Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals – Apr. 4, 2015

Hello readers,

I'm taking time out of a very busy Easter weekend to give you heads up on a few deals you don't want to miss.

And I wish you all a Blessed Easter or Passover, if you are celebrating either of them.  May you and your family take time out to reflect and rest.

By the way, any of the following links may be affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I might make a commission. Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.

The Truth About Cancer – The Quest for Cures

The Truth About Cancer - Natural Cancer Treatments and Prevention

If you haven't signed up for The Truth About Cancer – The Quest for the Cures, make sure you do.

A Testimonial about this series from a Whole New Mom reader:

Hello Adrienne, I have to say thank you so much for this info on cancer. The videos are outstanding! I have been a certified health coach through … program, so I learned a lot on how the body works. But these videos are invaluable. I will be purchasing them soon.  I will also be passing the info to all I know.

I typically don't get emails about free summits I mention, but I have gotten a number about this one, and they were all super enthusiastic, like this one.

Here's where to sign up and learn how to prevent and treat cancer – naturally.

Home Grown Food Summit

Learn How to Garden and be More Sustainable with the Free Home Grown Food Summit

Growing your own food is one of the best ways to be more sustainable, save money (provided the bunnies don't get everything), and enjoy nature.

We do NOT have green thumbs here, but we keep on trying.  And well, kale grows pretty easily so we keep growing that and making lots of these kale chips :).

If you'd like to have a more green thumb (and who wouldn't?) make sure to sign up for the Free Home Grown Food Summit.

The lady running this is Marjorie Wildcraft (her name is perfect for her profession) and she knows her stuff.  We've talked on the phone once and I really would like to reconnect with her.

Anyhow, here's where to sign up.

There will be 30 experts speaking, including several of my blogging friends–one of the is Laurie Neverman of Common Sense Homesteading – she'll be talking on 10 Reasons to Grow Up Instead of Out.  I've been thinking about that for a long time now so very excited to hear that!

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • The Easiest Food Source to Grow
  • 3 Gardening Techniques for Those with Back Problems or Limited Mobility
  • 17 Techniques for Irrigating with Piping or Tanks
  • 7 Most Useful Hand Tools for a Backyard Homestead
  • 3 Easiest Vegetables to Save Seeds From

Go here to sign up and get 4 Bonus Ebooks just for signing up.

Just Almonds

Just Almonds

I regularly get inquiries about where I buy almonds ever since I wrote the post “Is There Engine Fuel on Your Almonds?”

Well, most likely there is and Just Almonds is where I get all of my almonds and almond flour. They have no engine fuel (yuck) and they have great tasting almonds.

Get 10% off your order using code WNM.

Free Kindle Books

As always, these books were free at the time of printing but the prices can change at any time.

In case you didn’t know, you don’t need a Kindle or other fancy gadget to read these books. Just download Kindle for PC or Mac here and read on your computer.

The Tinnitus Cure

The Tinnitus Cure

Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals for Beginners

Natural Antibiotics & Antivirals for Beginners

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

New Word A Day

This looks like such a FUN way to learn new vocabulary!

New Word a Day

219 Cooking Tips & Techniques You Might Find Useful!

219 Cooking Tips & Techniques

Health Benefits of Esstenial Peppermint Oil

I love peppermint essential oil.  It's one that we use pretty regularly.  This post talks about my introduction to it and this is the brand I buy now.

Health Benefits of Essential Peppermint Oil

That's all for now.  
Enjoy your weekend and see you next week!

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  1. Hi Adrienne, Happy Easter to you and family. Thank you for those precious books once again. I have already signed up for the Home Grown Food Summit and thanks for telling me about it. I have just purchased a small parcel of land and I am serious of growing my own food. Do have a beautiful Sunday, take some rest and I am listening out to hear from you during the new week. Blessings.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! 🙂

  3. The cancer summit is wonderful, so much knowledge! I have pre-ordered so I can share with family and friends.