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Bottle of swim spray , pool towel and goggles

After Swim Chlorine Neutralizing Spray

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Optional Essential Oils


  • Using a funnel, add water to a glass bottle or stable plastic spray bottle.
  • Add the ascorbic acid.
  • Add essential oils (if using).
  • Put lid on bottle and shake to combine.
  • After swimming, spray the solution all over, including on hair.
  • Rub the vitamin c spray in, making sure to cover all of your skin.  If the Vitamin C doesn't cover your skin, it won't protect it.
  • Shower as usual.


To find out why I chose the essential oils company linked to above, you can go to the start of the "best" essential oils series, or find out more about my choice for the best essential oils company.
NOTE: You might want to use this solution within 1-2 days of making it as it might lose its effectiveness after that.