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Looking to save money on your food bill?  Thinking that it costs too much to eat healthy foods?

Well, today I am sharing with you a great new opportunity to save up to 60% on organic and non-GMO foods. The Green Polka Dot Box is a new online supplier of organic and non-GMO foods that is opening up for business in mid-October.

I had heard about Green Polka Dot Box awhile ago, but I sat on the information until I could really go over everything in detail with the company and with my husband.

And well, the news is that I like what I see. So I decided that I should share it all with you.
Organic & non GMO food - save money

What is so great about the Green Polka Dot Box?

1. Great brands at great prices (even prices you see that are low already may well drop as they continue negotiations with brands.  There should be an update by the end of this week.
2. They promise to not carry foods that are GMO unless they are in transition to non-GMO (if you haven't read about the dangers of GMO foods, please do. Did you know that they are finding toxins that were genetically put into foods in blood and breastmilk now?
3. Backed by some heavy-hitters in the food safety arena (like The Organic Consumers Association and The Institute for Responsible Technology)
4. Free membership through October 17, 2011 October 23, 2011 to the buying club.Currently there is a 30 Day Free Trial Membership available.  
5. FREE shipping via Fedex on all orders over $150 $99!  (Continental USA) (only $9.95 shipping for orders under $150 $99 ).
6. Foods are labeled to meet special dietary needs (like gluten-free, low-glycenic, etc.)
7.  GMO status is labeled in the shopping cart
8.  The ability to search for foods that meet your dietary criteria (their search engine isn't up to speed yet, but they are working on it)

You can also choose to become a Rewards Member (costs $125, but you get rewarded for purchases of anyone whom you refer) or a Trust Member (where you invest in the company's startup and basically pre-pay for groceries and receive a nice payback (a 25% return on investment) for doing so.)

Now, you may be wondering why I am recommending the Green Polka Dot Box (GPDB) when I recommend buying local and buying in bulk and my family avoids purchasing packaged foods?  Well, after a lot of thinking and dialoguing with the GPDB people, here is why:

  • They have really competitive prices on things that we use all the time and that are hard for me to get in bulk or buy local
  • They will start offering organic produce soon (depending on where you live in the U.S., the offering time will vary).  During winter months we will certainly use this.
  • They currently have a bulk purchase option locally and hope to expand it across the U.S.
  • 90 new brands will be added by the launch date of Oct. 17, 2011 November 1, 2011, though they have a pretty good offering now
  • New brands are being added all the time
  • In addition to food, they carry such things as probiotics and super foods.
  • You can purchase individual packages at a low cost.  To get savings like this (or even higher prices) on Amazon, you have to buy a whole case.
  • To insure that they have the lowest prices in the market, they have a Market Price Comparison Team.
  • I truly want to support a company that is opposed to GMOs.  I am really concerned about how our food system is being destroyed by GMOs and even companies who seem to be so health-conscious (like Whole Foods) have shown that they are not committed to fighting against this problem in our food supply.
  • UPDATE:  Green Polka Dot Box is starting to ship produce to the West Coast.  They are planning to expand that across the U.S. later this year.  They also are planning to add meat, poultry and eggs to their offerings later this year.

How much can you save?

I hope to put together a larger comparison chart for you in the next day or so, but here are some prices that really impressed me:

  • Organic Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice – 2 lbs – $2.41 ($1.20/lb).  My bulk price is about $1.35/lb for 25 lbs.)($9.85 on Amazon)
  • Bionaturae Organic Diced Tomatoes (28 oz) – $2.65 ($3.06 each on Amazon – must buy a case of 12)
  • Bionaturae Organic Tomato Paste –  7 oz jar – $1.73 (not directly available on Amazon)
  • Bionaturae Bottled Organic Tomatoes – 24 oz – $2.43 ($5.77 on Amazon)
  • Macadamia Nuts– 2 lbs., $17.48 ($8.74/lb).   (My bulk price is about $10/lb for a 25# bag)
  • Bob's Red Mill Almond Meal – $8.43 (Amazon is a few pennies cheaper if you buy a case)
  • Orgran Rice Crumbs (GF breadcrumb sub) – $2.70 ($3.77 each on Amazon w/ case purchase)
  • Navitas Natural Raw Cacao Powder $9.91 – ($22.17 for 2 pack on Amazon)
  • Fruit a Bu – Fruit Leather – $2.96 ($3.07 each on Amazon – must buy a case of 6)
  • Panda Cherry Licorice Chews – 6 oz – $2.17 ($2.34 each on Amazon – must buy a case of 12)

Finally, in answer to the question about whether this is a multi-level marketing business, the answer is no.  It is a buying club (like Sam's or Costco) that offers benefits to people who sign up as reward members (This is like any affiliate program.  In fact, Costco even rewards members who bring new members to their club.). All in all, I think the Green Polka Dot Box is a great thing coming.  A way to:

  • get non-GMO foods at a great price,
  • add competition into the marketplace, and
  • support non-GMO foods.  And at no risk.  You can join today for free and risk nothing.  Poke around on their website now, compare prices and then shop when they open and see how much money you can save.

