Surprising Help for a Healthy Home ~ and a Giveaway (NOW CLOSED!) {at The Better Mom}

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Here I am again.

Needing to confess.

I don't do a great job of balancing.

I focus too much on one thing

and not enough on another.

You too?

Do you find yourself spending too much time focusing on healthy recipes and clean living stuff while leaving other important things undone?

Me too.

Come join me over at The Better Mom where I'm sharing about changes I didn't expect to make in our home.

Sigh.  I wonder if I'll ever really be a Better Mom.  I think I'm a little better than I was yesterday at least…..

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  1. So many beautiful things at Blessings, but then, what should I expect at a store that focuses on God? LOL And I clicked on today to get the link for Vitacost :-).

    • Thanks! And glad you found Vitacost! Did you see on my Facebook page (the Blessings one) that there are a bunch of things on clearance now?? I picked up a number of gifts.

  2. sarah farnsworth says:

    liked your facebook page!! bummer i missed the june sale!!

  3. sarah farnsworth says:

    love love love this! haven’t ever seen it before and am so encouraged and want to check it out!

    would love to win the gracious lazy susan for my mom and the vintage block set for my friend melissa.

    • I had never seen it before either. Of course, my life is still not perfect, but I really am being blessed by these things. Now – just to make sure – you put comments over at The Better Mom, correct? That’s where we’re going to be drawing the winner from :-).