jojoba oil cleanser with rose water spray, cotton round, and muslin cloth

Jojoba and Rose Water Natural Facial Cleanser

Oil for Cleansing your face? This Jojoba Oil Cleanser works well and helps you avoid the toxins in so many personal care products.
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  • organic jojoba oil
  • cotton cosmeric pads (cotton balls work just as well)
  • organic muslin face cloths (I recommend purchasing at least 3 of these so that you are never under pressure to do laundry. You do, however, need to wash them at least every two to three days. I wash mine in a [easyazon_link identifier="B00XK3OXR0" locale="US" tag="whnemo-20"]lingerie bag[/easyazon_link] in a cold water cycle)
  • Rose Water Spray


  • Moisten cotton ball or cosmetic pad with warm water.
  • Add 3 drops of jojoba oil to the ball or pad.
  • Gently wipe over your entire face and neck.
  • Generously moisten the muslin cloth with warm water and apply to face. Hold for at least 5 seconds. Rinse and moisten again with warm water and apply to neck, holding for 5 seconds again. (Note: This step is important.  It improves circulation in your skin and promotes health.)
  • Spray face with 2 sprays of organic rose water.
  • Place two drops of jojoba oil on the palms of your hands and smooth gently over face and neck.


Here is a link to Rose Essential Oil for making rose water spray.  You can also purchase organic ready-made rose water (like this one on Amazon) and put in a small spray bottle.