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Dairy Free Ice Cream

Sugar-free Caramel Ice Cream (photo by Ricki Heller)

Do you:

  • feel like you just can't stop eating sugar, no matter how hard you try?
  •  think that if you tried to stop, your food would be–well–blah?
  • find yourself able to wear many hats, but can't shake the pull that the candy dish has on you?
  • feel depleted and sluggish?
  • feel addicted to your morning muffin and your afternoon cookie?
  • want a great way to get rid of that muffin top on top of your waistband?

Have you tried again and again, without success, to cut sugar from your life?

Are you looking to take one of the most important steps that you can in the road to whole health?

Yes.  Sugar is a big problem for a lot of us.

It was for me and judging from the emails and comments that I receive, it is for a lot of my readers too.

Well–do I have a great giveaway for you!

I mentioned about 1 week ago on my Facebook page that I was thinking about doing a big giveaway for a sugar detox program.

Since the response was so positive, (and since getting off sugar has had such a huge effect on my life) even though I'm feeling a little too overwhelmed, I thought I'd make it a priority to do this and give one of my lucky readers a FREE MEMBERSHIP TO SWEET VICTORY – – SUGAR DETOX ONLINE COURSE!  A $227 VALUE!

What a gift!

I sure wish I had something like this around when I got off the sugar wagon.

Included in the “Sweet Victory Course” Are:

  • 2 hour audio recording with thorough teachings about sugars ~ in general, in your health, and in your kitchen
  • MP3 so that you can listen wherever you’d like (on a run, at the gym, during your commute)
  • handouts with information on how to satisfy your sweet tooth without the sweet and low
  • delicious recipes to help you eliminate the white stuff and bring the right stuff
  • ‘in the kitchen with Andrea’ video to guide you through when and how to use each sweetener
  • charts, graphs and images to help the more visual learners among us (I’m with you!)
  • TWO 1.5 hour teleseminars (March 24 & 31) with instructive teaching about detoxing your body of sugar and cravings once and for all
  • Daily protocol for the sugar cleanse
  • 24/7 online support from Andrea and Ricki throughout the entire program
  • Full & perpetual access to  Replenish PDX Sweet Tooth, Bitter Truth homestudy program ($67 value) so you can return to the resources again and again

Course Value: $227

You'll Learn:

  • What exactly is glucose?
  • Where is it found and when is it problematic?
  • How does sugar affect our bodies and brains?
  • We’ll look at sugars effects on immunity and cancer; yeast overgrowth like Candida; blood sugar issues like diabetes; hormone regulation and adrenal fatigue; depression, anxiety and sleeplessness, metabolism and more.
  • Which sugars should be avoided and how can you navigate the tricky realm of finding where they may be hiding?
  • Which sweeteners are good to use, when, and why?
  • How do you actually kick the habit?

Wondering What You'll Eat?

Well, every recipe on my site is something that you could for sure incorporated into the program, but I must say, you will get access to some AMAZING recipes (including the one for the Caramel Ice Cream pictured above) from Ricki Heller, my dear friend who blogs at Diet Dessert N Dogs.  Ricki and I “met” years ago when I was first starting my “walk away from sugar”.  And now it's been my great pleasure to get to know her better.

Ricki's recipes are simply genius (and she's no intellectual slouch either).  Among the culinary offerings that you will get along with this fabulous course are (I'm drooling already):

  • Grab and Go Breakfast Bars
  • Gluten Free Bean Crust Pizza
  • Caramel Ice Cream
  • Coconut Brittle
  • Gluten Free Fudgy Brownies
  • Smoky Almond Gravy

Hungry Yet?

For more details about the program, head over here to Sweet Victory.

AND – Andrea Nakayama of Sweet Victory has kindly offered to give everyone who enters my contest a coupon code for $30 off the enrollment price!

To take advantage of this, you must complete an entry that requires you to leave a comment on my post.  I will email everyone who left a comment on this post with the coupon code for $30 off the Sweet Victory enrollment fee.

Here's how you can win this super health promoting prize! 

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And if this post has you craving a healthier diet, how about some of our favorites to keep you busy making healthy treats in the kitchen:

Good luck!  And Best of Health to all of you on your quest to quit sugar!


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  1. Socorro Rivas says:

    I’d like to win because I need help with my sweet tooth. I constantly crave something sweet, especially after meals. I’d also like to learn how to use different types of sweeteners. I currently have a pound of xylitol I don’t know how to use.

  2. I need to gain control over sugar so I’ll be around long enough to raise my children!

  3. this is a great giveaway! my family has just started getting rid of the sugar – this would be sooo helpful! glad i found your site:)

  4. There is nothing better than ice cream, pralines, sugar….yum. I have a 3 year old and I’m trying to monitor his sugar so when he gets older he won’t have the problems I have. My triglycerides are high…..i probably have metabolic syndrome and yeast issues.

    I’d love to have this.

  5. susan plocher says:

    As someone who has suffered with sugar addiction for years getting off the sugar craze would be such a huge blessing for me.

  6. My husband and I have been working incredibly hard to get off of Pepsi. We have been successful for 2 weeks but are drinking a couple of glasses of Coke and or Sweet Iced Tea each day. We are trying to get our whole family off of sugar and caffeine! We have 4 kids so all of the help we can get would be awesome! Thanks for putting this together!

  7. I’ve tried to quit a handful of times but make a mistake then go all the way. I need this so badly.

  8. I really need this … I changed my diet to whole foods 1.5 years ago – in the first 8 months, I lost 60-70 pounds, but since have continued to sabotage myself (especially night eating). This would be a good kick in the pants that I need to get myself back on track so that I can have a healthy body (still need to lose 70 pounds). Thanks for offering this!

  9. I am in the process of cutting sugars and would love to know more!


  10. I’ve been going through alot of stuff with different health things recently that we are still trying to diagnose. Apparently 4 years with a child with a severe medical condition and another that doesn’t sleep and screams has taken it’s toll on my body. I am slowly researching my way towards healthy.

  11. My wife and I just went through eliminating grains and dairy from our diet and reducing sugar, but we have yet to get rid of it altogether–maybe this is what we were waiting for! 😀

  12. I am just starting to learn about the whole foods lifestyle, and I think this course would be a great place to get started.

  13. I have recently started a more real foods-based diet with my family. While I have never thought I had a HUGE sweet tooth, I’ve found out that one exists, indeed. However, nothing compares to my husband’s sweet tooth. He is getting better, but is not completely cured. However, he is interested in learning what food does to his body, and knowledge is power. I believe that if he understood the full extent of the damage that he is causing himself when he eats junk, he would drop it in a hot minute! And some practical how-to’s never hurt!

  14. I’m currently watching Hungry For Change and now I KNOW I need to stop the sugar ASAP. I’m sure this giveaway would be such a huge help.

  15. Many, many reasons to get off sugar! 1)Migraines in abundance lately. 2)My son is getting married in June and I need to drop many pounds 3) I just feel better when I am off the sugar roller coaster.

    • Great reasons! Watch those headaches. Regardless if you win or not, work at the sugar and refined stuff. I would think that should help. Nutritional Balancing (see my adrenal fatigue post) would be a good think to look into as well. My friend’s son’s migraines are a TON better after doing this protocol.

  16. Sugar junkie here needs to win this!

  17. Sugar is a hard one to give up, but I know I need to do it. Help would be great!