Top 10 Recipes of 2014

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Top Recipes from the Blog Whole New Mom. From Homemade Ketchup to No Bake Cookies to Homemade Chocolate Chips. Most are paleo recipes, and all are gluten free.

I don't know if you feel the same way or not, but is it really 2015?!?!  I'm probably going to be writing “2014” for a long time before it finally hits me.

In fact, I wonder how many of you noticed that on one of my Healthy Living Deals posts I wrote “Nov” instead of “Dec” for the date.

Sigh – I am really having a hard time these days :).

I guess it's really true.  As we get older the time just keeps going by faster and faster.

Thanksgiving and Christmas blew right by and then New Years and well, before too long we'll be talking about Valentine's Day.

In any case, I thought we'd start of the year with a look back at the most popular posts of 2o14, starting with recipes.

I love writing posts about health, like the FDA being involved in our food and supplements, essential oils, and doing DIY versions of personal care and home care items, but I do so enjoy sharing healthy recipes with you all as well.

Here are the most popular posts from this past year.

Did your favorite make the list?

Top Recipes from the Blog Whole New Mom. From Homemade Ketchup to No Bake Cookies to Homemade Chocolate Chips. Most are paleo recipes, and all are gluten free.

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter

This post from Don't Waste the Crumbs is so great. I LOVE sourdough but gluten hasn't been my friend for a long time now.  We took my son off of gluten soon after he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism), and since I've been working on autoimmune issues (Hashimoto's), I am steering clear of all gluten.

Love sourdough but you're gluten-free? This Gluten Free Sourdough Starter is so easy- you can have tasty sourdough bread ready right away. With this Gluten Free Sourdough Starter it's super simple so you can get started right away without any special ingredients, and you can use a whole variety of gluten free flours.

No-Bake Coconut Delights

These are a standby in our home for whenever we need a quick treat.
They're gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and sugar-free. Great for almost any special diet.

Need a healthy treat in a flash? These Coconut Cookies are Sugar Free, dairy-free, gluten-free and grain-free too! They come so quickly and are made of super healthy ingredients.

Dairy-Free and Sugar-Free Homemade Hot Chocolate

This post by Candida-free Candee is another big hit. PERFECT for the chilly days were having right now.

If you're trying to eat healthier, this Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe is dairy and sugar free! Say BYE BYE to Swiss Miss and the artificial ingredients and loads of sugar and make this instead. Top with Whipped Coconut Cream or Homemade Marshmallows and Chocolate Chips for an extra special treat.

The “Best” Basic Chili Powder

We have a standby Homemade Chili Powder that I love, but the base chilis are fairly hard to come by. So I sought out to find an easy replacement.
This recipe was the winner. Tastes great in chili (of course), but we also love it on veggies, salads, and almost everything savory.

Hoping to make your own seasoning mixes to save money and get the artificial ingredients out of your diet? This Easy Homemade Chili Powder Recipe is made with things you most likely have in your pantry - and tastes the best out of the blends we tested in our kitchen. Tastes great in chili (of course), but also on veggies, pasta, rice...I've even heard of folks putting it in hot chocolate!

“Dorito®” Popcorn

Since my son is deathly allergic to dairy, he's never had a Dorito® (well, he did get one by accident at age 2 and had a reaction to it).
And now that we've become whole foodies, the additives are nothing we'll have in our home.
This seasoning mix is a great dairy-free topping that reminds me of that yummy Dorito® taste without the additives.  And sans the cheese too.

If you love DORITOS®, but don't love the chemical ICK, this is for you! Get Dorito Flavor without the chemicals with this Dorito Popcorn! Dairy free and gluten-free, this topping works for almost all special diets, but it's great on veggies, pasta, salad, etc too.

No-Bake Protein Bars

Grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and sugar-free.  This is another one of our all-time favorites.
Skip the overpriced bars at the store and make a bunch of these instead.

These Homemade Protein Bars are sugar, soy, grain, dairy, and egg-free, but loaded with yumminess! Stop spending a fortune on store-bought bars and make your own :)!

Homemade “CHEEZ-IT®” Crackers

This post from Kate's Healthy Cupboard is just wonderful. Grain-free and dairy-free “Cheez-It®” Crackers.
My youngest was drooling over this picture just last night.  I need to make some soon!

Grain-free and Dairy-free "CHEEZ-IT®" CRACKERS! A yummy healthy treat you can feel good about eating! Low Carb and guilt free, I bet you can't eat just one!

Pakistani Kima – aka Beef Curry

This is our go-to meal whenever we have guests over. And it's always a winner.
There are a few comments that it's not “spicy” enough. Just double the spices (or triple them) if you think that will be the case with you :).

My most requested recipe - Pakistani Kima (ground beef curry)

Easy Homemade Ketchup

I really dislike buying store bought ketchup since there is so much sugar in it. Even in the health food store versions.
I love the stove-simmered ketchup recipes, but sometimes (often) I don't have time to put that together.
This recipe comes together super quick and tastes yummy enough to make a burger taste special.

Did you know that most ketchup has high fructose corn syrup and hidden MSG in it? This Easy Homemade Ketchup Recipe is sugar free, has no corn syrup and can be made super fast. Great for those on special diets and costs way less than the health food store brands.

Homemade Chocolate or Carob Chips

This is another one of our all-time favorites. You can make these for baking, use them as a drizzle, or cut eat them right “out of the bag.”
We actually like my Homemade White Chocolate Chips just as much (if not better), so if you haven't had them, make sure you check them out too!

(and even though it's not really a recipe, it doesn't really fit in the DIY or health categories either so I'm including it here…..

Looking for Dairy Free Chocolate Chips? This Homemade Chocolate Chips Recipe is sooo good we almost never get to bake with them because we end up eating them all! They're also soy and sugar free so they're great for almost any special diet and you can adjust the recipe to make Homemade Carob Chips too. LOADS cheaper than the store bought allergy-free chocolate chips too.

How to Substitute Sweeteners

Wondering how to substitute honey or maple syrup for sugar?  It gets confusing but I've laid out a few quick rules to make it easier for you.

How to Substitute Sweeteners. From Baking with Honey to Substituting Maple Syrup for Sugar, all of the tips you need are right here.

Which is YOUR favorite?
Was there a post you missed?


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