Save a Ton on Your Food Bill – Two Days Left for This Great Opportunity

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Green Polka Dot Box

Sorry for the late notice, but I figured I should get something out to you all about a great opportunity to seriously cut your food budget.

Cut it in half.

I recently did a Green Polka Dot Box review and also gave away 2 free memberships.  Didn't win?  Here's another way to save.

First of all, let me assure you that I do not recommend things that I am not enthusiastic about myself.  In fact, I almost never publish posts on Sunday, but I thought I really should this time since there are only 2 days left in this great opportunity.

The enthusiasm in the comments on that post about Green Polka Dot Box, their products, and their prices was fun to read.  Check out the comments on that post to see for yourself.

Today I am sharing with you a chance to become a Charter Member of Green Polka Dot Box (GPDB).

My husband and I joined with GPDB this past year as Founding Trust Members.  I was concerned about the risk of joining up with a company before they were even launched, but I did a ton of research on them (does that surprise you :-)?) and I am so glad we joined.

We've been saving on our grocery bill monthly since then.  And it's going to get better.

GPDB is going to be offering:

– produce
– frozen foods
– fresh meat
– fresh cheese and more
nationwide very soon (the estimate is beginning of January for the Midwest of the US [they're already offering these things in the Western part of the US]).

We're going to have all of these things delivered to our door.  At a savings (not to mention the savings you get just by not having to go to the store.

Membership with The Green Polka Dot Box Includes

1.  up to 60% off on organic and non-GMO foods (and other great items like:

– personal care
– kitchen tools (they even have Blendtec)
– gardening supplies

2.  FREE Shipping over $75 (unless your order is over 65 pounds.  There will likely be a surcharge for refrigerated items.)

3.  Great prices.  I am regularly amazed at GPDB's prices.  They have a team of folks committed to scouring stores and the internet to make sure that their prices are super-competitive.  They have even beaten the prices that I can get when buying in bulk on some items (like Lundberg organic brown rice).

4.  Commitment to organic and non-GMO foods – GPDB only allows organic and non-GMO foods (or companies committed to moving towards non-GMO) in their warehouse.  This company is so serious about this that they have taken a loss removing products from their shelves when they've found out that a company isn't moving in the non-GMO direction as promised.

5.  Super customer service.

Through tomorrow, midnight (MST), you can get a Charter Membership with GPDB. 

Charter Membership with GPDB Includes

1.  Standard Membership Benefits

2.  $2,000 worth of purchasing power for just $1,000 ($1,400 given at the beginning and each month more is added to your account–see details on the GPDB site.  I know $1,000 sounds like a lot of money, but when you are getting 1/2 off your groceries it's a great deal.  Plus – a lot of families easily spend this in just a few month on groceries.

3.  No annual membership fees for life

4.  3 Free Gift Memberships to giveaway each year 

You can read more  in my Green Polka Dot Box review here.  I outline the savings in great detail.  I think you'll be pretty amazed with what you see.

Truly, the Green Polka Dot Box is a cross between Amazon, Costco and Whole Foods.  But better.

– Good prices
– Delivery to your door
– Membership club
– Strong commitment to organic and non-GMO foods

Just as a side note, in case you are wondering if The Green Polka Dot Box is a pyramid scheme….it's not.   I wouldn't participate in something like that.  And it's not even a multi-level marketing company.  You can read more in my post on Green Polka Dot Box here.

Any questions?  Feel free to leave them in the comments or email me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com.  

I know this is a big deal and you are likely to have questions.  I will do my best to answer and the Team at Green Polka Dot Box will be available all day tomorrow to help.

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  1. Jerry Dykstra says:

    Since you are associated with the Green Polka Dot Box, I thought I would tell you what GPDB did last week. On September 30th the CEO of GPDB, Rod Smith, sent an email to the Founding Trust Membership, stating that the balance of their Reward Points are being converted to the company stocks. Founding Trust Members were those that invested money in GPDB with the agreement that the invested money would be available as Reward Points to use to purchase items at GPDB. Suddenly, overnight, those Reward Points are gone, converted to stock, and are not touchable for a year. As a Founding Trust Member I planned on that initial investment to purchase the health food I wanted for a particular time period. What I was told I could use to buy my food is now not available. I was not asked if I wanted to exchange my points for stock. It was done without my consent.
    After expressing my anger to GPDB, their response was:

    “We understand your disappointment in the changes we are making, but I would like to explain a few things to you. Converting your PolkaDot Points (plus 10%) to shares of stock will enable us to add Living Produce Centers throughout the United States; it will allow us to open up a second distribution center in New York, which will help us get our products to our members faster; we will be able to offer more products at even lower prices. All of these exciting changes are so our members will be able to have organic and non-GMO products that are fresher, delivered faster, and are discounted even further!”

    I understand their desire to expand, but I am strongly opposed to confiscating the immediate availability of my funds. When signing up for this program, it was mutually agreed how it would function. This is nothing more than the shady business practice called “bait and switch”. Lure you in with an appealing offer, and suddenly, over night, change the rules. Very evil, in my opinion.

    • I know about this and wasn’t happy to hear it. On the one side, they said that it was for expansion, but I heard from another source that they might have had to terminate the whole agreement otherwise. Maybe call them back and see if the 2nd story might be true. In which case, this option is better. I still am not happy with their decision and am talking with them about it.

      Thanks and I am really sorry.

      • Hi Adrienne, I am new to your site and found this post and when I click on the Green Polka Dot Box links above nothing happens. I see this post is a couple of years old, are you still committed to them and ordering from them? Thank you for your response ~Cindy

        • Hi there.

          Thanks for commenting, Cindy. No, I do not recommend them any longer. I have credit there but I need to change my posts out. Thanks for the reminder. Sorry I haven’t cleaned these posts up yet.

  2. Oh, man! I wish I had $1000 laying around, seriously.

  3. As you are having really good confidence on this company and i am also curious about the service they are offering.
    I really want to try this.