clove for adrenals. There is more but you can’t expect miracles all the time. But they do work.

    Hope that helps!

  92. Whoops – missed this. I will get back to you.

  93. I love NAN as well! Thanks for all of your research!

  94. You are so welcome!

  95. I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into your blog it has been so helpful in my journey to find an essential oil company and learn more about them in general. Lately I’ve been looking into have you heard anything about them? Thank you again for all of the time and effort you have put in!

  96. Sorry I didn’t look into them and am just swamped. Maybe read this post and see if you can get information. I hope to write more in the future.

  97. LionesArrisingMom says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    im a mom of 3 and i have done extensive research as well. My son who will be attending 3rd grade next year is Aspergers(high functioning autisum) and a very vocal adhd child. At times hes been on upwards of 9+ prescriptions. I was interested to see what Mr. Dean would have to suggest i try for my son. I know that autistic children have sometimes been known to have weak muscles and can also retain heavy metals. My Son has recently been tested deficient in several vitamins. I think the Medications hes on hinders him from receiving proper nutrients from foods as well as lessens his pallet of taste for the proper foods he needs.

    Thanks for your dedication and onward advice, resources, and constant feedback!
    Eager to take a closer look at NAN!

  98. Hi there. This is the response from the owner of Native American Nutritionals:

    To start out I would go with Attention Assist and the Defense supplement. (Yes there are other things you can do like the Calming oil, but I would not start there.) The Attention Assist is a gentle great oil with much success. Start out with that and put two or three drops on the chest and then any other place you want (ears, under the nose, on the bottom of the feet, top of head). Try putting it on the chest and one other place and see how your child responds best. (Often where you put it will give you better results.) Most people go with some drops on the upper chest and then 1/2 drop on each ear.

    Now the Defense has had great results with me for removing heavy metals. I have also had reports to assist with autism and other such issues. How much you give will depend on the child’s size — but an adult takes two capsule for maintenance and more for healing issues. I would start out slow and then build up. (For example: if your child is 100+ lbs I would go with starting out with one capsule in the morning for 5 days. Then start taking two capsules a day.)

    I do not like prescriptions because they are not a cure and over time do great damage so I always tell people the more raw, natural food you can eat the better. (Seeds, nuts, greens, fruits, and veggis.)

    This is not medical advice and of course, you should check w/ your physician prior to using any supplements, etc. Sorry about needing to write this :).

  99. Hi Ivy. I am sorry that in something I said you lost your trust in me. Can I ask what that was? Perhaps I worded something the wrong way. Thanks.

    I so hope you like the oils. They are a solid company from all that I can tell.

  100. I am so sorry – I have been totally swamped. I mentioned that in my previous reply to you. I hope to get to it one of these days…….

  101. Adrienne, I first want to say how impressed I am with your resolve (& abundant patience!) with getting this invaluable information out to the rest of us! I’m just now getting to this tremendous bounty of knowledge which has been given by you obviously with sincere blessings…Thank You!

    I’m a total newbie when it comes to Essential Oils & only just last year even considered that there may be bogus oils & companies out there. I cannot explain my ignorance particularly since I usually turn every potential purchase into an all-out research project!

    Thanks to You I now know how to even assess a EO company for legitimacy & reliability, this is HUGE!

    (btw To all you sceptics out there, thank you! Your natural mistrust of others has actually cleared-up some very muddy waters!)

  102. Thanks so much, Michelle! I hope to get more into oils, etc. when I have time.

  103. So glad to hear that. Thanks! Is there something specific you would like to know? I can ask for you.

  104. Daisy B says:

    I emailed NAN regarding my question about using oils on my furry girls and they answered very quickly. It took them less than 24 hours :) Here’s what I got:

    “You definitely can use our essential oils on your dog but you need to be very careful which ones you do use. Not all oils can be used on or around dogs.

