Announcing the Best Essential Oils Company

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!I used to think that essential oils were a scam, but I ended up finding out that they are a great resource for your natural medicine cabinet for issues such as headaches, ear infections, tummy aches, viruses and bacterial infections, and more.

But I eventually felt I needed to make sure that I was buying from the best essential oils company that I could reasonably afford.

I spent a ton of time calling companies, asking questions, sampling oils.  Literally, it was a ton.  And it was very exhausting.

I’ve learned a lot with all the time I’ve spent researching oils companies and I’ve covered a lot of what I learned here in this essential oils series, some of which I wrote while I was still trying to figure out which company I was going to be using and recommending.

If you’ve missed any of the previous posts, here they are:

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Now–for the big announcement you’ve been waiting for.  The company that I have decided to purchase our oils from and the one that I recommend to you as having the best essential oils for the money, with natural healing qualities and no additives or adulterating, and ethics about oil production that I am proud to represent.

(Disclaimer.  Just to be clear, I did not choose this company because I was able to become an affiliate for them, but I am one. I decided to work with them and then we made an arrangement where I could partner with them via my blog. If you make a purchase after clicking through to their site from mine, I will earn a commission, but your price remains that same.

Native American Nutritionals.

Want to know why I chose them?  Here’s how.

If you remember, I mentioned them in Part One of the series.   I said,

“Looks like they carry good products, but they are a bit expensive.  Their prices, for a number of oils, in fact, are almost identical to the MLMs in this group, Young Living and DoTerra.  And I don’t see any difference on the surface in the quality department.”

So, the fact that I ended up recommending them was really a surprise for me. I ended up talking with the owner for a few hours (at first….that turned into many hours in the upcoming month) and found that he really “knew his stuff.”  I also found out that there were a lot of differences between his company and many others in the industry. I asked him tons of questions during our first conversation (I guess you’re not surprised about that :-)), and then more and more over the course of the next 10 months, while I investigated other companies as well.  (Wow–it’s been that long since I started writing this series…..!)

I was intrigued by what he had to say about his company and the oils industry in general.

We had countless conversations from March 2012 – January 2013, during which I literally grilled him about his company and others to figure out which company I wanted to recommend–and if his, was in fact, good enough for my family–and for all of you.

I now can say that I feel very comfortable recommending this company to you and am now using their oils almost exclusively (I have a few bottles of other brands left over :)). I hope you check them out.  I would love to hear about your experience!

Why I Recommend Native American Nutritionals:

1.  Experience

The owner, Paul Dean, has been in the oils industry since 1997, being first introduced to essential oils about 30 years ago.  He started his first full-time essential oils business in 1998.

2.  Purity

Quality Oilsall oils have been GC/MS tested.  Certificates are available upon request. More than that, almost all of the oils come from plants grown in remote locations where no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals are used and only natural fertilizers are used.

3.  Indigenous Plants

All oils come from plants grown in their indigenous locations (where they grow naturally).

4.  Oils from Small Farms

Almost all oils are sourced direct from small farms (many are from third-world countries).  He uses very few “essential oils experts,” who are basically middlemen between large farms and oils companies.  Mr. Dean contracts with locals in the countries from where he sources the oils, finds a quality farm, sets up a distiller, and extracts the oils.  The oils are then sent to Native American, then sent for testing, and bottled.  The only oils at NAN that are not from small farms are mainly the organic citrus oils.

5.  No Solvents

They use  no solvents for distillation except when necessary, as in the case of absolutes like vanilla and jasmine (since the cost of those essential oils is otherwise prohibitive.)

6.  Affordable Pricing

They have affordable prices (not as expensive as the multi-level marketing companies, but not “too good to be true” either.)

7.  Organic and/or Wild-Crafted

All of their oils are either: – organically certified – organically grown (grown with organic methods, but not certified) – wild-crafted The only conventional oils they sell are those for which the high cost of the organic oils is prohibitive (they can be four times the conventional price).

8.  Transparency

Details for oils are listed clearly on their site (including the Latin name, country of origin, and growing method) (Compare this with doTERRA that doesn’t list the country of origin for many of their oils, nor the growing method.)

9.  Reasonable Shipping Costs

I found the shipping costs with YL and doTERRA to be a little on the steep side.  I was told several times by customer service reps of one of the companies that it was due to businesses being charged more than residential customers.  T’hat didn’t make sense to me – business rates being more expensive than residential, when they have that kind of bulk shipping going on? So I called UPS and FedEx and was assured that this is not the case.  So I don’t know why their shipping is so high.  Maybe they are pocketing the extra?  I can’t see any other answer.

10.  Common Sense Approach

Native American’s owner, Paul Dean, says it is fine to use their oils internally–with caution.   I like to use oils internally sometimes, but I don’t care for excessive use that way. One of my favorite parts about the oils at Native American is this:

11.  No Adulterating

Oils are not heated, mixed with anything else, or adulterated in any way.

The only exception is Bergamot, which they sell 2 versions of.  The FCF Bergamot is heated after the distillation to burn off the furocoumarin  since furcoumarin is photo-toxic.  Even Native American’s Eucalyptus Globulus isn’t heated to remove the heavy “herbier” smell.  Most oils companies heat their Eucalyptus Globulus to remove that herbier smell, but Mr. Dean thinks that the essential oil left alone is more therapeutic, and so he leaves them as God made them.


Basically, I think that the oils industry is like the food industry in this respect.

In the food industry, you can buy from large grocery stores and companies with things labelled “natural” and “whole grain,” or you can buy from a farmer you know and trust. I really think, as I’ve learned more about the “Big Ag” industry, that it is often better to buy from a “small guy” (small farmer or small essential oils company) whom you know well, than a “big guy” (big farm or big oils company or expert).

In this case, with Native American Nutritionals, you can know you are supporting someone who cares deeply about the farmers he works with and who works with them directly.  And you can support a lot of workers in third world countries as well (by the way, Native American pays them a decent wage for their country).

Native American Nutritionals also carries a wide range of other healthy living products that I think are a great addition to your family’s natural medicine cabinet. This is one thing that I didn’t address in other posts in this series.

For example, with doTERRA and Young Living, in order to get the best discounts on their oils as a rep, you need to order monthly over $100 of products (to get free products that essentially reduce your costs).  Do that every month and you end up with waaaay too much oils).

A lot of multi-level marketing oils reps end up ordering other things from the company like personal care products in order to get to that “minimum.”  However, I wasn’t thrilled with the ingredients in many of the other products offered.

Undesirable Ingredients in Other Products from Essential Oils Companies

With doTERRA and Young Living, for example:

– the doTERRA On Guard toothpaste has titanium dioxide in it, a heavy metal which I would prefer to avoid due to heavy metal toxicity.

Both companies’ skin care products had ingredients rated 3 and above on EWG’s Skin Deep rating system (I prefer to stick with ingredients rated 2, at the highest).  For the prices they are charging, I would prefer to buy organic and really pure products.

I don’t think all of EWG’s ratings are flawless, but I do pay attention when I see higher ratings there.  For example, phenoxyethanol is in a lot of doTERRA’s skin care products.  Here is an article on phenoxyethanol that gives me pause when considering using a skincare line that includes it in almost all of their products.

There was, in fact, one essential oils company whose oils I thought looked to be very high quality, but their personal care items were loaded with artificial chemicals and I really felt that Native American had an edge over them in that department. With Native American Nutritionals, you can buy MSM, natural toothpaste, supplements like Defense, and Ph Rescue and feel good about the ingredients used and the quality.

Also note, if you are used to Young Living or doTERRA oils, Native American Nutritionals has a listing of oil blends that are comparable to Young Living and doTERRA blends on their front page. Of course, if you’ve been following along with this series, you know that I think there are other good companies out there.  However, I do think that there are fewer “excellent” companies than I originally thought when I started all of this evaluating.

Rocky Mountain Oils and Native American Nutritionals

Just so you know, a number of my readers mentioned Rocky Mountain Oils as a company that they were happy with.  During the time that I have been talking to Paul Dean, Native American and Rocky Mountain were talking about merging and they are now working together, though not in a completely merged capacity.  They hope to join together to offer more quality customer service and educational offerings in the the future.  I look forward to learning more from them.

You might find that shopping with Rocky Mountain Oils is a bit easier than shopping at Native American Nutritionals.  They have fewer oils to choose from (for example, Native American Nutritionals has multiple kinds of several of their oils) for one thing.

Their oils are sourced the same, so just choose the company that you like.

As for all of the questions about 1st, 2nd and 3rd distillation questions, and the like (as we touched on in Personal Attacks, Bias, Distillation and Essential Oils), we’ll be addressing this more in future posts.  I hope to do an Essential Oils 101 Series during which we will address the basics of: – What Essential Oils Are and – How to Use Essential Oils Therapeutically – and More  Sounds great, huh?

I will also make sure we have a time in the future where we can have a time for you to interact with Paul Dean to ask about using oils for different medical conditions. You can also feel free to leave questions in the comments section about other oils companies if you like.

So….now that you have some more information about essential oils, you are likely eager to use them.

There are so many essential oils books on the market — so which one to choose?

Here’s one that I like a lot. The author has a huge assortment of recipes for all kinds of things, but she does not recommend internal use of oils, just so you know.

essential oils book

What are your thoughts?  Please share!

PLEASE NOTE – I have received a ton of inquiries asking me what I think about I think about other essential oils companies.  While I would love to check into all of them for you, I just can’t do that.  I recommend that you read this post on Essential Oils Testing and Quality and see if the brand you are interested in measures up.  I plan to write more about choosing an essential oils company in the near future so stay tuned :).  


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  1. I know you looked into Eden’s Garden and Heritage Essential Oils. If you don’t mind me asking, what were your findings on them? :)

    • I did look into both of them. Frankly, so many of the companies are selling oils from “the experts” and I don’t think, in my opinion, that they are as therapeutic or as pure (as in unadulterated in any form). If there are enough requests like this we could set up a time to look at a bunch of companies on a conference call, perhaps. I think, if you contact those companies, you will find that they are buying from middlemen as well.

      • Gourete Rothenbury says:

        Hi Adrienne,Im not a blogger and it is amazing how many opinions are out there.I enrolled with Doterra 4-5 months ago,and love using their oils.I also get 3 orders of the vitamins for my whole family,the vitamins are their number 1 seller.So,I like your site,there is a lot of good information.I hope that recommended essential oil company gets blessed by your recommendation.I’ve met many of the founders of Doterra and trust them to run an excellent company.Having competition is healthy,keeps every body wanting to do their best.I decided to share Doterra with friends,because,talking about something I like at Walmart,does not produce a financial reward.I get money from Doterra,if i enroll someone,and they like the product too.The founders have told their distributors,if they need to improve a product or add one they will.Continue the good work,I’m sorry you get attacked so much,I prefer to be kind,gentle and friendly.I have children with multiple food,and chemical allergies,and have been successful in keeping every one off meds,healthy,and thriving.I’m certain there are plenty of other wonderful companies out there,and I’m working for one of them.

        • Thanks for your comments and for being so charitable. I appreciate it.

        • Gourete Rothenbury, I was just wondering if your children ever received immunization shots? I have a friend who when she gets her the shots, they have (at least) some kind of food allergy, and her children who never received them do not.

          • I know I am not who you asked but I would like to address this. I agree that vaccinations cause an array of health problems. That having been said, neither of my children have had a single vacation. My DD is 4, she was born with a sever milk allergy, we found she was allergic to eggs by 2 weeks of age. At 2 1/2 she developed an allergy to cats, shell fish, and sage. My DS just turned 2 and started recently reacting to soy sauce. On top of no vaccines, I do my best to minimize their exposure to GMOs, chemicals and so forth. I use steam to clean because as good as vinegar is it is corn which is heavily GMO, though I do use vinegar for certain things. The dairy we have (DD excluded) is at the least hormon free, but generally organic. We by organic on anything we xan afford to. They eat and drink from stainless steel not plastic as a general rule. I use glass as much as I can for food storage. So it is clear to me that allergies can manifest withou vacations, and while trying to eat/live ckean.

            • What glassware do you use?
              What if the top is plastic? Does that transfer toxins if it isn’t touching the food?

              • Betsy Fladung says:

                “That having been said, neither of my children have had a single vacation.” ????

                • I’m guessing it was an autocorrect error and should have been “vaccination” instead of “vacation.”

                  • Julie Lachance says:

                    I am a nurse and I suffer from several severe health issues. After having been going to an extensive list of doctors and tried so many medication and feeling no way better even worst I decided to go onto more Eastern medecine and I saw a big improvement. Though as a
                    nurse and a mom of 3 one of my daughter suffer from Asperger syndrome she is a high functoning autistic i have done ton of research on vaccinations. I can tell you with certainty that it is extremely important for everybody to get vaccination. If you don’t the really bad and deadly viruses that have desappeared are going to come back stronger the ones that haven’t been vaccinated are going to be the ones infecting others. Please have your children vaccinated it will save you, then and others. As for antibiotics I think that they are bad for us because of the over use of them in our society. Chicken soup, essential oils is the best treatments. I believe in an healthy, organic, natural way of living but on what I have seen and know about vaccinations I am very adamant that is VERY IMPORTANT you could actually do a lot more harm by not vaccinating

                    • Do you recommend all of the vaccines and following the schedule?

                    • Baloney

                    • I’m a nurse as well. I don’t have kids, but I do have food allergies myself and have done my fair share of research. I also do vaccinations for a nurse practitioner who does not push any of her patient’s parents into getting vaccinations and if they do want vaccinations she recommends following Dr. Sears’ schedule. This schedule recommends only 1-2 shots a visit (1 month to several months) so the child’s immune system isn’t overwhelmed and can learn to handle one strain at a time. I personally advocate for vaccines because I have personally witnessed the devastating effects of not getting them, but I have also seen what happens when someone has a bad reaction to them and those effects are just as devastating so I don’t tend to force my opinions on people. I do believe in discussion and finding out why certain parents feel one way or another towards vaccinations, but I learned long ago that trying to win the argument wins no one over to the other side. I’ll say this, everything can have a consequence. Don’t get a polio shot, you can risk getting polio and end up in the hospital and potentially expose others to it as well. Get the polio vaccine and end up with an autoimmune reaction. Eat that peanut and end up in anaphylaxis. Go outside and get hit by a car. Everything we do has risks but that shouldn’t stop someone from living life. Whatever you believe is the healthiest option for you and your family is probably the best one. (sorry for the lengthy reply, almost done) That being said, I believe in research from all sides because most sides (including research articles) are biased. That is why I have appreciated this series because it really seems like Adrienne has done her homework. Is it all correct? Perhaps not. But she has a life and wants to live it instead of doing research 24/7, which kind of defeats the purpose of using essential oils in the first place.

                    • Thanks so much – great perspective.

                    • Laura (8/21/14 reply) — AMEN! Great perspective.

            • Agree, you can go use that justification the other way too! Both my kids have had all their vaccinations, and have no food allergies. My sister has not given her kids vaccinations and her kids have multiple allergies, and auto immune issues. I think there’s a lot more that we don’t understand yet. Everyone should just do what they feel is best for their family, with no judging on those who chose a different path.

            • Jocelyn (and anyone else dealing w food alleriges/sensitivites), please look into a “leaky gut” as a possible cause of the problem and the GAPS diet (or something similiar, like SCD or AIP) as a possible solution. Our gut flora is tremendously important and I unknowing severely compromised mine w the overuse of antibiotics, allergy meds, NSAIDS, and birth control pills as a teen. You can do an internet such for what hurts the gut flora, and that gut flora is what we pass on to our babies in birth. Even more trouble can arise for them if iv antibiotics used at the birth or after, or a NICU stay, as well as what they can pick up at the hospital. And it can be even worse if mom couldn’t/didn’t breastfeed (that’s where baby gets the all important probiotics). So a baby/child from a clean-eating family can still have a compromised gut that can manifest as allergies, asthma and any autoimmune disease, autism/ADHD, etc. My personal experience in a nutshell–after being allergic to things watermelon, honeydew, cashews, etc for as long as I can remember (like couldn’t even have things that had touched those things,etc) I started healing from those allergies within 3 weeks on the GAPS diet. I went on it for my son, who despite my best efforts, was not born under ideal circumstances and spent 5 days in the NICU started developing eczema w/i the first 6 months of life (and I knew that was a sign of compromised gut and higher chances of allergies and asthma as he got older). His eczema and my food allergies, seasonal/pet allergies, asthma, digestive problems all vanished w the GAPS diet. (It was extremely educational too–I was totally shocked at what foods I was sensitive to that I ate every day! And it was so neat to watch the body’s ability to heal as a food that I would react to, I could take out and continue the gut-healing protocol, and a week later–no longer sensitive! Neat!) I have also been able to help turn around these things (as well as reducing sickness, seizures, and behavioral issues) in children in my home daycare, using the principles from the GAPS diet that I could implement here, even if they were not followed in their homes–chiefly slowly and steadily increasing their probiotic, broth/gelatin, and cultured and gut-healing foods intake, as well as educating their parents on what to avoid. I say that to say that if this wonderful healing diet seems too hard to implement at the outset, you can implement what gut-healing principles you can and just keep adding them in as you get adjusted to the changes. It is easy and cheaper than store-bought to make your own yogurt, even dairy-free, for example. Kefir is even better. Make your own pickles, kraut, or dilly carrots, but lactoferment them instead of using vinegar. All these are examples of things you can add in, and build on as you get more comfortable (and kids love to help!:)). If you want to do the diet I recommend starting on Full GAPS and then do intro–helps you get adjusted and lessens the detox you go through–unless you have serious health issues that need addressing quickly. Just wanted to put that out there since it has been life-changing for my family and clients. My philosophy is research and do what you can, and as you learn more you can “do better when you know better”!:) For example as I prepare to kinda do a GAPS reboot to get my gut back on track, I am looking into how essential oils can help support me. I know some are great anti-inflammatories and other are great at supporting the detox you need. It’s all a learning process. Blessings for health and healing:)

            • Susan Boyd says:

              I’m just curious, what Young Living products use ingredients with 3 or higher rating on EWG? I use Young Living and am curious. Thanks so much for all the effort you put into getting info out!

            • Jocelyn, This may sound a little ‘dumb blonde’ but what does it mean when you say your 4yr old is DD and the other is DS?

          • I too am a nurse. Here is an interesting article regarding vaccinations and autism. Research is sited and there is a list of medical articles at the end for those who want to research further or confirm what is stated in the following article.


          • My son had food allergies IN UTERO and into his childhood. His autism came on at around 18-22 months old the same way all the “vaccinated kids” do…. except, he wasn’t vaccinated. We ate healthy, no pets, happy home, educated allergy elimination mama, breastfed, he is the only one of me 5 kids who had a problem…

            Bottom line: food allergies and autism can happen to even the most healthy, unvaccinated child.

            • Yes, of course that can happen. I have heard things about metals being passed from mom to baby and am doing more reading about that. I am sorry you have this struggle but I am confident you are caring well for him. May I ask if he was your first?

            • Tracey, did you by chance have preeclampsia/toxemia when pregnant with your son? I just recently read a report that links toxemia to autism. Found it quite interesting. I for one do not believe that vaccines have anything to do with autism.

              • Hi Tammy – fascinating information. I think that it is an insult to the immune system that some can’t handle and I do know that Temple Grandin said that none of the research has been done correctly re: immunizations and autism. Perhaps you have heard of her?

      • Gourete Rothenbury says:

        Question,how do I get your news letter,I’m interested in almonds,de tox product and gluten free recipes.I forgot to mention,I’m a nurse,and work in the NICU here in Colorado Springs.Just discovered a book you might like,Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.I’m sure your busy,but please e mail me,or say hi if you get a chance.

      • Adrienne,
        I went to Eden’s Garden website, and they say they have “taken out every middleman possible” in order to keep costs down. It does seem to leave the door open for some middlemen ‘oil experts’ as you state above. I’ve written to the company to inquire further.

        From Edens Garden website: ” As far as possible, we source our products from organic growers and distillers. Certificate of analysis, specifications and MSDS are available on request. ”
        “Edens Garden takes great pride in providing 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils…[snip] … They are steam distilled/ cold pressed directly from flowers, leaves, bark and wood without any adulteration or synthetic additives, as it was intended, directly from nature.”

        In the meantime, I will be checking into Native American oils based on your extensive research and recommendation, and I want to thank you so much for sharing what you have learned. I’ve just started exploring EO and am not thrilled with the huge mark-up from MLM products.

        I found you via my search for info on Essential Oil companies and plan to sign up for your newsletter / news feed. Looking forward to exploring your past posts in the weeks ahead!

        • Hi. Here is what I have heard about Edens. Only 6 of the oils that are easy to see are organic. I have heard from the owner at NAN that their birch is very low cost and that he knows of no one outside of the US selling pure birch and that with shipping and customs it would be a lot more expensive than that.
          Also, rose absolute and vanilla solvent extracted is not desirable.
          He also said that their oils are below cost for good quality. I hope that helps you.

          The owner of NAN has been perfectly up front when he sees companies with good products so he is not just criticizing companies that aren’t his.

        • So far my essential oil source of choice would be Eden’s Garden, though I’m just now (through am learning about Native American Nutritionals. I just want to know the best source so my comments/questions are for that reason. It seems like everyone has an answer ready to explain why theirs better. :(

          Paula: I would love to hear what response you get from Eden’s Garden on your inquirey. :)

          Adrienne: By stating that the “solvent extracted is not desirable” is that based on preference, or is there documentation that this is a bad practice and will not produce a good quality oil? From Eden’s Garden site, their oils are “steam distilled/ cold pressed directly from flowers, leaves, bark and wood without any adulteration or synthetic additives, as it was intended, directly from nature”

          Carla: as far as the low cost rationale… It seems like offering no wholesale pricing or the ability for income-potential for some individuals would explain the savings offered to everyone across the board rather than some higher pricing that would allow profitability to either a retail store or through membership or MLM. Makes sense to me from what I know.

          I just have a hard time with knowing who and what to believe when everyone is going to be touting their own product over anyone else’s but so far this site has provided the most indepth information I’ve found to date on various companies. Thanks!

      • It appears that NAN and Rocky Mountain Oils have now merged. Would your recommendation still stand with this new development? I had ordered some oils from them and the ones that had the NAN labels seemed to be better quality while the ones that had the RMO seemed to not be so great. Did you look into RMO when doing your research and if so were you as satisfied with them as you were with NAN?

        • They should be the same oils – what did you try? And why did you think they weren’t as good?

          • I had the same experience. The peppermint definitely smells sweeter than YL’s and doesn’t seem to work every time for nausea and headaches. I’m trying to remember when I switched to NAN/RMO from YL because healing from adrenal fatigue and Lyme disease doesn’t seem to be going as well (skin probs increased, feet are itching too now, PMS). It could always be something I’m eating though. My 2nd bottle of nutmeg had the RMO label. Maybe it’s all in my head cause it did make me a little nervous when I saw the labels. I don’t know anything about Rocky Mountain Oils.

