Neal’s Yard Remedies Review (NYR Organic Review)

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Neal’s Yard Remedies is a company that isn’t as well known as many clean beauty brands, but they definitely deserve a look.

I stumbled on Neal’s Yard a number of years ago. I’d heard about their organic and sustainable practices, and decided to try out their products, and overall I was pleased.

Following is my honest review of NYR Organic and Neal’s Yard Remedies.

Neal's Yard Remedies logo and text Beauty without the Beasts and a vase of flowers

United Kingdom-based natural and organic health and beauty brand. Their focus is ethically and sustainably sourced botanical and organic ingredients for skincare, beauty products, and more for the whole family.

For a time, the company had a direct selling arm in the US (called NYR Organic), which is how I encountered this great organic skincare brand. I worked with that US direct sales arm for a number of years.

I tried most of their products and met a number of people in their leadership, including Tipper Lewis, their Head of Training, at a national convention.

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About Neal’s Yard Remedies

Neal’s Yard Remedies started in Covent Gardens, UK, in 1981, and their products are made at their factory in the United Kingdom. Many of them are packed in blue glass bottles which are not simply lovely, but the colored glass serves to help protect the products from the negative effects of sunlight. 

Their products products are certified under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny program, the Soil Association and COSMOS Organic, and they’ve earned recognition from the Good Shopping Guide, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.

Beyond all of this, the company is committed to using no genetically modified products at all, and they never test on animals.

About Neal’s Yard Remedies’ (NYR Organic) Products

What You Won’t Find in Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Products

  • Parabens
  • PEG’s
  • Synthetic “Fragrance”
  • Dyes
  • Hidden Ingredients or Contaminants i.e. phthalates, nitrosamines, formaldehyde
  • Glycol
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Phenoxyethanol

Facts About Neal’s Yard Remedies

  • They use many organic ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • All products are gluten free
  • Most are vegan (with the exception of a few with honey…and they work hard to care for the bee population!)
  • They perform as well, if not better than, many of the high end department store type brands — and they do this without compromising your health or safety.
  • Certified by The Soil Association – certification in the UK is much stricter than in the US, with their being high penalties for mislabeling, etc.
  • Enhanced with high quality essential oils, many of which they sell as part of their aromatherapy offerings.

Skincare Kits

Neal’s Yard Remedies has skincare kits that address many types of skin, and the kits are offered at a savings over buying individual products.

Arnica Salve

I personally haven’t tried their Arnica Salve, but their essential oils are great and their Eucalyptus Salve is simply amazing. Although I love making my own Homemade Chest Rub, if you aren’t in the mood for making your own products, Neal’s Yard’s salve is a great pre-made organic option. 

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Neal’s Yard’s Wild Rose Beauty Balm used to be one of my favorite organic beauty products ever. It’s base is rosehip seed oil.

I go back and forth between this and Beautycounter’s Lotus Cleaning Balm, but I still love the WRBB

Using a balm on top of moisturizer is basically a must do for me. It seals in moisture and gives an intense moisture boost. Use of a balm as the final step in my skincare is one things that’s made a huge difference in my skin. 

Body Care

Neal’s Yard also has Shower Gels, Body Lotions, Hand Washes, Shampoos and Hand Creams.

I really like their shower gels and body lotions. None of their shampoos worked well for me, and from what I’ve heard from others, that’s not the company’s strong point.

Their hand creams are mostly very nice, but the Melissa Hand Cream is a bit strong. I tend to put hand cream on in the car on the way to church especially, and one of our sons would complain that he didn’t like the scent.

Where Neal’s Yard really stands above with these products is their scents (not the Melissa one, but every other one has been very nice). The Garden Mint and Bergamot is one of my favorites, and the Citrus Hand Wash is a very nice one as well.


NYR Organic has a nice line of essential oils, carrier oils and more. Their Woman’s Balance Blend helps me feel “together” and their “Optimism” blend is very uplifting.

Frankincense Intense Cleansing Melt

This is a popI haven’t personally tried Neal’s Yard’s Cleansing Melt yet, but I’m going to have to. It’s sounds very similar to Beautycounter’s Lotus Cleansing Balm, which again I LOVE.

Like BC’s Balm, it starts off as a gel and then turns into an oil. Then, when you add warm water, turns into a creamy cleanser.

The reviews aren’t as strong as Beautycounter’s, however, so I’m thinking I’ll still prefer the BC option. From what I can tell, the Neal’s Yard product is thinner in consistency. Beautycounter’s balm is in a tub and it’s very thick. There’s no way it could be squeezed out of a tube.


I have to say that this is one of my favorite product lines. Their Frankincense perfume is amazing. They used to have a Rose fragrance, but sadly it’s been discontinued.

All in all, Neal’s Yard has great products. I personally feel that my skin is in better condition using Beautycounter’s products, but there are some products from Neal’s Yard that I truly love.