    A few essential oils to consider are Immune Strength, Arthritis Plus, Copaiba, Helichrysum italicum, Frankincense, or Lavender. The best thing you can do when introducing your dog to an essential oil is to put a drop in your hand and allow him or her to smell it. You will know immediately if he or she likes it or not by their behavior. If you are diffusing an oil or blend in a room and your dog refuses to come in, you know not to use that oil or blend around him or her. Or, if your dog wants to be in the room, you’ll know he or she likes it.

    You should research essential oils for dogs so you have an idea what oils you should and shouldn’t use. This online magazine has some great ideas that can help you. Most of the articles were written by a woman who is certified with Healing Touch for Animals and uses our essential oils in her practice:

    Other references you should look into are the following:

    The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animals, by Melissa Shelton, DVM
    Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals: A Comprehensive Guide to the Use of Essential Oils & Hydrosols with Animals, by Kristen Leigh Bell.”

    Good luck!

    Thank you!

    Fast and very honest response :) I appreciate that they gave me references too.

  105. Yippee. So glad to hear that. Thanks!

  106. Vicky lee says:

    Hi there I did attempt to post a comment and seems like it failed xD well…I can’t see it here anyway.

    I have used the young living peppermint and haven’t found anything quite like it in the uk shops. I basically use it In my oil burner or to inhale when I’m getting ill. What do u recommend? I can’t source the NAN in uk >.>

    Much appreciated :)

  107. Hmmm…is there a reason you can’t get NAN in the UK?

  108. Please do not use EO’s in an oil burner. The heat breaks down the properties of the oils that you are trying to use. A diffuser is the best way. You can also put in a cotton ball and put it on the output vent of a humidifier. You can also just breathe it out of the bottle.

  109. I was purchasing doterra’s Lifelong Vitality Supplements, I am at a loss now what to use. Do you have a good recommendation. I would need something for an 8 yr old , 12 yr old and myself.

  110. Hello! I didn’t have the option to reply at the bottom of this discussion, so I just picked to “reply” from a random comment! LOL I thank you sooo very much for your research you have done. I was about to start my research last night on YL versus other companies and what companies offered oils that were food grade (ingestible). I use YL, but the prices are so expensive and they are out of everything I wanted to order at this current time. I have family who sells it, and I haven’t wanted to upset anyone. LOL However, I am very willing to give this company you have recommend a try! :) :) I do have a question as I am trying to place an order….I am wanting to order the Aligning (Valor), but I am confused on the blends that say “neat”. I understand that “neat” has more percentage of EO than the other, but which one compares most to the Valor from YL (“neat” or the non-neat, cheaper in price version? My YL Valor has Capric Triglyceride as its first ingredient and realize that is like a carrier oil. I definitely want the same affect from the Aligning that I get from Valor. I am so excited about the oil experience. I just started about a month ago and have been very, very pleased with the results!!!! I am excited! No wonder they used them in Biblical times for everything! Thanks again for all the research you have done. I want the very best for my family! :)

  111. HI there. Were you not able to just post a comment?

    I hope so…..

    You are very welcome!

    I am almost for sure that YL’s Valor has a carrier oil so it would be the “not neat” version. You could buy either and blend the NEAT Aligning w/ an oil of your choice. The carrier oil shouldn’t affect the outcome at all – it is meant to just make it easier to apply diluted or over a larger area. I hope that helps!

    Did you happen to see the new guide I just came out with?

  112. Well, my computer has been acting up, so no telling! 😉 Thanks for the info, and I will definitely read your new guide!

  113. do you know anything on raspberry and pomegranate as carrier oils- Dr Axe gives them as best SPF oils for sun deffence but I read somewhere that you can not make EO from them. Where is the truth?

  114. Thanks and see you around!

  115. I wasn’t able to comment either for some reason. I have been using Mountain Rose for my oils but they seem to cost much less than some other companies. How would you compare them to Native?

  116. Hmmm…a replacement for the whole set? I don’t know. I do think adding the tummy tamer isn’t important – you can take it w/ food and it shouldn’t upset the tummy I would think.

    Are you trying to replace all of it?