            • They have merged so now their bottles are the same I think.

            • I recently started using YL after using Now oils and have seen a lot of difference. I haven’t used many doTERRA oils (only when a friend brought them over). I heard that they were in a lawsuit because the founders of doTERRA left YL and stole trade secrets and there was another lawsuit in which a judge forced doTERRA to admit they were not 100% pure after a few of their oils were tested that were not good quality? I am coming in on the tail end of this and wanting to make sure I don’t waste money on oils that won’t work… however, I can attest that the YL Lemon oil helped cure ringworm at my house, the YL Pan Away has helped my husband and son with muscle pain, and the Thieves is one I am not sure I could live without. I’d love to talk with you on the phone! I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, so I was surprised you didn’t name YL as the winner of your test when some of the oils have worked for me so well.

              • Hi there. They worked for me too. I was surprised at the chemical smell which really threw me off. And some of the other things I mentioned. I like supporting the small farmers and so many more things that NAN does. I am glad you are doing well w/ them though. I hope to write more – thanks!

                The YL doTERRA lawsuits are all a muddle to me now.

              • We have a wrestler….for the ringworm, did you put the lemon directly on it? Did you mix anything else?

      • Thank you for all your research and information you’ve shared! I’ve been using Heritage EO since my daughter was born 2 years ago with Down syndrome. I have been happy with the oils from here. The other night I was invited to learn more about Young Living and was about to place an order. I compared YL and Heritage and found the prices to be VERY different. So I looked at the clary sage on both sites. One thing I really like about Heritage is the ingredients list. I did notice that the clary sage has less than 1% sclareol and over 50% linalyl acetate. I never realized that the oils were mixed before I might add them to a carrier oil!

        So as I’m understanding what you say about the NAN oils is that they are pure {with few exceptions}. Does that mean that the clary sage I would get from them {which is half of what it is offered at from YL} is 100% sclarea? Just trying to figure out which company to go with, as I have been trusting Heritage since they are so up front about what they do.

        • I talked with the owner of Native American and this is what he said:

          There should be only one ingredient in Clary Sage and that is Clary Sage. The Linalyl acetate and Sclareol are chemicals naturally found in the Clary Sage essential oil and are not considered individual ingredients. How and where the plant is grown and the distillation process will produce different chemistries in the essential oils. Normally the Sclareol chemical is less than 0.5% in any given Clary Sage.

          NAN works with the small farms and they extract their oils for the therapeutic properties rather than the oil volume or perfume properties. They keep all their single oils pure and with some of their blends they will mix them with a carrier oil so you can use them right from the bottle. (You can always purchase the blends in the pure neat form too.) So the quality difference is would be compared to a tomato you purchased at a large grocery store chain verses the tomato you grew in your back yard. Both are tomatoes but your own tastes better and the healing qualities are greater.

          Since the industry and laws are such that even though the label says one thing it may contain other harmful ingredients. Most essential oils on the market are distilled from large distillers might be adulterated in some way. I have written two chapters from NAN’s book that will hopefully be available before the end of the year. These chapters will assist you in understanding more about what is happening in the industry and what true quality means.

          I hope that helps.

        • Sheila,
          I have a 12 year old son with Down Syndrome and was wanting
          to know what oils do you use with your daughter, I am a beginner in the
          essential oils and would love to find what would work best for concentration.

      • Do you recommend diffusers?

    • Courtney R. says:

      Natures alchemy? I can get them at a local store which also sells Aura cacia and the employee I spoke with said that Aura Cacia uses solvents on some
      Oils while Natures alchemy uses water distillation only. Have you looked into
      Them? I plan to do some research myself. I am big into researching before buying also.
      I also want to applaud you for sticking to your
      Guns, I was pretty appalled at the reaction from Pappas and others. Who cares they were simply threatened by you. There’s no reason to
      Get so agitated by wanting to “correct misinformation”.

  2. Thank you, Adrienne, for all of the time and work that went into this series! I’ll go check out Native American Nutritionals and give them my business. Thank you for doing all of the leg work!

  3. Thanks so much for all of your research. I will most definitely look at your selected company. Just for my own personal curiosity … did you do any research on the Mountain Rose Herbs company? I don’t even need specifics, but was hoping to gain an overall “good” or “bad” opinion from you if you might be able to provide one?

    • Yes, I did. I couldn’t get enough satisfactory info from them. One person told me that they didn’t recommend using their oils internally b/c their oils weren’t produced in a food grade facility. Other readers were told differently. My last correspondence with them was a bit confusing. I asked them for clarification but couldn’t get it. I was asking more about their sourcing. I really like them as a company but I think I like the continuity of information and expertise at NAN better. Additionally, Mr. Dean is fine recommending internal usage of his oil—within reason. Does that help?

      • It does. There are so many details to wade through ….. it just boggles the mind. I was definitely hoping to see you choose a NON-MLM company; I’m happy to see that you have. Mountain Rose Herbs has better prices, but I do know that we get what we pay for. As much as I dislike paying more for oils, I most certainly prefer quality to quantity. Thanks again.

        • I know, MRH has better pricing, but I really like how NAN does their sourcing and his connection with all of his farmers. It’s really a great way to do business, in my opinion.

        • Yes, Adrienne chose a NON-MLM company, but it is still a company that is paying her commission on affiliate sales (which is not clearly disclosed in this post). Not much different, in my opinion.

          • Hi Alyssa. I did disclose that in the post – right at the bottom. There is a link in the last sentence. And that has in now way affected my decision. I liked this company and chose them and then made this arrangement. I recommend other things on my blog that I don’t get paid anything for (like Theresa Vernon, my Nutritional Balancing practitioner). I recommend her because I really like her and want to share what I like with my readers.

            I don’t have a problem with MLM’s per se, but I do not like the pressure to over buy and I don’t like it when reps make faulty statements and when devotion to a particular company becomes such that someone will admit no wrong. I have already made it clear to Mr. Dean that if something happens down the road where I cannot, in good conscience, recommend his company anymore, then I won’t do so.

            Can you explain why you think it’s wrong for a blogger to get reimbursed for advertising? I see why readers might think so, and there are bloggers who recommend things merely to get paid, but I assure you that I don’t do that. I have passed up many money-making opportunities because I didn’t believe in the product, or just plain didn’t have enough time to spend on the recommendation.

            I hope that clears up your perception of my reasons for recommending this company. I really think NAN is a great company.

            • Yes, I saw your standard blogging disclosure at the very bottom, in small font. Easy for the average reader to miss, which is why in my opinion the relationship was not clearly disclosed within the post.

              I am part of an essential oils MLM. For me, there is no pressure to over buy. There are no monthly minimums. I buy the oils I want at wholesale. I think your statement about the minimums was misleading and makes NAN look much more attractive. The company I am part of is by no means perfect, but their oils work well for my family. However, you do indeed have to purchase a minimum amount each month to earn a paycheck, which is not the case for a simple online affiliate relationship…

              I don’t at all think it is wrong for bloggers to earn money, and never said that. What does not sit right with me is that you have readers who are turned off my MLM’s (like Melody above), but they may not realize you still have financial ties to your declared “winner”.

              I greatly respect the hours of work you put into this series and I don’t doubt that you have done your research. But after you pointed out all the flaws about NAN’s biggest competitors (YL and DT), you then gave your seal of approval to NAN. Obviously that will work out in your favor financially when your devoted readers follow your recommendation. There is no where to sign up as an affiliate on NAN’s website, so I am guessing you made a special arrangement with the owner to recommend his products and receive commissions.

              Aside from all this, it does not appear that NAN has any of their own farms, is that correct? All of their oils are outsourced? It’s great that they are supporting small farmers in third world countries, but how do they ensure that their farming practices are organic every step of the way? You said that your favorite thing about NAN is that their “Oils are not heated, mixed with anything else, or adulterated in any way”. Well, DT and YL say the same thing about their oils.

              I believe that you think NAN is a great company, and would not recommend it to your readers without careful research. But this post does leave me with some questions and concerns about NAN.

              • Hello Alyssa.

                Here are my responses to your comment:

                1. There is a really fine line to walk about disclosures on blogs. I have looked at many blogs to decide what to do. I decided to make mine small not to hide it but to have it not detract from the rest of my writing. I use ads to make money, but I try not to have so many that they impede with the readability of my blog, as I feel ads within a post do. However, I could make a lot more money if I put them there.

                With the disclosure, if you notice I have the one in small print at the end of my post and also at the end of each post again. I might just remove that 2nd one. I feel what I have done is sufficient and some of my favorite bloggers do it that way.

                Sorry if that bothers you but I don’t think I will be changing it.

                2. I am glad you don’t feel pressure to buy, but I think a lot of folks do. I have to do other things to make money from my affiliate relationships and some of that is to provide quality information for my readers. I work very hard at what I do and I assure you, for many many months I made almost nothing from blogging at all. Many, many bloggers make very little money though they work very hard. If my content is lousy then I will make less. I think that makes sense. Do you think the affiliate relationships aren’t fair? If so I would be happy to hear that.

                3. I addressed the disclosure. I think anyone who follow blogs knows that we often link to sites where we have an affiliate relationship.

                4. Yes, I did establish a relationship with NAN. However, that is not unheard of in the blogging world. I was just in touch with another company this week that doesn’t have an affiliate program but they hope to start one and they asked if I would help them pilot their program. So no one else would be able to be an affiliate while I was one, but that wouldn’t be an unethical relationship at all. NAN has different situations, but to my knowledge they hadn’t worked with bloggers until me so this is a new situation for them. I am glad that they have a way to get the word out to others about their oils. And I am glad we were able to work something out. Even if we hadn’t, I would be happy to tell people that they have good quality oils. Again, I have made it very clear that my opinions are honest ones, regardless of my relationship to the company. You and other readers need to decide if you believe me or not. I can’t control that. I can only control how I communication information to you. I think I have done a lot to earn yours and other readers’ trust.

                5. NAN doesn’t have their own farms. You are free to ask Mr. Dean about how he performs quality control. I think, however, that Mr. Young and the owners of DT must have a tough time having quality control as well. doTERRA doesn’t own the farms where they get their oils from and clearly those at the highest level of that company don’t know what is happening with their peppermint oil–and they don’t have a wide variety of oils to know facts about. I have talked in great detail with Mr. Dean about his oils and believe me–he really knows his products. I hope to have the chance for you all to talk with him in the future so you can ask whatever questions you would like.

                6. Regarding your statement about YL and doTERRA, yes doTERRA says that they don’t heat their oils, but the scientist who tests their oils stated in comments on my site that he thinks their peppermint is redistilled. In my mind, that is adulterated, but you need to decide what you think.

                You are right that trust is involved. I feel that I have examined Mr. Dean in great detail about his company and his oils and I haven’t found any reason not to trust him. You are free to contact him as well.

                I hope my answers have addressed your questions adequately. Thanks for commenting!

                • Just wondering if you spoke with the owners of doTERRA and Young Living as well as Mr. Dean?

                  I’m sure the owners of those companies would also know their products. Just wondering if you had the opportunity to do so, or not due to the size of their company.

                  • I tried to contact them but got an assistant to Dr. Hill only. As for YL, I had a very hard time getting info out of them. One question took several months and another I never got a response back. Obviously, they are big and it’s tougher to get responses.

                • Hoping that you have changed your disclosure policy. I know this is an old post, but it’s an excellent idea to go back on all posts and put a disclosure at the top of your post in the same size as your main content. This is not only an FTC guide, but google will drop your page rank if you aren’t following this guideline. I’d hate that to happen to you.

                  • Hi there Jana. My understanding is that the disclosures need to be changed going forward from the time of the new regs. Do you know anything different? Thank you!

                • Whew! This site has become a bit of a black hole for me lol. I am a bit obsessive when it comes to researching a product I have set my sights on and, as a newbie to the world of essential oils, this was another situation that rendered some serious computer time. I have spent hours on several blogs over the past few days while trying to land on the right EO company for my family and before finding your site I had been directed to look into two companies, My Butterfly Oils and NOW essential oils. Any chance you’ve heard anything on either of them? I had never heard of NAN before finding your blog but am currently checking them out as I trust much of what I’ve seen on your blog so far =) Thanks!

                  • I haven’t heard of my Butterfly. If it’s B Express then I am not keen on them. I touched on it and am hoping to do a follow up post. Thanks. NOW the same. I have to spend more time and get more info together but they aren’t organic or wild crafted for one. Thanks!

              • Alyssa, I think anyone who reads blogs regularly will assume, with a post like this, that the blogger has an affiliate link. It’s a pretty common practice, so common that it is regulated now, hence her disclaimer at the bottom. She has been pretty transparent, especially compared to other blogs I have read. There is always a certain amount of buyer beware so it seems your post is a little unfair.

              • GeezLouise!
                Stop looking for controversy where there is none. There is nothing wrong with getting an affiliate commission, only when that is the sole purpose for recommendation.

                You have to agree that this blogger has provided thorough research, invested a humongous amount of time, and provided rich content. Just because someone comes to a conclusion and then chooses to go with that result for herself does not automatically taint results. If you recall, the writer had memberships with other companies in the list that she has been accused of bad-mouthing. That would not make sense if she is trying to make money through them, correct?

                Seriously, let it go. Drop the jade-color glasses.

              • I also was taken off guard to see that the company recommended out of all the top oil companies is one where as a distributor you would make money. Especially a company that I am sure many have never heard of. I personally use Young Living. I appreciate the fact that they are the only essential oil company that actually owns their own farms. They also do all their own distillation. There are even countries that allow YL in to farm but won’t allow others. Also, there is no need to spend a minimum of $100.00 each month. That state is a lie and quite misleading. In order to receive a paycheck you would need to spend that but if you only want to buy the oils and not distribute then you can buy on your own schedule, not someone elses. I do buy each month and I never have an overstock of oils. If you have an overstock then perhaps you aren’t using them as much as very serious essential oil users who use them to treat most every healthcare need. Like myself.

                • HI Misty. I am happy to address any concerns anyone has w/ my choice of companies.

                  First, I chose the company before knowing any way that I could make money. I assume you are saying that you are taken aback b/c I am able to make money as an affiliate with Native American? I guess I continue to be puzzled by this. Bloggers spend a TON of time and money making their blog run. I pay hosting fees, domain fees, and now I am going to pay email delivery fees. I also spend a ton of money on my computer, internet, photography, and for this series I spent literally thousands on oils. I was making money with YL and doTERRA and was even told that I could likely make $8,000 per month with doTERRA but I chose to walk away from that to recommend a company that I think has better quality. And I assure you I have never made $8,000 in a month with them.

                  I am the first blogger to have an affiliate program with Native American and that is the way things go in blogging world. You can recommend a company without a way to make money (which I do) or you can sell a product yourself or become an affiliate. I do all 3 and I do them with integrity. I will never recommend something I don’t like. I used to sell insurance and I made it my business to not know commission structures so that I wouldn’t recommend what made me the most money–instead I recommended what I thought the client needed.

                  We all have to watch our hearts and I do that all the time.

                  You make some good points about YL, but could you tell me what country you are talking about re: YL being the only one in there? I am not meaning to be contentious, but if you mean Oman it is not true. That information is incorrect and Mr. Dean from NAN has Omani Frankincense now.

                  Regarding the $100 – I didn’t say you need to spend that – I was just making the point that it is easy to go overboard on spending to get discounts and commission and end up w/ a ton of extra oils. I did use my oils a lot but I was careful about internal use b/c I found out that it can be really dangerous to overuse.

                  I really appreciate your adding to the dialogue and I don’t want you to take any of this the wrong way but I do need to represent myself fairly when accused of something.

                  I’m glad you like YL and feel it is helping you but I think I have chosen a better company. Thanks again and I hope to see you around again.

                  • I have just been going through these comments and I must agree with the fact that I have absolutely no problem with you making a profit from NAN after all of your work. In fact due to your blogs here I just put in a large order and made sure I used your name. Paul was very helpful to me and I am very anxiously awaiting my order.
                    I have never used any essential oils before and I live in pain every day. I had spent about a week looking into “Young Living” until I came across your blog. I just googled YL vs other oils and got your blog. After reading all of your information I went with your choice. I mean I was to the point where I had contacted somebody, they had contacted me back and we were going to go over everything tonight! I never gave them the chance! You want to know why? Because in one of your comments you said you had to PURCHASE $100 worth of product a month. Now you are saying no, you don’t have to do that and you didn’t say that. I promise you did because I have just read every one of your blogs and comments in the last 24 hours. NAN just may be the very best oils but Young Living might be too. I put my complete trust in you and I feel now as if I was deceived….I didn’t give the other lady a chance and just maybe I didn’t have to spend another $100 a month.

                    • HI there.

                      I am a little confused about your comment. I believe what I said in my post is that you need to purchase $100 per month (approx) in order to get the freebies that they offer which is how most reps justify the high prices of YL. You buy at the wholesale price (rep price) but to get the real savings you need to do that. Does that help?

                      I am not trying to deceive anyone. I have other concerns about YL – some of which I shared in my posts. I would consider those as well.

                    • Cherie…Adrienne is absolutely incorrect. You do NOT have to spend $100 a month to get “freebies”. If you want to get “rewards”, you have to spend a minimum of $50 per month. That is not even required tho. You do NOT have to business build with Young Living. Her comment was VERY misleading and has obviously swayed people, as yourself, to go with a company that she endorses. YL OWNS their own farms. They are the ONLY company allowed to legally source Sacred Frankincense from Oman. I think it’s very unfair to other companies when things are miscommunicated the way they have been in this blog. Very disappointed in this blog.

                    • Hi there. I was not incorrect. I was stating that many reps bank on the discounts that they get in order to justify signing up and part of those discounts are the freebies that the company has each month. This is for YL and doTERRA both. I did not say it was required. I said it was a strong incentive. And I was not trying to “sway” people. I am giving my honest opinion.

                      Native American sources Sacred Frankincense from Oman and it is BOGO today. $65 for 15 ml so you can get 15 ml for $32.50 today. That really beats YL’s pricing of $69.76 wholesale, last I checked, but I do think that the price has gone up b/c I see the retail price is more expensive.

                      I am not trying to say too much here, but this is one of the things that bothers me about YL. They are not the only company that can get Sacred Omani Frankincense. It just isn’t true, but so many people think that. If anything is misleading, it is that. Not my statement about the ordering for reps. I hope that makes sense.

                      If you still think I have misrepresented something please let me know. I do the best I can to get good, honest information out to my readers. Thanks :).

                    • michelle says:

                      To get the freebies each month on young living you have to spend a minimum of 190.00 and not all products are 1$ for 1 pv. so yes the reps want you to sign up for the rewards program so they can earn a monthly check on the rewards program you must spend 50$ each month it’s nearly impossible not going over by 10$ at least! and that’s before tax and shipping, I think it’s ridiculous. Also they won’t empty your cart after you order for that month so if you forget or don’t have time to change it before your date on the next month you will get the same stuff you ordered the previous month. I ask them why they do this and they said they are too large to go in the computer and empty each and every customers carts. I like the oils from young living but I think they are way to expensive and I get so tired of the reps pushing and pushing. for the first 3 months the reps get 40% of what you order then get 50$ every sign up.

                    • That’s silly about the being too large. The system can be programmed to time out and empty after a certain amount of time.

                  • Hello again, Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon. I really didn’t mean to come off sounding the way I did. When I read your response and reread what I had written I did not like the way I had verbalized myself and for that I apologize.
                    Anyway, my oils just came today and I am very excited to get started with them. I believe I will start with just one, “True Blue” for pain for a few days before I incorporate any others. Possibly the Peppermint oil if needed because I suffer with migraines too…but I want to take it slow so I know how my body reacts to each oil. I purchased a kit of 10 oils plus another 4 to get started. Since I am new to oils and it sounds like you have been using them for a while how long should I use an oil in between starting another one. I did also purchase “Bevonne’s” book to help me out.

                    • Hi Cheri. I appreciate that. It’s hard to know how one comes across, you know? You’re very kind to come back and say that.

                      I would love to hear what you think after you try them – blessings!

                    • @Cheri:
                      If you suffer with chronic pain as I do, I would highly suggest NAN’s “Soothing Relief” for muscular/sciatic and headache pain :) It works amazingly well :) Only use blends that contain “Wintergreen” essential oil (True blue, soothing relief, pain ease) a couple of times a week because of possible toxicity!! Even though it is not listed for pain relief on NAN’s website, the “Vision” (I-see-U) is excellent for all types of pain that can be used safely for chronic pain conditions ;) The ingredients are very effective in reducing inflammation: “Helichrysum” (anti-inflammatory, nerve regteneration, analgesic, nervine, detoxifies liver, bruise relief, sore tense muscles, Super Arnica) “Frankincense” (calming, anti-inflammatory, deepens breathing, detoxes body, anxiety) “Lavender” (calming, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing) “Cypress” (anti-inflammatory, circulation and lymphatic stimulant, relieves muscle tightness, detoxifier) “Eucalyptus” (cooling effect, anti-inflammatory, immune system) and “Lemongrass” (anti-inflammatory, muscle tightness, ligament repair, muscle repair, detoxifier) Hope this helps you on a pain free, aromatherapeutic lifestyle ;)

                    • One of my favorite blends by NAN is “Soothing Relief” (Deep Relief) and “Aligning” (Valor) for chronic pain relief!! I usually use the “Aligning” on the bottom of my feet (on the spine vita-flex points) and apply the “Soothing Relief ” topically to my sore, tense muscles or areas of nerve/muscle pain !! Unfortunately I cannot use the “Soothing Relief everyday because of the prolonged toxicity of Wintergreen oil that it contains (it can be used infrequently with moderate safety though ;) I really like the “Arthritis” blend that NAN has, because it smells wonderful, and the oils that it contains can be used safely for chronic pain conditions!! My only problem is that it makes me very tired/relaxed when I use it during the daytime for pain relief. Are there any blends (“First Aid” maybe?) or single oils that can be blended with “Arthritis” to offset the sedating nature?? Would you suggest any blends that can be used for chronic pain conditions (without: Marjoram, wintergreen, etc!) ? Any DIY recipes? I am trying to set up an aromatherapeutic chronic pain regimen that I can use to manage my pain, instead of resorting to pharmaceutical drugs!! I appreciate your continued support and assistance ;)

                  • I just came across this blog and, although I have not read all your comments or replies, I did read that you said the story about YL being in Oman is not true? Is that what you meant to say. That is incorrect. Gary Young has a personal relationship with Oman and Young Living is the ONLY essential oil company that is allowed to grow and export from Oman. Why? Because Oman was experiencing a shortage of the species Boswellia Sacra (a/k/a Sacred Frankincense), and did not want outsiders to cause depletion of the plant. Gary Young offered to grow the plants and to REplant right there in Oman. It shouldn’t be too hard for you to validate this for yourself.