Update: Wondering about whether The Green Polka Dot Box is an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?  Check out my post that addresses these concerns.

What do you think?  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them.

Disclaimer – If you sign up for GPDB and make purchases, I will receive a very small reward in food purchasing options.  The savings that we get on our food bill will help me put more money into Whole.New.Mom, a free health resource for you and your family.  We so appreciate your support!

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  1. Why does the caption at the top of the page say “DO NOT PURCHASE WITH GREEN POLKA DOT”?

    • Hello there. I just removed that. I heard something yesterday that was disconcerting but called the company and it sounds like it might not be the case so I am waiting to see what happens. Thanks.

  2. Can I use my food stamps to purchase groceries from the

  3. I live in a small town in NS Canada where organic and non GMO food is practically impossible to get.
    I am very much interested.
    I would appreciate being notified when products are available

    thank you

  4. Wow I just checked out the site and was ready to put in a membership and order but most of the stuff I want are refrigerator and freezer stuff and they don’t ship that stuff to me area. BUMMER!

    • Where do you live? They are going to be starting that back up nationwide. I think the cold foods will start again w/ the cooler weather. Produce in about 6 months. Keep in touch w/ me and feel free to email me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com about it :).

      • I’m in New York. I will keep checking back and see if they deliver cold products to my state. I really like the idea of purchasing online. Much easier for me and their prices for organic meat and dairy are much cheaper than what I pay here. Thanks so much!

  5. It’s a cool idea and store — but some of their items are really expensive even as a member – Like Amy’s Organic Soup — you can get that at the discount stores for 2.00 to 2.50 less per can…I’m going to have to do further price investigation before I think about joining or buying anything — Also, I wanted to share that people need to check locally for organic/non-gmo retailers – many areas have organic delivery services that deliver weekly boxes of great foods — always local and always fresh –

    • I hear you on the discount stores, but less and less do I have time to do that. I find I need to save time more and if I have to spend a little extra that’s fine. I don’t buy many processed foods from GPDB. Their canned tomatoes and tomato paste and rice are super good prices. I got castille soap on clearance and seed packets. Hmmm…cheeses, cottage cheese, butter…and their extracts and vanilla beans are amazing deals. I even got organic canned chilis for less than conventional ones on Amazon. So overall it has really been a good thing for us. I do local as well. Whenever I can..mainly focusing on a garden this year :).

  6. I agree that it does depend on the products you buy. . .but all the things I buy, including the coconut products you mentioned, I have found cheaper elsewhere. I buy fresh or frozen of most things, but there are some very heavy bulk things I buy at a local, bulk country store. (Grains, baking soda, salt. . .)Those are rarely cheaper to buy online, simply because of the shipping!

    I find that when you do all your shopping no more then once in the week, while doing all your other errands, it doesn’t use up much more gas. Your theory of the big trucks and planes seems justifyable, but when the UPS truck has to come to your door, it breaks down a little. . .More time is spent though, but some people (like me) love the time away from the kids and the thrill of shopping for the sales. Finding the occasional manager’s specials good for that moment only. You don’t get that online, as fresh stuff has to be in peak condition to send through the mail.

    Plus, you are not supporting local small farmers to buy things online generally speaking. Getting canned and processed stuff (which they usually only sell)also adds BPA, preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic vitamins and minerals to replace the ones lost in the processing. . .