  117. Hi there. I’m sorry but I just can’t comment on oil companies now – but you can read this post to see if they measure up

    What I can say is the MRH told me first that they were not OK w/ internal use b/c they weren’t made in a food grade facility and then later they said that wasn’t the case. But I chose Native American before I heard that 2nd answer so I wasn’t comfortable w/ them. I have called once since but haven’t talked in detail about their sourcing so I am sticking w/ where I am for now. I would have to do a lot more investigating which I am open to but I am just swamped now.

    and I just came out w/ this guide to purchasing EOs that you might find interesting:

    Hope that helps :).

  118. It does help! Thanks so much.

  119. I have read the articles about choosing an essential oil supplier and, based on what I read, I have ordered from NAN. In the recent past, I have ordered from Young Living. I would like to know why there is a substantial price difference between what appears to be the same or similar product. A specific example: I purchased a 15ml bottle of Copaiba from YL for over $50. What appears to be the same 15ml bottle of Copaiba at NAN is approximately $17. Can you tell me a reason for the difference? I hate to say that spending more money makes a product better, but it causes me to wonder.

  120. Hi Lee. I think it all varies bottle by bottle, and I can ask NAN for sure to see what they have to say, but direct sales companies have extra costs built in to their pricing to pay for commissions and trips and bonuses, etc. One of the reps at one of the MLM essential oils companies told me that 40% of their pricing is to pay other reps.

  121. Hi, there, I have loved reading all these interesting comments!
    Quite useful information, I have been also researching the different oil companies for a few months,I started out with a few bought from the local market near me, I have also bought a few of the young living, My daughter got in on young living through a friend and swears there is nothing better, I do think they are wrong and brainwashed! I have recently had another friend introduce me to Tropical Traditions, they are imported from France, and they seam to be EXCEPTIONAL!! They always state where they were made in the other countries on their labels and only use low heat and are All Organic, I have fallen in love with these! Have you had any experience with this company or heard of them?

  122. Hi there. and thanks! I did look at them. I still went where I went. I am not able to go into details about other companies but I am still choosing NAN and RMO. You can check this post to see how they measure up:
    and I just came out w/ this guide:

    Thanks again :).

    Oh, I can’t say that the TT oils are adulterated and I won’t say that by any means, but in all of my talking to oils companies, France came up as being an “issue” regarding that. I heard over and over again that they export more lavender oil than they grow lavender. I couldn’t verify but I heard it over and over.

  123. HI this is not a reply to that but i am not blog savy….what does NAN mean with neat and just the name listed… i couldn’t find explanations on their website (like a legend)

  124. Hi Keli. Neat means that is the oil straight. If it’s not NEAT then it is blended with a carrier oil. It is often recommended to start using oils blended w/ a carrier until you know how you react to them. Of course, with “hot” oils (they can sting) it would be recommended almost all the time. You might be interested in this post:

    Hope that helps!

  125. Hi Amanda. Thanks for commenting. I did ask the owner of Native American Nutritionals about cats and this was his response:

    Cats are more sensitive to the oils so you only want to expose them to the oils in very, very small amounts. So if your just diffusing 15 minutes a day, the cats will be just fine. My cats have been around the oils for many, many years without any problems.

    Would you agree with that?

  126. What about having a cat & using a diffuser? Is that safe?

  127. hi, I have two cats and they are like my husbands and mines children. I see that you said never use the oils on cats but what about using a defuser in the same room as the cats? My sister who sells YL oils said it would be fine to defuse some lavender in the evening but I’m worried about how they would react to breathing the oils in. Also if I apply oils to myself and then they want to cuddle…. Things like that. Would it be safe for me to topically use the oils or defuse the oils if the cats are near me or in the same room?

  128. Good afternoon Adrienne,

    Thank you sooo much for such a great research, I have been using DoTerra for couple of months but like you said I really don’t like the fact that they push too much for sale. However, I am planning to follow your recommendation and go with Native American Nutritionals. I was also wondering if you have any recommendations for me on where to buy EndoFlex essential oil for Thyroid problems? your opinion much appreciate it. Thanks a lot ?

