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Hey Readers.  It's another weekend which means time for more Free Kindle Books and other great ways to save on other crunchola deals.

And isn't the weather nutso?  It's freezing cold here, which is to be expected, but I heard last night on the radio that it was snowing in Dallax, TX (and that the city was in a standstill because of it), and that it was almost balmy in Alaska.


Anyhoo–here are the deals, including one that everyone always waits for—-

Please note that some or all of the following links are affiliate or referral links. If you make a purchase after clicking through, I might make some money – which helps keep this free resource up and running. Much appreciated :).

FREE Shipping at Tropical Traditions

Free Shipping Tropical Traditions

Through midnight 1/27/14 you can get FREE SHIPPING for all domestic ground shipping.

Just use CODE 142411 to get this great special.

Plus, you can get BOGO on TT's Organic Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.  It Retails: $50.00 (for 2) but is on sale for $19.95 for 2 16 oz containers through 1/26.14.

Paired with the Free Shipping Deal, you can get some coconut oil for a very nice price.Or, if you are going to be stocking up on a lot of stuff, the shipping deal is of course a no brainer.

Want to know what’s so great about this oilCheck out my review here. The comments are seriously fascinating :) .

There are a few other deals that you can check out by clicking on the link in the upper right of the Tropical Traditions' site.

New to Tropical Traditions?  You’ll get a free book containing great info about coconut oil as well as a bunch of great recipes.

10% off ReallyGreat Almonds

Just Almonds


Just Almonds has great almonds and almond flour.

We've been buying from them for quite awhile now, and we've been very happy with their quality and service.

Seriously happy, actually.  Their almonds are sooo sweet (we get the non pareil variety) and they don't have any Engine Fuel on them.  Yippee, huh?

They aren't organic, but I can't buy organic everything.  I do the best I can.

My tip to you: Stop eating engine fuel and get Just Almonds almonds instead. The FDA says that the engine fuel is all gone, but I don’t care. I’m not buying PPO covered almonds.  No thank you very much. These taste better anyways.  I can’t believe how much better they taste than the grocery store almonds. I wonder if it's the almond quality or if engine fuel just tastes bad ;).

Get 10% off Superbly Sweet Almonds (and almond flour…) with CODE WNM– at Just Almonds.

Free Kindle Books

The Key To Positive Thinking

I just posted about Positive Thinking on my Facebook page. I think it's a big problem. Well, it is for me.  I had a pretty rough childhood and it's hard to stop the negative tapes. There's more to it than that but I think almost anyone could use help in this arena.  I didn't read this whole book so I don't know what the recommendations are all about but hopefully it's good.

The Key to Positive Thinking

Homemade Potato Chips

Wow.  Homemade Potato Chips. We're talking BBQ Chips, Dill, and Sour Cream.  Yummo.  My sons would be thrilled for me to make these for them. And they'd be great made from sweet potatoes!

Homemade Potato Chips

Spring Roll Recipes

These recipes are seriously yummy looking. Make them with rice wrappers if you are gluten-free, or just eat the tasty insides :).

Spring Roll Recipes

Vermiculture and Vermicomposting

We've been thinking about getting worms to help with our gardening escapades, but haven't done it yet. Could be a fun new thing this year.

Vermiculture and Vermicomposting

30 Days to Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness. We all need it.  We're really working on managing our money so we can do more good with our money.

30 Days to Financial Fitness

Paleo Recipes: 33 Extremely Delicious, Easy, Cheap, Family, Paleo Dinners

Very tasty-looking paleo recipes.  Yum.

33 Extremely Delicious Paleo Recipes

The following are books from a Christian perspective, though some of them might appeal to others.

Who is Jesus . . . Really?

Josh McDowell is a very compelling thinker.  I would recommend this to anyone of any faith.

Who is Jesus Really?

What Did Jesus Really Mean When He Said Follow Me?

David Platt is a refreshing pastor.  He challenges the status quo and really gets to the heart of what “following Jesus” means.

What Did Jesus Mean When He Said Follow Me?

The 7-Day Prayer Warrior Experience

Stormie Omartian is a very motivational writer and really “gets it” when it comes to prayer. I can't say I know if I agree with her completely about everything, but I'm pretty sure I'm “on board” with most of her stuff.

That's all readers—
I hope you all have a great weekend, that you can–
think more positively, live more healthily, and save money while you are doing it.

See you all next week!

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  1. I just ordered my first almonds from Just Almonds!!

  2. Hey- quick question. I just opened this email and went to order a few of the freebie books, but when I clicked on the link they’re $2.99? Was the sale only for the weekend?

    • I typically disclose that the books are free at time of posting. They are so subject to change – typically it goes away in 1-2 days. So sorry – there will be more :). Make sure you are subscribed :).

  3. Found your blog a few days ago while researching Essential Oils…was intrigued off the bat with your soaked grains e-book, as I am one of the only folks I know locally who knows about soaking grains! You are a girl after my own heart, with your dairy-free suggestions, tips on alternative sweeteners, holistic living, etc…loved this post about freebies! I am a yoga teacher, online health coach, Jesus-follower, mom to furbabies, wife to sweet hubby, and girl who is trying to do everything as authentically, naturally, compassionately as possibly…and I am adoring your blog. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks so much! I appreciated Radical by David Platt & have read some Josh McDowell. I’ll enjoy adding these to my collection.