8 Ways to Stretch Your Grocery Budget in the New Year

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Ten Dollar Bill

(Isn't that photo of my son a riot?  He looks like a troubled cartoon character to me!  Trying to stretch his money [but not making much progress :-)!])

Did you make a New Year's resolution about saving money this year?

With what I am hearing about tax increases and inflation these days, getting your food budget under control is going to be a crucial move for everyone.

Head on over to The Better Mom where I am sharing 8 Ways to Stretch Your Grocery Budget in the New Year.


I look forward to hearing your food budget tips as well!

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  1. Love the photograph! Heading over to The Better Mom now 🙂

  2. Love the photo!!!

  3. My #1 tip for stretching my grocery budget is to shop at Aldi! I have nearly slashed my grocery bills in half since I switched from the fancy big name grocery store to Aldi… and the food tastes exactly the same! I also like that Aldi has less pre-packaged choices than the big name stores, so it forces me to cook actual meals with “real” ingredients instead of just resorting to some sodium-filled boxed entre’.

  4. Misty Shaheen says:

    Great post!

    We do most of these things, already. I need to look into vitacost to start buying healthy foods in bulk. I also want to make more of my own stuff, like bread and broth, this year.