                    • I mean to say that Gary’s claim that he has the only Omani Sacred Frankincense is not true. There are others including Native American Nutritionals. Plus, NAN’s is a ton cheaper.

                    • I think there is some confusion on the wording here. T is saying that YL is the only company allowed to farm and grow their own Sacred Frankincense while Adrienne is stating that NAN *buys* SF from Onan.

                      Adrienne I have another question. I have heard that NAN only relies on testing done by the oil producers themselves, yet you have stated that they are retested by NAN. Can you give more info on this?

                    • As for the testing, this is from the owner of NAN:

                      They have their oils retested themselves. They deal with the small farms that do not have testing equipment.

                  • Well, first let me say I am so grateful for all your time & effort to research the various EO’s. I must say I’m very new to them & with a friends recent involvement in YL, I became interested & did sign up after she had shared some oils w/ me for osteoarthritis. Now I do not like MLM’s at all. I think that people I have met in YL so far have been nice & my friend did not pressure me at all. However, I have heard comments from others I have met that so ‘n so has so many signed up under her…thus the potential….it’s a turn off to me. Sometimes I feel MLM sellers develop a gray area between “helping others ” and “building” their business. Now I have no problems w/ salesmen…my husband is one but will not encourage anyone to buy his company’s product if not needed nor will he degrade a competitor if it’s a good product. He’ll just give the facts as far as differences, pros & cons & let the customer decide. He’s very sucessful cause he’s ethical & trusted. Thus there’s nothing wrong with some people who love the MLM Co. products, deciding to go w/ them. However, then why oh why is it wrong for you, Adrienne to receive compensation through blogging when you endorse a company that you have researched & spent time, money, etcetera… Seems very hypocritical to me. Girls…it’s just a different model to make a living. Do you really think that Adrienne would recommend NAN if she didn’t believe in them? Why is it ok for you at MLM’s ( now I recently signed w/ YL) to sign people up & make money off of them? I must say I’ve read several websites recently, including this one, where EO’s have been researched & the results by the person did not choose YL or Do terra….& it’s interesting that the negative people were MLM users. So disappointing. Guys, you should be glad that people are interested in EO’s & are just learning what’s best for them. Isn’t there room for more than one great company? It will make them all better…for me I’m willing to be open & try NAN too….I’m not married to YL! Adrienne you appear to be a kind, bright, gracious young lady. Bless you and your work!

                    • You are so kind. I really appreciate it. I’ve mentioned this before, but I was told that I could make about $8 per month w/ doTERRA and I know others making more than that so this was not a money-making move for me. Quite the opposite. I had people under me with both companies and I let that go.

              • She mentioned at the beginning of this post that she was an affiliate. It’s is there plain as day. It is also listed at the bottom as you mentioned.

              • (Disclaimer. Just to be clear, I did not choose this company because I was able to become an affiliate for them, but I am one. I decided to work with them and then we made an arrangement where I could partner with them via my blog. If you make a purchase after clicking through to their site from mine, I will earn a commission, but your price remains that same. I so appreciate your support and hope you enjoy your oils!)

            • You also disclaimed it at the top of the page, quite clearly:

              (Disclaimer. Just to be clear, I did not choose this company because I was able to become an affiliate for them, but I am one. I decided to work with them and then we made an arrangement where I could partner with them via my blog. If you make a purchase after clicking through to their site from mine, I will earn a commission, but your price remains that same. I so appreciate your support and hope you enjoy your oils!)

              Thanks so very much for all the hours you put into this project! It was incredibly helpful to me and to my daughter as we are just learning (albeit pretty quickly) about EO’s and were in the process of deciding who we wanted to affiliate with. I plan to call NAN on Monday to see if we can arrange something. As a (part) Native American, myself, I always love to support my people and am so happy they are the company you ended up choosing!!! :)

            • Amen…..

          • Pretty obnoxious comment, Alyssa.

            • I agree. I know that Adrienne has spent hundreds of hours on this one post, doing so much research behind the scenes that many of us either don’t know how to do, or don’t have the time to do. I don’t mind at all if she receives a small commission based upon sales at NAN. And her disclosure was pretty obvious to me when I read through her email version of this post.

              • Thanks, Julieanne. You know, if I really wanted to make money I could have posted the recommendation without doing the sale with NAN. But I wanted you all to save money :). I’m glad it was obvious to you.

                • Adrienne,

                  We appreciate all your efforts. You did and still continue to put forth good hard honest work for the good of mankind….all while running your own house and being mom who faces challenges. I admire you and thank you so much! You even go out of your way to have the annual Group Buy for those who shop GreenSmoothieGirl. You rock girl!!!

                  • Does GreenSmoothieGirl have any issue with you affiliating with NAN since I just read that all her coaches use and rep DT???

          • Can you imagine the number of HOURS Adrienne spent RESEARCHING for this series–for us to read for FREE? I think some compensation is in order. Bloggers work HARD and are often not paid a dime.

            • Thanks, Erin. I appreciate your mentioning this. And beyond our time, you know well that there are costs for having a blog, hosting it, paying for anti-spam software, etc. It definitely isn’t something that costs us nothing. :).

            • Very true. The only option other than what our blogger has done is to require you to pay a fee to read her site. Of course then the people who have been given a FREE platform to voice their opinions would think twice whether it was worth their time and money to be so critical on a public forum.

              Thank you for your time an effort to research the essential oils. I for one love the fact you are able to be compensated for your time and effort. No complaints here!

          • Inez Aultman says:

            I read it in there right off, and was only skimming the article with several distractions. I’m 51 and menopausal to boot. I think you doth protest too much.

          • I beg to differ! Adrienne CLEARLY states this in EVERY article she posts! You, perhaps are not LOOKING or reading far enough into her posts! Please, go back and ReREAD all of her posts where she recommends a product or gives a link and you will see.

      • Thank you so much for all your hard work! I’m excited to check out your recommendation of NAN, as I’ve been eagerly following your research this year. I really respect all of your hard work and research.

        I’m sorry to hear about the discrepancy in information you received from Mountain Rose Herbs, and I’m hoping it was just a misunderstanding. I have ordered from them for years now (herbs, EOs, and other ingredients) with absolute satisfaction, and found them to be an outstanding company in both quality and philosophy.

        As to internal use of their oils, I did want to point something out. When you click on the “Learn More” link for each individual oil at MRH, you will see a kind of general “Disclaimer” at the bottom of each page saying “Do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner.” In the safety data specifically for that herb it will say if that herb is not recommended for internal use.

        For example:

        Tea Tree oil
        “Safety Data: May cause skin irritation. Not for internal use.”

        Rosemary oil
        “Safety Data: Avoid in epilepsy, hypertension, and while pregnant. Avoid with homeopathics. ”

        They are very specific in their recommendations because of the individual safety of the herb itself used in different ways. For example, the dried herb of Sage is fine used internally following some precautions, but because it concentrates the effects of the active constituents, which can be quite “strong” to put it mildly, the oil cannot be recommended for internal use. Even the dried herb itself should not be used long term.

        I personally prefer this “individual” oil approach to safety, rather than a blanket statement that a company’s oils are safe for internal use, because, well, many just aren’t. I would like to urge everyone to always research the specific herb/oil itself, no matter which company they decide to purchase from.

        Wow – that reply ended up much longer that I meant it to! Anyway, I am now off to NAN to check out their products.

        Thanks again for all of your hard work!

        • Thanks! NAN does give an individual approach (as YL and doTERRA did, as well) that some oils are not OK for internal use. I haven’t completely figured out MRH oils and I know many who use tea tree oil internally so I don’t know how to respond to that. Maybe someone else can chime in.

          • Sorry if I implied that NAN didn’t use an individual approach with regards to internal use of their oils. I wasn’t meaning to infer that at all. Please excuse my 8 month pregnant brain for not catching how my wording could be taken when I wrote them.

            As for tea tree oil, a quick google search will bring up a lot of info regarding it’s toxicity if taken internally (meaning actually swallowed, not just used in a mouthwash or toothpaste, etc. and spit out). It can cause hallucinations, coma, vomiting, and blood cell abnormalities (according to the American Cancer Society) .

            The info I can’t seem to find is at what level it reaches toxicity. A few drops? A milliliter? An ounce? I’m guessing it’s in larger amounts which is why some people have used it without bad effects. I imagine that it varies greatly by person (a child would reach a toxic level before a full grown adult for example).

            My curiosity is piqued. I’ll have to do a bit of my own research now!

            By the way, I am seriously considering an order from NAN and I will definitely use your link if I do. I feel you have more than earned any affiliate commissions you get :-)

            • Oh, no worries. Let me see if I can find out for you :-).

            • I have been with Young Living essential oils since 2005. I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer 3C the chemo stopped working and I at a week stage in the cancer game started to look for alternatives. I will be forever grateful to my wellness coach for directing me to the Young Living company. This company has the purist frankincense oil out there. I would never trust any oil company that can’t show you the land and on location distillers and laboratories for the intricate production of essential oils. Remote location doesn’t mean that the oils are pure only a lab test can tell you this. Did you go on site of all fields you researched or did you do your research from your computer at home?

              • Hi Kate. I am so glad to hear you are doing well. I am aware of YL’s special Frankincense from Oman, but interestingly, NAN is coming out with Frankincense from there as well. I didn’t know about that when I recommended them…that is a fairly recent development. And NAN is going to travel to the farms where they are getting their oils from and take films so that people can see where the plants are being grown. I think it is great that YL allows folks on their farms…is it on all of the farms? And I agree that remote location doesn’t mean that the oils are pure. In fact, even a lab can’t tell you that. The labs are being fooled all the time by “smart” people–much the same way that athletes fool the doping tests. You really need to know your company and the farmer. Much like is the case with farming.

                Of course I didn’t go on site to do my research. I would have to be a very rich lady to do that. – I am sure you can understand what kind of money that would take. I spent hours and hours doing research and still do some as I can. I made it very clear to NAN that if there were a problem with something about their company in the future that I wouldn’t be able to recommend them any longer. And I will share that with my readers if that happens. So far they have proven themselves to be ethical in all of my dealing with them. And with my readers as well. Thanks for reading!

              • Can you share what you used? A person contacted me who has ovarian cancer as well and we are looking for what worked.

        • Here is the owner of NAN’s response regarding tea tree and other oils. Hope this helps!

          The whole tea tree and internal use of essential oils is very much in controversy. Basically a lot of companies like to HYPE up the internal use of the oils because you sell more oil that way.
          Really the oils are so powerful, unless you are specifically dealing with an issue in the digestive tract, there are much better ways to use the oils. The quickest way for an oil to get into your blood stream is through the lungs. Just smelling the oils will rapidly get them into the blood.
          Now I really like using some oils for internal use. Like Lemon and Celery seed I love to put a drop in my water when I drink it. They flush out the toxins and assist in healing the body. With internal use, you have to be careful because the oils are so antibiotic they can kill off your good intestinal flora. So if you are taking the oils in larger amounts, ten plus drops a day, you will want to supplement with a good Probiotic.
          With Tea Tree for internal use, it all depends on why you are using it. Yes tea tree and almost all other oils can be toxic, but so can water. When I was reading about tea trees toxicity, I would have to drink three gallons of it to kill me off —- about the same with water – lol — and believe me if I drank just an ounce I probably would feel so sick I would wish I was dead.
          So as long as you are using the oils with wisdom and not chugging down bottles of the oils, you should be just fine. The four oils I tell people not us use internally even in small amounts are Birch, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus globulus, and Eucalyptus radiata. Those are harmful or deadly in small ounce amounts.

          • Thank you, Adrienne! I was kind of thinking it was something along these lines, but it’s good to know for sure. That is pretty much in line with what I have been able to discover. I did find out that Tea Tree oil is very dangerous for cats. It turns out that their livers don’t process the oil properly. There have been many cases of owners applying Tea Tree oil to their cats coats to repel fleas (which it does very well). The cats then lick their coats, ingesting the oil, and they end up dying from liver failure :-( This has been mainly with undiluted Tea Tree oil, but even diluted can make your kitty very sick. There have been cases of dogs getting sick also, but it’s usually not so toxic to them.


            • Most EO are bad for cats. It isn’t just tea tree that their livers can’t process. Cats lack the liver enzymes to process the terpenes in essential oils. Tea tree in any form is toxic, but peppermint, lavender, any citrus are also often recommended for use with cats but are also very dangerous for use around cats. And it isn’t just don’t use ON the cats – but don’t use in household cleaners or in diffusers around cats. There’s an easy to read article, if you want to really get into the science I recommend the pdf of the lavender cat site that was referred to in the cat lovers article.

          • Laurie L says:

            WOW! He really does know his stuff. This is great information to have.

            Thanks for clearing all this up.

          • Inhaling something absolutely will not pass it on to the bloodstream, this is bunk! Otherwise we’d probably die when filling up at the gas station.

            • Hi Katie. I appreciate your comment, but I respectfully disagree with you. This publication should prove to be interesting. When you small something, you are inhaling it which means it is entering into your lungs, which is one of your body organs. Substances can for sure enter your body via your lungs.

              I’d love to hear what you think. I found this to be very eye opening.

              • Funny thing – my kneejerk reaction was to agree with Katie, but as soon as I looked at the link you gave, I remembered all those articles I’ve been reading recently about Hanford workers’ health being ruined by inhaling toxic/radioactive steam. Combine that with the kids I knew in high school that died or got very sick from huffing glue, and I realized that Of Course inhaling something can get it into your bloodstream quickly! For that matter, when I was in the restaurant industry, we were warned to nevernevernever mix bleach and ammonia because the fumes were toxic. Maybe there’s a difference between how toxic fumes get into the bloodstream and how EOs get there, but I don’t know what it is.

                Very, very interesting reading. I was This Close to making an order through a friend, and setting up an account with an MLM; the only things holding me back were the “incentives” to overbuy (and I have a number of friends and family members that own way more oils than they’ll ever use because they “had to buy to keep the discounts going”), and the fact that every MLM I’ve ever researched – not just EOs – overpriced their products 20-60% in order to cover commissions and rewards.

                Lots of “Hmmmmm” going on over here. Thanks!

                • You are so welcome! It’s hard to figure all of this out – and of course we can’t. But the glue analogy is perfect. I taught in Japan for a year and some of the kids in the fishing village were so messed up on that glue it was terrible.

  4. Thank you so so much for all your hard work :) I currently use DoTERRA, because that was what I found to work so well for us but I am going to check out NAN. I might just like them better :)

  5. I may have just missed it in your post (so much great info!) but was wondering is their oil is Therapeutic grade? Any recommendations for someone like myself who’s completely new to essential oils on what to start with first from Native American Nutritional? So excited to try these – I’ve been waiting for your post all week!!!

    • Hi Kimberly. Therapeutic Grade is a made up term. Native American’s oils are just as good as, if not better than, the “therapeutic grades” of the other companies. I would think you could try one of their kits to start…..but I really like peppermint, eucalyptus, spice traders, oregano, serenity, lavender, orange. They have nice kit offerings listed on the left side of their home page. Hope that helps!

  6. Have you used these oils? I cant seem to find where you explained how they work?

    • Yes, I have. Can you tell me what you mean by “how they work?” Are you interested in knowing about essential oils in general, or this company in specific?

      • Sorry for that. I meant have you had success using the oils for treatment.I have so much info in my head concerning oils and everything about them I am some what rattled… I have been looking at their site and LOVE the fact he talks about the Holy Spirit! I am trying to figure out what Copal Oils are? Cant seem to find that either. Could you help with that and also, I have Auria Cascia and Ananada oils that I haven’t used because I have been waiting to see your review on them. Could you give me any info you found on them? Btw…. If you have found me a trustable oil company then I sure don’t mind you making some money from that. Thanks A lot! I will enjoy being able to talk with Paul Dean myself.

        • Copal is just another name for essential oils. That confused me at first as well. I can’t go into everything right now but most companies are buying their oils from “experts” and I don’t like what I have heard about their practices personally. Also Ananda rewards customers for positive reviews which I find to be a little disconcerting.

          Thanks for saying that about the money. I would have recommended him without the money anyway. I’ve honestly represented what I found and thankfully, I am able to make something doing it. The income from this blog has helped our family with our natural health treatments that were really getting to be a problem before and I am very thankful for it. I am coming out of adrenal burnout and it is sure not a fun place to be.

          • You are very welcome and you have NOT in anyway lead me to believe that you chose American Native Nutritionals for the money you could get. As far as the other companies I asked about. Just needed that last bit of info to confirm what I was thinking. Thanks again.

          • Copal is from several evergreen trees, mainly in central Mexico. The primary one is Bursera bipinnata. and is referred to as ‘spiritual food of the gods’. It is used in Meso-American ceremonies. Beware of copal resin now coming from Indonesia. It is NOT even close to the fragrant sweetness of good Mexican copal. I have sold this copal for years but now have trouble obtaining it because US customs is making it hard to bring across the border…might be drugs. I know Mexicans who bring it across for ceremony.

            • Native American uses the term copal for this reason:

              We put the “copal” in place of “essential oil” because it was more traditional and also because we wanted to seprate ourselves from all the other companies. (The term copal literally means the extract of a plant.)

              I hope that helps. Sorry for the delay – just now weeding through old comments.

  7. I’ve been lurking around here for two days now laughing that you were probably feverishing preparing this eagerly anticipated post!!!!

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work in bringing this resource to us. As I am of a similar nature and just not satisfied until I’m satisfied, I know that you wouldn’t announce until you were proud of your choice (and as sure as you could be). So without further ado, I’m going to the Native American Naturals website….if I’m not back, I got captured by native americans…’s easy for me to get lost…LOL.

    • Yes, it was a flurry of work considering I had my big raw almond group buy came in this week as well and I have been dealing with that….and personal stuff too! Thanks! I did have more questions for NAN over the past month as well, while dealing with all of the questions of readers, etc., in order to make sure I really felt good about my decision!

      You’re too funny! I hope you like it with the natives :).

      • Oh I am captured for sure, and checking the prices just randomly against doTERRA (with my discount) NAN is mostly cheaper, i.e., 15ml Thyme $19.00 vs. Thyme 27.50, Basil $20 v. $16, plus what’s so nice is that you get a choice of sizes and retailers can buy bulk too…

        Other than the website being a little lacking technically (some links don’t work), it seems like a really good company…did you check out the free massage videos? How cool is that?

        without even knowing anything other than what you said and my own observations from being on the site for a couple of minutes is that native american cultures and paul dean specifically have a tradition of natural healing which feels more authentic to me than an MLM.

        Back to the reservation….oh, Adrienne, would it be okay to ask you a couple of business-y questions off-line from here?? What’s your email address?

        • They would love to know what links aren’t working. I have told Mr. Dean that his site is clunky. Gradually I think they will change that.

          I didn’t see the massage videos – thanks! I have been swamped with so much that I haven’t been on his site much recently.

          You can email me at wholenewmom at gmail :).

          • I was on the NAN site several months ago when purchasing a couple of oils to try, and I thought it was hard to get around the site, not visually appealing, and looked like something that was commonly found in the 1990s.

            …but their oils are excellent, at least those which we have tried! :)

            I do hope, however, that they can upgrade their website to 2013 standards with the ease of use, wider screen option, and more visual appeal. I always feel a bit uncertain about buying something online when I can’t see a photo of it. :)

            • I think their site needs work as well. Let them know that. I would love to see it work better. I will pass your comments along but you could make some nice noise as well :).

            • Well, I just visited the site again, and it has been improved here and there. :) Nice!

              • Great!!

                • I wasn’t on their website back in January but I LOVE the NAN website now! It gives so much info about each oil. I have learned so much just hanging out there. I have been soooo disappointed in YL’s website and actually ordered YL oils from Amazon a couple times because I knew it would be so much faster, less frustrating, and the same price. I had a prob with NAN’s website once and emailed them. They were in the process of changing things and info wasn’t showing up. They got back to me right away, as they have several other times when I’ve had questions. I love them! Thank you for finding them!!

        • Unfortunately for me the links that are not working happen to be the “checkout” portion of their website:-( I contacted them and was told it would be fixed…..still not:-(
          Hope this gets straightened out since I needed the oils and ended up by from MRH before reading about them here…not am worried about using what I purchased:-(

      • it’s Chrome, not their website..I always forget that…I don’t know why Chrome can be so problematic for so many sites as it’s a very popular browser, but whatever.. when I used it in Firefox it was fine…

        And add my voice to the ones who couldn’t care LESS whether you make money or not from a company you can feel your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for products you talk about and so if there’s a business relationship as well, good for you.

        Affiliate marketing is only sleazy if that’s it’s only purpose…This is an entirely different animal, a content-rich blog on so many topics and levels and you give away so much free information and of yourself, how could anyone even go there.

        There, I said it and I don’t care…

        • Glad to hear it. I haven’t had issues w/ their links and I use Chrome. I LOVE Chrome and wish there were never issue w/ it.

          I love how you put that, Janice. Honestly, that means so much. I hope you like their products!!

        • Karen McConnaughey says:

          Yes, my husband won’t let me use Chrome, because it screws up some websites. Thanks for letting me know that’s part of the problem.

          • Hmmm…what happens when you use Chrome? I love it for speed and security but I have having issues with it right now.

            • Karen McConnaughey says:

              Seriously, I don’t know how you do it…I read through all these comments. I am so impressed by your professionalism and research in your replies. It was quite enlightening. I look forward to receiving your posts and appreciate your personal replies.

              Now on to the specific discussion…I had just asked my husband recently about Chrome, and how he is constantly having to ask our boss (when something doesn’t look quite right to her on our website) “Are you on Chrome?” to remind her that if something doesn’t look right to check the same page through FireFox. My husband is an IT Consultant. However, just now, when I asked about about the challenges with Chrome, he said it’s much better now than when it first started, and that I could start using it if I like. Go figure! So…there we are…not a clue whether to try it or not, but I guess I will, because the people who love it, really love it!

              • Thanks!!! I had to clear my whole history and turn the computer off and now it’s working fine. I thought I had done all that but….well, thankfully it’s all better :). I really appreciate your coming back to tell me!

  8. Thanks for all your work. Will definitely check out the products; however being new to essential oils what is a good starting place for what to have on hand? I know you will be addressing this but since the promo runs through next week I’d like to make a couple of wise choices.
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Mitzi. I think they have nice Copal (EO) kits on their site. I personally would try the Emergency Kit to start since I am mainly looking to oils to help with medical issues. I like using them to help with moods and such, as well, but this is the main reason I wanted to get involved with them. Tell me what you think!

  9. Glad to see your final recommendation, I’ve been excited to hear what it was- definitely not as long of a wait as The Lord of the Rings! :)

  10. Great info – I appreciate it so much!

  11. Elizabeth Stout says:

    Thank you for this!
    Please share your findings on the other companies. I am especially interested in Aura Cacia because it is local to where I live and the company seems great. Also did you look into NOW essential oils. That company’s prices seem way too good to be true but they claim they are 100% pure and some of their oils like clove say they are safe for internal use.

