Real Help for Healing from Chronic Fatigue, Candida, Food Allergies, AutoImmune Diseases, and More

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Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Diseases, Candida, Food Allergies---healing help is here!

Something has been on my heart a lot this past week.

It's that sooo many in this world are sick.

And need help.

I've been there myself. And, in fact, I am still dealing with health issues in our family.

I'll be sharing more soon, but if you've been following me for awhile, you know that we've been / are struggling with:

autism / Asperger's
adrenal fatigue
food allergies
– dyslexia
-and now—thyroid issues. Maybe.

Anyway, as I saw yesterday from the post on “Think Food Doesn't Affect Behavior?  You Need to Read This” that many of you are in the same boat.

Struggling with physical and emotional/mental issues that

And you need help. And money IS an object.

I am honestly almost in tears as I write this.

There are sooo many people with whom I've shared that there are ways to:

– get off meds
– feel better
– get victory over disease

But you need to be willing to do some work and swim against the tide a little. And many are not willing.

But YOU are. Because you are reading this post.


Anyway, I am here to share with you today some really good resources to help you swim upstream–and GET YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR LIFE BACK.

And you can do it on the cheap. And I do mean cheap.

(Please note–some links in this post are affiliate links so if you click on them and purchase, I will make a commission. Your support keeps this free resource up and running.  Thanks!)

Now before your eyes gloss over because you figured out I am going to be writing more about The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle-


This is important stuff.

Getting your health and life back is a big deal.

Again, I'll tell you more later, but there were days in the past 4 years that I thought I couldn't go on. But by using a lot of the concepts shared in these resources that I am going to share with you today, I am doing quite well now.

Today I am going to highlight some of the Great Resources that you can get (only through tomorrow–11/9/13) for only 35 Cents Each.

**Please note – this sale is over at midnight on Saturday, 11/9/13.**

In fact, you basically can get these for nothing when you consider that you get $158 of freebies just by buying this bundle.  Since the Bundle Costs only $29.95, see why I say you are basically getting them for nothing?

And these are stupid *Why would I want this?* freebies.

These are “I Can't Wait to Get Them” Freebies like:

  1. Dizolve—A FREE 128 Load Twin-Pack of Dizolve Natural Laundry Detergent. $25.98 Value
  2. Bulk Herb Store—An instant download of their instructional video Making Herbs Simple Volume 1 for only 1 cent. $14.95 Value
  3. Wise Choice Market—A FREE $15 store credit to be used at Wise Choice Market
  4. Fit2Be Studio—A FREE Two-Month Membership to Fit2B Studio  $19.98 value. I LOVE Fit2Be.  You've all seen Beth, the owner, around here, as she's written Lose Your Mummy Tummy & Why Crunches are Bad for You and Surprising Causes and Relief for Back Pain. She's super smart.  This is a GREAT gift to yourself. If you want to get more lessons after the fact, use code AdrienneUrban for more savings while you get in shape :)!
  5. Jenuinely Pure$15 Towards any $30 or more order at Jenuinely Pure on the beautifully-crafted natural skincare products. Make the switch to natural skincare with Jenuinely Pure. ($15.00 Value. Standard shipping rates apply.)
  6. Plan To Eat—A FREE 4-Month subscription. $19.80 value.
  7. TrilLight HealthFREE $15 store credit to be used toward Trilight Health‘s Fast-Acting, Great Tasting Liquid Herbal Formulas, or anything else in their store. ($15.00 Value. Standard shipping rates apply.)
  8. List Planit—Your choice of 3 FREE ePlanners OR a 3-Month FREE Trial Membership to ListPlanIt$15.00 value.
  9. Cultures for Health—A FREE sourdough or kombucha starter PLUS a $5 credit to put toward anything in store. (up to $17.95 Value. )

OK – so now that you see what I am talking about, look at the GREAT Get Yourself Our of the Pits of Chronic Fatigue, Candida, Food Allergies, and Toxicity Mess resources that I HIGHLY recommend.

Now–instead of spending a ton of money on alternative care, you can start getting a handle on your health–on the cheap.

