Poison in Our Strawberries

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Did you know about the great amount of pesticides on strawberries? You might never eat conventional strawberries again.

I have long known about the problems with pesticides on strawberries and would love to grow my own this year, but this information puts things in a new perspective.

Did you know the following?

Strawberries grown in fields gassed with a carcinogenic fumigant will be the norm on supermarket shelves, unless new California governor Jerry Brown reverses the approval of methyl iodide, a highly reactive chemical, pushed through during the last moments of the Schwarzenegger administration….

“Everyone agrees, without exception, that methyl iodide is a very toxic compound. It's very reactive. That means it interacts with living tissue in very toxic ways, causing cell damage and damage to cell structures, DNA, or chromosomes,” explains Ted Schettler, MD, MPH, science director at Science and Environmental Health Network. “The upshot is it can cause a lot of health effects, including cancer and damage to tissues that are developing. In animal studies, it killed the fetuses of developing animals exposed by inhalation; fetuses were killed at relatively low doses. Nobody doubts it's a nasty chemical.”

No wonder there are so many auto-immune diseases and such a great increase in conditions such as autism.

With all of these chemicals barraging our bodies, what else would anyone expect to happen?

Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made and our creation was made perfect.  I am not against everything about big business, but the slovenliness with which some movers and shakers in our world's economy manage our blessed resources makes me quite furious.

Then again,  aren't even some of the smallest in our world guilty of the same slovenliness?  There's that old finger pointing in at me again.  It's easy for me to get upset at their pesticides and not think of the waste that some of our families produce.

More on being green without going overboard in future posts.

I think that you will feel that the information presented here is just enough to make your head spin, but let's keep our heads on straight and plow ahead, deciding how to make healthy decisions for ourselves and our families.

Did you know this about pesticides on strawberries?

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  1. Harry Jackson says:

    I need good Peppermint oil for my sinus problem.

  2. Genevieve Kearney says:

    what about frozen strawberries

    • Genevieve, no matter frozen or fresh, organic is for sure the way to go. I don’t eat them (or let my kids) if they aren’t organic or no sprayed.