  129. Hi there and thanks for writing. You are very welcome.

    NAN’s Lymph Detox would be comparable to EndoFlex.

    I hope you enjoy it.

  130. If he’s referring to merely exposing a cat to EO’s indirectly, say, by way of diffusing oils in the same room that a cat might wander into, then yeah I guess that’s okay. However, what you NEVER want to do is apply the oils directly onto a cats skin or fur… and certainly not allow them to ingest it directly. Cats are extremely sensitive to strong scents, and if you attempt to apply any EO onto their fur or skin you will immediately see the cat angrily trying to lick it off of themselves as they do not like for anything to overpower or mask their own natural scent! If you’ve ever been around cats for any length of time then you’ve probably noticed that they spend a considerable portion of their waking hours rubbing themselves on every object in sight. What they are doing here is “scenting” things around them via their scent glands, and they do this specifically to mark their territory. Cats are very territorial creatures, and so they must be able to scent things unimpeded in order for them to feel comfortable and at ease in their environment. EO’s would interfere with this instinctual feline habit considerably… beside it also being bad for their health in general. Hope that helps. =)

  131. Yes, that is what he meant. Thanks for all of the extra great information! Fabulous.

  132. Hi there. I’m chiming in for a sec – this is from the owner of Native American Nutritionals. Hope it helps.

    Cats are more sensitive to the oils so you only want to expose them to the oils in very, very small amounts. So if your just diffusing 15 minutes a day, the cats will be just fine. My cats have been around the oils for many, many years without any problems.

  133. Of course, please don’t construe that as medical advice for your animal :).

  134. I guess if you are medically advising that someone do it you could get in trouble. But I am not doing that. It’s all murky, isn’t it?

  135. Exactly ! They are extremely concentrated , it doesn’t matter how pure they are!
    Our livers aren’t designed to filter and process essential oils. It can be toxic. Read
    The chemical analysis. The chemist recommends to not take the oils internally
    Because he knows how damaging it is to the liver and other organs.
    An essential oil is a man made form from the plant. It’s not the intended use
    For the plant.

  136. “take oils internally is definitely out of my “scope of practice””… instead take Flower Essence, they are the best in that regard.

  137. Awesome! Thank you!

  138. Hi Adrienne,

    Thank you for all of your hard work. I’m a YL user but you have given me much to think about. If you don’t mind, though, I would like to give my input on something. I know that you (understandably) were annoyed with Dr. Robert Pappas and felt compelled to put [sic] after every time he wrote something grammatically incorrect. To be true to the “unbiased” investigative reporter that you strive to be, you should also have put a [sic] in the owner of NAN’s reply when he incorrectly uses the possessive “your” in this statement:

    “So if your [sic] just diffusing 15 minutes a day, the cats will be just fine.”

    I know it’s minor but I would recommend you being consistent citing grammatical errors, whether you like the person or not, just to give your critics one fewer item of which to be critical! :)

  139. Hi there and thanks. I will try to watch this in the future. I think I maybe was paying more attention to things I was writing in a post rather than in comments – could that be the case? Thanks again.

  140. Hi Brenda,

    Here are some thoughts on internal use from Native American Nutritionals and Rocky Mountain Oils (I have added some changes for grammar / spelling errors so it reads more easily):

    Pappas is one opinion and … [his opinion] is actually greatly outnumbered in this space. …the FDA… says it [oils] is safe for internal use which is the GRAS list without any dosage limits.

    Official FDA Gras List document for essential oils:

    I don’t suggest every oil be taken internally, but the ones on the gras list would be fine. Do you really think the FDA would put a blind statement up saying that lavender oil is safe for internal use without doing their own research? Also, the FDA research is scientifically backed and the studies are done correctly by qualified professionals….

    Because lets [sic} be honest if its true that if its as dangerous as he says it is (that even a fraction of a drop can cause long term damage to a child), then I agree that this should be carefully administered and only sold by qualified institutions and professionals. But so far, there is no evidence indicating that his claims are accurate. Essential oils are used by tens of millions of people every year, virtually all of which are “untrained” in the use of them, and we have still seen no side effects arise even across these millions of cases. And this includes some of our customers that use WAY TOO MUCH (even in my opinion) …. When I say way too much, I mean customers that use 20+ drops a day.

