“Lentil-fy your Life!” Lentil Recipes Galore – From Breakfast to Dessert!

Lentils are a super healthy and super versatile food.Betcha didn't know just how healthy they are, though -- or the many ways you can use them! I'm here today to broaden your horizons -- to lentilfy you -- with some fantabulous Lentil Recipes.Our family loves beans.We were actually practically vegan for a good number of years, mostly because we were on a super tight budget and handling ...Read The Full Post

All About Beans – Tips, Recipes, and More

We love beans.Limas, lentils, kidneys, black beans...you name it.We love them for the way they taste, how versatile and nutritious they are, and for how beans can help save money in your whole foods budget.I consider bean cookery to be one of my specialties.We were pretty much vegetarians for awhile, for several reasons, and during that time I cooked beans for pretty much every ...Read The Full Post

Pizza Dip (Pizza Hummus) – dairy and sesame free

I have a real treat for your today if you like hummus, bean dip, and pizza and if you're looking for a healthy snack to add to your family's repertoire.A hummus recipe that is--well, pizza hummus. Or pizza dip. Or just a great tangy, spicy hummus recipe.Or just plain yum. ...Read The Full Post

Tips for Frugal Meals ~ and Super Fast Indian Lentils

 With the price of everything going up...up...and up....(you've noticed, right?)Frugal is really in style now.I know I, for one, have been watching our food budget got up and it's gotten me thinking about ways to save more money in that category.Join me over at The Balanced Platter today where I am sharing some of my favorite tips for making frugal meals.And I'm also doing ...Read The Full Post

"Beans and Rice" — and "Rice and — Fudge"?

Did you know that up until about a year ago, our family used to be almost completely vegetarian (and my son was basically a vegan due to his life-threatening allergies to dairy and eggs)?The vegetarian lifestyle did two things for us: 1.  It helped us save a lot of money on our food bill 2.  It made me into sort of a bean gourmand :-). Well, I am not recommending necessarily that you become ...Read The Full Post

Indian Red Lentils

Our family loves curry.Anything curry.In fact, though we like experimenting with cuisine from all cultures, I would say that Indian is one of our favorites.Now, before I go on, let me say that this lentil recipe isn't really curry - so don't run away if you are not a curry fan.And soon I hope to post a dish that DOES feature curry seasoning.  And it is for sure my most requested ...Read The Full Post

Tuscan Bean Dip

As I shared in my post on Chat Masala (the spice mix that now graces our table at literally every meal), sometimes "mistakes" turn out to be a great thing after all.Now, sometimes they don't -- like the time when I baked a cake with my elementary school friend and it ended up being used as a frisbee.  No kidding. ...Read The Full Post

Adzuki Bean Shepherd’s Pie (with Low-Carb Topping)

Putting Shepherd's Pie together with adzuki beans seems like...well...quite an odd combination, doesn't it?  In fact, it is, but the result is actually quite nice.  Nice also is a recipe and history lesson combination. :-)So before the recipe, here is a bit of "lore" about the pie and the beans involved. The English tradition of meat pies dates back to the Middle ages. Game pie, pot pie and ...Read The Full Post

Savory Sesame-Free Hummus

I am always on the hunt for quick, easy, frugal, healthy (and tasty) meals and snack ideas. Well, this recipe for Savory Sesame-free Hummus really fits the bill.This recipe is our version based on one that we found in a Cooking Light magazine years ago.  And I mean years.My path to health started (though now I know that it was not in a good direction) back in my teenage days when my ...Read The Full Post

Fast and Yummy Bean Dip

We love bean dips of all kinds.  But have you seen the price of them in the grocery store?  Unbelievable and untenable in today's economy.  And really - for beans?  I thought they were supposed to be the budget-friendly food :-)!Well, here is money and time-saving recipe for you.  And oh---it tastes great as well. By the way, any of the following links may be affiliate links. If you click on ...Read The Full Post