Coconut Whipped Cream

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– full fat coconut milk   or coconut cream – sweetener – vanilla extract  – dash salt


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Choose a good quality brand of coconut milk or coconut cream

Chill the cans overnight in the refrigerator

Chill mixing bowl and beaters for 10-30 minutes before whipping

– Remove cans from the fridge, keeping upright, taking care not to shake or tip.

– Scoop the hardened coconut cream from the tops of cans into a medium mixing bowl, reserving the leftover liquid for other uses.

Whip at high speed with stand mixer or electric hand mixer for about 20-30 seconds until fairly smooth. until peaks form.

– Add sweetener, vanilla, and salt, if desired.

Whip again until soft or stiff peaks form, for a total of about 1 minute

– Store whipped cream or leftovers in air tight container in refrigerator for up to one or two weeks.