Free Kindle Books & Amazing Leap Year Deals! ~ Feb. 29, 2016

Typically I post my Free Kindle Books and Healthy Living Deals post on the weekend, but we were fighting off a bug and I just didn't have it in me.PLUS since I couldn't announce one of the deals until this morning, so -- it all worked out great.You are going to love the deals today.  Just unbelievable.And healthy.While others are trying to snag pizza and ice cream deals for Leap ...Read The Full Post

DIY Lice Prevention & Treatment Spray That REALLY Works!

This year I heard about drug-resistant lice, and (after I finished thinking my head was itching -- scratch, scratch), I started thinking about and searching for lice prevention spray and lice treatment spray on the internet.  And I found that it is pretty easy to make it yourself.Thankfully, I have never had to personally deal with lice, but every once in awhile I hear about outbreaks, and a ...Read The Full Post

How to Spread the Word About Natural Living & Grow Your Blog

Do you:LOVE real food?Have a passion for healthy living?Have a desire to share alternatives to mainstream medicine?Want to Grow Your Blog?  or Know Someone Who Does?I've got the perfect opportunity for you. ...Read The Full Post

Death (and More) Begins in the Gut

If you've been around here for awhile, you know that I really.really.really (did I say "really"?) care about gut health.It's been a huge focus in our household over the years, mainly centering on my struggle with candida and adrenal fatigue, and my son's struggle with life threatening food allergies and Asperger's Syndrome.I'm really convinced that, as Hippocrates' said, "All Disease ...Read The Full Post