Simplify and Do It Yourself – Easy Homemade ~ Only $.99! {$3.99 after 8/21)

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Easy Homemade Recipes

If you've been around Whole New Mom awhile, you already know I am always trying to “Do It Yourself” (myself — ahem) or “Make My Own” of almost anything.

It's kind of silly really.

My husband has laughed at me when I see something expensive that I think I can make myself for waaaaaay cheaper.  He says I get this funny smile on my face.

Ridiculous, huh?

Read on.  Maybe it's not so ridiculous.

If you knew how little we spend on groceries and personal and home care items, maybe you wouldn't think it is so ridiculous.

Well, when I tell you that I've got a great deal for you today on something that really makes me almost giddy, maybe what I've just said will help you understand.

For only $.99 –  (Yes, that's 99 teeny little pennies) you can get a copy of Easy Homemade by Mandi at Life – Your Way. {UPDATE on Aug 22: Price goes up to $3.99 after Tuesday, Aug 21}

And you can get the:

Kindle version

or the full color PDF version to read on your computer


Over 60 pantry items that you can now make your own instead of paying top dollar for in the grocery store.

This is a book I really would love to have written myself.  But life is a little complex now so my book will have to wait.

There are loads of great ideas in this book.

There are recipes for:



BBQ sauce


And frankly, at this price – even if only one recipe works for you, you will more than make up the price.

So – Why Buy Easy. Homemade?

Save money by making things yourself
Cut down on trips to the store – you've got everything you need in your Real Food Pantry .
Control what ingredients you are putting into your meals
It's only $.99!  What's to lose :-)?

Just a note to all of my special diet readers.

If you are a “getting away from sugar and white flour reader”,

You will for sure find that in this book.  I am sure you can do some subbing and if not – maybe you can wait and see what I come up with in the not-too-distant future.  I have a pretty good ketchup recipe to share soon!

And if you are on a special diet:  Try subbing in Sweeteners, Egg Replacer, Almond Milk, etc.

Anyway, if I were you, I would go and grab Easy Homemade right now.  And start saving.

Your pocketbook will thank you.

Love making things yourself?

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What do you do in your household that is “Easy Homemade?”

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  1. Julie Snow says:

    Is this offer still good? Link shows book at 3.99 not .99? Love your blog!!! Saving up for my Excalibur

  2. What a great deal you have found. I am going to link this to my Facebook page. I can’t wait to get my own copy.

  3. Kim Sanderson says:

    I tried to do the PDF and was unable to do it. I don’t own a kindle so I am not going to order that way. Thanks for your site.

  4. Oh yeah..I forgot to mention that I can’t wait for the ketchup recipe from you!!

  5. Hey! I got the ebook, it’s great. I just wanted to let you know that the second time you mention the price, it says $99 instead of $.99! lol. 😉