    The smaller amounts you spoke of also adds more (usually plastic) packaging, which is bad for the environment, and just setting a bad precedence for our children.(Although you can recycle most of it thankfully.)I feel like it is a matter of pride that I have to go(sometimes far even)to get my family’s food. . .like the biblical virtuous woman of Proverbs. When I get everything delivered to my door I feel like I’m turning into a lazy hermit. . .but that’s just me I suppose, as I enjoy the social and exercising aspect of shopping. Not so much the exercise when I’m pregnant though, as I need to use a motorized cart because of my issues. Then I have even more fun with free bumper cars:)You can’t get that online! Ha ha

    • Hi again – sorry for this reply coming late. I hear you on all of this and all I can say is that I have only bought produce from GPDB once – all the other times I have bought things that local farmers don’t produce – canned tomatoes, rice, oils, extracts, sweeteners, canned fish, coconut flour, vanilla beans, and the like. So I just think it isn’t an “either or”–it’s a both and. I buy local when I can, but you just can’t do it with everything. And for where I am in my life, I prefer having things come to my door. But I have adrenal fatigue and believe me–it changes a lot. But then, I know loads of ladies who like having things come to their door who don’t have AF.

      Anyway, I appreciate your comments. I think we all need to try to see the other point of view and I appreciate yours.

  7. I thought it sounded good, maybe too good, so I checked out their site. Yes, the membership was a steep price, but the trial membership for $10 bucks seemed appealing. . .so I looked at the stuff. Besides the fact that I could find no fair traded stuff, or fresh stuff, of the non perishables I did find that I use, I saw prices to be more expensive, and even double what I pay for them at either Kroger’s, Big lots or a local small store. I’ve lived all over the country, and I believe the prices here in the South are as high for food as anywhere in the states, but the prices I saw on that site, while maybe good for online, are far inferior to what you can get locally. Besides that, hopefully the fuel costs and pollution makes it doubly justified to keep buying local. Unless you are hoping to save money on groceries by making money off of your friends who are using your link, (which reeks of MLM to me. . .)then I’d say, save your money, and your friendships.

    • Hi Angela. I think it all depends on where you live and what kind of products you are buying. I personally don’t like to run around town anymore going to different stores (which I think actually uses more gas and creates more pollution than ordering something online, since the planes and trucks are making deliveries anyway and I can just stay home–but I might be wrong about that assumption), and I don’t buy that much processed foods. I have had a co op out of my home and GPDB’s pricing on brown rice is cheaper in a small bag than my large 50# bulk bag. Their tomato prices are excellent and they hope to have their produce and fresh and frozen foods available again by the end of the week. Their xylitol is super reasonable for the bag size and their coconut products are good as well. This past order I bought a bunch of canned organic chiles for less than the price of regular ones on Amazon. And they always have specials so I have stocked up on a few things that way as well. I think it just takes some looking. I really look forward to the produce offerings and in fact it appeared it was up again last night.

      By the way, I don’t have a problem w/ MLMs per se– only with some of them. I did dig into this topic and GPDB is not a pyramid scheme nor an MLM. You can read more about it here: Green Polka Dot Box. Thanks!

  8. Lauraleigh Chittenden says:

    I packed dry staple foods back in 1994 in 5 gallon plastic buckets with gasget lids..I filled food in zip lock bags to capacity made sure no air was in the bags.I put as many bags in the buckets as possible added bay leaves and sprinkled salt on top of each as bugs hate bay leaves and salt kills most of them..They sat in a friends garage for 9 of those years and i opened them in June of 2012 thinking i would have to throw it out..It was as fresh as the day i packed it..U don’t need to buy 1000’s of dollars of food these companies are setting up saying that your food will only store for 1 year and u must buy there dehydrated foods or nitrogen packed foods..Buy what u like ..Buy staples dried vegetables wheat flour ,rice,Corn meal, dried fruits, pasta, dried potatoes, sugar, salt.( sugar and salt are highly bartable in a break down, dried eggs ,dried milk , butter, peanut butter , beans , Pancake mix, dried maple syrup , dried honey powder,Start with a few items..You can get these 5 gallon buckets free from most bakeries as they have to pay to have them taken away!!! Good luck and God bless everyone..Don’t get ripped off!!!

    • Hi there. Great tips! Do you just sprinkle the bay leaves on top? I love that! Around here, the grocery stores stopped giving away the buckets – I think due to liability issues. Sigh. As far as what you can keep out of the fridge, a lot of whole grains won’t do well….like brown rice, etc. Do you have any thought about that?

  9. I watched the free webinar and ended up signing up for the $125.00 membership. However, when I went to place my first order it ended up being more expensive than amazon for the exact same items because I had to pay tax and shipping charges, which were free on amazon for the same items. So unless the Green Polka Dot Boxes items are much, much cheaper than amazon’s, it actually ends up costing me more.

    • Hello April – why did you pay shipping? You get free shipping at $150. Also, what did you pay tax on? I would think that you wouldn’t need to pay tax unless you are in their home state- maybe I am wrong. I paid no tax and no shipping.

