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Homemade Rose Water Spray with essential oil bottle and mason jar with white roses
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Homemade Rose Water Spray Recipe

This homemade rose water spray is easy to make and beneficial for your skin. Spritz some on whenever your skin needs a refreshing boost!



  • Add water to your misting container.
  • Add essential oil to Spray Bottle.
  • Shake well before using (I have not found this to be necessary).


A few points to remember:
  • It's best to not store this spray in a metal bottle, as metals can alter the essential oil's property.  If you are going to use plastic, use a high quality plastic so the oils don't absorb some of the plastic into what you are putting onto your body.
  • Use pure essential oils only.  Many essential oils on the market are diluted with jojoba or other oils.  See my post on Which Essential Oils Are Best to find out where to get high essential oils that you can trust.
  • Since you will be spraying this on your face, you will want to add an essential oil emulsifier. I'll be updating this post with some options for this.
You may also use other essential oils depending upon your preference, but rose is especially soothing to the skin.