6 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget (with a side of kale chips)

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Whole Foods - Fruits and VeggiesIt goes without saying that we all need to find ways to save money.  And yet, we still need to eat as healthy as we can by eating whole foods.

Well, I'm sure you've noticed that that most of the money saving sites on the web have lots of coupons, but there just aren't many coupons for fruits, veggies, grains and the like :-).  So what are us whole foodies or wannabe healthier foodies supposed to do?

Well, join me today over at The Better Mom, where I am sharing some of my best tips for how to eat healthy while saving money.

I hope this helps you keep your budget trim while feeding yourself and your family as well as you can.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on my tips and hopefully learning a few from you as well!

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  1. Great post! Food is expensive enough, but healthy food even more so! I would love it if you would link this post up at my party this Sunday. Spa{ahhh} Sundaze at Project Possessed.

  2. Great tips on the Better Mom blog. Groceries really can be SO expensive and you tips (and recipes) are totally helpful.

  3. Thanks for linking to our Frugal Tuesday Tip! I stumbled this.

  4. These tips are great. I always try to make healthy, whole foods and buy organic goods. We also live on one income similar to yours.


  5. I really enjoyed your post over at The Better Mom. Thank you for sharing these wonderful money saving tips with the Gallery of Favorites.

  6. Great tips! Off to check out your protein bar recipe.

    • Thanks, Jill! Congratulations on all of our running successes, by the way. My husband was a long distance runner in high school (and quite good until he got heat exhaustion) and we used to run 8 miles / day together until my knees couldn’t take it anymore. Sad days when we had to stop. I have a “funny” story about his recent marathon run that I should share with you sometime. Let me know how you like the bars. They don’t hold up great in warm weather due to the coconut oil (you could sub another fat for more stability), but there are tasty :-).

  7. i need to try those kale chips!! i’m so happy we just moved to S. CA and our trader joes has a huge parking lot LOL

    • Susie, you are really fortunate. We don’t buy much processed foods, but I love their cheeses and I have heard great things about their dishwasher detergent. I hope to still make my own soon though :-). Hope you like the kale chips!

  8. Laura, Great post! We all need to continue to share ways that we make organic/whole foods work with our budget. I know it is possible, always a work in progress! I love your blog, thanks for all of the work that you do!!!

  9. 1. We buy a lot of our produce at open air markets in the area. There are no Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods around here.
    2. We use online shopping A LOT. I have found very good deals at Amazon and I like Barry Farm.
    3. Portion Control – I bought a really good digital scale and I measure out things like snacks, meat, etc.
    4. I buy as little “prepared” flours and dairy free milks as possible. I make my own and that has saved a lot of money.
    5. We eat a lot less “junk”. Meaning, I don’t bake nearly as many sweets as I used to. The ingredients are usually much more expensive than making carrot sticks or offering a seasonal fruit as a snack.

    • Laura,

      I love your tips. We do the same as well. And I think the portion control is really good. It’s so easy to take more than we need :-). Maybe you saw that we make our own coconut milk and rice milk too :-). I need to watch baking the sweets as well. We do some of it, but a lot less than I used to :-). Take care, ~Adrienne

  10. I don’t live anywhere within 200 miles of a Trader Joes or a Whole Foods Grocery store but I still save.

    1. Amazon subscribe and save has a great many deals on foods used in whole food cooking. I’ve purchased maple syrup and coconut oil there. Got some really good deals.

    2. We have a small grocery store that just sells organics. They have good sales. They also have a bruised and abused bin where they reduce produce to 50 cents a pound. It’s okay as long as you use it right away or freeze it. Some of the blemishes are really minor.

    3. I belong to a food coop. Our coop orders from UNFI. We able to get good prices on bulk items. Maybe I don’t want or need 25 pounds or 50 pounds of an item but can usually find someone in the coop will to split. Our coop recently has been able to get organic produce at good prices. These prices a lot of the time are equal or even less to the non-organics in the store.

    4. I have found that more and more regular grocery stores are carrying more organics. I have noticed that Walmart is carrying more organics which is a good thing.

    5. In the warmer months I try to grow as much as possible of my own food.

    • Kay, Thanks for the great tips. We have a lot in common:

      1. We don’t live near a TJ’s or Whole Foods either :-).
      2. I sure wish I had a grocery store like yours. That would be great. (this we do not have in common :-).)
      But we are always willing to work with things that can be safely salvaged.
      3. I have a co op out of my home. We do manage to go through 25 pounds of just about everything. Did you see my post on Frugal Pantry Storage?
      4. A lot of people don’t care for Walmart, but I’ll tolerate them for some things. We don’t eat processed foods much at all, so they aren’t a great option for us unless they get produce or animal products.
      5. We just got a pretty good garden going this year.

      :-). Thanks for sharing!