    Then again. No one is forcing you to take it internally. You can use it topically or aromatically both of which in my opinion is actually a more powerful method.

    So all I am saying is that its important to look at the bigger picture. I know that Dr. Pappas makes a scary argument. But …they are unqualified. If oils are truly that dangerous then we would have at least a handful of injury cases arise each year and we aren’t seeing basically anything, even across millions of uses.

    I am as interested in safety as everyone else. But so far NAN has never in its 15 years of business ever had a reported injury (which trust me lawyers would make sure we knew about). So I can assure you that there is nothing to be concerned about.

    Essential oils are not “man made form” of the plant. They are naturally occurring enzymes in the living plant. This is why its important to distill quickly after harvest, because those living enzymes die as the plant dies. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years (first known use was with the ancient Egyptians). They were used throughout india, the renaissance, they helped spice traders survive the black plague, and were used heavily by native americans when the europeans reached the US. Granted, technology has greatly improved, allowing them to be far more concentrated than ever before. But the oils themselves are not manmade. They are intended for healing the plant and fighting diseases which is what we use them for ourselves.

    I hope that helps.

  141. Hi there. This is the response from the owner of NAN. I hope this helps :). I would personally think cuddling is like having a diffuser on but I am not certain about that.

    You will want to be cautious when using them on cats. Cats are highly sensitive and just having them on your own body is usually enough. With that said, the essential oils work wonderful for pets. I see quicker results with using the oils on animals than I do on people. As a rule you want to make sure you use the oil in the appropriate amount when compared to your animal’s size. A 5 lb rabbit will take a lot less oil than a 100 lb Rottweiler.

    Use the oils in the same way you would use them on yourself. Because animals are sensitive, when putting the oil on the exposed skin, it is always advisable to use a carrier oil as well. I normally use five drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil to one drop of pure essential oil. I also put them on the pads of their feet, or when I do use the pure oil it normally is just put on the fur and the animal breaths it in.

  142. Hi, I have bought oils for my cat with breathing problems from Dr. Shelton. She is a veterinarian and sells Animal EO.

  143. penny hart says:

    I have used my diffuser with theive when i had a cold many times and other oils around my 2 cats for over a year and they are fine. Even got rid of cats sneezing

  144. Thanks for your blog. I”m new to the EO business and your thoughtful and well researched information has been very valuable.

    One point I would like to make regarding Native American Nutritionals is the use of their name. While reading their website and after contacting them, I’ve surmised that what the owner has engaged in is an act of CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. While they may be a good business, have good quality oils, etc. I refuse to give them my business because the owner WHO IS NOT NATIVE AMERICAN has chosen to mislead his customers and the public by saying the business is owned by a Native American, and that he has learned to become a “shaman” and that “anyone can do it” (become a shaman). This is all absolutely absurd and is a theft of the culture of Indigenous peoples of the America’s. When I inquired by email, someone from the company finally told me that NO, the owner is in fact, NOT Native American. So why use this name? For profit that’s why. Why mislead people into thinking he IS Native American with some special sacred knowledge he is going to share with you if you buy his products? FOR PROFIT. That in my book, is unethical. So no matter how good this company may be in terms of their quality of essential oils, I will never purchase from them or promote them, and will tell every group, blog, etc. that I see, about the misinformation and theft the owner has engaged in. Yes, it is THEFT of culture. And we have had enough of it.

  145. Hi Ellyn. I hope this response from Native American Nutritionals help. Thanks for commenting:

    Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. I appreciate your honest feedback and candid thoughts. Our Main concern is providing the highest quality essential oils as possible to the masses at an affordable price. During our journey as a company, we started as a supplier specifically to Native American Tribes who used our products for sacramental healing. We worked very closely with them to supply oils that met the strict standards they required, and they were grateful for our efforts. That was 15 years ago and since then, the culture has changed where Essential oils have become more mainstream for everyday families. During this time, the people we supply oils to has evolved and changed. While we still do sell to Native American Tribes, it has become a very small portion of our business.

