Pasta Primavera with Eggplant Noodles and Vegan Alfredo Sauce (grain free, paleo, vegan)

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Dairy Free Pasta Primavera on Eggplant Pasta! Great paleo dish.

{Our family has been eating more and more of a grain-free diet and as such, we've been looking for more grain-free recipe like this low carb Shepherd's Pie, Easy Grain-free Sushi, and Grain-free and Dairy-free Meatballs.

Today, Lauren from Oatmeal With a Fork brings us a wonderful eggplant pasta made with vegetable noodles to add to our repertiore.}

I began creating healthy recipes based on my own tolerances to food.  In 2004, my health began going downhill.  I began experiencing depression, acne, menstruation difficulties, and severe food allergies.  At my lowest point, I was house-bound, eating a NO fat diet of oats, beans, rice, white chicken meat, apples, and cucumbers.

If I deviated from this, I was plagued by debilitating eczema, as well as the above issues.  After being diagnosed with extremely high mercury levels and Lyme disease, I began chelation, IVs, and diet changes.  It took years, but I've finally regained some control over my health.  I have to maintain a very healthy diet in order to live, but what encourages me to adhere to it is how much better I feel in doing so!

I write this in hopes that those who read it will better understand where I'm coming from, and why I eat, cook, and bake the way I do!  Now, on to the recipe!

Eggplant Pasta Primavera

Oh, how I love pasta!  The tender flour-filled, carb-loaded strings and tubes and curly-cues of joy…

I don't know about you, but I'm quite psychologically influenced when it comes to food.  I crave things like cookie dough, cake batter, and pizza, and I get super motivated to make “healthified” versions of such things.  This is why I created recipes like Zucchini Pizza and Oatmeal Cookie Waffles.

Pasta is no different…

… spaghetti squash, zucchini, carrots….I've used all these in an attempt to have grain-free noodles. And now eggplant….


Eggplant Pasta

Freshly julienned eggplant noodles

Eggplant Pasta

Eggplant noodles after “sweating”

I've sliced wide eggplant ‘noodles' for lasagna, but this was my first attempt at making them spaghetti-like.  The tool you see in the photo above is called a julienne peeler, and it is awesome for creating noodles from vegetables….(and it's a lot cheaper than a spiralizer :-)).

NOTE FROM ADRIENNE:  This is the spiralizer that I have.  It is surprisingly sturdy and very affordable.  (It would make a great gift for the whole foodie who has everything :-).)


While most pasta primavera dishes are typically paired with an oil and vinegar dressing, I thought this would be nice with a ‘cream' type sauce, such as the one I used in my Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo.

I paired the eggplant noodles with whole grain pasta in order to entice my little girl (she loves pasta), but I ate the eggplant noodles plain, and it was scrumptious!  The sauce really makes it, and all of the vegetables taste delicious together!

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Nutrition Facts for this Recipe

Eggplant Pasta Primavera


NOTES: For THM, omit the arrowroot and you can use more of the low carb veggies for the peas and carrots to keep it completely S.

This is a tasty way to get more vegetables into your day, which I know helps me since I tend to leave all my vegetable-eating until dinner time. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this post!  If you'd like to see more of my recipes, stop by and visit Oatmeal With A Fork.  Thank you for reading, and thank you, Adrienne for having me!

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Have you tried vegetable pasta before?


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  1. Have you tried this, Adrienne? I think I’m going to try it. Sounds good to me.

  2. This looks like something I’d like to try. I wasn’t clear on step 5 in making the noodles. It says to saute in a bowl of coconut oil. Does this mean to cook them in the oil or just stir them around? Thanks!

  3. What a delicious looking dish, and I love that the noodles are made of eggplant! I love how healthy and comforting this is, perfect for this time of year.

  4. This looks so yummy! Its bedtime but this is making me hungry!! I’d like to invite you to link this as well as any other Gluten Free Recipes up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! All recipes are welcome, whether meat or veg! Here is a link to our most current one!
    Hope to see you soon!

  5. I love this idea! I gotta try it out!

  6. LittleOwlCrunchyMomma says:

    This looks really good.

    Would love it if you would come link up tomorrow to Simple Meals Friday.

  7. Adrienne- this looks fantastic! I am dairy free but I think I could sub coconut oil for the butter and it would be pretty darn close 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  8. This recipe sounds amazing! Now I’m hungry 🙂
    I would love to have you link this to the Wildcrafting Wednesday blog hop!

    Hope to see you there!

  9. That looks amazing!! I think this is the post that might finally inspire me to get a spiralizer…I miss pasta and noodles being on the paleo diet, and I think it’s high time I get a gadget that makes tasty veggie noodles!!

  10. I’ve never tried it with eggplant before. Looks like fun. Next time we make vegetable pasta I’ll give this a try! Thanks Lauren and Adrienne