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I started this blog, Whole New Mom, kind of on a whim.  Friends were asking me for recipes since they were on special diets and were having a hard time figuring out what to eat.

So one day, when one friend asked for 3 recipes in one weekend (I think it was my Homemade “Almond Joy” Bars, Silky Bean Fudge, and Moroccan Carrots),  my husband said, “You really need to start a blog to get all of this in one place”–so I decide to take the plunge.

It's been a great experience, but also a lot of work and an incredible learning experience.

I'm sharing what I have found, in my opinion, to be some real “gold mine blog resources” that have blessed me in so many ways, that I really can't keep them to myself any longer (that's kind of how I am about all “good finds” :-)).

I suspect that this list will be ongoing, but here is a list of the things that have been the most help to me in my blogging venture.

I think that you will agree that each one of these is top notch.

There are some affiliate links on this page – if you click on them and make a purchase, I might receive a commission. Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.


Blogging with

Amy Andrew's blog is where I started and it's where I keep going for blogging info.

Amy is super knowledgeable but also balanced.  She's a mom like me with limits on her time.  We can't do everything and she reflects that truth in all of her blogging recommendations.


For smaller blogs:

I started my blogging journey with Bluehost.

They are a great hosting company with good service, great rates and great support. Numerous times they went above and beyond to help me with blogging issues and problems (including the time when some icky person put very undesirable images on my site. :-(. And their service is guaranteed.

I recommend that you go for the longest possible plan available. If at any time you decide to leave or cancel your service, they will refund the unused portion of your plan – no questions asked.









For Larger Blogs:

Flywheel Hosting

Flywheel Hosting

When my blog got bigger, I need more services, but still wanted to save as much money as possible.

Flywheel fit the bill.  They have great service too – their Emergency Service has always responded to my calls for HELP!  and they've been helpful and courteous each and every time.



If you aim to have nice photography as a part of your blog, then a good camera is a must.  I have a good eye, but there is no substitute for having both.

I ended up just going with the recommendations that my local friendly camera store gave me and they haven't steered me wrong.

I shoot with a Canon SLR and I use a Sigma macro lens.  I love both of them.

I've somehow been able to make it this far without a tripod but that is next on my list.

I have this light kit in my shopping cart at Amazon–great for dreary days or when you just can't get that shot done during the day time.

Lowell EGO light for food photography








Genesis Themes by StudioPress Themes for WordPress

I'm with Genesis now :). I had been with a free theme (Atahualpa) since the beginning.  Because, let's face it – free is a really good options when you're just starting out!

But I've been researching other themes for awhile now and Genesis has been recommended far and above over all the others.  It's not that much money and it has built in SEO helps.  Also, their support forum has been touted as being fabulous.

Atahualpa has been good, but they had an update awhile ago that left no spaces after all punctuation on my blog.  What a mess!  I couldn't figure out how to fix it and last I heard there still wasn't a fix for it.  So I never updated.  Sometimes you just get what you pay for.

I am very happy with Genesis.  I think my design is much more readable and the move has led to more traffic for sure :).

Theme of the Month - AgentPress

I hope this helps you get on your way.

Enjoy the journey!


~ Adrienne

These comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whole New Mom, LLC.


  1. Great resources, especially the themes, I was going to go with Thrive Themes, but Studiopress seems very nice. Hope it’s easy to use for a noob like me….

  2. Joe Roberts says:

    Adrienne I am not to good in English as you see. I was wanting to know where Hertiage Essential Oil compairs with NAN and Rocky Mt. Essential oils

    • Hi there. No worries. I am sorry but I can’t say – I have a number of reasons that I didn’t choose to go with their company but companies change what they have on their sites all the time and for me to evaluate one, they can just change things later. That happened w/ one company – they had not acceptable oils and then started getting better stuff so if I said theirs was bad and then they changed it, it wouldn’t be the case any longer. I do find it interesting that they have distillation comments on their site now from Robert Pappas. I can only assume it is in response to my series and the post on distillations. Thanks. You might want to read this post to see more about how I choose a company:

      If I find a company with as good or better oils at the same or better price, I am open to changing but I haven’t yet. Thanks!

      I hope that helps :).

  3. Joe Roberts says:

    Adrienne did I understand you right about best essential oil. Heritage Essential Oil came in behind NAN and Rocky Mt. Essential Oil?

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