    Our intention was never to take advantage of the Indigenous people, in fact we were supporting them. As the landscape of this industry has changed concerns such as the one you address have become more important for us to address and we truly recognize that. We have several announcements coming up soon to help deal with this concern.

  146. Colleen Williams says:

    Dear Ellyn,
    Native American Nutritionals….The name is highly misleading, and regardless of their business with “Native American Tribes”, it is unethical to use.
    I thank-you very much for bringing this to Adrienne’s attention, as well as the attention of others on her blog site.
    It is an important issue in the evaluation of any company she recommends. I intend to write to the company also, and will post this info on other sites to help educate others.

    Yes, the landscape has changed and if this company wants to continue to support native peoples and show respect for our culture the name needs to be changed. I would gladly do business with them at that point.

  147. Hi and sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been inundated here. The company started by providing oils to the Native Americans and the owner was adopted in in order to be able to give medical advice. At least that is how I understand it. It wasn’t to take advantage of anyone. I hope that clears things up. Their customer base has changed a great deal and many changes are coming. I hope you will not give up on them — take care :)!

  148. Thank you so much for all of this research and information! I got a Young Living starter kit recently, which I think was a great deal for the money, but I have been annoyed at shipping costs for ordering any more oils a la carte and am excited to try NAN. However, I do have to say it’s a bit unfair to criticize any MLM for spending 40% of their take from sales on commissions and incentives for their consultants. Any business spends about that much on its “middlemen,” usually clearing about a 40-50% total profit. As someone actively building a MLM business (not an EO company) I appreciate that others are willing to see me as their “store” for my products. I love supporting other MLM owners as well, and much prefer to see my 30-40% go to WAHMs like me rather than to Target or Wal-Mart employees.

  149. Hi there. I don’t know that I was really criticizing — or just pointing it out. But I think it’s important for folks to know what is going on. Since this post I did more talking to others about MLMs and found out that it is probably true that some MLMs spend even more on advertising than non MLMs – if you see all the glossies, big trips, and such that some of these companies put out it is a pretty big deal. I of course don’t have any figures on it but when I see some of the MLM income I am pretty amazed at it. I am totally not anti-MLM. Just some structures and companies are better than others in different ways. Thanks for commenting :).

  150. So the Native American nutritionals are the best way to go over doterra and young living? Looking into getting some oils started and not sure where to begin. I want a starter kit but the NAN is sold out. I’m willing to wait if as you say it’s the best and most natural? Thanks for all your research on this!

  151. I personally think so. I left both companies for several reasons. I’ll check on the kit arrivals.

  152. Thanks for the quick response!

    I’m anxious to get started! Emailed the NAN company and they weren’t sure when they’d have more kits. They were hoping in the next week or so. If you know of anywhere else I can get them let me know. Thanks again for your help and research!

  153. Or are there oils you recommend to get started?

  154. Maybe you could get the oils you want most from the kit and buy individual oils?

  155. Oh – that is hard. Depends on what you are looking to do. I regularly use peppermint and lavender. Lemongrass for tendon stuff. Rosemary and now even Ravintsara for hair growth. Trying to think what else….let me know what you are thinking you are in need / want of and maybe I can help more. Thanks!

  156. I don’t even know where to begin because I don’t know what all the oils help with. I’m a newbie to it all and haven’t read much into it hence why I was thinking the starter kit was the way to go! I’d love something to help with: dry scalp, hair growth, headaches, fatigue, fertility, bloating, seasonal allergies, anxiety, stress, insomnia, foggy head. Just to name a few! 😉

    Thanks for your help!

