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Wowee are the weeks just flying by.  We finally got over the flu–well, sort of.  The “after effects” of this one seem to last a loooong time and my oldest ended up with severe ear pain yesterday.

I tried numerous natural remedies and will be sharing in the near future how we helped him make it through the night…you'll want to hear this for sure :).

We had a “near miss” with antibiotics a few years ago with my youngest.  Bought the stuff and everything, but thankfully we didn't need to use it.  You can read more at How We Avoided the Pink Stuff.  I recommend avoiding the pink stuff whenever you can.  Of course, consult with your doctor.  But I DON'T like antibiotic overuse.  They contribute for sure to gut dysbiosis.  You can read more about Candida, Gut Health and My Sugar-Free Life to learn more.

Anyway, there are some great deals available this week and one great Bundle Deal that starts Monday morning at 8 a.m. EST.

Gluten and Grain Free Bundle

Just $7.40

Grain Free Books Gluten Free Books

Over the past few weeks there have been some really great book bundles on super clearance.

This week's bundle might just be my favorite.

You get:

  • Against the Grain by Kate Tietje
  • Beyond Grain & Dairy by Starlene Stewart
  • The Grain-Free Snacker by Carol Lovett
  • Best of the Grain Free Meal Plans by Cara Faus
  • Gluten Free and Good for You by Kimberley Tandee & Laura Coppinger
all for just $7.40.  I used to write at Kate's site and she has some great books.
Starlene and I are internet buddies and she is one sharp cookie.  And a good cook!
Cara's got a nice life story about GAPS and grain free living.
Again – the sale starts Monday, 8 am EST and goes for one week.  Check out the details here.

FREE and Discounted Ebooks

Like always, the pricing on these books can change at any time, so make sure you check the price before buying.  Also, to save you even more money, note that you don't need a Kindle to read these books.   Just download Kindle for PC or Mac at Amazon and read on your computer!

Anne of Green Gables Unabridged Series

Just 99 cents for all 12 books – unabridged!

Kids Cooking and Learning Through Food Activities

This book has fun, food-based activities that can teach your kids things like math, shapes, comparison, and more.  Very well done.

What a Tomato

Loads of info on growing tomatoes – plant selection, mulching, staking, and more.

50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age:
New Financial Threats You Need to Know and How to Avoid Them

Identity theft is a huge problem.  Download this book and read it.  Great tips.

Easy Coconut Flour Recipes:
20 + Amazing Recipes for Paleo, Celiac and Gluten Free Diets

These recipes look quite good, but need a little “whole foodifying”.  Please note that they almost all call for eggs.

The Paleo Kid: 26 Easy Recipes That Will Transform Your Family

This book is a must download. Really simple and really yummy looking recipes that even kiddos can make.

Gluten-Free Diet Cookbook:
Healthier Eating Choices for People with Celiac Disease

I have liked most of the books by this author.
Not all of these recipes appeal to me, but many do.  Definitely worth a download at this “price” :).

The ABC's of Gluten-Free: Eating for a Gluten-Free Lifestyle, Celiac Edition

Full of great tips for those avoiding gluten.

Easy Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes:
60 Gluten-Free Recipes Made Simple 

Needs a little “whole foodification” here as well, but overall some really great-looking recipes.

Trailersteading – Voluntary Simplicity in a Mobile Home

Fascinating book about a family that massively downsized into a mobile home.
Book about living in a trailer

Caveman Family Favorites: Delicious Paleofied Slow Cooker Recipes For One Awesome Month

This series is great. I love their recipes.   Just need more time to try them all :).


Tropical Traditions

My source for expeller-pressed coconut oil is having its much-sought-after FREE SHIPPING days – now through midnight EST, 3/18/13.  Use CODE 183313. Right now, at Tropical Traditions, there are some other great sales as well

Gold Label Coconut Oil – BOGO – $19.95 for 2 16 oz jars (thru 3/17). This is a great option if you are just starting out with coconut oil and want to get a good deal plus free shipping as well!
Palm Shortening – 1 gallon only $23.59 through 3/17

New to Tropical Traditions?  You will get a free book with great info about coconut oil as well as a load of great recipes.


10% off Great Almonds

Just Almonds

 Just Almonds is one of my great sponsors.  Their almonds are wonderful and they are nice folks to boot.  Their non pareil variety are much sweeter than most any other almonds we have ever tried.  Typically my Homemade Almond Butter disappears pretty quickly, but when it's made with these almonds, it disappears even faster :).

These almonds are steam pasteurized.  Did you know that most almonds in the US are pasteurized with engine fuel?
Read more about that in my post, Is There Engine Fuel on Your Almonds?  Yuck. While you're reading that post, you might want to tell the almond board what you think about Engine Fuel on almonds.

Get 10% off these superb almonds with code WNM.

10% off Postpartum, Period, and Incontinence Pads –

and it's for a GREAT cause

cloth pads

Just a few days left to get 10% off all purchases at Peepods (through March 20 with code wholenewmom). These products are a great way to help the environment, save money and do a little “prepping”.   Just think–if and when the economy tanks, you won't need to go to the store to get feminine products because you'll have a pretty “permanent” washable stash.  (I used to work in the financial sector and believe me–things don't look good folks.)

Look at these beautiful cloth pads.  A lot nicer than those ickly plastic-encased pads w/ sticky glue on them, eh?

Cloth Feminine Pads - Cloth Pads

I'll be sharing more about this later, but when you buy a set, Amber donates one set a hospital in Ethiopia that treats ladies with injuries related to poor obstetric care.  She has a big heart to help these ladies.  You can help too, when you buy from her.

You can read my review of Peepods here.

Save money.
Care for the environment.
Feel pretty.
Help Ethiopian women.
All this with Peepods.

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