      • I didn’t order $150.00 worth, so I had to pay shipping ($9.95). Tax was on cleaning products I ordered.

        • I thought tax could only be calculated if you have a store in your same state – so maybe you are in Utah? I realize that the free shipping threshold is higher than for Amazon, but Amazon has a limit too ($25 typically). I made sure my order totalled $150. I actually found that quite a few items were below Amazon’s price, and some of them were significantly below. I would contact them if you don’t think their prices are competitive enough. I found some that were even about 1/2 of Amazon’s prices. I will say that I am hoping for (and know that they will be getting) more products and I am looking forward to the produce offerings since we don’t use processed foods. I got sesame oil, buckwheat pasta, shortening, brown rice, wild rice blend and a few other things. Hope that helps.

  10. I am checking this place out but I can’t find macadamia nuts in there products but you have it listed above in your comparison. Am I miss understanding?

    • Malia, I am not sure what happened. You are right. I just contacted the company and hopefully they will have an answer. I do know that there is some sort of issue going on w/ Nutty Guys, the distributor of the nuts, but I see that their other products are there. I’ll try to get back to you once I find something out. But I am disappointed as well. Maybe it’s a temporary situation.

    • Malia, I just heard back from GPDB. They said that the macadamias are on backorder and they should have them in the future. :-).

      • Thank you much 🙂

        • Hi Malia.

          I apologize that I didn’t email you about this sooner – I had gotten a reply later from GPDB about the macadamias but didn’t read the whole email and so I didn’t reply to you until now. Apparently they are looking for a better source. I don’t know if they’ve found one or not or what the problem was with them. Thanks.

  11. I just bought a FTM and am so excited =) Thanks for your posts on GPDB. That helped me make the decision.

  12. kittymckinley says:

    I’ve been following your posts about The Green Polka Dot Box but I think there is more than meets the eye. I was really excited but now I’m not sure. What’s your take on this?

    • Hi Kitty.

      The link didn’t end up in the correct place, but I think I read what you were talking about – an article about GPDB selling products from big companies including Earths Best, right? Well, my take is this. We can’t do everything. I mentioned in my post that they have told me that they are more than willing to take suggestions and have discussion about products. I already complained about xylitol from China. I think if we “follow the money” everywhere, we won’t be able to eat or drink. I would just not purchase products that you feel convicted not to buy. Our family eats almost all bulk products and we are gardening and buying local meats and eggs, but we can’t do everything perfectly. I am sure that I seriously disagree with the owners of some companies whom I do business with. Sometimes I do something about it and sometimes not – depending on the situation. For example, I think the GMO industry is so awful that I would rather support GPDB than Whole Foods, who has recently pulled out of standing against GMO. And I used to be a Pampered Chef consultant and I stopped when Warren Buffet purchased them since he is a huge funder of abortion and worse around the globe. I just couldn’t sell the products anymore.

      Way to do your homework though! I hope that helps. Let me know your thoughts. You could, of course, get the free membership and see how it all fleshes out.

      • I’m not sure why anyone would find this option to be attractive. I purchase my organic and non-GMO foods online, from VitaCost (which has distribution centers all over the USA). It has no membership fee, has free shipping if you purchase over $100 of items, carries thousands more organic and non-GMO products than this website does, and has great customer service. It delivers to every part of the country and make so much organic food accessible to me that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to locate in my nearby supermarkets (even those that like to dupe people into believing that they sell mostly organic items, like “Whole Foods”, which actually have less than 50% of their store merchandise that comes even vaguely close to anything like a “non-GMO/Organic” description).

  13. When I joined I got a message that since I do not have a referral that I may not be getting full benefits of membership (or something like that) and to contact referrer for more info. Do you know what that means? It also doesn’t show me as in the system so I’ll have to go through it all again – would we put you in the “company” section of the form? I didn’t see a place to put referral in the little form.


  14. I have watched the webinar for Green Polka Dot Box twice and cannot sign up for a membership. What am I doing wrong? Today is the last day for the free membership and I’d really like to try it for a year. Please help. (There is a message about needing something from you.) Thanks!

  15. thanks for this AWESOME tip! heading over there now…

  16. I was wondering… since I’ve been out of work and have four kids, I am on food assistance through the government right now. Does anyone know an affordable way to buy organic and healthy on assistance?

    • Are you not able to buy healthy food w/ the government aid? From what I understand, the options for purchasing food with food stamps and the like are quite lenient.