    • I looked at them. I think perhaps we should deal with this in a conference call maybe? I don’t believe AC shares their sourcing, do they? Almost all oils companies buy from “the experts”. I much prefer dealing with someone who works directly with the farmers. What do you think? I like NOW and I use a lot of their products but I don’t think they can match this quality. You are saying NOW says you can use their oils internally?

      • Elizabeth Stout says:

        Aura Cacia has one expert (Tim Blakely) who travels to the source to make sure the quality is good and the harvesting is sustainable. I really like to support local business in a small rural community so I use their oils a lot. I really appreciate the locking lids so they do not open accidentally and spill.
        I have NOW clove oil and it says clearly that it is fine for internal use. Their website makes their oils sound high quality but their prices are so much lower that I have to wonder.

        • I have heard of him as I buy quite a bit from Frontier. I am concerned about their pricing too. You can call them directly and ask. I just thought they were too low to be that good. I didn’t know that abt the internal use – interesting. AC says not to use any oils internally so I feel a little funny using theirs that way, do you agree?

          • Diane Brewster says:

            I, too, checked out Aura Cacia oils – mostly because I was mystified by their very low prices. I never even bought one though, because I started checking out their Frankincense first and read everything printed on the label. It took a good pair of glasses because a lot of it is in such small print that its nearly impossible to read with the naked eye. Finally – at the very bottle of the label and in tiny print, the label said “Jojoba oil with Frankincense.” That told me everything I needed to know. What people are buying is a carrier oil with an undisclosed amount of essential oil added to it. I am sure their expert does a fine job in the field, but he probably has no control over what ends up in the bottle.

            • Thanks for sharing. Native American has 2 categories of oil blends–some mixed w/ a carrier and others not. They said their customers were asking for them to be blended for a cheaper bottle of oil and so that they didn’t need to self-mix. But it is clearly disclosed on the site and on the bottles. You are the first person to tell me this. Thanks!

              Also, NAN is considering not offering the blends anymore if they get enough feedback that they should stop.

              • Sorry NAN is considering not offering the blends with carrier oils in them? I was a bit confused about that. When I went to their site I didn’t like that some were mixed with fractionated coconut oil.

            • Just FYI, Aura Cacia sells some essential oils that are mixed with jojoba oil…..and this is clearly marked on their site. Frankincense is one such blend. But they also have a 100% pure, no oil added frankincense. It’s a bit more expensive than the one with jojoba oil. I have this one, and there is nothing on the label that mentions jojoba oil. You were probably looking at their jojoba blends.

  12. I love Native American Nutritionals! One thing you didn’t mention is that all of their oils come in two different sizes. You definitely save money buying the 15ml size (which is the typical size that other oil companies sell) but you can get a little 5ml bottle for about half the price of the 15ml. When I know I’m going to use the oil I go with the larger size, but I love being able to try out oils I wouldn’t have purchased otherwise at the lower cost. It’s also a bonus for expensive oils that you might not use a ton of anyway.

    Just wanted to put it out there for people starting out with oils on a limited budget so they could buy several small bottles to try instead of one or two large bottles. :)

    • Great tip, Tiff! Thanks!

    • Deanna Scott says:

      I used to sell essential oils from Young Living, and then I did a lot of research and did NOT find Native American to be inferior. In fact, they cost less but ARE essential oils like Young Living. While other companies state they are essential oils check to find out if that is in deed a fact. I purchased what was told me was an essential oil in lavender from another company and discovered that they had put something in their oil to make it last longer and it was in fact not a “pure” essential like Young Living and Native American. I wanted to put that out there. FOOD FOR THOUGHT I.e. you can drink Young living Essential Oils and as well from Native American while other companies cannot claim that because they are not pure like these two companies. As a matter of fact I plan on purchasing from one of the companies tonight to help me with sinus problems.

  13. What are your thoughts on Aura Cacia oils?

    • I think most companies buy from large oils “experts” who distribute oils to almost all of the companies. I prefer this method of working with small farmers. I think they didn’t smell as potent when I tested them in my home. They do have good prices, though.

  14. Hmm. I have some Native American Nutritionals oils in my arsenal. I have all of the companies mentioned except DoTerra. I do not really like how the MLM distributors have only bad things to say about their competition. That really turned me off.

    There is a simple test where you hold the object (in this case, the essential oil bottle) clasped in your hands against your chest, and stand with your eyes closed. If you lean forward, it is good for you, if you lean backward, it is bad for you. I do this with foods and supplements, etc. and it helps me to put things into my body that are GOOD for it. Every person is different.

    So, I won’t use oils that aren’t good for me, even though they may be good for others.

    You should try this trick. I learned it from my chiropractor, he does a lot of kinesiology. Your body won’t lie to you. (but also know that one day something may not be good for your body but the next day your body wants it).

    • This totally works!!!!!! I thought it was super hokey and creepy, and didn’t want to believe it…. but it works!!! My cousin introduced me to trying this a few months ago when we were trying to figure out what was best for my bone spur problem. Definitely works!

    • Really?! Because with ALL my YL I leaned back. NOW Brand I leaned forward. Hmmm…

  15. Rebecca C. says:

    Wow, this is neat. :)
    Can you tell me what you thought of Bulk Apothecary?

    Thank you a ton for all your work and perseverance!

    • I am actually looking at them for something else. I don’t believe they had any wild crafted or organic oils, did they? As I’ve said to other readers, almost all companies buy from “experts” so you need to see oils from different countries, WC and OG oils and decent prices or else it likely isn’t what you want…or at least not what I want.

      • OOPS! Could you please explain your abbreviations for those of us not in the know?
        What is WC and OG? Also, in articles and comments, abbreviations are no help to those just beginning in researching or use of certain things. I think I know most of them, but every now and then, something appears that I have no idea what it means, and then….. well, I have just read up to here in the comments and only JUST figured out what MLM means!
        Maybe a box at the top or bottom of the comments that explains every abbreviation used??? Just a thought!

  16. You have posted misleading information re: doTERRA pricing… ” in order to get the best discounts on their oils as a rep, you need to order monthly over $100 of products.” This is NOT true. You can have a wholesale membership where you get products at 25% below retail and there is NO requirement to order any amount on a monthly basis to maintain that membership. If you want additional benefits, free products, then yes, there is a monthly minimum. 25% is the maximum discount on product pricing and there is NO monthly minimum order to obtain that discount.

    • I didn’t think it was misleading at all. You get much better pricing for signing up as a rep and then taking advantage of the freebies and getting the monthly order credit. That’s what I meant since those are the best discounts.

  17. Dawn Santucci says:

    Never heard of them, thanks so much for all your hard work!

    • Thanks! I hadn’t either. I think I came upon them by chance or from a reader’s recommendation. That’s what it was, actually. See how helpful you all are :-)!

  18. You really didn’t say much about Be Young. Did you dig up anything more about them?

    • I did hear more about them but I am not ready to share it at this point. I don’t care for how some reps tout the E.O.B.B.D. certification but at least it is something that they didn’t make up themselves. NAN oils have much more “quality control” in that there aren’t even pesticides used where their plants are grown for most of them. One thing Mr. Dean said is that most of the farms don’t even have trucks driving on them so you don’t have exhaust residue to deal with–I thought that was pretty impressive.

      • That is impressive. Will there be a point where you are comfortable?

      • As I understand, the E.O.B.B.D. (H.E.B.B.D) is a certification that comes from the Scientific Institute of Aromatology (INSA), in France. These oils are a superior quality and very expensive. (oils from other sources could be equal in quality and a lower price, without going through this lab, but they shouldn’t be labeled as EOBBD.)

        Only oils that go through the INSA lab are given this certification. Not every oil available goes through this lab, so a company that puts this label on all their oils should raise some eyebrows.

        If you have heard differently, I would love to know what you learned.

      • I too would love to know more of what you learned about Be Young, full disclosure I am a sharing partner with that company, but I signed up to buy wholesale for my personal use and have signed up some friends and family so they could do the same. I think I’ve made a sum total of $20 off of that, lol
        Anyway I know they give regular classes on the process of purity, and the E.O. B.B.D guarantee isn’t a made up term. Every single batch is tested before it is sold and many have been returned because they didn’t meet the purity standards Be Young has, I do believe and agree with your assessment of DoTerra, and Young Living, and I also understand that the Owner of Be YOung LEFT young living to start his own company because he wanted to offer the most pure, high quality oils possible and that wasn’t being done at Young Living. I appreciate your efforts and sharing your research, this is topic I’m most interested in, and I certainly am interested in the most pure oils I can get. The laws that allow oils to be labled pure are so misleading, and can get very confusing. I hope you don’t find my comments derogatory, I am sincerely interested in your research of Be YOung. I know that the majority of their oils are also harvested from plants grown in their native habitats and that the owner travels extensively to where they are harvested. They do distill some of the oils themselves I know. I am still a veritable “newbie” when it comes to oils and I’ve tried to do a lot of my own research too. Please do consider sharing what you learned in your research of Be YOung. Thanks

  19. deborah345 says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these posts on EO. I enjoy all the posts but have been especially interested in oils. I wish I had waited for the end of the series before buying some oils. I think it will take a long time to get through those bottles first before buying more of that particular oil. But I can now go and feel confident about what I am buying and have the source for it. Thank you so very much for all your time – it is greatly appreciated.

  20. I have been following your posts and I have some questions regarding your selection. Does NAN claim to be superior to all other essential oil companies or is that your finding? If so, why? If NAN is superior to all other essential oil companies, why do they provide customers with a list that cross references YL and DT essential oils? Do they guarantee that the essential oils on this list are equivalent? Do they have permission from YL and DT to use their company name and product names? If not, the list is unprofessional and may be illegal. Also, organic and certified organic doesn’t mean much when it comes to essential oils, as it says nothing about how the plants are grown, harvested and distilled. Did you visit the farms and tour the distilleries to ensure that the plants are being grown without chemicals, harvested at the peak time and distilled with the proper equipment, at the right temperature, without solvents or other manipulation? If NAN values quality, what is their criteria for offering “conventional” essential oils? How can they be the best when they offer different grades of essential oil? Since NAN does not grow its own plants, how does it have control over the seeds which determines the quality of the final product? It is good that the owner is okay with ingestion of essential oils but does he provide proof on the bottle that the oils are safe for ingestion? Does NAN’s oils have a supplement box on the label? How does this company rank in sales compared to YL and DT? Since NAN compares its products to others, it should provide this information as well. Do they have AFNOR or ICH third party testing of their essential oils? I’ll look forward to hearing your response to these questions. Thank you.

    • Hello Faye,

      Sorry, but these comments are taking awhile to get through and I likely am going to have to stop soon :).

      Here are my answers:

      1. NAN doesn’t claim to be superior to all other oils companies. In fact, Mr. Dean said the opposite – that there are other oils available that are higher quality that are just out of reach for most folks to purchase. Kind of like how I would never buy a Jaguar :).

      2. He provides that list so folks who wish to use his oils, but were familiar w/ DT and YL oils can easily find a comparable blend. This is pretty common in the oils industry.

      3. I am not sure what you mean by a guarantee, sorry.

      4. Using a company’s name and saying something is similar is not illegal. I see it on grocery store packaging all the time. Well, I don’t shop at grocery stores anymore, but I used to :). You know, like on generic product labels “compare to Jif” or something like that.

      5. Organic of course means something about how the oils were grown. Harvesting and distilling are another matter and that’s why I think it’s important to know your oils company and “know the farmer” in that way.

      6. Of course I didn’t visit the farms and distilleries. I have a comment in moderation from Robert Pappas asking the same thing. If I were to do that I would have to have a bunch of my readers buy a bunch of stuff from my affiliates by clicking through my blog so I could afford to do so :-). And if I were going to go to all of the countries where NAN gets their oils it would be a really long trip :-). Also, I wouldn’t leave my family at home for that long :). But seriously, that’s a little bit of a stretch, I think you can agree.

      7. I mentioned that NAN offers conventional oils when the OG alternative is too expensive.

      8. I think NAN offering differing grades and clarifying them in an up front manner really distinguishes them. They are completely up front w/ what they offer instead of lumping all of the oils together for the buyer to try to sort through.

      9. I can’t answer the seed question. Sorry :).

      10. NAN says that their oils are safe for ingestion b/c they meet or exceed the quality of YL and DT who have certified that their oils are safe.

      11. There is no supplement box on their label. That is something put on by the FDA.

      12. I have no idea of sales ranking but that isn’t an indication of qualify, in my opinion. There is a ton of cheap stuff sold in our country and just b/c it sells more in quantity doesn’t mean it’s good. I am not insinuating YL or DT are junk. I am just making a point.

      13. NAN does do 3rd party testing of their oils. I will find out what kind. They have also tested other companies’ oils and found them to have propylene glycol and other contaminants in them, though they were labeled as “pure.”

      Thanks. Of course, you don’t need to be convinced. Sounds like you are purchasing from YL and are happy and I am glad you are. Hope to see you around again!

      • Some of these questions are ridiculous and I am SO impressed, Adrienne, how you are handling yourself. Always professional, always kind, always with integrity. You have earned my utmost respect! However, why I said the questions are ridiculous…she (Adrienne) has done a ton of research as is evident by her blog posts. If there are further questions that are not answered within her posts to someone’s satisfaction, there is nt reason the commentor cannot call the company themselves and dig deeper. She has supplied us with much information already and this is her opinion based on what she has found. We all can agree, we can disagree, we can take it with a grain of salt, we can dig deeper, we can ignore it…the point is, it’s up to US. She does not need to convince us of anything nor should she be expected to answer every question as an “expert”, which she is not. She has taken time to learn and grow in this area, just like we all are capable of doing as well. Never should we just take what someone “tells us” without educating ourselves and getting our doubts answered…but that is when we have to take responsibility and find the answers we are looking for in order to make the best decisions for ourselves and our families.

        • What a great comment – thank you so much. You expressed my thoughts exactly. I do have more to share but I am swamped and need to watch my health and my family :).

    • Hello again, Faye. Here is the owner of NAN’s response to your inquiry about 3rd party testing:

      We do third party testing of the oils, but like the chapter I sent over, testing is basically only for the supplier and really does not guarentee the customer of anything. To many companies that do the testing then adultrate the oils once the testing is done and sell the adultrated oils to their customers.

    • Faye, here is more from the owner of NAN:

      One your comment about the supplement label:

      Because we are suppliers to the Medicine Men and Medicine Women we do not have to follow the regulations of the FDA. You may want to read “The History of the Dysfunctional Health Care System” under our “Education” button to understand more about the rise of modern medicine and the FDA. Whatever you have been used to using with other oil companies, you should experience the same or better results with our oils.

      Regarding your question about the FDA giving approval to their kits:

      Again we do not affiliate ourself with the FDA …

      Regarding your comment about his negative experiences at other companies:

      – its very professional to mention my experiences but not to mention the company by name. If they really want to know the company, you can tell them or have them call me.

      • Adrienne, thanks for your reply. The more I learn about NAN, the more questions I have. What does Mr. Dean means by Medicine Men and Women? What are their qualifications? Are mothers part of this group?

        I have questions about Mr. Dean’s marketing strategy. He is piggy backing YL by comparing his products to theirs. He uses YL for promotional purposes but implies he is better than they are. How can this be good marketing strategy as most people can see that he is coveting YL’s reputation and product quality?

        If Mr. Dean does not have written approval from YL to use the company name and product names, he should stop doing so. He would be wise to study FDA requirements and comply with them. He needs to provide regulatory proof of the purity of his product. Why should I take Mr. Dean’s word that it is okay to take his oils internally if he has no third party proof of purity? Why should I do so when he admits that he sells extended oils? If I have a problem with his product, I have to deal with it. Since he does not affiliate with the FDA, what rights do I have to seek legal help if I have suffered harmed from taking his products?

        Since you did not know about this company before you started this project, what happened that made you change your mind? Did any money change hands? Did Mr. Dean promise you anything in return for your promotion of his company? I have no problem with your writing about what you like but I question your judging the whole industry, based on your own criteria. No one has the ability to judge an essential oil without education and training in aromatherapy. It takes years of study to learn the basics of this discipline. I would not take on the task without visiting the facilities and seeing how the oils are processed and tested. You haven’t done this, even for the one you say is best. There are ways to fool even the most sophisticated analysis. Since Mr. Dean worked for a company that was not up to his standards, did he learn some of these tricks so he could sell a less expensive oil?

        Most people do not have enough knowledge and experience to judge the efficacy and safety of an essential oil. They have to rely on the reputation of the company. If you are the least bit wrong in your selection, you are misleading people. The Bible says judge not, lest you be judged. It also has a commandment about coveting that which belongs to others.

        • Hi Faye.

          Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had so many comments to my oils posts and yours was more complex and after awhile it was buried under other work.

          I will try my best to address you.

          1. The term medicine man, from what I understand, is someone who is authorized to practice medicine by the Native Americans. You can, of course, feel free to contact Mr. Dean yourself and ask him. Yes, there are Medicine Women as well. The Native Americans have a long history of using natural elements to heal illness and disease and some like to keep doing that as opposed to taking part in allopathic medicine. Again, this is my understanding.

          2. There are many companies that show what YL blends their blends are similar to. They are doing this b/c they have customers coming to them asking for this. I have readers asking me for this information regularly. I can assure you that Mr. Dean does not want YL’s reputation. He is trying to do things differently and is proud of how he is doing them.

          3. He is using the names to show clients what his blends are similar to. You see this all the time in stores that sell generic items “Compare to Nilla Wafers” or “Compare to Tide”. This is nothing different. One does not need permission to say that their product is similar to a brand name. If he put “Valor” on his blend and called it the same thing then you would be correct.

          4. My understanding is that YL does their own testing so there is no 3rd party proof of their purity. As for Mr. Dean’s oils, I think it is very much like knowing your farmer. Even w all the labels on foods saying they are organic, there are loopholes and you need to really know and trust where you are getting things from. I have spent hours and hours talking w/ Mr. Dean and I trust him. If that ever changes, my readers will know that.

          5. Regarding the FDA, there is some good there, but there are loads of concerns as well. I wonder if you read my posts on “FDA Poised to Ban Supplements” or “Probiotics are Dangerous – Arsenic is Safe.”?? These show how messed up the FDA is. It is very disconcerting to me.

          6. I think I outlined very carefully how things progressed in my evaluation and frankly, I am a little (more than a little) frustrated that you would insinuate that my opinion was bought. I think I have gone out of my way to show that I am not “for sale” and I never will be. I chose NAN b/c I like what they do and I think their oils are very high quality. Clearly anyone promoting doTERRA or YL has “money in the game” and it is odd that folks are upset that I have an affiliate relationship w/ NAN as if that is appalling. Does that make sense?

          7. I did not set myself up as an expert but it is clear, from some of the sources that other readers have mentioned, that my criteria is good and solid. I think what I came up with is a great way to evaluate a company and I stand by that.

          8. I don’t think it is at all reasonable to say that I should visit all the 3rd world countries where NAN gets their oils in order to evaluate oils companies. Does that mean I should visit all the companies that the FDA has tried to shut down in order to write that post? However, Mr. Dean is going to visit the countries and take videos so you can stay tuned to find out more and hopefully that will give you more insight into his company.

          9. Mr. Dean wasn’t happy w/ how things were done in the company where he worked so he set out to do things differently.

          10. Yes, it is always possible that my recommendation could be off. That is true for all of us. I take my posts seriously and I correct mistakes when I have made them. I felt I was making a mistake recommending YL and doTERRA so that is why this whole series went where it did. So, in effect, what you are concerned about it quite accurate. I had posted about YL and DT and had to go back and correct it even though I had about 19 folks signed up under me at YL and a good number later at DT. It was a risk but I did what I thought was right. I was told that I could make $8,000 per month with doTERRA and I passed it up. I hope you can see that I tried to have integrity with what I was doing.

          11. I am confused about your references to “judge not” and to coveting. If you mean that I am not to judge other companies, that is not what Jesus meant. He was saying we should not judge others unfairly w/o a view to our own shortcomings. I assure you that that is not what I am doing. And we are told over and over to judge things. Please explain what you are getting at here.

          12. About coveting, please explain here as well. Are you talking about Mr. Dean and YL? I think it’s pretty clear that coveting is one of the sins we all struggle with so I will be the first to admit that I deal with that. Please explain what you are getting at here.

          I hope that helps and if I have misrepresented you or you have more questions, please respond. :).

        • Interesting you say that, as you judge…and it also says love your enemies. Even more specifically, it says anyone can love those who love them, but we are commanded to love those who don’t love us back. Careful about standing on the Christian pedestal while looking down on the rest of Gods children. If you are guilty of one sin, you are guilty of them all. I doubt you are sinless, so please don’t express your opinions, which is all they are, as if you are better than anyone else. If you don’t like what Adrienne has to say here, the easiest thing you can do is not read it. Some of us totally get where she is coming from and love what she does and says. She is not misleading, she is helpful. Please stop being a Debbie Downer on a very good blog. I’m sure there are plenty of other places for you to flex your cynical muscles. I dont know how she keeps her composure with all this nit-picking unproductive commenting. Thank you Adrienne. I just found your blog today, only for this EO info. It was perfectly timely and very informative for me. You have gained another fan ;)

          • Hi Cathryn. I really appreciate your kind words. I can see how some are concerned about my integrity but I suspect most of them are upset MLM reps who aren’t happy to see that their brand doesn’t have enough merit and that I am willing to say so. Welcome!!! I hope you subscribe and I hope to see you around again!

        • Jeanmarie says:

          If you don’t trust NAN and don’t want to use their oils, please don’t. It is not up to anybody else to convince you. Do your own research.

  21. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been anxiously waiting this final post. I feel that after months of wondering which way to really go, I can finally buy with confidence. You did all the work I would have wanted to do but simply do not have the time to do at this point in my life. I look forward to future posts on the subject!

  22. Yahoo so glad to come home to your new post. I was driving home thinking I don’t feel like I can wait another day and lo and behold..I have never heard of this company so will be off to the site to browse around. One thing I wanted to share about internal EO consumption. I use some of the oils like citrus, cilantro or basil by putting a few drops to taste in olive oil then use that to finish a dish. Like tonight I have a beef stew that I will drizzle with blood orange olive oil. As there is no way in the winter for me to always have these fresh herbs on hand the oils are fantastic. Looking forward to future articles on EO’s
    Thank-you so much

    • Great! I really had to push to get it done today. It was literally down to the wire. Nice tips. I just really watch that I don’t use many internally now and we take probiotics daily. I look forward to more as well!