  157. OK- so I’ll tell you my thoughts and of course this isn’t medical advice. Dry scalp – I don’t know. Hair growth I use rosemary, ylang, (need to buy that), peppermint and ravintsara. They have a nice hair growth blend that looks amazing. I have used peppermint for headaches but they have a good blend or 2 as well. Fertility I would look at the Feminine Aid? Anxiety –

    I am really thinking – have you looked at gut health and candida? And adrenal issues? I have so many thoughts. Let me know.

  158. Hi there. I just got these oil recommendations from the company. Of course, this doesn’t imply that they can cure these conditions, but that they can support your body.

    Dry Scalp = Tea Tree is super famous for helping with this
    Hair Growth = Hair Support, we have had lots of people write us in telling us how it has helped their hair grow back. Here is one story:
    Headaches = Peppermint is famous for this
    Fatigue = Sports Pro, True Blue, Aligning will help with easing the fatigue. Calming, Energize, Geranium, Vetiver will help with preventing fatigue.
    Fertility = Rose is the #1 oil for this, and Geranium is second. Try blend of rose, rubbing it on your pelvis each night. People have claimed to be extremely fertile after a few weeks of doing this.
    Bloating = Ginger before meals will improve digestion. ultimate flora and ultimate enzymes (supplements) work wonders with improving digestion. I have personal experience with it.
    Allergies = Black Cumin is the most popular choice for this one. Also Ultimate Defense (supplement).
    Anxiety = Peace and Calming (personal fav), calming, tranquility all work well.
    Stress = basically the same as above
    Insomnia = Roman Chamomile is most popular, it is a natural sedative. Also Clary Sage.
    Foggy Head = Clarity, Citrus Oils, Peppermint, Tea Tree.

  159. I will look into those oils.

    Candida you’re saying look into as the possible issue of the others? Or look into an oil to help guy health, candida and adrenal issues?

    Thanks for all your answers. They’re helping so much! But also in
    Just starting to think a starter kit would be so easier since it’s all so very overwhelming!!

  160. I am saying that I wouldn’t depend only on oils for these conditions. They can support your body but I would be looking deeper into more options. For me, I have done the candida diet, a lot of gut work, and heavy metals work and now am using a heavy duty antioxidant. I am thinking I should write a post about my “must have” supplements. I was just thinking about this last night. I would do probiotics, digestive enzymes, HCl, selenium, Mg, and this antioxidant:

    Does that help? :).

  161. Yes thank you that does help!

    And yes you should do a post on that! And also one on the candida diet! I’ve heard bits and pieces about candida but just haven’t committed to trying the diet to see if that’s what my issues stem from. With the possibility of some type of unexplained infertility now I’m wondering if I need to look into it and committ!

    Thanks again for all your help! Placing an order today for my oils and hoping it comes with instructions!

  162. Search candida in the search bar. There are a few posts you should read. You’re very welcome. I will start working on the post.

  163. I was grazing through the discussions below after reading the blog post but after seeing your comment I felt compelled to reply. If you’re dealing with infertility and trying to become/stay pregnant, I really recommend you look into red raspberry leaf. Very effective and quick results, from what I’ve seen. :)

  164. Hi Penny. Just wanted to chime in to say that there are concerns when using the oils around cats, so I just wanted you and Amanda to know that and to exercise a lot of caution. Thanks :).

  165. They are not essential oils- a carrier oil is an oil you use to dilute an EO for ease of use. I have no experience with using them. You could use them as a carrier but there are properties each will have that you will need to consider in their use. I am trying to get more info. If I get it I will respond to you here.

  166. Here is some more info:

    Yeah, there is such a thing as pomegranate seed oil. Pomegranate seed oil is not technically an essential oil, it would be on the side of carrier oil. It is technically a vegetable oil (yeah even though it is a fruit). It is cold pressed from seeds. It would work very similarly to Cucumber Seed oil.

    So if we want to get technical, it is NOT an essential oil. But it is similar to floraha in that it is healing carrier oil, so it kind of sits between the two.

    I don’t like getting sucked up semantics, so while technically not an oil, for all practical purposes it fulfills the same goal and purpose that other essential oils do, so I would say it is good.

    That is from NAN / RMO. It seems like these are pretty rare.