  17. Thanks Adrienne, for shedding some light! What is your understanding of the the text below (from their site). It sounds like two different things…one is $50 and one is $75? Is the ability to earn points the only difference? I really appreciate you helping me sort it out because I am interested!

    >>>>>quote begins here<<<<<
    A Club Membership will cost $50 per year when The Green PolkaDot Box opens in the early fall of 2011. Club Members receive unlimited shopping privileges and free access to the LEARN section (coming in 2012), an online publication of current information related to dietary lifestyle preferences that includes expert commentary, recipes, scientific discoveries and documented research. Club Members may refer other to join The Green PolkaDot Box, however, they do not receive PolkaDot Rewards on the purchases of members they refer.

    The current FREE one-year Club membership promotion is temporary, available for a limited time only. You may register for a FREE one-year Club membership now and upgrade to a Reward membership AFTER we open for business by paying a $75 upgrade charge. Once you upgrade to a Reward Membership you will begin to earn PolkaDot Rewards on the purchases of Referred Members.

    To receive a FREE one-year Club Membership you must watch the Webinar about our Founding Trust Membership in its entirety. After the Webinar has concluded a "Submit" button will appear in the form that is adjacent to Option #1.

    • Hi Andrea.

      The basic Club Membership is $50 per year (free for the 1st year if you sign up by 9/30/11). You get all the buying privileges, but no rewards. If you want rewards for referrals, you have to get a Rewards Membership. If you decide after getting the Basic Membership that you want the Rewards Membership, then you have to pay $75 to upgrade.

      I was thinking some other points as I went to bed last night about the “complexity” issue that you raise. Two things (and I should probably add them to my post):
      1. If you want to see some complexity, you should see the agreements that I have with 2 of my ad companies for my blog. I can’t really make heads or tails out of them (payment depends on ad size, where it is placed, what country the reader lives in) — it really is a mess. I just get paid (not much, mind you :-)) and try to sort it out from there which company I want to go with. Actually, my blog is so new that I really haven’t shopped around.
      2. Another complex seller is Amazon. Their prices are continually changing and they track you with cookies to see what you are looking at and they adjust the prices accordingly. I was looking at buying a stainless steel french press (you can see my review of it [unpaid] here. Anyway, the price went up and down about $15 as I looked at it and considered buying it. I talked w/ their customer service and they acknowledged that prices change, but they wouldn’t say why. It is clear to me that they were changing b/c they were trying to lure me to purchase.

      Even as I working on price comparisons to see if I thought the Green Polka Dot Box was a good deal, the prices on Amazon were changing – and I only checked a few times.

      So, I too have an aversion to MLMs, but I will also say that I represent Young Living Essential Oils. Only because I am finding their products to be so good and the benefits they give their distributors makes the seemingly expensive costs really worth it and affordable. I haven’t referred anyone yet, but it is a good company from what I can tell from the research. I think the same about Green Polka Dot Box from what I can tell. I had really lengthy talks with them and I even am considering (and probably will) purchase the Trust Membership. They assured me that they already have enough people signed up as members to be profitable so I think that the risk is pretty minimal and you get $500 extra worth of groceries just for signing up that way. (And if you limit yourself to using your 2500 points they have an offer to give you another $2000 worth of groceries after 18 months).There is, of course, some risk, but I think it is small.

      OK – probably more info than you were looking for and it shows me that I need to add to my post – but there you have it! Let me know if you have any more questions!

  18. It’s a buying club that has **really high** membership fees, as far as I can tell. Or am I missing something (not being sarcastic, just admitting I might have misread it). The cheapest membership is $75 and the most expensive, for a lifetime membership is $2000. If the company actually lasts for many years, that might be a deal, but it really seems expensive to me. Also, I dislike the complexity of the memberships and referrals and such. It is too bad because I really do wish there was a simple, affordable option for this kind of thing.

    • Hi Andrea.
      I am glad that you commented, but the $75 membership isn’t that high compared to Costco’s, which is $50, and their offerings are really hit and miss in the organic arena. Believe me, I have been in our local Costco over and over again and they’ve been out of what I wanted – organic carrots, green beans, etc. And of course, the first year is free, which you can’t beat.

      Also, if you buy the “lifetime membership” which really isn’t what it is – it is a trust membership and you are funding the startup, you get $2,500 worth of buying credit so you are really getting paid to do that. You can turn around and buy the food you want right away once they open. I don’t like complex things either, but it seems like a good deal otherwise and I have been very pleased with my interactions with the company. And if you just get the basic membership then there is no risk at all (and no complexity :)). Let me know what you think.