  23. Hi, I am very happy to read you final post. Your readers can also go to Rocky Mountain Oils website they have very detailed explanations of all the oils. I also contacted RMO about their relationship with NAN. Here is the response I received: “We are very excited to announce the beginning of a very valuable partnership with Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) and Native American Nutritionals (NAN). Between RMO’s web presence and ability to reach those searching for an alternative to the MLM marketing and NAN’s education and the ability to source the best Therapeutic Essential oils, we feel this merger will assist our company and our customers will benefit by having the best of both worlds. As always, we still offer the best therapeutic grade essential oils for alternative healing and personal care. Our balance with the highest quality and cost affordability will always be maintained.”
    Since I am already a RMO user I will certainly be checking out NAN next. Thanks again for all your great work. Blessings.

    • I think it sounds like a very good partnership. Thanks!

      • I LOVE your blog too!! In fact, it helped me So much (as I too have been looking and wondering WHAT essential oil company is legit) that I went to NAN’s website and spent over three hundred dollars on various essential oils (including sacred frankincense) that have been shipped and are en-route to my mailbox!! Happy, Grateful, and SO Thankful for your devoted meticulous research!! You Rock Adrienne!!! :D

  24. Stephanie W. says:

    Oh, I’m so excited to look into these! I would love to know, too, how many of their oils you have tried and how well they have worked (fair, good, great, etc.) for you. And my, for all your work and research, if you get any compensation, you’ve earned it!

  25. Adrienne,
    Would you also be able to list in decending order, the other companies you looked at? We do not feel we can order from NAN, due to the fact that they promote non Biblical Spiritual practices, and donate from their coffers to the training of their practice.
    We are looking at MRH ourselves, and also want to avoid MLMs.
    I am sure many think it should not matter, but we cannot go against our beliefs or conscience.

    • Could you tell me what you mean by “promote non Biblical Spiritual practices, and donate from their coffers to the training of their practice.” I am not sure what you mean by that. Could you please spell that out more specifically and perhaps I can address it? Thank you.

      • I believe she is referring to this particular link on their webpage.
        It’s what is holding me back from ordering from them as well. :/

        • Hi Charlene. Thanks. I did a lot of thinking about this a number of months ago and more again tonight. I even spoke with a friend who is a Christian and is married to a Christian Native American. Please tell me what is disconcerting to you and I will be happy to address it–either here or via email. I am happy to correspond with NAN on your behalf of whatever I can do. Of course, it is your decision, but one way to look at this is…I think a lot of what is on the Nemenhah site is pretty innocuous and a lot of what Native American’s practice is merely alternative healing, which I am completely fine with. And at least NAN discloses where their money is going (some of it, at least). There are companies (lots of them) which don’t disclose so openly that I suspect you would disagree with. Amazon, Pampered Chef, Fruit of the Loom, Target, etc. They all have things that they contribute to that I seriously disagree with and I have had to make decisions about each of them. And in my experience, some companies with very distasteful practices hide them. So I prefer this “up front” disclosure.

          In any case, let me know your thoughts.

          • And see, that is the problem. A hidden practice is just that. Hidden and we are unaware. This company is open. The very act of my contacting them with questions, as a Believer, and knowing that they practice witchcraft, has me violating the very thing the Israelite’s were commanded to not do. Seeking counsel from a witch.

            • PJ, I am sorry, but I don’t see where you are getting evidence that they are practicing witchcraft. I think 1 Cor 5:10&11 talks about not trying to avoid folks who believe differently than you do, but to avoid Christians who act unbiblically without repentance. I think these are clearly two different matters. I appreciate your commenting here – thanks!

              • Oh no! Please don’t say you’re now offering scriptural advice! LOL! ;) I was enthralled until this point. My seemingly sarcastic comment isn’t coming because I like MLM’s. Or that I have an affiliation with another company that wasn’t “picked”…lol. Quite the contrary. I also have issues with witchcraft, and feel that everyone’s beliefs should be respected, not corrected. I respect the native americans for what they believe, although their practices do go against my personal beliefs. I does put stop to my potential purchase, but I won’t criticize anyone who does business with them. All of your labor did open my eyes up to companies that I’ve never even heard of before! And that’s good! I thank you for that… But please, let’s not interpret scripture and try to correct another person for their personal convictions and beliefs. <3 I am trying to say this with as much love as possible…real love tells the truth. It is what it is :)

                • Hi Shelley. I am sorry for not responding sooner – your comment got under a pile of others and I wasn’t sure how to respond to you at first. First of all, thanks for commenting. I am a little confused about your first sentence–“please don’t say you’re now offering scriptural advice.” If you are serious, here is my response— I don’t set myself up as some spiritual counselor, but the conversation and comments went that way so I responded accordingly. I take my faith very seriously and I think about these matters and tried to respond appropriately to my readers’ concerns. If there is something that you are concerned about please let me know what you take issue with. You said “please let’s not interpret scripture” but that is what we all are supposed to do when we read it–with an eye to the original languages and the context and the whole Bible, of course. Some of it gets quite murky but we are all adults and can talk about things in a civil manner and hear each other out. That’s my aim, at least :).

                  I am unable to see which comment you are replying to so that puts my in a tough spot so I hope you will respond and I can address your comment more accurately. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

                  • Stephanie says:

                    Adrienne thanks so much for all your hard work! I have been trying to find the best place to get essential oils! I too have been wary of NAN for its practice of witchcraft since i am a Christian also. I am torn because i believe God gave us all these herbs from nature to cure and heal and to help us. I keep thinking it is not the herbs / oils but what you use it for that matters. I mean didnt the 3 wise men deliver Frankincense and Myrrh? At the same time I am worried that i am enabling NAN to practise things that i am against…what are your thoughts?

                    Also someone mentioned that you found issues with rose mountain herbs? Could you please direct to the page with your findings on that?

                    • I don’t see Native American as practicing witchcraft. Mr. Dean claims to be a Christian and I don’t feel I should dispute that. I think that there are obviously folks who aren’t comfortable talking about “energy” in relation to healing but I think that Christ “holds all things together” (the Bible says that) and it’s a real mystery. Who are we to say that he isn’t that energy or the source of it. Actually, of course God is the source of it since he made all. I think those who refer to the energy as “chi” are misguided in not applying it to God as the source.

                      I do think some of the language on NAN’s site is a little “woo woo foo foo” but I am OK with that for now. I have alerted Mr. Dean to some of it and he sees the validity of my concerns. If you have some I could fwd them to him.

                      If you have specific concerns you can share them and I will do my best to address them as I have time. And just so you know my husband has an M Div and has done some thinking on this issue as well. Not that an M Div makes someone an expert but he is a very thoughtful person regarding such issues. Take care.

                      I didn’t find issues w/ MRH but they initially told me that they weren’t OK w/ using their oils internally b/c they weren’t produced in a food grade facility. They are saying something different now. I can’t address other company’s quality anymore as it might be a legal concern. You can read this post for more information:

  26. I read through most of the comments and hope I’m not repeating. We are new to EO and used them because of frustration with OTC products for my kids. We are now researching on our own and loving the things that EO can do for us in a healthy way!! One thing we recently found that worked great for us/kids was RC from Young Living. Is Breath EZ on NAN the same as RC? Also what is shipping like with NAN? Thanks for the answers.

    • Hi there. I dont know about the RC – please contact NAN about their YL-like blends and if you can’t get an answer I will try to dig it up. I asked about their shipping and it was quite reasonable. :)

  27. I appreciate the research, but are you saying you feel comfortable with the fact that they are Shaman’s? They link to right off their top bar.

    Check out this post on the Shaman Portal ( “Native American Nutritionals is a provisional resource for those who wish to find out more about the Native American and Indigenous healing methods and materials that are available and provide several products and various training in the Medicine Wheel-based Native American Healing. Check out my Alternative Health [where he links to

    About Shaman’s:

    Sorry, but that turns me off :(

    • Personally, I don’t see how NAN is a shaman organization, and even if it were, the term shaman has a breadth of meaning. I have a friend who is a Christian, who is married to a Native American. Perhaps she will chime in here. She said to me that “I think some people misread the whole shaman thing thinking that shamans are all pagan.” The Nemenhah group is a Native American group that seeks to promote healing in the Native American tradition. They promote healing using natural means, which the owner of NAN believes strongly in.

      Just because a group called the Shaman Portal says that NAN is a helpful organization and links to them, doesn’t mean that they are shamans, any more than a vegan site linking to my vegan friendly recipes makes me a vegan.

      Regardless, even if they were shamans, that doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the oils nor their effectiveness.

      Many of us, as bloggers, do business with companies whose beliefs are different than ours. I don’t want to single this business out as being a special problem unless I become convinced that it is.

      I referred to 1 Cor 5:10-11 (Paul’s teaching about Christians and the world) to a previous commenter. I really understand why some Christians wonder about supporting groups that disagree with them, but I think it can get really carried away to the point that, as Paul says, “..In that case you would have to leave this world” (NIV).

      In fact, what Paul is warning about in those verses is not interacting with others of different beliefs, but with Christians who act unbiblically without repentance.

      Neither I nor my husband (whom I mentioned is Summa Cum Laude graduate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) see anywhere in Scripture where it says anything about not doing business with companies or people who have different spiritual beliefs than Christians. Thanks for commenting :-)!

    • As I said in the comments below, My husband is part Native American and his family does some of the traditional things, but with a Christian slant. Not the shaman thing, but the belief that natural/alternative healing is a gift from God (the ONE TRUE God). So, looking at it from that standpoint, I do feel that you can be a Native American Healer giving God the glory–but not if you are practicing any act that is contrary to Scripture.

      You have to be like a Berean and check everything the Shaman teaches against Scripture. If they practice something against Scripture then it’s best to avoid that Shaman. A lot of people misunderstand what a Shaman is. They automatically jump to the conclusion that they are involved with witchcraft or paganism…and yes, traditionally speaking, many are. But most importantly a Shaman is a healer and a wise man/woman. If they follow the traditions that do not go against scripture, then the Christian faith and Native American traditions can mesh well. But
      you have to do some research on the particular Shaman and ask lots of questions.

      I just want to clear up the misunderstanding that all Shamans are involved in paganism/witchcraft. They simply aren’t and there are more and more of these traditional healers/wise men(women) that are Christians in the strictest sense, yet still follow Native American traditions that DO NOT conflict with Scripture.

      While this may not be what a Shaman is in the traditional sense, now days Shamans are more known as the traditional healers/wise men (women). Not all who are called Shamans are dealing with speaking to spirits and the like. Christian Shamans certainly do not. But Shamans now days are more often healers or wise men/women. When I speak of wise men/women, I mean they are wise in the way of healing (from a natural standpoint, not a other worldly standpoint). So to say that all Shamans are in communication with the spirit world or mediums is as offensive as saying all Christians are hypocrites. I am a very strong, conservative Christian woman and I would have no problem is seeking out the healing knowledge from a CHRISTIAN shaman. They have been taught traditional medicine. They know which herbs/plants to use and what to use them for. They are trained in natural healing just the same as any other natural healer. But because of their Native American background their training has focused on the natural healing treatments and methods that comes from the traditional Native American background.

      There are LOTS of pagan people training others in the use of essential oils, herbs, and traditional healing. Susun S. Weed and Rosemary Gladstar, two of the BIG names in teaching herbal medicine are pagans. Yet I’ve known MANY Christians who own their books and follow their practices. But I don’t see Christians running around accusing everyone who calls themselves an herbalist a pagan/witch/wicca.

      THe best advise I can give you is TALK to the person and verify WHAT they believe and practice before we judge them.

      • I think you make a good point about there being loads of folks of varying beliefs in the natural healing realm.

        That being said, I was looking for a good quality place to buy oils–not a spiritual resource. Plenty of the oils companies I looked at had spiritual or other qualities that I wasn’t thrilled with but that wasn’t what I based my opinions of their quality on :-).

    • As a (main-stream Christian) pastor’s wife of over 35 years, I find it rather amusing that folks are bent out of shape because these products are used by a Native American Shaman. Luke (as in St. Luke- one of the authors of the NT) was a “physician,” but his practices were probably not far removed from the practices of a shaman. I am a healthcare provider, and trust me- the pharmaceutical companies from whom we get most of our medications are NOT run on Christian principles.

  28. Rick Dembinski says:

    Thanks for all the investigative work you have done. I have on and off been visiting your blog since I started using essential oils through YL.

    How funny I just logged on today (It’s been several months since my last visit) to read your announcement. :)

    Will be trying NAN asap….

  29. Wow, I have never heard of this company I am excited to check them out! :) I know you had so many companies to look into and only so much time, I was wondering if you got a chance to check out Floracopia by chance? One of my favorite herbal friends is loyal to them and I wanted to see what your research lead for your feelings about that one. Again thank you SO much for all of this information. Can I ask one more question? Do you recommend a certain place to get certification in using essential oils for healing from any website for a home based learning modality? I want to learn more about how to use them and there are a lot of options out there for courses, I’d love to know your thoughts. Thanks again Adrienne! :)

    • I did look at them. If I remember correctly it appears that their oils come from experts as well. Doesn’t mean the oils are all bad or anything, but I think there is a lot to be said for going with someone who works directly with farmers.

      I don’t have certification recommendations, but I do know a blogger who speaks highly of Jade Shutes’ School. There are good books around as well. I believe you can take her courses via the internet.

  30. It was worth the wait! Thank you for all your time and efforts!!! :)

  31. Shauna Yancey says:

    I recently spent a lot of time researching oil companies (not 10 months!) so I was anxious to read about your findings. I had decided to go with doTerra but to also check out NAN on your recommendation. Are all of their oils 100% pure or are they diluted? They have a page titled “special NEAT copals” which made me think all of what they have to offer might not be. This could explain the lower price. I sent a message to them as well. Thanks.

    • The neat oils are undiluted. The other “not neat” oils have carriers in them b/c a lot of people don’t wish to deal w/ adding the carrier oils each time they use the oils. Thanks and I hope that helps.

      • Hi Adrienne!
        I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work you’ve put into these EO posts. I’ve just recently became interested in EOs so you have answered many questions.
        I’m wondering about the NEAT vs “not-NEAT” oils. Do you know, do the oils sold by DoTERRA & Young Living also have carrier oils or are their’s undiluted like NAN’s NEAT oils? That’s a major price difference so I just want to be sure I’m comparing apples to apples price-wise. Thanks! :)

        • NEAT oils should be listed as such on NAN’s site. They did have an issue on their site where some weren’t listed correctly. There are some oils by both DT and YL that have carrier oils in them like DT’s Immortelle and YL’s Valor. If you need specific info you can call them directly (NAN, I mean.) or I could help you if you want to email me. It’s my understanding that NAN carries the blends both neat and non neat.

          • I currently am using Young living Oils but will be checking out NAN and probably switching. i really appreciate the work you have done Adrienne. As to the question of Neat vs Non-neat oils: I think it is great that NAN offers some pre-diluted oils. Young Living recommends that many of their oils should be diluted 1:1 with a carrier oil. i find it hard to use 1 drop of carrier oil and 1 drop of the essential oil, it’s not very practical. Selling an oil pre-diluted as long as it is clearly stated is no different than stating that the Essential oil must be diluted with a carrier oil.

            • Well, I am glad you wrote that. So many folks seem upset w/ that and I personally like blending my own as well, but sometimes I don’t feel that way–like when I try to use only 1 drop and a bunch come out and then I am frustrated at the waste. :)

      • So.. ALL of their oils (even singles) are diluted? It doesn’t specify that on their page. That seems misleading!!! I wish I would have known this before I placed an order with them….. I know some of their oil BLENDS are diluted because in their ingredients it says fractionated cocoanut oil, but if it doesn’t say that it shouldn’t be diluted!

        • No, they are not. There is a grouping of EO blends that are blended w/ a carrier oil and then there is a grouping of EO blends that is neat (unblended). The single oils aren’t blended w/ a carrier at all. I hope that helps. You should be just fine. They know their site is confusing and they are working on a redo of the site.

      • regarding the “neat” oils. my question is why the drastic cost difference between the “Divine” neat and regular version? 119 dollars compared to 18. the cheaper one just has the carrier oil in in right. in every other way is identical to the “neat” oil save for the added dilution. if its 100 dollars more for the neat 15ml bottle. just how diluted are we to conclude the regular one must be?

        thank you. i really do wish to order these magnificent oils. i was just puzzled by this issue.

        • I know some have different percentages of carrier added and the owner is planning to add this to his site. I will ask him.

        • Hi Joshua.

          I just got this response back from the owner:

          We give a discount for purchasing the “neat” oils so they are a little less expensive and therefore always more cost effective to purchase the neat oils. (We may get rid of this discount in the future. But for right now I like it there.) The blended oils range all over from 50% neat to 50% carrier to some of the more expensive oils, like Divine, to 10%. We will be putting the blending ratio on our new site when it comes up. — I would guess on average, the oils are blended 25% neat to 75% carrier.

          Hope that helps and hope you enjoy the oils!

  32. Adrienne, the Bible is very clear that all Believers are to avoid all dealings with witches and sooth sayser. NAN owner and board hint strongly at being Shaman’s and also they clearly note that 10% of all sales are given to the organization that teaches the practice.
    This will not affect many if not most of your readers, but the rest of us would love to see another alternative or two :)

    • PJ, I really understand your concern and I don’t wish to make light of it. However, I just discussed this w/ my husband and we looked at 1 Cor 5:9-11. What Paul is talking about here is that we cannot expect to remove ourselves from dealings with the world. But we are, instead, to be concerned about associating with Christians who don’t act as such. Is there another part of Scripture you are referring to? Believe me, I looked at NAN’s site and asked a lot of questions along the way. And my husband is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. We take these things seriously. Please get back to me with your thoughts.

      I assume you might be relating to Deut 18:10-11. The point is that no one is to be found among the Israelites who is a spiritist, among other things. The context prohibits the people of Israel from doing that. I agree that Christians shouldn’t do these things, but I don’t see there being a prohibition against doing business with someone who is associated with someone who “might” do these things.

      What are your thoughts? Is this any help?

      • “Perhaps one of the most profound and powerful aspects of this site is the opportunity to become a Native American Practitioner.”
        ” This site is a provisional resource for those who wish to find out more about the Native American and Indigenous healing methods and materials that are available through the company.
        We also provide several products and various training in the Medicine Wheel-based Native American Healing.”

        These are direct quotes from their website.
        I understand that living in and not of the world can be a hard path to determine. But this seems to be a clear cut case.
        It is true that the passage in Deut. is directed to the Israelites. They were held to a high bar. But so are we. And to purchase and affiliate with a company that directly states it funds the teaching and practice of what we know to be witchcraft, is one and the same.
        I have more I want to say, but am very short on time.

        • HI again, PJ. I don’t have an issue w/ the Medicine Wheel healing. Nor Native American ways of using herbs and oils for healing. I commented about NAN and Nemenhah in response earlier so hopefully those responses are helpful. Of course, everyone is free to choose as he/she likes, but really I do think that the Scriptural mandates are for Christians not to do certain things….not for Christians not to associate with people who do such things. To the contrary, Jesus associated with loads of folks who were into a lot of stuff that was really distasteful.

          I don’t see any witchcraft going on here either, so I am sorry, but I am puzzled by the continual reference to that. I appreciate your concern but I just don’t see the evidence.

          • Geesh! I hope these people never shop anywhere that they don’t know exactly where all there money is going! It seems like with such strict standards they should live in a commune growing their own foods and making their own supplies. Paul discusses these issues very clearly about the meat of the idols- if you are convicted in eating meat that has been offered to idols don’t eat it, if you are not convicted eat it, but don’t make those convicted eat it either. (Paraphrase) thanks for all of your research on these oils!

        • Seriously, what is up with some of you people? At this point I am certainly not the only one that is annoyed by your antics. If you don’t agree with what she has to say or if this blog is that much of a concern for you then don’t do business with the companies she promotes or read her blog.

          Everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion. This is a blog and not meant to be a debate forum and if that is what you want then please seek out such a forum for your concerns and please do not pass judgement on those of us that do not have your same concerns or beliefs. Most of us appreciate all the information she is sharing. After all it is only her opinion, if I don’t agree then I can research more myself or call the company and ask. So stop making her respond to all your nonsense so she can take care of her family and other obligations. Adrienne has stated several times that she chose this company based on the needs of HER OWN FAMILY……not yours or mine. Please move on and do your own research to find a company that best fits your specific family then write your own blog! Thanks Adrienne for your seemingly endless supply of tolerance. I personally do not have it.

        • Yikes! Anyone reading this must be totally confused! I have read a bit further, and had my own thoughts expressed there, too. But for now: Do you own stocks? ANY money market funds? stocks, bonds, etc. do you KNOW WHERE all that money you invest is going, and what it is doing? If not then YOU are doing the exact same thing you are ranting about here.

          Please! Adrienne has tried and done extremely well answering all these negative rantings from obvious proponents of those companies she did not choose to personally endorse, and those ranting about religious viewpoints.
          This blog is NOT that forum. It is, SPECIFICALLY, about ONE woman who researched SOME essential oils companies and picked one SHE thought met HER needs, and tried to recommend that company to others: IF THEY FEEL THE SAME. Your research recommended, your own interpretation of the facts or opinions of you and whomever you choose to ask.
          YOUR OPTION!!
          NO one here is being coerced into buying from them, doing business with them, or being prevented from doing business with another company!
          Now I understand WHY the progress bar is so very very tiny! SO MANY soapboxes.
          Just keep to the original purpose of this blog: to show one woman’s search for a company that fit HER needs, and leave it at that, please!
          I admire you, Adrienne for how you are handling yourself through all this.
          You have my respect for doing that.

          • Thank you so much Carol. I do think that of course, there are other good companies, as good as NAN, but not many. I am pretty worn out from the whole thing. It’s like with any of us – do the best you can and then you need to move on.

            The comments were tough but some of the questions were interesting to respond to. At least it helped me clarify my thinking. I remember writing this whole thing and it just took on a life of its own.

            Take care and thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • My husband is part Native American and his family does some of the traditional things, but with a Christian slant. Not the shaman thing, but the belief that natural/alternative healing is a gift from God (the ONE TRUE God). So, looking at it from that standpoint, I do feel that you can be a Native American Healer giving God the glory–but not if you are practicing any act that is contrary to Scripture.

      You have to be like a Berean and check everything the Shaman teaches against Scripture. If they practice something against Scripture then it’s best to avoid that Shaman. A lot of people misunderstand what a Shaman is. They automatically jump to the conclusion that they are involved with witchcraft or paganism…and yes, traditionally speaking, many are. But most importantly a Shaman is a healer and a wise man/woman. If they follow the traditions that do not go against scripture, then the Christian faith and Native American traditions can mesh well. But
      you have to do some research on Shaman and ask lots of questions.

      I just want to clear up the misunderstanding that all Shamans are involved in paganism/witchcraft. They simply aren’t and there are more and more of these traditional healers/wise men(women) that are Christians in the strictest sense, yet still follow Native American traditions that DO NOT conflict with Scripture.

