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A portrait of Thankful for leftovers label over a brown paper box placed on top of a wooden table

Thanksgiving Leftover Box Labels

Servings: 3 Labels
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  • Print the “Thankful for leftovers” Label onto full sheet sticker paper. (Follow the directions on your printer and for your specific computer for loading the printer and setting up your computer to print.)
  • Be sure to set your printer so that it doesn't “shrink to size" and to print the label at 100% so that the whole label prints off on the page.
  • Cut the page along the grey line.
  • Cut out the labels. You should get three labels per printed page.
  • Print and repeat as many times as needed.
  • Stash your labels until Thanksgiving.
  • When it's time to send folks home with their leftovers, simply peel off the back of the sticker and place on the closed container.