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Hi again, readers :).

I spent a loooong time thinking and writing out my post on The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and what I need to change in my life (the big sale ends today, so don't dilly dally too long if you really think you want the bundle.)

I really didn't think I'd pull off another post, but I found 2 of my favorite Kindle books of all time FREE at Amazon and wanted to share them with you.

And there are a few other things as well….

Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links in this post. If you click through I may receive a commission and I appreciate that very much.  My full disclaimer is here.

Free & Discounted Ebooks

About these books:  The prices can change at any time so please check before “purchasing”.

And to save you even more money, you don't need a Kindle to read them.  Just download Kindle for PC or Mac at Amazon and read on your computer.

My Favorite Gluten Free Sugar Free Recipes

This one is a KEEPER.  Wholesome and low carb sweeteners.  LOVE it.

my favorite gluten-free sugar-free recipes

TEFF – The Ultimate Recipe Guide

We really enjoy teff.  It's one of the grains that is higher in protein and has a lower glycemic value.

This recipes for Teff Pancakes and Waffles is GREAT!  (Sorry–no photo yet.)

teff - the ultimate recipe guide

Superfoods Guide

superfoods guide

Benefits of Avocado and Avocado Recipes

benefits of avocado and avocado recipes

Quinoa Secrets

Quinoa Secrets

The Original Children's Masterpiece The Wind in the Willows


This is the original book with the original illustrations–a great addition to your family's e-library.

wind in the willows

FREE Gluten-Free Allergy-Friendly Cookbook for Mother's Day

By Moms – For Moms

Gluten Free Recipes

Did you grab the wonderful Gluten-Free and Allergy-Friendly Cookbook that I'm featured in?

It's totally free and the entries are wonderful.

I am so excited about the Chocolate / Carob Tart that I put together with Dairy-Free Whipped Cream!

Tropical Traditions

Tropical Traditions is having a great Coconut Oil & Grass Fed Beef Sale.

Right now, at Tropical Traditions, you can get –

– Gold Label Coconut Oil – 1 gallon for $62.  This coconut oil apparently has the highest amount of nutritive quality of all coconut oils.
Grass Fed Beef – We've had their ground beef before but likely we will get some roast this time since it is cheaper pound for pound.  It's been a long time since we've had a roast :).

New to Tropical Traditions?  You'll get a free book with great info about coconut oil as well as a load of great recipes.

(I get a referral coupon for new customers who purchase.)

Peepods – Get 10% off and help others

cloth pads


These reusable feminine products are great.

I know–it's a bit of a “tough” topic, but really.  How different is this than cloth diapering?

In fact, it's less “icky” I think.

And it really makes a huge impact on the environment.

I love these products.  I looked at a bunch of companies and was thrilled when Amber contacted me so that we could work together.  I personally think her products are the prettiest I've seen.

And now, you have 2 great ways to do more than just help the environment and feel “pretty”.

Cloth Feminine Pads - Cloth Pads


Aren't these pretty?

With my great sponsor, Peepods, you:

1.  Save 10% off any purchase at Peepods through at least the end of the month by using CODE wholenewmom at checkout.

2.  Bless women in hard situations.  For every set of pads you purchase, you employ ladies in Belize who've been employed by Amber, the owner of Peepods, to make pads.  For every set purchased, Amber donates one set to this hospital in Ethiopia that treats ladies with injuries related to OB care.  How great is that?  You save money, care for the environment, feel pretty and help women when you buy from her.

Read my review of Peepods here.

Have a blessed weekend and I hope next week is less eventful.


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  1. Adrena , have you used any oils for adrenal fatgui? . Have you recovered from it ?,.would you share what you are doing about it and have you come across good probotic .TIA

    • And do you do natural med for hypothyroid or do you have Hashimoto . I am also Hashimoto and looking what is natural remedies.

    • I used clove and rosemary for awhile on my adrenal area but I haven’t for awhile. I am doing quite well but need to have a new test to see where I am at. My hypoglycemia is gone and my blood work is great. I am so looking fwd to sharing more. I am now taking a new probiotic that I will be talking about on the blog soon that I am really happy about….you can feel free to email me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com if you like :).