Healing Candida with Food – Retail $17.95

How to Heal Candida with Food- Candida Diet and Recipes book

Remember my posts on:
What Candida Is, How to Know if You Have It, and How to Ditch It
Candida – The Beginning of My Sugar-Free Life and
My Childhood and 5 Causes of Gut Dysbiosis

Candida is a HUGE problem.  I personally think it's an epidemic.

And if YOU have it, you know what I am talking about.

This book is a great resource for anyone struggling to get a handle on this condition.

What you get with this book:

1.  An outline of what candida is

2.  Food Lists for Each Stage of Treating Candida

3.  Delectable Recipes (including which stage they are applicable for) to help you eat well while healing

I personally spent about $100 on candida cookbooks once I knew what I was dealing with.  Wish I'd had this opportunity then. Sigh.

Weeding Out Wheat – Retail – $14.95

Weeding Out Whaet

Have you been wondering about all the negative press that wheat is getting these days?  Seems like everyone is either going off wheat, getting diagnosed with celiac disease, or going off gluten for various health reasons.

I personally suspected I had a problem with wheat a long time ago.  My thinking has gone through many different changes, but reading this book—ummm, I don't think I'll be eating wheat again any time soon.

This book is written from  a Christian perspective (and even gets into the “Why would God talk about wheat and yet not have it so we can eat it” question. But really, Christian or not, this book is chock-ful of stuff we all need to read.

Farewell Fatigue – Retail $6.99

Chronic Fatigue Book - Farewell Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue. Adrenal Burnout.

Not fun.  And, in fact, they are crippling.

Believe me, I know. I've written a bit about Adrenal Fatigue being an epidemic and A Quick Test to See if You Have Adrenal Fatigue, but let me just say that many many folks have this. Or will

If you have this condition, you know how hard it is to get rid of it.

Well, the author of this book ditched Chronic Fatigue and she is here to show you how.

I found her book to be insightful and helpful. And even if you don't have CF, you can for sure gain insight into how to help yourself not end up with this horrid condition.

Beyond these books, there are sooo many good ones, including books about the oh-so-important topics of greening your cleaning supplies, which is something you REALLY need to do if you are serious about getting healthy.

I've been reading about how toxic personal and home care products can help bring on precocious (that's early) puberty.  Egads!!!  Let's get the word out folks.  These chemicals are making us sick!

buy Now Button Red - Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle


1.  This might not be all you need, but…..Now, I'm not saying that if you read these books (even all 86 of 'em) that you will never be sick again. Or that you won't need to consult with someone about your health.

What I am saying is that there is TON of wisdom in these tomes. And you can make great strides towards whole health. For next to nothing (or while getting PAID to do it.)  There is so much out there these days about candida and wheat being major factors in auto immune disorders and other horrid health conditions.

So this is a very very good place to start.

2.  This is an amazing deal.  Not only can you get the whole bundle for just $29.97, you can also go in with friends and Buy 3 bundles for the price of 2. That's just $19.98 for each bundle.  Serious bargain deal here.

3.  Just one day left after today to grab this deal.  I'm not telling you to spend money you don't have, but if there are a good number of books (and $158 in freebies-and don't forget the interactive conferences with bloggers) that you really want, then don't hesitate too long :).

buy Now Button Red - Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

For one last look, here is one last look at all of the 86 books that you get:
Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Bookshelf


Which book are you most interested in?

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  1. Hi Adrienne (beautiful name),

    i hear and feel where you are coming from. Illness is one of those things which saps everything you have and makes you feel like you are not able to invest in another single thing – it’s really difficult. It’s taking me a long while to get to where i am now and as you and your family I am still struggling with certain things, that’s why I call my website On the Road to Healing. I wish I knew what I now know years ago even before I fell ill and I don’t mean just the healthy living stuff but the soul/inner healing aspect too. I try to do my little bit to reach others with the wisdom that I have learnt on my journey but it’s just sometimes difficult to get past the hurdles. Thanks for this I hope it blessed many.

    • You are too kind. I never liked my name growing up but it’s grown on me. It is so hard. So much to learn and continue to learn. Blessings to you.

  2. This is an amazing deal. I wish it had come sooner or at least is offered again. I’m in the middle of taking my children and getting us out of a bad home situation so money is crazy tight. Please offer this again!!!