Free Ebooks, More Healthy Living Deals & a Quick Update from Me 12/28/13

Wowee!  What a week.

We lost power for almost 2 days just before Christmas (as the temperatures were headed towards 12.  Yikes!).

Then, sadly, we had a brother of a friend pass away.

Then, the wife of one of my husband's colleagues passed away suddenly from cancer.

Then the power went out again.

And today, as my husband returned from one of the funerals with the boys (I was wiped out from all of this), our car was hit by a pickup truck.

I think it's enough already.

Time for a light-hearted movie. And we've been watching a lot–kind of as a new Christmas tradition. But I could use another one.

Or a game.

Or prayer.

Or all 3 :).

Anyhow, I hope this post finds you having a little bit better of a week than this.

Though I do have a lot to be thankful for.

Power on.

Hubby not hurt badly.

Car still running.

Thank God.

Onward to some deals this week that you can be thankful for too!  From Great courses to Superb Coconut Oil to Free Ebooks.  Enjoy the Savings…

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Revitalize Your Health Before it's Too Late

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Stop the Cycle Before It's Too Late

You know how there are sooo many people with diabetes, Crohn's,  chronic fatigue, and more.

And if you're like many other folks in the world, you're tired too.

Too tired.

This course is great. And the teacher is great.

Check out the details here and seriously consider signing up. The price goes up on 1/1/13, which is right around the corner….Can't believe it, but it's true. 2014 is upon us!

Oh – please note that some of the following links are affiliate or referral links. If you make a purchase after clicking through, I might make a commission. Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.

 Tropical Traditions


Through 1/2/14 (wow….it's 2014 already?!?!) you can get 46% off 5 gallon buckets of their fantabulous Gold Label Organic Coconut Oil.  Wondering what's so great about this oil? Check out my review here. The comments tell even more :).

There are a few other deals that you can check out by clicking on the link in the upper right of the Tropical Traditions‘ site, but this one is the one to get!

New to Tropical Traditions?  You'll get a free book with great info about coconut oil as well as a load of great recipes.

Free Ebooks

Paleo Italian: Pizza – Delicious, Quick & Simple Paleo Recipes

Pizza.  Grain free.  Yes!  Most of these recipes call for eggs in the crust, but I think it's worth trying without or with an appropriate substitute for your diet.  Pizza lovers–this is for you!  Plus, the topping recipes look great as well.

Paleo Pizza Recipes

30 Healthy Desserts You Can Eat Every Day

Some of these recipes have too many dates for my low glycemic lifestyle, but if you can sub for those (I'm thinking chia and a low glycemic sweetener) then you've got a really good thing going here.

30 Healthy Desserts

Chia Seed Recipes: Nature's Ancient Seed Recipes for Health, Wellness and Weight-Loss

Chia is one of those great powerhouses of nutrition.  It's in my Chocolate / Carob Pudding and Dairy Free Berry Mousse.  Yum!
If you haven't tried those, you should–chocolate pudding healthy enough for breakfast–yeppers.

Easy Chia Recipes

The Natural Home Pharmacy; Peer Inside To See What A Natural Doc Has Used Over The Last 20 Years To Keep Her Own Family Whole And Healthy

The Natural Pharmacy

40 Top Paleo Recipes – Quick and Easy Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight Loss (Paleolithic Diet Cookbook)

40 Top Paleo Recipes

Wheat-Free Recipes: The Complete Guide to Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and More (Every Day Recipes)

Some of the recipes in here are not as whole foodie as I would like, or have ingredients I don't typically recommend (like soy) but there are some good ones.

Make sure you are subscribed to my blog for next week – I've got some great stuff coming regarding wheat and gluten. It's going to be good!

Wheat-Free Recipes

The Sugar Detox Diet Challenge – Ultimate Guide to Busting your Sugar Cravings
(Sugar Addiction Detox Cure: Kiss your Sugar Cravings Goodbye)

Think you might have a sugar addiction? Find out and get off of this stuff.  I think sugar is a HUGE problem.
And believe me–if I can get off of sugar, anyone can.

The Sugar Detox Diet Challenge

And now..a word from one of my sponsors…  (sounds pretty neato official,huh?)

10% off Great Almonds

Just Almonds

Whenever I tell folks that most almonds on the market have Engine Fuel on them, I get the inevitable “ICK!” response.

And for good reason. Who wants engine fuel on their almonds?

Not me.

Stop eating engine fuel and get Just Almonds almonds instead. Now, the FDA says that the engine fuel is all gone, but I don't care. I'm not buying PPO covered almonds.  No thanks. These taste better anyways.  I can't believe how much better they taste than the grocery store almonds.  Guess engine fuel isn't naturally tasty.

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That's it for this week–see you on Monday.


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  1. I said a prayer for you and your family. Rest and relax as best you can.
    Blessings, Diane

  2. I’m sorry for all the difficulties! I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Can’t believe how similar our lives are, need all these books and have been looking for a food coconut oil…. Thank you. So sorry to hear about the week, I sent you a email and a prayer for some good rest and Gods grace and mercy to get thur it all

  4. BaseballMomOf3 says:

    Definitely sending some much needed prayers your way!! Stay strong ….. and warm! 🙂

  5. Charlotte Moore says:

    Oh, my, what a week. Thank the LORD your husband wasn’t hurt worse than he was.

  6. Wow! What a week!! Sending much light & love your way. Enjoy your lighthearted movie night!