      • Thanks for sharing, Susan. I checked into Native American’s association with the Nemenhah before putting my recommendation behind them and I just spent about 1 1/2 hours questioning Mr. Dean about it again. The reason for the Nemenhah is strictly for health freedom for those who wish to help others with natural healing so that they can have protection legally. Paul says he is a Christian and that many of those associated with the Nemenhah are. He also said that there are nuns in the group. I don’t personally see any real evidence that anything else is going on here.

        Furthermore, just to clarify, Mr. Dean said that he hasn’t given 10% of his profits to the Nemenhah for awhile and he simply forgot to take that off of his site. I will say that for sure, managing his site is not his strongpoint :-). But his oils and his integrity do seem to be. (Actually, I have found most of the oils websites to be quite confusing at best.)

        Thanks again!

    • PJ, can you provide a link where it says this: NAN owner and board hint strongly at being Shaman’s and also they clearly note that 10% of all sales are given to the organization that teaches the practice.

      I know we can’t remove ourselves completely from the ‘world’ but if i KNOW this sort of thing about a company, I’m going to avoid it for sure. I don’t want a % of what I pay going towards something like that, I would never support it otherwise, so I’d love to be able to see it for myself. i’ve been searching around the site with no luck. Thanks.

      Adrienne, thank you for your research and suggestions.

      • Melissa, there is nothing there. Sorry it took so long to approve your comment – it got lost in a big pile. And I am trying to spend more time off the computer :-). I responded about the shaman accusations in this post – hopefully those comments will help you. I have asked Mr. Dean a ton of questions and looked around on the site and the internet and it just isn’t there. Some shaman website linked to NAN and it seems that that is part of why this accusation is floating around. Thanks and feel free to ask questions :). Just might take me awhile to respond sometimes.

    • So much misunderstanding about Native practices and religion… I humbly submit that the white man did not bring Christ to us Natives. Christ was here long before the white man. Please do not assume that God was absent from the Native people before the salvation of the white man came. Just because it isn’t European Christianity, doesn’t mean it isn’t wholly God-honoring. The arrogance that goes with this sentiment is disappointing. Please gain an understanding of Shamanism before you condemn.

      • Shamanism is basically communication with the spirit world. If a person practices this, then he or she becomes a medium to the spirit world.

        This is expressly forbidden in Scipture. Deuteronomy 18:10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.

        • PJ, I just responded to Lea and you can read my thoughts there.

          According to my friend, who is married to a Christian Native American, shamanism has a breadth of meaning. From what I read on NAN’s and Nemenhah’s site I don’t see anyone doing the things you mention here. In fact, Nemenhah is about protecting health freedoms and natural healing methods in the Native American tradition. I am very much in favor of protecting the rights of folks to heal naturally. Do you see evidence otherwise?

      • Oh my goodness, Elexa! I couldn’t agree more! I read these comments last nite, and now, 24 hours later, it still burns my hide! Some of the most enlightened, spirtitual, God-like people I’ve ever met have been Native Americans. Such a beautiful people with centered souls that influence me to be a better person everyday. It is with much pride that I will do business with NAN and other Native American businesses.

        I am a Christian, but not like most. As a matter of fact, so sick was I of narrow-minded, judgmental people that I pulled my daughter out of her Christian school. So sick was I of the holier-than-thou attitudes that I stopped doing business with anyone who claimed to be a Christian. So sick of the piousness, I stopped going to church. And you know what? When I didn’t have to deal with all the negativity, the criticism and the judging any more, my relationship with Christ flourished in a way I would have never imagined. Jesus didn’t belong to a church and neither do I.

        I believe God gave us everything we need to survive on this beautiful earth and if the Native Americans have a deeper knowledge of how to use these blessings, then I am all for it! God brings healing in many different ways. Sorry folks, healing and enlightenment are not exclusive to White Anglo Saxon descendents from Europe! And how arrogant for any one to think it is!

        • I am really sorry you had that experience. My husband and I have had some “doozies” too. We are persevering and staying involved in church however, despite the many imperfections. We are a bunch of sinners, right? If you bring a bunch of us in to one organization together, there is going to be some mess :-).

          Thanks for commenting and hope to see you around again!

        • Susan – I couldn’t agree more, or said it better myself!

        • Wow! Couldn’t have said it any better myself!

          This is exactly how I feel about religion. I grew up Lutheran, was baptized and confirmed Lutheran, went to Lutheran college, and have belonged to a Lutheran church my entire life. Five years ago, I became sick. Really, really sick. After turning to alternative medicine, eating better (organic and R/O water), and ditching the 10 pharmaceutical drugs I was taking, an amazing thing happened–I woke up.

          Now instead of being a sheeple, I am an awake individiual, one who is capable and able to see all the dishonesty, backstabbing, lying, and cheating that goes on in the world, and how the haves use their extreme amounts of money and power (and “their” righteous views) to put everyone else down in their place (ie., keep them subjugated and slaves). For the last three years, I have been attending a spiritualist church and finally feel as if I’ve come home. I’m finally among people who “get” me–people who love and welcome everyone, where no one derides, debases, or calls out anyone just because they’re different. Or because they think differently.

          We are all a spark of the Divine–God, Allah, Infinite Intelligence, Mother Earth, Great Sun, whatever you want to call him/her. We are here to partake in life on earth so that God can experience “life” through us. That’s the simple–and only–secret of existence. Each one of us is at our own unique spot in this journey we undertake to grow and know ourselves.

          Those people who cling so tenaciously to “their views” do so because they are afraid to look inside themselves and find their true self–their Higher Self.

          Watch the DVDs/movies The Secret, Avatar and the The Host. Watch them over and over again, until you get it. When you get “it,” you will awaken and see what is really going on in the world.

          There is no room for petty disagreements or believing that your way is the “right” way. Enlightened and awakened people know this.

          • I personally care very much about my own views but I try to be open minded to what I can learn from others. Just because someone doesn’t believe what I do doesn’t mean I can’t learn something from them :).

  33. Stephanie says:

    I have been pleased with your recommendation of NAN oils. I purchased some after I emailed you asking about your conclusion before you had posted this. I also purchased the oils for health reasons and found it helpful to buy the book on their website by Bevonne Birch that gives details on the oils and their uses. There are also DVDs on their website that give some information on their uses but I didn’t buy those. From a short-term user perspective, the oils are quality oils. I have been pleased with them and really like “Serenity.” Thanks, Adrienne, for your hard work!

  34. I, too, have been anxiously awaiting your recommendation. Earlier this month, I attended a “workshop” and a DT rep was present- I had never even heard of EOs – but really wanted to try. I went home & started researching and stumbled onto your discussion posts & held out placing an order with DT. My instinct told me to “wait”.

    Thank you for your honesty, integrity, and willingness to share your wisdom- I am grateful. I am excited to start this journey with NAN.

  35. Adrienne- Does NAN have a starter kit or something? I don’t have any EOs and I want to begin to build my arsenal, but I don’t know where to begin! Thanks!

  36. Hi, great work on the EO research. I do have a question regarding NAN’s oils though. If I understand your statement correctly about their oils being “unadulterated”, that means what is in the bottles they sell is exclusively the oil(s) that come from the plants described. If that is true, then the “neat” oils confuse me on NAN’s site. By their definition, neat means no carrier oils or “unadulterated”, right? So if neat=unadulterated, then about the rest (majority) of their oils? Do the rest contain carrier oils? Thanks in advance.

    • I think if it isn’t NEAT it is blended b/c folks don’t want to use the neat oils on their skin and don’t want to mess w/ carrier oils each time to apply them. NAN has done it for them.

      • Does that mean that most of their oils have a carrier oil already mixed in? Just quickly adding up the different types, they have 37 neat oils and 171 non-neat oils. I guess when you said unadulterated, you didn’t count carrier oils? I am just trying understand your definition of the terms.

        • Their singles and blends do not have carriers in them as far as I know. I have used them and they are just like other pure oils I have tried. I agree the terminology is a little odd but I do know I had that conversation w/ Mr. Dean about neat vs oils w/ carriers. If a company ads carrier oils to their oils w/o disclosure that is adulterating in my book. I will get back to you on this.

          • If the singles and blends do not contain carrier oils, then I think Mr. Dean should probably better categorize the oils on the site. The fact that there is a “neat” category, automatically makes me think all the others have carrier oils in them, otherwise they would also be listed as “neat”. Sorry to question so much, but I as well have a brain wired to find the truth.

            • Each oil that has a carrier is clearly identified as such. There used to be a different index that was harder to search but easier to see that kind of thing. He is not trying to hide anything at all about his oils, but his site needs some work. Just call and ask when you want to order. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, let me know. I’ll see if I can get an answer this weekend.

              • I agree, I think their website is a little more confusing since the update.

                I called about this very thing when I wanted to purchase Tummy Rub a few months back. Here was the explanation…

                There are several blends that are in a base of carrier oil (all of which are clearly noted in the ingredients listed under each one on the website). Now they have also made these blends available without the carrier oil as well. They have grouped the “duplicates” in their own category – all blends in the special NEAT category also have a blend available with a carrier oil which can be found with the other blends.

                To me this is completely confusing, because some of the blends (most actually) grouped in with the Copal Blends are also NEAT.. but not named that way. They just don’t have a duplicate “diluted” blend, so there is no “NEAT” added to the name to differentiate the two. Personally, I think they should put all of the NEAT blends in the “Copal Blend” category, and put all of the diluted/similar blends in their own “Special” category.

                Just for clarification, all of their Single Oils are also NEAT, but they do have a less expensive, diluted version of the pricier oils (Jasmine, Helichrysum, etc) in the Blend category.

          • When looking on NAN website it looks like to me that their blends are mixed with a carrier oil but not their singles. The neat oils are the blends that you can buy without a carrier oil added. At least that is how it looks with the oils I have looked at on their site.

  37. Thank you for all your hard work on this!

  38. I was wondering if you could help me with a particular oil that was given to me as a gift. It is by YL, called Peace and Calming which I love, does NAM have anything comparable? Thanks for your input!!

    • I used their Serenity and I really like it. Actually, I like it much better. I use it at bedtime now. Otherwise, Grounding would be a blend to try. Thanks!

  39. SpawnOfSnape says:

    This is a great coincidence! I had been linked to their site once by a customer of theirs, but couldn’t remember what it was or who gave me the link. She loves their oils and highly recommended them. I’ve been trying to remember what this place was. :) Not only do I get a second opinion from you, but I have found the lost site!

    Thank you. :) I will order from them next week when I have some spending money.

  40. Adrienne, in one of the post you wrote: “I just really watch that I don’t use many internally now and we take probiotics daily.” Should they not be take regular internally? I use lavender a lot in my nose for my sinuses, it is better than the steroids the doctor had me on. ( gave me hot flashes) Thanks for all the information.

    • I addressed this in Part 6, I believe. The antibacterial and antiviral oils are especially strong and it makes sense that they will kill good bacteria as well. I think in general that the oils are strong and one needs to be careful. I hope to have Mr. Dean available for more questions like these. Thanks!

      • Sara Wallace says:

        I highly recommend reading Dr. Stewarts “Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple” – you will find that it does not make sense that antibacterial and antiviral oils will kill good bacteria as well. You’ll also find this to be true in the cancer research being done (published studies available at, frankincense will induce apoptosis in the abnormal cells but leaves the healthy cells alone. Essential oils do not work in the same way that allopathic medicine works.

        – Sara
        A very happy Young Living Silver

        • Thanks, Sara. I think that it’s possible that Frankincense works differently than the “hot” antibacterial and antiviral oils. Those are the ones that I have read about causing the issues w/ gut bacteria. Do you have any links to specific articles and not just to pubmed in general – thanks!

          • Sara Wallace says:

            I sure wouldn’t be using essential oils if they carried the same side effects as OTC drugs. That’s the beauty of being able to use essential oils instead of antibiotics. They build up the system, and not tear it down. They are free of harmful side effects. Essential oils, as an all-encompassing rule, work very differently than drugs, because of how the essential oil constituents interact at the cellular level. Doing the research is truly fascinating and exciting, which is why I shared the PubMed link (largely unbiased essential oil science, free of opinion). The Chemistry of Essential Oils book is really a must-read for anyone who really wants to understand how essential oils work, but here is a short article by the author as per your request: “Drugs verses Oils”


            • I will add, however, that I have heard that taking probiotics is important when using the antibacterial and/or antiviral oils. So, in that sense, while they do good things, they possibly “tear it down” a bit. Thanks.

  41. Lisa Kasper says:

    Thank you! I totally bow to your effort, research, tenacity, and the above board professional and ethical way in which you have, and continue to conduct yourself. Your response to the person who is concerned about NAN using their profit to “promote non Biblical Spiritual practices, and donate from their coffers to the training of their practice” was well done! Especially to the point when it comes to other “main stream” stores who channel their money into areas that are not agreeable is spot on. I stopped going to Target and Walmart for those very reasons. I just shake my head at people who refuse to accept that there is more than one path to God. And that by excluding everyone else’s beliefs, they are practicing exclusion and demonizing “the other” which is about as far away from Christian principles as you can get. I applaud anyone’s effort to become more spiritual in order to be a better person, and to spread the message of peace and love. Tolerance and love goes a long way. And I dare say there is not enough of it in this world. I for one, now have ALL the more reason to purchase from NAN just BECAUSE they DON’T promote “biblical” spiritual practices. Thank you Adrienne also for your response to the Alyssa who seemingly has a grudge no matter how you lay it all out there in the open for us and every one else. You handled yourself with honor, style and grace.

    • Thanks for commenting, Lisa. I think the issue here is that #1, I was choosing an oils company–not a church. #2. NAN’s involvement w/ the Nemenhah group is about health freedom–not about spiritual guidance.

      I hope you enjoy NAN’s oils. I have found the company to be super helpful and I love their oils. Hope to hear from you again!

  42. Thank you so much, Adrienne, for all your hard work!

    In response to the issue PJ brought up: I agree with you that there are a lot of companies give money to support and promote things that we would not, or things that are against God and His ways, and we don’t even know about it. But if we do know about it, what are your thoughts on God’s people knowingly enabling / empowering them to do more of it, be it Nemenha or something else?

    I also agree that we are not to pull away from the world, but not be of the world. It is hard, if not impossible to avoid all such businesses. Even if a particular business doesn’t support and promote such things, they may do business with some that do. God may call or allow some people to be involved with them in various degrees to be light and salt, as Adrienne may be with NAN. It does take all of us asking, listening to and obeying God, and intentionally living it out.

    I do have to say it does appear to me that Nemenhah site does communicate spiritual belief, and not only alternative healing method, as its first tab (Constitution) tells. So the question to me is – is this the kind of church that God would want me/us to knowingly empower support and promotion of?

    There must be countless things in 10 months that you spent much time researching and considering before the final recommendation of the best essential oil company. I am truly deeply grateful to you and your family. I appreciate PJ bringing up her concern in the blog. After reading your announcement in the email, I forwarded it to friends and was ready to try NAN and went on its website. Interestingly, One of my children saw some page with the description of the oil, and she exclaimed gently with laughter, “Mommy, that completely sounds like American Indian spiritual stuff! And it is weird.” Neither did this child or I have read the blog correspondences then. Over the years, I have learned to pay attention to my children’s spiritual sensitivity. I know the oils are God given tools for our well being (physical, emotional and spiritual), but where to get it from?! As oils also have a spiritual aspect, it seems PJ’s concern is an additional important issue that I need to personally take some time to talk with God about.

    I apologize that I am not good enough of a writer to make this entry more succinct.

    • You’re welcome. I am spending a ton of time on these comments, so maybe I am going to have to write a post on this…..

      Quickly, here is my response…

      I think I addressed the issue of supporting a business that has beliefs that one doesn’t agree with when I brought up 1 Cor. The Bible in no way says we need to avoid doing business with those who do not share out beliefs. If you think otherwise, I would like to talk more about it.

      That being said, I have chosen not to support certain companies when I have an alternative. I don’t think it’s the place to share those things here, but I might at another time.

      Regarding Nemenhah, I think there are a few things to think about. First, Young Living and doTERRA are both owned by Mormons. I promote Green Polka Dot Box and they are Mormon owned as well. I don’t have any issue with that, though I am not Mormon.

      Today I had a very long talk with Mr. Dean about NAN and Nemenhah. We had talked about it before and did so again. Mr. Dean asserts that he is a Christian and that the reason he has the link to Nemenhah on his site is to promote health freedom. He says that he no longer gives 10% of his company profits there and, in fact, any donations he makes are now personal.

      Aside from that, if you look closely at the Nemenhah statement, I think most of it is pretty innocuous. If there is a specific part of it that bothers you I might be able to address it, but basically they are saying that they have the right to use nature’s things to perform healing and that that is part of their spiritual heritage. Native Americans have long had a history of using herbs and oils to heal and they still do today. There is a lot of talk on their site about things being passed down through generations and their rights to practice as they wish today. I don’t see anything about specific doctrine, witchcraft, talking with spirits, or anything like that. I will say, I read it all pretty quickly, but I don’t see any issues here. It seems to me that talk of such things is more a “knee jerk reaction” than a response to something that is really there in print.

      I don’t mean this to “shut anyone up” – I think this is a great dialogue. Please tell me what you think.

      I think health freedom is crucial and I personally am happy to partner with Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Native Americans, and whomever else would like to join in that fight.

      • Thank you Adrienne and others that are facilitating a constructive discussion for us to think through the spiritual issues of NAN and ourselves. I am learning from many of you. Your posts have reminded me not to have broad strokes of what I know or what I think others know. I grew up with Asian alternative health practices. God has allowed many alternative health tools on my journey that I was very uncomfortable with and had to take time to check with Scripture, ask and listen to Him. Some I had to stay away from, some I am using as ways to minister to a range of people, from my family to strangers, and from minor illnesses to cancers, even if some / many of the people who uses those tools are New Agey. God has given me boldness to credit Him with gentleness before these practitioner friends of mine through the years. Their compassion is evident to me, and I pray they would come to know and worship God whom they call “Creator,” instead of the creation, and have eternal life through Jesus.

        I also don’t have any problem with doing business with Mormons, Catholics, Jew, Native Americans, and others. :) I have had difficult experiences with Christian and non-Christians in business, as well as I myself had been a difficult experience to others :( that I have been learning not to be. My husband and I also have personally experienced the harshest blasting and difficulties by Christians a few times. I hope I /we have not been that way to others. I am so glad for Mr. Dean that he is a Christian. I heard Mr. Young of YL, although was raised a Mormon, became a Christian. Christian or not is not a problem to me.

        I tried to say (perhaps not very well) in my last post that Nemenhah site does communicate spiritual belief, although it is not clear what kind of church it is and what it means by “Spiritual Adoption.” My question in my last post when I asked “is this the kind of church that God would want me/us to knowingly empower support and promotion of” was a sincere question without judgement, and I did not mean to knee jerk or condemn (which you were not saying I was). I didn’t even know what the “church” or “spiritual adoption” on the site really meant. I certainly don’t have problem with Mr. Dean wanting to donate money to wherever he wants. I was raising the question if I was to channel our money that way through him, since his website communicated financial support and promotion of Nemenhah, be it directly from the profit of NAN that he owns, or from his personal money that is probably from the profit of the same company. Maybe he doesn’t own it all. Maybe in the past that was a helpful marketing tool. Again, I am not trying to criticize what he does with his business or money, but working through what I / we should do with my / our resources. Adrienne, you have clearly communicated on the blog that the decision is everyone’s to make. You are just doing us a big service in researching and facilitating discussions. I am grateful. I still don’t think I have enough understanding of

        Adrienne, I agree with you that many essential oil companies assert New Agey type of effects. Would you include NAN as one of them?

        Thanks so much, Adrienne, for how much you have put into this, and continues to! I hope you remember to take care of yourself as well.


        • Hi there and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Your comment got lost under a pile of work.

          I think a lot of your concerns have been dealt with. Mr. Dean wasn’t on the Nemenhah site for a long time and he has taken the links down since I told him what my readers were finding. He said he hasn’t given corporate money to them in something like 2 years and I believe he said he isn’t donating personal money now either.
          He said things were different when he was promoting Nemenhah at the beginning and he associated with them for health freedom issues only and I believe him.

          If you have more concerns, please let me know and I am sure Mr. Dean would be happy to talk w/ you if you like. Thanks!

      • It’s one thing to support a business OWNED by somebody of another faith. It’s another to support a company who advertises that their proceeds train spiritual leaders.

        • Hello Mel,

          Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I was obviously inundated with a flurry of comments and had to think carefully about how to respond.

          I hear your concerns, but I have addressed all of my readers’ concerns with the owner of NAN (Mr. Dean) and he purports to be a believer in Christ. That is not how I determine what business I am going to support, but I think I should mention that due to your concerns.

          Mr. Dean said that he rarely goes on the internet (and from how his site needs more organization I am completely not surprised to hear that.) and he even didn’t see my posts on his company. I had to send them to him. So he didn’t know the changes that had happened on the Nemenhah site and he has taken down a lot of the links from NAN.

          That being said, many people have no idea what is going on behind the scenes (and often not behind the scenes) of many companies that they support. I suspect that you would be hard pressed to shop anywhere if you really looked into what is going on. The Bible does not tell us to not buy from those with whom we disagree but it does tell us to watch our own lives. We can, of course, have the freedom to shop where we want, but I think it is quite problematic to judge another Christian based on where they shop. This is similar to how the Bible says not to judge others for how they spend the Sabbath.

          I hope that clarifies some of your concerns.

      • Thanks for all the work you did on this! For what it’s worth I believe, for me, that you are correct in your interpretation of that scripture. We are in the mid-west and I know many who are boycotting certain stores b/c of whatever. However, we have a rather large population of people practicing the Amish {and off-shoots of} faith{s} – very focused & lived faiths. They are not boycotting these same stores. {not to generalize that ALL people of these faiths are not boycotting… I have not done *that* research lol}… And if Jesus had boycotted certain areas of life – well the Bible would be much different I think.

        On another note: The SERENITY or other calming blend – how is that used? I use Melatonin to get to sleep nightly but would like to switch that up and not have to use it every.night. Is the Serenity applied topically or inhaled, or ?
        Thanks again!

        • Thanks for chiming in on the Scripture thing. I don’t put myself out there as any kind of Bible expert, but honestly, my husband kind of is. He has a PhD in lit that is Bible based and he is really talented w/ this kind of stuff. I turn to him a lot when I have questions that are tough like this.

          Regarding Serenity, I have used it on my wrists, feet, and in a diffuser. I think Mr. Dean told me to rub it on the chest but you would likely want to mix it w/ a carrier oil in that case. I try not to use melatonin every night but it is hard.

  43. Stephanie W. says:

    Could you also comment on your concerns with Heritage Essential Oils (unless I missed that somewhere!)? Also, does their version of “Thieves” seem to work well? (I remember your saying that Thieves had more of a “punch” than OnGuard.) Thank you!

