The Easiest Way to Peel Garlic

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Wondering how to peel garlic? This is the Easiest Way to Peel Garlic--for now :). How do YOU peel garlic?
Garlic, garlic and more garlic...

I love the flavor of garlic and of course, everyone's read about all of the great health benefits that garlic has.

What a great thing to be able to add something that tastes great and is great for you to your everyday meals!

But the peels – now that's another thing.

For years I've been flustered about how to peel garlic without ending up wanting to pull my hair out. Or worse.

I've tried cooking with garlic lots of ways:

  • peeling cloves with my fingers (ouch!)
  • peeling with a garlic peeler (those rubber rolls that look like toilet paper rolls [messy, messy, messy]).  My kids loved doing it (for awhile), but the novelty soon wore off and those little garlic peelings were all over the place :-(!
  • using pre-peeled garlic.  I'd buy a large container of pre-peeled garlic and would freeze it in small bags (to see the bags and clips that I use, check out my posts on How and Why to Store Prepared Beans or 6 Super Tips for Cilantro).
  • Smashing cloves with the flat side of my knife (thanks to the reader who reminded me of this) – but the cloves easily slipped out from under my knife and I always felt like I was at risk of impaling myself — all for the love of garlic!
  • Using granulated garlic or garlic powder

Clearly the easiest method is to use the granulated garlic or garlic powder, but I felt so much better using whole garlic cloves due to the health benefits of garlic and the fresher taste, so I gravitated towards the frozen pre-peeled.

That is, however, until I did some research and talked with a garlic expert on the phone who told me that the nutritional benefits of garlic are almost nil once you freeze garlic.  Ugh!  Back to the drawing board!

So I got out my silly rubbery garlic peeler again and had those pesky garlic peelings all over the place again.

And I pretty much dreaded making any recipe that had garlic in it!

Then – one day – I got an idea and I tried it.  And guess what?  My garlic peeling nightmares are over.  And now yours are too :-)!

So if you've been wondering how to peel garlic without losing your mind, you are in the right place.

Garlic Recipe

Well, there you have it!  Garlic peeling made simple and painless!

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How about you?  Do you have a great kitchen tip to share?

Or a kitchen conundrum that has you stumped?  Share away in the comments area and maybe I or another reader can help!


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  1. I tried all the above methods as well, and here is how I have found it easiest to peel garlic: take all the heads of garlic you want for your recipe or for storing in the fridge, and put it into a plastic bag. It works best if you use two bags and double up like you’re bringing groceries home. Then you step on the garlic somewhat gently depending on your weight and comfort level with trying this method (it almost feels like a foot massage). you might come away with a few smashed cloves, but it works quickly like the garlic peeler off of Amazon, without all the peelings going everywhere. Hope that helps! That’s the best way I’ve found.

  2. An easy way to peel garlic. Just put a few in a pan and shake, shake, shake and they will peel themselves.

  3. I’ve been doing that exact same thing, but lately, the garlic (or should I say the quality of the garlic) has made it more difficult…. so lately, I find just smashing them with my flat wooden spoon is the easiest of all.

  4. Some more “garlicy” info:
    Why you should ALWAYS chop your garlic and let it stand for 5-10 minutes: it’s the best way to reap the full benifits of the nutrients!

  5. I have no problem peeling cloves, just take a sharp knife, n e a r l y cut off one end pulling the peel off on one side at the same time, then repeat at the other end.

    Another tip: If you want to eat garlic the night before you go on a job interview ;), cut the clove down the middle like you show above and, with the point of a knife, pop out the inner thingy that’s inside. That’s where most of the “stinky” stuff is, but it doesn’t affect the taste! It also helps to take a good soapy shower before going to bed and again in the morning as the scent is emitted through the pores of the skin.

  6. Allen Berry says:

    Have tried your garlic tip several times. Can not believe how great it works. Also can’t believe all the cook books don’t give you this tip. I love garlic, always double or triple the amount in recipes, so this is one of the best kitchen tips I’ve ever gotten.
    On another note. I just brought my pressure cooker out of retirement. I’ve cooked 3 meals this week and they were great. Do you have any thoughts on pressure cooker cooking and/or any recipes. I’m especially interested in split pea with ham soup.
    Allen Berry