Grain Free Baking Mix Review, Giveaway, and Coupon Code

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Simple Mills Giveaway Horiz

If you're like me, you almost never buy mixes due to the no-so-savory ingredients in them. Well, if you're a busy mom like I am and you'd like to have a gluten free baking mix or two on hand for last minute “food emergencies”, Simple Mills has the answer for you with their seriously wholesome grain free baking mixes.

I introduced you to Simple Mills awhile ago when they asked me to review their 3 grain-free muffin / cupcake mixes, banana, pumpkin, and chocolate.  Boy were they good!

Well now, I have 2 new Simple Mills mixes to introduce you to today –Focaccia & Sandwich Bread and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about why I like Simple Mills.

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Being on a special diet makes a busy mom even busier, so I have to do whatever I can to save time in our whole foods special diets kitchen–like leaning hard on recipes and tips like my:

Easiest Coconut Milk
Easiest Almond Milk
Easiest Way to Peel Garlic, and
Quick Healthy Meals,

but there's only so much I can do and sometimes I need a treat on the fly.  For those times, having a few mixes stashed away can be a real sanity saver.

You know, you get invited somewhere and the dessert is going to be “off limits” for us (which it typically is), or you are having company and they are on a special diet and you just don't have time to make one more thing.

Like I said, most mixes are full of high glycemic flour

But Simple Mills is different. They have amazing, grain-free mixes made with super nourishing ingredients, and today I am thrilled to share with you that they have 2 new mix flavors to share with you.

First of all, a little more about Simple Mills:

Simple Mills Giveaway Vertical

Nourishing Ingredients

No grains in these mixes – just almond flour.  And the almonds are blanched to remove the skins, where the phytic acid is located.

Coconut nectar for sweetening.  Table sugar has a glycemic index of 65, but coconut nectar's is a mere 35, which makes it easier on your blood sugar and better for those who struggle with candida.

Arrowroot.  I stayed away from arrowroot for years, thinking it was just a non-nutritive ingredient (though I do use it in my Aluminum & Corn Free Baking Powder), but I've been learning since that it has gut-healing qualities that make it a great addition to these mixes.

Cocoa – the cocoa used in Simple Mills' products is produces on small farms that practice sustainability, plus it's fair-trade and rainforest certified.

Celtic Sea Salt – Celtic sea salt is an unprocessed whole salt full of over 60 naturally occurring minerals

What's NOT in Simple Mills?  NO refined sugar, NO high-glycemic flours, NO gluten, and NO genetically-modified ingredients.

For more on Simple Mills' ingredients, click here.

U.S. Made

Simple Mills is made in the U.S.A. in the Chicago area (where I used to live).

Oh – also there are affiliate links in this post. If you click on them and make a purchase, I might make a commission. Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.

Great Taste

I have to say, these products are sooo good.

We loved the grain free muffin mixes that we tried before, but these two new mixes, Focaccia & Sandwich Bread, and Chocolate Chip Cookies, are amazing.

I made both of them this past Saturday, and when my hungry brood came home from hockey practice, they finished just about everything!  (Well, I did have a little bit, but seriously, they were GONE!)

You can see the now-gone Focaccia Bread on Instagram, and you can follow me there too, if you'd like :).

Simple Mills has agreed to give 2 of my readers 3 of these fabulous mixes (the two new mixes, plus their Chocolate Muffin Mix), and you'll get them just in time for Thanksgiving!

Which is great since the Focaccia & Sandwich Bread can also be made into dinner rolls.

Look at how gorgeous these are!

Simple Mills Focaccia Rolls

Plus Katlin, the owner of Simple Mills, is making it easier for all of my readers to enjoy these lovely mixes – for Thanksgiving and beyond.

Through Tues., Dec 07, you can get 10% off your Simple Mills order at with WHOLEMOM.

Here's the Giveaway – I look forward to seeing who wins :).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You are going to love these mixes, and the extra savings makes them even nicer (doesn't it always :)?)

Which Mix do YOU Most Want to Try?

By the way, I was given several mixes to try and was compensated for my time to write this post, but that in no way affects my opinions about the product.  They are GREAT!

These comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whole New Mom, LLC.


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  1. Would love to try these. Looking to find a way to satisfy the sweet tooth

  2. Where is the post who says who won??

  3. This is the best thing in this century for people who are gluten free and need lower carb, I never buy any of the gluten free packaged items because they are full of potato starch, rice flour, corn flour, and no doubt GMO, etc and being diabetic those are just not something I can use. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  4. Hi! I just went over to Amazon and bought the Sampler pack–just because I trust you. Ha Ha I’ll let you know what I (and my family) think. Thanks much!

  5. I want to try the focaccia! We can’t have yeast, so it’s hard to make good bread.

  6. Donna Bradford says:

    Thanks for the opportunity Adrienne! I have tried other mixes, with results that vary, but for the most part don’t buy pre-made \ boxed mixes. It is nice to have a quick and easy mix on hand, that won’t compromise my healing!

  7. This was my first entry into one of your drawings. Of course the very first entry I typed only one letter for my email and accidentally submitted that. Anyway of fixing that? These look amazing and would love to try them 🙂 Thanks for such great information and recipes and all of the hard work that goes into it!

  8. Joanne Peterson says:

    I would be pleased to try any of the mixes since I have seen the posts and all of you have commented how good the mixes are. My husband can eat all of the ingredients, and that is so rare that all of the ingredients are okay for him to eat.

    Thank you for posting the coupon for 10% off. (I’m behind on reading my e-mails with all that has been happening here this week)

  9. I recently tried this brand’s pumpkin muffins and boy are they out of this world good! I am very impressed with the ingredients used. These muffins are my fall holiday pumpkin fix now! I am dying to try the other products in the line. If the chocolate chip cookies are anything like the pumpkin muffins, I am in trouble!!

  10. These are so yummy. Serve them all the time to friends who are not paleo or grain free and they love them. These are a staple in my family now!! Favorite is the chocolate muffin/cupcake made in mini muffin tins for a little sweet treat!

  11. These look wonderful. My son can’t have eggs either, how do any of these mixes work with egg replacements?

  12. Focaccia bread!

  13. Brunella Brunet says:

    would love to win these. have never seen them before and anxious to try them. Thanks for the chance.

  14. Chocolate chip cookies!

  15. Charlotte Moore says:

    Would love to win these to give them a try.

  16. When you say that special diets are time consuming, you are so right. Since I’ve cut out all processed foods in our house, I find I’m spending way more time/energy/effort every day to get us fed. All this, just to avoid the toxins in foods. It’s crazy. These mixes sound like the thing to have on hand. Going to Amazon to have a look at Simple Mills products right now. Thanks for the share, Adrienne. You do important work, good sister.

  17. These sound AMAZING!! Entered and off to share! 😀