    • Stephanie, a reader brought up some concerns about Heritage Oils. I removed them when the owner asked me to. Various companies have issues that I have heard about and that some people might take issue with regarding whether or not to do business with them. There are so many things I have heard about different companies and I need to be careful what I share as some of it is merely heresay and I don’t wish to get others, nor myself, in a difficult situation.

      However, I spent a lot of time looking at a lot of companies with the help of Mr. Dean. He willingly assented that some companies (only 2 others that we looked at, I believe) seemed to have high quality oils. However, he pointed out that many companies appear to get their oils either all or mainly from “experts” (I have shared my concerns about that), or they didn’t have organic or wild crafted available. So that is basically my answer about almost every company that is being asked about in the comments. After going over about 20-30 companies, there were only 2-3 that I would likely have considered going with and one of them had other products with tons of chemicals in them so I wasn’t comfortable with that. The other company was really difficult to get any information about and it looked like I needed to pay to get a catalog. So I hope that helps.

      I hope to have a Thieves-like recommendation for you soon, but I do like NAN’s Spice Traders very much. A friend of mine has used it to clear up sinus issues and just ordered more.

      • Would love to know what the 2 companies that you and Mr. Dean looked at and think have quality oils. I don’t like MLM, but aside from that and other considerations (e.g. customer service), what do you think of the quality of the oils of YL? It seems there is no perfect company, so if someone is able handle MLM (not over buy, etc.), would you recommend the YL oils?

        • I shared that I thought there was a chemical smell to them. That concerned me and also I wasn’t fond of the assertions of New Agey-type effects of the oils. Most oils companies go in that direction a bit but I felt YL’s bent was stronger than others. I really think the quality w/ NAN is better. If there are other questions you have, though, feel free to ask. One thing is also that YL’s oils, for the most part, aren’t indigenous, or organically grown, at least as far as I know.

          • I just wanted to add my concerns about the new-agey bent of many EO companys. if you are still concerned about NAN then you should also read about D. Gary Young’s dream as he wrote in the company newsletter Essential News. I won’t say any more as I think it best if any one who is interested read the article for themselves. i currently use YLEO’s but have been increasingly concerned about “spiritual” claims they make. I do believe in many methods of natural-healing and have learned much about natural healing from christians who are from other cultural backgrounds.

            • I’m not sure if you were asking me about any concerns I might have about NAN, but if you were, then I will saw that I have none. I think I spelled it all out clearly in the comments that Mr. Dean associated himself w/ the Native Americans and Nemenhah in specific to avoid government intrusion into natural health care. I have no issues with that. The fact that Nemenhah ended up going down some spiritual paths that Mr. Dean wasn’t aware of is OK with me as well. And now he has taken steps to distance himself from the group. So I have no problem. Spiritual claims about oils may or may not be something that concern me, but it might be of interest to know that Mr. Dean said he was concerned about some of those sorts of claims himself. Thanks for sharing.

            • By the way, I can’t find the article you mention, so perhaps you could leave more info about it. Thanks.

          • Young Livings oils are organically grown just not certified. There is never any chemicals ever used on their farms and they are buying farms all over the world so that they can have indigenously sourced oils. They are extremely extremely strict about what is used on their farms and there is never any chemicals used. They are not certitied organic, I consider their practices to be superior to certified organic because even certified organic still allows small amounts of pesticides and chemicals, they just have to be below certain levels,

            You say that you used to be a YL rep but yet you don’t know this about YL? Did you read any of their material at all, or study their practices? I have done tons and tons and tons of research because I want to be confidant that I am using the best oils I can as well as am representing a company that as a Christian I can stand behind. So far I feel strongly that I can.

            As a Christian I certainly don’t like the “spiritual” claims regarding the YL oils, however the way I see it is that because this is not a Christian company, and that essential oils are used very broadly for nonchristian religious experiences it is nearly unavoidable. I am super strict about what I allow in my home on the spiritual side, for instance we don’t allow Star Wars, Harry Potter or even so called christian magic like C.S. Lewis, but I don’t have a problem with what I have come across from YL. Also another way that I see it is that because of FDA regulation YL is not allowed to say things such as kills cancer, for frankincense but they can list the “spiritual” things it does because those are not in the FDA’s area. If they were allowed to say what things the oils could do medicinally I believe you would see WAY WAY less of the “spiritual” uses of the oils.

            I honestly was also very skeptical about using them for “non physical” things, but I recently started wearing Joy as a perfume, and noticed that it really does improve my mood (even though I am a very happy go lucky person to begin with) but I really do feel an improved mood from it, and I really like that. :)

            I have to say that I do believe your statements regarding feeling the need to order $100 or more with YL and DT is misleading. When I read over your statement there my immediate thought was “well perhaps that true about DT (I don’t know haven’t used them and will not ever after my research) but it is certainly not true of Young Living.”

            I honestly never feel pressured at all to buy anything at all, although I can see I guess how certain people can feel pressured. I recently held a YL class and I was discussing an order that an acquaintance wanted to place. She only wanted to get about $75 worth of products but she also *really* wanted to get the promotional that YL had for that month which was for an order of 190pv she could get a 5ml bottle of both “regular” frankincense and Sacred Frankincense. So I discussed with her what her options were in order for her to get that promotion for as cheap as possible. Later on I found out that she thought I was pushing her really hard to make a larger order then she wanted. Which was not what I wanted AT ALL. She told me she really wanted that promotion so I was trying to help her get it for as cheap as possible. :/

            So while I can see that some people may feel pressured to buy, there is MANY who do not, and I honestly find your statement misleading. If it refers to the Essential Rewards program then it is completely misleading because you have to have a minimum of 50pv which averages around $50 in order to make a qualifying ER order and earn points based on it.

            ALso I have checked the prices of the essential oils that I am familiar with the prices for between YL and NAN, and especially on the cheaper ones like lemon and peppermint there is only a couple dollar difference in price. It’s when you get to more expensive oils like the frankincense that there is about a $20 difference in price. I would really like to research that more. It seems like if the mark up on YL products was for profit purely then there would be a more consistent ratio of price increase between the two companies.

            • Hi Laura. I appreciate your comments.

              First of all, I hear what you are saying about YL but as always, we are all taking what the companies say as being true. So if YL says they don’t use chemicals then we can take what they say to be true, but I have talked to numerous farmers who say they do something, but the truth is that they use many chemicals. One of the things I like about NAN is they buy many of their oils from farms where there aren’t pesticides available so there isn’t any way there are chemicals on them.

              I was a YL rep but I dug only as far as I needed to. I am sure that you know many reps who don’t know much at all about YL or other companies that they are representatives for. I possibly could have done more research for sure, but I did contact headquarters about their farms and about the formula of Thieves and the reference that they give in the Thieves brochure and that I found to be disconcerting. They state that the Thieves blend has been proven to work against viruses (that is how it comes off for sure) but the study that they link to is only dealing w/ Eucalyptus. I never got an answer back about that. I did find that to be disconcerting.

              Although this is “off topic”, I don’t mind :). But I am glad to hear about your avoidance of Potter. I am sure I have readers who would disagree w/ me but I read Rowling’s statements of where she was going to take the series and that was enough for me. Also, there isn’t a clear delineation of good and evil in that book. That is partly where Star Wars falls short as well.

              But there is a clear difference in C.S. Lewis so I am unclear as to why you would avoid that. Lewis is one of the foremost Christian authors of all time. My husband is an English Prof and knows his works quite well. I am sure you have heard of Mere Christianity and A Grief Observed, and more. They are fabulous.

              As for the buying, it appears your friend did feel pressured, right? It’s of course an individual thing, but people hear someone say “you can get this for this price and save up to this amount” and that is what “sticks”. I am working w/ Miessence now and I am very careful to not emphasize the 40% off that you can get b/c it necessitates a much larger order than most people would get. I can go back and look over my posts but I think I worded it OK.

              I looked at NAN’s pricing but just a few oils. The lemon is very close for sure, but the peppermint is quite different. NAN’s is $16 and $14 and YL’s is $19.75 wholesale. Plus the pricing on shipping is quite different.

              I do appreciate your thoroughness and hope you can understand that I am not perfect. There are more reasons I left YL than that, but I can’t put everything on the blog. Sadly, that is the state of things. Hope to hear from you and let me know if I can clarify things more.

              • Hi, Adrienne –

                I just found your blog when I was doing a search on Thieves essential oil. Obviously I’m late to the conversation, so I don’t know that you’re still responding to comments on this post. I hope you can respond, though, because one of your statements above confused me.

                Above you wrote, “So if YL says they don’t use chemicals then we can take what they say to be true, but I have talked to numerous farmers who say they do something, but the truth is that they use many chemicals.” Are you saying that YL farmers told you they use chemicals on the plants used to produce YL essential oils? It sounds like you are saying YL DOES use chemicals, is this what you are saying? If so, I would like more information on this.

                I had wanted to learn how to use EOs for several years, and finally my nurse practitioner held a class about a month ago on YL EOs and how to use them. My nurse practitioner practices integrative, functional medicine and sells only the highest quality supplements. She researches everything thoroughly to ensure the products she recommends contain no harmful fillers or ingredients. So, I trusted her judgement and ordered YL EOs. In addition there are several other practitioners that I trust very much (like a holistic veterinarian) who also recommend & use YL EOs in their practices. So, it surprises me to hear that YL uses chemicals. Any information you can share would be helpful.

                I understand your concerns about YL’s other products. I had checked all their other products against EWG’s site as well and based on my own findings had decided to purchase only the EOs and Thieves household cleaner & wipes. Their other products (like skin care, toothpaste, etc.) contain harmful ingredients. I’ve spent years researching & trying different products, and I finally have make-up, skin care, hair care, toothpaste, etc. that all rank between 0-2 on EWG’s site…so there’s no way I’m switching to YL products that rank 3 or higher.

                But I am very curious what exactly you meant by that statement. And if you are saying YL uses chemicals, I would like more information please. Thank you.

                • I am saying people can say one thing and do another. It happens all the time.

                  I can’t tell you that Young Living uses chemicals but it smelled like it to me and to my husband.


        • wondering which 2 other companies you and Mr. Dean to have high quality EO’s?

  44. Hi Adrienne, thanks for all the hard work you have done, I looked over this briefly which is on their site:

    and opened the document Zvenia Brochure:, sorry if I have it wrong, but looks like there is a law called Codex, which will affect MLMs and people that sell oils, anyone that isn’t a licensed natropathic physician, medical doctor with side degree in naturopathy etc, you will not be able to suggest oils to anyone… but because native american healers have their own spiritual law if you join their way/religion you will not come under the law of codex. below is a quote from that article:

    For Individuals
    The Band offers Spiritual Adoption to all Natural Healers that fit a certain criteria. If you will undertake
    to study the Sacred Shahaptian Healing Way and become a Medicine Man or Woman, and if you can
    declare to all the world with good intention that Natural Healing is part of your Spiritual Orientation,
    the Band will take you into its community as a Minister. If you desire to go further than this, the Band
    will train you as a Native American Practitioner also.

    MLMers and others please read the whole article for more information.

  45. I just bought some (okay, a lot really). I’m looking forward to testing them out.

  46. PJ, Thank you for posting your concern. I don’t know if you read in the blog that MRH that you are looking into is merging with NAN.

    • It is RMO that is merging w/ NAN. Mountain Rose Herb is a decent company but from the info I received from them the source oils from many places and it looks like some are from the “experts”. I also haven’t been able to get a verified answer about using their oils internally. I did evaluate a few of their oils and feel the quality at NAN is better at this time.

  47. I have enjoyed your blog very much. Thank you for sharing such great info. I am so sorry for all the personal attacks you have endured. There truly is no need for that nonsense. I have been looking at essential oils for a couple of years. Not only for myself but for my 4 shih tzus. I raise them naturally and they get no chemicals of any kind. This is something that I am incredibly passionate about. I am also looking for a way to earn a bit of an income. They say to do what you love. So do you have a recommendation as to a way to go about earning an income with essential oils without joining an MLM?

  48. Elexa Dawson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your research! I really like the NAN oils that I have, but I stick pretty close to Aura Cacia because in my home business, the low overhead and decent markup make good $ sense. Maybe I can begin a relationship with NAN. Mr. Dean and I have a mutual friend who harvests an ingredient for Defense. They highly reccomend Defense!

  49. Thank you Adrienne for correcting my mistake in which company is merging with NAN. :) My mistake shows why I would not be a good candidate to do the amazing research that you did ! My head spins with all the essential oil companies out there.

  50. Stephanie W. says:

    Do you have any recommendations yet for diffusers? I noticed a couple on the NAN site, but there wasn’t much information about them. Thanks!

  51. Who would you consider to be honorable mentions? Thanks for all your hard work…I would still like to believe there should be several choices for oils…not just end up with another situation that would be like do terra or young living.

    • Hi Sherry. I am not sure what you are concerned about when you say “another situation that would be like doTERRA or Young Living.” Can you explain please? I assure you, and I told Mr. Dean, that should there be an issue with his company that would make me not able to recommend his company, that I will be recommending someone else.

  52. Many of the mlm’s give the impression that they have the only pure oils. I’m considering your choice, but would like to know some of the other reputable sources you would trust…or did you come to the conclusion that only NAN has pure oils.

    • No, I do not think that NAN is the only company with pure oils. I think that there are fewer companies with pure oils than most people think, but I also think that one person’s definition of pure is different than someone else’s. Some people are OK with oils being heated or vacuumed or redistilled. For now, I am not. Does that help?

  53. My family is new to oils, and I was really excited about your adventure. For those of us who are hesitant to go with NAN for various reasons (not quality), do you have any suggestions.

    • Sherry, I hope to address the spiritual concerns about NAN as soon as I can sit down and spend time on that. I talked with Mr. Dean at length again today about it and I am completely fine with this. Please share what your concerns are and I will do my best to address them. Of course, you might reach a different conclusion but I can share how I think and feel about this so you know where I am coming from. Thanks!

      • I am also interested in what your second and third choices are when it comes to EO companies. I think that is what Sherry was asking in her last couple posts.

        • I’m swamped but trying to figure this out as I can – thanks. The other “front runner” were not an option for me for various reasons and I am going to have to revisit this issue when I have time.

  54. Thanks for your hard work! I just placed a $200 order with DoTerra not long ago, but I will be checking this company out.

  55. First of all thanks for all your hard work! But reading through all the comments, there are a couple that would like to know of “runner ups.” And in your responses you have not listed. Is it because you have entered into an agreement with NAN? I am not opposed to buying from this company because of who or what they donate to. I believe God made this earth and all within it, and we can heal our bodies with natural resources. It just struck me as odd why you would not list secondary choices. And by no means is this a “hate” comment. Just an observation.
    You did put a lot of info out there that has helped people, and that is awesome.

    • Hi Monica. I didn’t list a “runner up” because I didn’t find one. And like I have said, if I do, I will try to make an arrangement with them as well. If my having a financial arrangement with a company that I represent is off-putting, then I really don’t know what to say. This is commonplace for bloggers and I am operating in a more fully-disclosed way than some bloggers whom I have observed.

      In fact, I just got off the phone with Mr. Dean and he said that the 10% giving hasn’t happened for awhile now and he had meant to take that off the website. I will have to address this in the other comments – or maybe a new post.

      I didn’t see a real reason to list another company because I was looking for where I wanted to buy my oils from. All along I called this the “Best” Essential Oils Company series because I was hoping to find a “one stop shop” for me. I mentioned in the comments above why I wasn’t happy with the other seemingly good companies that I looked at (there were only 2 that seemed to be good). Very late in the game I got another short list that I thought I might look into but I didn’t get to it b/c I already had made my decision and didn’t feel the need to do anymore work.

      Honestly, at the beginning of all of this, I was looking at Rocky Mountain Oils as a possibility as well, but then later, when I heard about NAN merging w/ Rocky Mountain, you can see that I didn’t feel a need to recommend them. I guess if someone wants a company but doesn’t want to go w/ NAN, they could go with Rocky Mountain – but then they won’t get the coupon savings during this coming week :-). Does that help? I really can’t emphasize enough that almost all of the companies out there are selling oils that are from “the experts”. I think that the small oil company getting oils straight from the farmer is the model that I like.

      • I didn’t mean to come off as accusing you of anything bad. I completely understand the financial arrangement part. I, too, was just curious to know if there was any other brands closely behind. I am fairly new to EO’s and like to have a few places to turn to. (Not just for oils) I don’t do get all my groceries, supplements, health food in one place.
        I am not bothered by his donation. I guess I touched on it because of what others had commented.
        Anyways, thanks for your articles and information. I am now on my way to see what NAN has to offer!
        I think serenity sounds like a good one to try.

        • Thanks for clarifying! I think that’s a hard question. Rocky Mountain is a great choice but I think you will find almost identical (if not identical) products to NAN. I still am not clear on Mountain Rose Herbs so I don’t know what to say about their oils. Aside from that, there are others I could look into but only about 3-5 off my list. I hope you can understand that I am just swamped here and once I found something I really was happy w/ I didn’t feel a need to go and find a bunch of other options. I found an owner willing to spend tons of time to walk through all the details of his company, to share tons of information with my readers, and whose products I am totally thrilled about endorsing.

          That, in addition to NAN offering such a broad range of other natural care products – it is basically everything I could have asked for and more. It was only after I decided on NAN that a few more companies came out of the woodwork and at that point I was dealing with a bunch of personal issues, the personal attacks over this series on my blog, etc. I just can’t jeopardize my family, etc. in order to investigate every oils company that comes across my desk. I hope that further explains my decision making process. :).

      • I’ve been enjoying this series, have been doing some E O company research myself, Ahmad was glad to come across this reference to the merger with Rocky Mtn Oils, as I found them on my own, and immediately recognized the site is basically the same as Nan…
        I took a couple of eo classes 20 years ago, and was told to look for a range of prIces (with some being much more expensive) ….source, scientific name, & also trend to shop OG first.
        thanks for your thoughtful presentation of the info.
        Flower Essence Society offers good oIls, and I’m going to order some.from Mt Rose, as I like their similar farm friendly practices!

  56. I really appreciate your work in researching the oils and these companies. I have always felt so pressured by certain companies to buy their “therapeutic grade” products and my intuition always steered me away from them even though I did like a couple of the blends. There were inconsistencies in terms, and verbage each distributor used in describing the company and the use of the oils. Some even said to use unlimited amount of oil in a treatment. I am relieved and thankful for the information. We are blessed. Many returns to you and to your family.

  57. Regarding “Therapeutic Grade”… I just want to share that this term IS on the NAN oils that I have seen and the people who introduced me to NAN tout this as an exclusive claim to “the best oils.” I am not arguing the quality, but saying it may behoove Mr. Dean to be more transparent about this label.

    • Hello Elexa. The wording on NAN’s bottle is “Therapeutic Quality” and it is not trademarked like the “Therapeutic terminology” on YL and doTERRA’s bottles are. It does not mean that Mr. Dean claims his oils to be “the best”. In fact, he has told me that there are oils that are higher quality than his on the market, but they would be out of reach for almost anyone to buy. He is providing very good quality oils that are pure and are to be used for therapeutic, as opposed to for perfume only, work. I hope that helps explain things. I think he is quite transparent, actually. I have talked with him for hours and hours about the oils industry and his company in specific and he has never contradicted himself. I have also validated things that he has said with my own experience and research. If that changes in the future and I feel there is an integrity issue of any kind I will cease to recommend his business. Thanks for asking, though….good eye and good question!

  58. Just curious (if you have time to reply anyway) if you had any specific misgivings about Ananda Apothecary — they do say you can ingest most of their oils if you have such a protocol, unadulterated/therapeutic grade, they test with GC/MS and are making the reports available, they include botanical name – cultivation type – country of origin, and they work with distillers from around the world. Sounds similar to some of your priorities and I know you could not deal with every single provider, so wondered if you had specific concerns about them? Thanks for all your helpful info, and your time, investment, etc.

    • I was put off by them offering free shipping in exchange for a positive review. Also, working w/ distillers from around the world does not mean that they work directly w/ farmers. There are oils “experts” who work w/ distillers from around the world. If I remember correctly, they are selling absolutes when there is a low cost alternative. I think they are using solvents w/ a number of their oils. NAN only uses it for 2 when it is totally cost-prohibitive to do otherwise. I hope that helps and I think I am getting all of the info straight. Offering something in exchange for a positive review is a real “no no” in my book. This came up in a bloggers’ group I am a part of and it is an unethical practice in my opinion.

      • Just to clarify in case anyone else reads my comment…from what I could get from the site, looking over all their products, there are 3 absolutes that are not available another way –tuberose, jasmine, and rose. The other few absolutes are also available in other distillation methods. I got free shipping just for placing my first order, so that’s odd about the “in exchange for review” thing — I can understand that this would be off-putting. About the farmers vs distillers: Can you clarify why the farmer would be good but the distillers not? I would imagine that not all farmers of good products process them themselves (or process them well). (I’m not trying to argue, just wanting to understand — and I have no interest in the company other than I liked what I read and the prices were good, so I want to know if there’s a reason I should not use them.) Thanks!

        • Hi Vicki. I am not able to get into all of the details right now, but I am just telling you what a reader told me. If you look up Ananda reviews there are a TON of them on the internet and that doesn’t happen for any other oils company and I found out why.

          As far as the oils go, if the price is “too good to be true” it likely is. I can’t say for sure since I don’t test their oils but that seems strange to me.

          When you work w/ an “expert” you don’t have a direct relationship w/ the farmer. You are buying from a middleman. The oils sales person who works direct w/ a farmer can find out how the plants are being harvested and can ask things to be done the way he wants them done. Otherwise you are just buying what everyone else is buying and it is widely known that many oils on the market are adulterated for sure. You can see that info on the internet easily. There are many articles I read about how common it is to adulterate oils.

  59. As expressed by nearly all your readers; thank you for all your hard work. Look how many lives are benefitting from your research. Also, your detailed responses are well thought out and researched too! Do you know if NAN will send samples (along with a purchase perhaps)?

  60. Thanks so much for this series. I’m so happy to have read the whole thing and am going to purchase some oils now!

    I was wondering what your findings on Forever Green-Tru Essence was and I also heard about a company in Idaho called Butterfly Express.

    Would you consider in the future doing a quick summary on all the companies you looked into? The comments are so confusing to read!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi there. The summary is basically that almost all companies buy from “experts” and I would prefer not to do that. I like working w/ a company that has a relationship directly with the farmer so I can really know where the oils are coming from. Also, the experts tend to do things like heat the oils to get rid of smells that are herby, etc. It is this close relationship w/ the farmers that is how Mr. Dean came to know about the distillation of peppermint that I talked about so much.

      • I’ve seen the almost all companies buy from “experts” in a bunch of your posts. Can you explain an expert is and which companies do and dont buy from them?


