Homemade Moisturizing Foaming Soap

This Moisturizing Foaming Soap is super easy to make. Stop buying expensive pumps and refills and do it yourself :)!

Why make your own homemade foaming soap?

Well, if you are:

  • tired of refilling your soap pump containers over and over again thinking of the amount of money you are literally tossing down the sink?
  • spending a lot of money purchasing foaming soap containers repeatedly?
  • frustrated with the goopy mess that standard soap pump soap leaves on your hands that sometimes isn’t gone even after washing?
  • wondering about all the extra ingredients in your hand soap that are probably not good for you (and please don’t tell me that you are using anti-bacterial soap.  Well, I take that back.  You can tell me and then I’ll recommend that you stop :-).)

Well, I am always motivated to save money, mess and avoiding toxins as much as possible, as long as I don’t have to spend too  much time doing it.

Well now you can make your own foaming soap at home and:

  • save a lot of money by refilling and not purchasing new pumps
  • save money by making your own refill foaming soap
  • save money over regular soap pumps by using less soap
  • avoid toxic chemicals and fragrances by using only healthy ingredients in your soap

And you will be happy to know that it is EASY.

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So there you have it!  Very little work for a lot of money saved and better health for your family.   You’ve now reduced toxicity in your home and you have a bit more of your financial resources available to address your family’s needs and to bless others.

Dispenser Notes:

I have had quality issues with some soap pumps.  I have tried about 4 different kinds.   One brand that kept breaking was Pampered Chef version and the other was a Cuisipro.  The Pampered Chef design appears to be unchanged, but the Cuisipro is certainly new. Those who would like a pump without external labeling may wish to try those.

The ones that we currently have are holding up great.  Some I purchased at Williams-Sonoma (yes, on clearance, but no longer available) and the others are by Deep Steep.  The Deep Steep  had organic foaming wash in them which we used up and then refilled with my homemade soap. (A bit nicer than buying a chemical-laden foaming soap and using it or dumping it :-).)

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  1. I bought Method foaming hand soaps and have reused the containers in both bathrooms and the kitchen. They have lasted me for at least 5 years! The other one I bought from Papmered Chef years ago clogged and stopped working.

  2. More time and money savings for DIY Foaming Soap: Been doing this concept for 20+ years. A few years ago, I figured mixing foaming soap in a ONE GALLON water jug would save time vs mixing each bottle. I usually use Dr Woods Lavender Castile or the Shea Vision ($8ish/32 oz bottle @ vitacost): Mix 12 cups distilled water with 2 1/2 cups soap. Putting water in bottle first, or some of it, then the soap … if you alternate, then measuring cup gets rinsed clean. Using these measurements allow for swishing/mixing contents, as you do NOT want to fill gallon jug completely full. Also, have used other soaps that come in 12oz bottles, mixing with 7cups distilled water. As for choosing my liquid soaps, I make sure there are no SLS (lauryl/laureth sulfates)! Another tidbit re SLS’s, if you rid use of SLS chemicals in soap, you’ll notice less scum/skuz in tubs and sinks! NOW, FOR THE BEST FOAMING DISPENSERS … My foam bottles hold 18.5 oz and cost from $2ish-$2.50 each at http://www.bottlesandfoamers.com/cart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=16&zenid=8d4c22f52a34af4d0915dbead4154e50. You can also buy just the pumps. Some of my pumps last 5+ years, while others last a year. I sometimes find same dispenser filled icky soap at box stores for less than $3 – then just dump the icky soap. I was compelled to post this, as I get so many tidbits and WONDERFUL suggestions on wholenewmom.com – THANK YOU,

    • I would like to use my Dr Bronners soap for foaming hand soap…. but I was wondering what a good, exact ratio of water vs soap for just filling individual soap containers would be? I don’t want to over dilute the soap so it isn’t as effective (I’m not good at eyeballing), and I don’t want to make large batches at this point as I am still new and learning dos and don’ts and what I like and don’t like. And then I started reading about mold and was wondering if the addition of the fractionated coconut oil would help? I really love this blog and am learning so much! Thank you!

  3. Is this soap (Bonners) meant to be diluted? There are preservatives for very good reasons in water based products. Mildew and mould are far more dangerous than a simple preservative. Which brings me to my point, you are adding more water to a product that isn’t meant to be diluted and that will bread bacteria and fungus. Also, essential oils such as lemon and orange are phototoxic. I know that’s a big bad science word but it’s important. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/4096528

    • Hi there. You can dilute it for various uses – yes. Of course mold and mildew can be an issue so use your products up fast and wash containers well. As for those oils, my understanding is that in that diluted of a form it isn’t an issue but if you are concerned use a different kind of oil. Thanks!

    • RadhikaPradeep says:

      I agree with you on the mildew/mold. Saving money makes sense when this homemade soap is made when needed. How about using tea tree oil? I don’t like citrus smells anyway. I add tea tree oil to my dish soap to make it antibacterial.