Nourishing Hair Rinse — and Why You Should Be Using One

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A Nourishing Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse for hair health. Find out how to make it, how easy and inexpensive it is, and why you should be using one!

Do you want healthier, shinier hair?

Look no further…you need a hair rinse.

I started using a homemade apple cider vinegar rinse quite awhile ago to remove build up from hair products.

But I've learned that there are more reasons to use them.

Read on to find out how a good hair rinse nourishes your hair and how you can make your own hair rinse easily.

Did you know that your hair has shingles?

Well, sort of.

Your hair is made of a hair shaft that is covered by cuticle.

The cuticle is overlapping layers that cover your hair, kind of like shingles on a roof.

When the cuticle is in good shape, the layers lie flat and your hair looks shiny and healthy.

Benefit of an Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

The layers open when you shampoo your hair, so a good ACV rinse will:

remove build up of hair products and other toxins so your cuticles are healthier
close cuticles so your hair slides more easily and you get fewer tangles
improve circulation to your scalp
retain a good pH balance
– help with hair conditions like hair loss, dry scalp, dandruff, and more  

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2.  Wondering about where to get essential oils?  It's very important to really make sure that the oils that you purchase are pure and that you're not getting taken by some marketing ploy  Read my Best Essential Oils series to find out more.

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4.  Guar Gum- I use NOW Brand.  I love that company for supplements, etc.


Custom Essential Oils for your Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

You can adjust this apple cider vinegar hair rinse according to your personal needs.

Following are some essential oils to consider for use.

Oily HairRosemary, Lemon, Lemongrass, Basil, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree
Dry HairPeppermint
Hair GrowthRosemary, Basil, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood
DandruffClary Sage, Lemon, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Myrrh, Patchouli, Tea Tree


1.  You could just use more apple cider vinegar and water instead of the aloe vera juice, but aloe vera has many healing properties that I prefer using it.

2.  You can either leave this rinse in your hair or rinse it out.  Leaving it in for awhile, especially for the first use, will likely help remove more buildup, residue and toxins.

3.  Use at least once per week to several times per week.

4.  I keep a plastic cup in my shower.  When I am ready to use my ACV rinse in my hair, I pour about 1 capful of the rinse into my cup.  Then I add shower water to make up about 1 cup of water plus rinse.  I dump all of that on my head after shampooing.


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Have you ever used an apple cider vinegar hair rinse?
How did it work? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Hello. I have grey hair – ranges from silver-white to steel grey. Texture is very fine, very straight, not oily or dry. I’ve just started washing it with baking soda, which does a fine job. If I use this rinse, will it turn it yellow, like so many shampoos tend to do? I used to use Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo/conditioner, but I like the feel my hair using the baking soda.

  2. Angie Jessup says:

    I’ve had ACV recommended before as a hair rinse. Since I only use a temporary color on my hair I’m afraid it will strip the color off sooner than the 8-10 weeks. What do you think?

  3. I can’t wait to try this! I love that you provide recommended essential oils for different hair problems. Thank you so much Adrienne for this recipe! 😀

  4. I see a lot of natural products add vinegar…what is the alternative? No matter how many or what flavor of EO I add the vinegar smell does not disappear for me in household or beauty products, not even when dry; my hair either…I just can’t do it and my husband can’t stand it, either. I read that vodka or lemon juice is a good alternative-what have you found?

  5. I’d like to try making this for my daughter, but she’s allergic to Aloe Vera. Is there something I could use in its place?

  6. Any recommendations on a rinse for those who live in deserts and can’t use humectants like aloe? Just moved here, and it’s seeping all the moisture out of my hair instead of retaining it.

  7. Pooja Pal says:

    Thanks Adrienne for your prompt response. .will definitely look out for ingredients. .can’t wait to try it out

  8. Couple of questions – do you have any recommendation on which brand apple cider vinegar to be used if not making it ourselves? in one of the ocmments you made you made apple cider vinegar yourself but not able to find ur link for it. also for aloe vera juice the one which is there on vita cost site from ALO i bought the same from costco but they have either honey or the mango one. is it ok to use the flavored one for this rinse or maybe not?

    • Hi there. I just put a link in the post so I hope that helps. I would think the flavored would work but it depends on the ingredients. If there’s a lot of other stuff you might not want that. :)/

  9. I dye my gray hair. Won’t the ACV wash out the color? Please advise alternative. Thank you.

    • It shouldn’t affect your hair from the research that I have done – it’s diluted as well. I can’t promise but that is what I have found. Thanks!

  10. I have blonde fine hair and get foils put in it. I find apple cider vinegar makes the colour go funny. Has anyone else have this problem?

  11. Just tried this for the first time except I mixed soda and vinegar together with water, before pouring it onto my scalp. My scalp feels less oily, itchy and cleaner now. My hair is soft and shiny. However, it is flaking even more and my hair loss has increased. =(

    I also need to confess to having been allergic to Chinese vinegar internally. Any idea what went wrong?

    • If you are allergic to vinegar then that could be your problem. I personally would stop using it. Do you have a problem with other vinegars internally? Are you rinsing it out completely? Perhaps something else is going on? Of course, I am not a doctor and can’t medically advise.

    • Mixing soda & vinegar together makes a chemical reaction. It’s used to clean tarnish off silver.

  12. Hi, I tried using just apple cider vinegar thru my hair after shampooing it – did not help to smooth it- was no good. I do have colour in my hair – can you recommend something else I can use?

    kind regards

  13. Aloe Vera juice? Can I just use 1/3 cup of the gel from my aloe plant’s leaves?

    • You will get a slightly different product b/c the gel is thicker and it has different properties, but since it’s an external use I don’t know that it will be a big problem.