        • Hmmm…I think I touched on it. They are basically suppliers or middlemen of oils. They buy and sell them to oils companies so a lot of companies have the same oils as a lot of other companies. I don’t know about all companies but am learning how to tell. The companies I recommend will not buy from them :). I want to get them straight from the farm. Hope that helps. I am working on other companies to recommend but I can only do so much. :) Esp now that I have a minor concussion. Blah.

  61. Also, I’ve been trying to find a good book on essential oils that is not company biased…any good suggestions?

  62. Sorry I keep thinking of things…can you also talk about Carrier oils sometimes. I hear that fractionated coconut oil is best. Can I just use regular cold pressed organic coconut oil or is there a benefit to the fractionated kind?

  63. I wish I could change my name so you couldn’t see what a scatter brained person I am. I didn’t see anything about 1st distill regarding NAN’s oils. Can you tell me what you found about that?

    • NAN’s peppermint is 1st distilled. They list their Ylang ylang as what it is. Mr. Dean is the first place where I got the information about 1st distillation so you can rest assured he works with farmers who give him high quality. Most of the other oils, as I mentioned, are only distilled once. The peppermint is an unusual oil since it gives up a lot of oil.

  64. Have you done any research on Aromaland oils? If so, what is your opinion?

  65. Adrienne, I’m one of the folks who emailed you earlier to ask what the company was so I could place an order.

    I did speak to the owner and he was very kind and took a lot of time with me to explain that if one is to take the oils internally it is highly recommended that one takes them hours apart from probiotics as the oils are very effective at killing off all bacteria – including the good. He also said that they work just as effectively applied topically.

    I have been greatly helped by the Vitality. When I ran out of it I was kicking myself for not having bought a larger bottle. I plan to buy a very large bottle of this. I put it on my decolletage (if you know what I mean) and it has greatly helped with discomfort I was feeling there – makes me feel so fresh and vibrant and has definitely helped with blockages in the area.

    Also Breathe EZ helped me greatly with a heel spur that has been plaguing me for years.

    My son LOVES it when I apply the Citrivescents to his neck.

    So thankful for all the work you put into this search, Adrienne. I (like others) had no peace about using other companies. Their marketing techniques had a driving spirit to them, which is not right for me.

    • Great to hear it! I am really intrigued about the bone spur! Is it gone? We were looking at another bone issue in our family so I am very curious – thanks!

      • I think it’s still there (probably diminishing), but it is no longer painful or uncomfortable like it used to be.

  66. One more thing – to those who want to know where to start with EOs, I would suggest calling them. I spoke to the owner a few times about my specific health issues, and he recommended a few products to me, which have been very effective.

  67. Did Mr. Dean explain to you the issue with peppermint being vacuumed or what the vomit smell in it means? I have seen some other companies explain that their peppermint has been vacuumed but its not redistilled. They claim it is the first distilled or they say there is no such thing as 1st distilled ect… Also, could you give me some pointers that Dr. Dean shared with you on what to look for when searching for an eo company? Something I would like to understand is how some companies compare their oils to other companies but aren’t bought from the same distiller? Rocky Mountain Oils compares the oil YL. They make it seem as if they are the same but just cheaper. It just seems there are two totally different worlds colliding here….

    • Holly, what Mr. Dean said is that he thinks vacuuming the oils is adulterating and taking some of the beneficial materials out of the oils. There is no “vomit smell” in the oil. I use it and I love it. What Robert Pappas is saying is that there are isovaleraldehydes in the peppermint oil that are also found in vomit. I found no evidence of this on the internet. In fact, if you do a search on isovaleraldehydes and vomit you find a lot of info that says that isovaleraldehydes can cause nausea and vomiting, but not that they are in vomit, so I don’t know what to think about that.

      I also made the point that it seems to me that Mr. Pappas is saying that the isovaleraldehydes are bad because (if) they are in vomit. I am saying that of all the things that I know are in vomit (food, water, HCl, etc.), they are all beneficial things.

      I think I have laid out pretty well the things that Mr. Dean is looking for. Purity, pricing that makes sense, direct from farmer, indigenous. If there is something else you are looking for, please let me know.

      I am not sure what you mean by “how some companies compare their oils to other companies but aren’t bought from the same distiller” – can you explain please? Thanks! I think we’re going to have to have a conference call for all of this :).

  68. Adrienne,
    Thanks for all your hard work! In regards to this new oil company, are these oils also able to be diffused as YL and Doterra oils were? Can they be taken internally as well? If I was taking DDR from Doterra…does this company have something that is similar to it? Would be nice if you could get Paul to come here and do a seminar.

    • Yes, you can diffuse them – I am not aware of an oil that can’t be diffused. NAN oils are no different re: taking internally. Some can’t be, but all others can. What is DDR please? I am hoping to do a seminar on my site. :-).

  69. Wow, what an interesting series! My first exposure to essential oils was doTERRA two years ago and since I have had GREAT success with them I intend to stick with them. But it is nice to get a well-rounded perspective of what is out there!

  70. Hi there,
    Just tried now to place an order and it is going to cost 30.75 to ship one 15 ml vial to Canada.
    This is more expensive than YL shipping , and although I was quite curious to try NAN brand, I think I won’t be able to now. :(

    • Really? Maybe try calling on Monday. I am thinking they should be able to ship for less. I will drop them an email for you :).

    • Hi Cathy. I just got a response from the owner of NAN. Here it is:

      There must be an error on the website for shipping. Maybe it was defaulting to international priority or international express or something. If she calls in, we can fix that. Normally is just a buck or two more to ship to Canada than the USA. I know shipping one bottle should be about 3 dollars.

      Hope that helps!

  71. Thanks, yes maybe I will give them a call tomorrow .
    Have read your blog with interest.i appreciate all your research you have done.
    Have been using YL oils for past year but would like to give NAN oils a try.

    • Please let me know what happens!

      • Got my order in today,..ordered 4 -15 ml.bottles of oils and postage was only 7.00 to Canada, which is reasonable.
        Apparently a few glitches on website still, as was having some other problems putting items into “shopping basket.”
        But all sorted out on phone. Thanks again.

  72. Thank you for all of the time, energy and effort put forth towards the research! What a blessing! :)

  73. Adrienne, thanks for answering some of my questions and for the work you’ve put into this. I realize that visiting the top companies on your list would be an ambitious undertaking. However, I was hoping that you had visited NAN’s facilities as part of your research. If you or I wish to visit NAN, is that possible? As a researcher, I am a big advocate of knowing my source.

    YL provides the location of their labs, farms and distilleries and I can visit them. Mr. Young and several distributors are working at winter harvest and they are posting photos of it on Facebook. There is a saying when you want it done right, you do it yourself.

    I have never seen an equivalency list at YL. Many essential oil companies compare themselves to YL, which speaks highly of the company and its products.

    I took a tour of NAN website and found that Mr. Dean’s work history includes having worked for an essential oil company, which he says was not up to his standards. What company was this? If he has better ideas than this company, why did he work for them? I’ve been taught that casting a negative light on your previous employer is non-professional.

    If NAN essential oils do not have a supplement box on the label, this indicates that the oils have not been approved by FDA for ingestion. If they are not approved for ingestion, why not? This is not some FDA mumbo jumbo, it is vital information that a consumer needs to evaluate quality. Without it, I would not apply their oils topically because the oils are absorbed into the blood stream and cross the blood brain barrier.

    One reason companies are able to sell cheaper oils is that they are diluted or they have taken short cuts along the way. When it comes to essential oils, price is a good indicator of quality. We have the choice to purchase a fine wine or a cheap wine but not a fine wine at a cheap wine price. Companies who do that cannot stay in business.

    NAN has essential oil kits that indicate the oils are indicated for treatment of medical conditions. Has FDA approved the labeling of these kits?

    Do you think we need only one “best company” or is there room for several “best companies”?

    • Faye,

      I understand what you would like but really, as a blogger this kind of thing just isn’t feasible.

      I did have a reader visit NAN’s office and she was very pleased and left w/ a slew of oils. Mr. Dean is going to be touring the farms this year and doing filming. I doubt any or many YL reps have toured all the YL farms. And just b/c you visit one doesn’t mean you have seen them all, correct? A company (not insinuating YL is doing this–just making a point) could easily have a “picture perfect farm” ready for tourists and then have different practices going on at different farms.

      Have you visited the YL farms yourself? And if so, how many? I know some reps have seen the Utah ones.

      It is possible that the YL equivalency list is evidence of their being high quality, but I think more likely it reflects on the fact that YL was instrumental in bringing essential oil usage into the mainstream of our natural healing culture. For that, I am grateful.

      I responded to your comment about Mr. Dean’s previous employment elsewhere by mistake. I will repeat it here.

      its very professional to mention my experiences but not to mention the company by name. If they really want to know the company, you can tell them or have them call me.

      Here is his reply to the FDA question:

      Because we are suppliers to the Medicine Men and Medicine Women we do not have to follow the regulations of the FDA. You may want to read “The History of the Dysfunctional Health Care System” under our “Education” button to understand more about the rise of modern medicine and the FDA. Whatever you have been used to using with other oil companies, you should experience the same or better results with our oils.

      I agree with you about pricing. I don’t think NAN’s oils are cheap. I see some that are priced so low that I am suspicious of their quality.

      Regarding the oils kits, here is Mr. Dean’s response:

      Again we do not affiliate ourself with the FDA or other …government agencies.

      I think there are other good oils companies out there, but once I found one I was really happy with, I stopped–mainly because all I needed was one company, given NAN’s wide range of oils. In the future, if I have time, I might check out a few others. But believe me, this has taken a ton of time and I really need to draw the line somewhere :-).

    • Faye, just to play devil’s advocate… the FDA approves all sorts of drugs – some of which have death listed as a side effect, they are partially funded by pharmaceutical companies, and several of the people who work for the FDA are also employed by pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, several things they “approve” each year cause so many health issues (death even) they have to be pulled from the market.

      Sure, they “approve” Oxycontin but that doesn’t make me want to put it in (or on) my body, nor does it give me a “standard” of the purity or quality of the drug.

  74. I am excited to read your final recommendation! I typically have purchased Wyndmere, Aura Cacia, or NOW EOs, simply because they are the ones carried in my health food store, but I have held off purchasing any as I have followed this series so I could purchase additional ones from whichever company you recommended – I know you have done waaaaaay more research than I ever will, and I trust your judgment. As a blogger myself, I know that the reader’s trust is important and valuable – you have mine! :) Love your blog. Thank you for your hard work!

  75. I’m curious what you thought about Sunrose Aromatics essential oils. They sound almost exactly like the company you chose. Thank you.

    • I didn’t look at them. Perhaps they are one of the good companies. I did notice that their prices on the oils I checked are quite a bit more than NAN’s.

  76. Thank you so much for doing this research! I appreciate the depth that you researched this topic & am excited to hear that you will be continuing on with the therapeutic use of essential oils. I am a newbie at this & am wanting to learn as much as I can & so I will invest wisely when I purchase essential oils. :)

  77. rebecca navarro says:

    Do you know how long the oils are good for? I couldn’t find it on their site but am considering buying a bottle of defense but still have most of a bottle of the rocky mountain brand to use and wouldn’t want them to go bad. help please?

    • Oils, if pure, do not go rancid but they can oxidize a bit making them a little less therapeutic. The defense is a supplement. I don’t believe NAN carries an oil called Defense. Maybe you meant a different blend?

  78. rebecca navarro says:

    thank you for the (super quick :) )reply. I’m not sure where I was looking then oO. Ok found it again, under their best sellers page. now I’m confused again lol, would that or the spice traders be the one to get? I’m looking for one like Thieves.

  79. rebecca navarro says:

    ack ignore me, defense is a capsule form for oral intake. sorry for bothering you about it!

  80. This was a very helpful series. Thank you for the time and effort you devoted to it. It would be great to see a summary, perhaps a table that displayed the criteria you used to evaluate each company and how each one fared?

    Also, did I miss your review of Mountain Rose Herbs? I also was a little disappointed you didn’t review Aura Cacia. Your image for the series included two of their bottles…I assumed you would be reviewing the companies that were in the photo.

    • Thanks, Ginny. I am really sorry, but I think those kinds of details would take me a ton of time and I am already getting told by my hubby that this is taking way too long. :-).

      I think, if we can pull together some time with Mr. Dean on the site, that you will all have opportunity to hear from him about other oil companies perhaps. I’ve responded about AC and other companies numerous times – basically, most of the companies do business by buying oils from “experts” — something I didn’t know before. I would really like to do business with a company that works directly with farmers and distillers. From what I can tell, from talking to Mr. Dean and reading other articles, those companies are few and far between. Does that help? Also, AC doesn’t say you can use any of their oils internally and I would like to use some oils that way on occasion.

      • Thank you, Adrienne. I am new to your blog and the essential oil series are the only posts of yours I’ve read–so far. I’ll be following your blog in the future.

        Aura Cacia and Mountain Rose are the two companies I’ve bought essential oils from in the past, so naturally I was curious what you learn about them.

        But I’m also open to trying other companies and have already gone onto the NAN site to look for my favorite oils.

        Again, I appreciate all the time you put into your series.

        • Hi Ginny and welcome! I looked into them already and like I said, I am not comfortable w/ AC b/c they recommend not using their oils internally. As for MRH, I have commented a few times about them. I really like their company but the info about where they are getting the oils wasn’t something I could get enough information about and the internal usage issue was also something I was getting different answers about. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good oils, but I really wanted to have all the information that I knew I wanted and that all of you would want when making a recommendation.

          I hope that helps. If I have time I might go and look at MRH again, but what happened is that the first rep I spoke with there told me that their oils weren’t made in a food grade facility and so shouldn’t be taken internally. So I passed them by. Later, after I had made my decision, I heard from readers that that might not be the case. I called MRH and emailed them and my reply still hasn’t gotten a response so I really didn’t know what else to do. Thanks again for reading!

          • Hello!

            I was also concerned about the internal usage of MRH. I sent them an e-mail and here is the response:

            “Hello Laurie,

            Thank you for contacting us! Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils are wholly suitable for aromatherapy, cosmetics, and for the production of body care products. Due to regulatory concerns, we are unable to recommend them for internal use; encouraging internal use is actually considered irresponsible in the international essential oil industry due to the fact that they are extremely concentrated and potentially dangerous substances. However many of them can be taken internally in very small amounts by someone who has done extensive research into their use or has been instructed to do so by an herbalist, naturopathic physician, or other licensed professional. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance in this or any other matters. Have a fantastic day! ” I hope this helps someone! :)

            • Interesting – thanks!

            • I have been reading this stuff for hours now. Ha!

              Anyway, I think one of the the reasons MRH may not endorse internal use has more to do with liability than the quality of their oils. If someone starts using oils internally and is not careful to pay attention to what can actually be used this way, it could be a lawsuit for the company even if it’s a “user error”. Many of these smaller companies (such as MRH) are probably not carrying insurance for that, nor are they well-equipped to deal with it. As an example, on the YL message boards I visit, I see people all the time say they took Purification or some other oil that has Melaleuca (Tea tree) oil in it internally. Not safe! So I think it’s probable their oils are as safe as any other that is handled appropriately to take internally. It’s noted on each individual oil specifically if it’s NOT safe, which also leads me to believe that the ones that don’t have this precaution are safe.

              I probably would not have even realized this except that I read about it on another blog (I know, its not a definitive source for solid info, but still). I know we also don’t want to play around with safety, but when you realize it’s a liability issue and not a quality issue, it helps. The FDA makes this kind of stuff so darn difficult. But, all that to say that I think that may be why you’re getting mixed messages from them. The people who work there probably realize it’s safe while they can’t officially say so because that would open them up to lawsuits that they aren’t prepared to deal with at this time. Just my guess, but I feel confident enough in the practices they’ve put forth on their website and the recommendations of many others that I will likely use them for some of the oils that are too expensive through YL (such as Frank).

              • BTW – thank you, for all the work you put into this blog. I appreciate the education you gave me! One of the most concise and useful pieces I have read about how oils may vary in quality based on how they are handle.

                • Thank you!!!!

                  • Hello,

                    Does NAN have information available on the EO for women during pregnancy. I have some health issues that I have been given prescription medications for but (Not confirmed yet) I believe I am pregnant. I have tried some essential oils in place of the medications with little results. Now even more I would like to to take the organic approach and the things you covered are all important to me. I have migraine and cluster headaches, psoriasis on my scalp, decreased kidney function (they say it’s from my first pregnancy), raynauds, add, insomnia, some sort of rash 6 doctors cannot explain. It shows up in all places on my body but sure bothers me the most when it shows up on my face…and the worst allergy to mountain cedar possible. I am prescribed 12 prescriptions right now.

                    With all of that said, I am super healthy when it comes to weight/fitness. I am very athletic and a very toned body. I work hard, but with all those issues I figure I need to.

                    Can you direct me to some assistance for any of this? I am a mommy for goodness sake to a 6 year old and maybe one in the oven. I don’t have time for 12 scripts! I am 31. But I do have time for better health the right way!

                    • This is a bunch of info from the owner of Native American Nutritionals. This is not medical advice, of course.

                      “Here is some information from my book. Naturally improving the quality of food taken in will assist without having to work hard to stay fit. (True good health comes from your food not having to stay fit by working out.) Also doing a lot of green drinks would be highly beneficial. I love the Defense and taking four capsules a day for a month should show her great results. (Other supplements would be good too — like the pH Rescue if she is not going to be doing a lot of green drinks.)

                      Headaches — do the Migraine Relief

                      Using Essential Oils Use While Pregnant

                      We have seen there is a lot of miss information put out about the dangers of using the high quality Therapeutic Essential Oils while pregnant. A lot of this has come about by misunderstandings or unpractical extreme usage of essential oils on laboratory animals. Numerous essential oils books continue to propagate this misinformation on the essential oils when in reality, under normal or high usage, no warning should be given.

                      Example: Many companies and aromatherapists will warn someone that is pregnant to stay away from Rose oil. Rose oil is considered to stimulate menstruation. In practical application, this is simply is not the case. Traditionally, women have eaten large amounts of rose petals to promote a healthy child. During my lifetime, my daughters love using Rose oil and enjoy using it every day while pregnant. It assists them in relaxation and staying in overall joyful feelings. – Pahamay

                      While some people continually exclaim to take extreme safety measures while using the oils during pregnancy, look at the actual usage of the essential oils can create a much different picture. Numerous essential oils that some “experts” say are unsafe for pregnancy are really considered by our U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). This does not mean the oil will not harm you, but generally if you use the oil with wisdom it is considered to be safe. For example: Basil, Fennel, Peppermint, and Thyme are all often considered unsafe while pregnant but we have never seen justification for this under normal use.

                      Also remember everyone is different and use caution when first experiencing an oil. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and may react differently or be more sensitive to the oils. Take time to understand how the body will react to an essential oil is highly advisable. In our experience, the Therapeutic Essential Oils, when used in small amounts and with wisdom, can be highly beneficial while pregnant.

                      While pregnant, the body is undergoing major changes and hormones are working to create an environment conclusive to create a fully developed infant. Essential oils, that assist in balancing or adjusting the hormones like Clary Sage (which is at the top of that list), should be avoided or scrutinized until the delivery is imminent. Take small steps when using oils that may interfere with the hormones is wise. Even though we have seen numerous examples of people using the hormone balancing oils for better overall health while pregnant, this should be treated as the exception and not the rule.

                      Below are some of our favorite blends to use while pregnant:

                      Stretch Marks – Baby Skin or Skin Care

                      Morning Sickness – Tummy Rub

                      Balance – Aligning

                      Moodiness – Blossoms
                      Stress – Tranquility

                      Back Aches – Relieve Me or Sports Pro
                      After delivery, use Skin Tone to help tighten and regain body shape.

                      Testimonial: When I was 8 months pregnant with my first child, my mother first introduced me to the oils. She put Cypress and Tangerine on my feet and ankles at the end of the day to minimize the water retention. I would also take a drop of peppermint or ginger whenever I had an upset stomach. They worked wonderful and I have used them with all my other children. – Lark G. from Riverton, Utah

                      Example: Even though some experts tell people not to use it, Jasmine was used by my sister all throughout her pregnancy. She loves that oil and would use three or four drops several times a day. My other sisters just used whatever oil they felt like using and they all have wonderfully healthy babies. So unless you’re prone to miscarriages, just use the oils with caution and wisdom. Keep an eye on how you feel so you will not use the oils in excess. – Man Found Standing”

              • I suspect they had their signals crossed there and that it wasn’t a liability issue b/c now they are saying something different. I have looked more into their company since but I do think that NAN is higher quality. I just am so swamped that I don’t have time right now. I like MRH but I do want the best if I can afford it (or close to the best). Thanks!

  81. Thank you for this series Adrienne. I am currently working towards my Registered Aromatherapists designation and have learned a lot – however this last post raised a huge red flag for me.

    Your offer of – “Wintergreen at 30% off I have used Wintergreen on my son’s growing pains regularly.”

    Has me deeply concerned for your son and people who may use Wintergreen without proper care. Wintergreen does absolutely work because of the high levels of Methyl salicylate. There are some huge risks though and most trained aromatherapists will not use it.

    Here is a bit of info below from Martin Watt …but there is lots of research out there. I really encourage you to take a look. Also Wintergreen is considered by some to be a persistent environmental toxin. Also shouldn’t be used by anyone allergic to Aspirin and can increase the effect of blood thinners.

    For growing pains and leg cramps and such I have found that a 50/50 blend of Ravensara aromatica in Calophyllum Inophyllum (tamanu) oil works wonders.

    “Wintergreen is not a genuine essential oil. Methyl salicylate is not present in the living tissues of the plants from which it is
    extracted, but instead is the result of enzymatic hydrolysis occurring during the processing of the plant materials. Therefore, it should be considered as being ‘naturally derived’ in the same manner as are the chemicals extracted from coal or crude oil. Any suppliers who claim their oil is “natural” are stretching the meaning of the term way beyond what most people accept.

    Methyl salicylate is believed to be readily absorbed through human
    skin and can result in dangerously high blood levels of salicylic
    acid. There is some indication that this can result in fetal
    abnormalities, reduced survival rates and reduced growth rates. Due
    to this it should never be used on women of child-bearing age, and
    therapist’s need to be most cautious about not absorbing too much

    Thank yuo for this series and your blog, i truly appreciate all the information and your willingness to search and ask questions :)

    • Thanks for commenting. I am curious if you would like a response from me or more info – thanks!

      • Hi Adrienne,

        You have a huge amount of comments to respond to. I just wanted to share the information I have with you and to present another alternative for your son – growing pains are no fun.

        I know how easy it is to get buried by info overload when it comes to EO’s and there are so many contradicting opinions to what is safe and what isn’t. I just hope all your readers do their own specific research for the oils they are considering using. They are wonderful and powerful and we need to respect that.

  82. Hello,
    Thank you for your research. I have read with interest…
    I would be very interested in knowing which companies yourself and Mr. Dean said has better oils then NAN. Thank you!