Chocolate Chip Coconut Macadamia Cookies (grain and dairy free with egg and sugar free options)

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Chocolate Chip Coconut Macadamia Cookies. Gluten, Grain, and Sugar-Free with Vegan option. And did I mention, they are super-yummy as well!


Cookies are one of my favorite things to make.  And eat.  Of course, since going gluten-free and figuring out that I have candida, the only options for me now are healthy cookies, and grain-free cookies and sugar-free cookies are even better.

We've been trying to limit our intake of sweets in general around here, but I still take joy making healthy delicious treats for my family and friends.

And these Chocolate Chunk Coconut Macadamia cookies are a fabulous addition to my Healthy Recipe Repertoire.  Some of our favorite cookies are – Pumpkin Snickerdoodles, Soft Pumpkin Cookies, and while they aren't really cookies, we love these Almond Joy Bars and Coconut Delights.

In case you haven't noticed, there is a lot of controversy on the internet now about eating grains.

Some of the different recommendations regarding grains include:

  • eating no grains
  • eating only whole grains
  • eating grains, but soaking all grains before eating them
  • eating only non-gluten grains

Now, I can't say that I've sorted all of this out, but in order to watch our carb intake, I've been making more grain-free goodies these days.

Whether you are on a whole grains, no grains, or gluten-free diet, these wonderful cookies are a great treat for you all year round, but especially for the Christmas Holiday season when all kinds of white flour and sugar-laden treats will be calling your name.

Now you can make some delicious baked goods and feel good about offering them to your family and friends.

I saw these cookies on Civilized Caveman and they looked so good that I just had to try a few substitutions (for the eggs and the sweetener) to see if I could make them work for my family.  And voila – they were great!  He's got some amazing recipes over there.

This is the first time that I have tried a recipe from this site before, and I must say that it is worth checking out.  I wasn't grain free when I first saw this recipe, but since I have gone grain free, this is a site that will certainly prove to be quite valuable.  Grain free or not, give it a look – it's not often that I do so few alterations to a recipe.  This one was great from the get go.


More delicious, healthy treats (most all are grain free):

Have you been trying to eat fewer carbs recently? 

Do you have a favorite cookie from your childhood?

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  1. You.are.amazing. I just clicked over to your egg replacer – who would’ve thunk? I haven’t made coconut flour cookies yet and this looks perfect! Love how thick and full of nuts and chocolate chips they are! Making tonight or tomorrow – my baking buddies are excited! 🙂 Quick question though; when you say 1-4 eggs, does that mean add until right consistency? Or am I not reading it right? 🙂

    • Hi Mary! I completely forgot that these called for eggs when I recommended them to you. Duh :). I just fixed the recipe – one reader commented that they were too goopy with 4 eggs and worked w/ 1 so I changed it but I have always done the 4 egg equivalent substitute. I would love it if you tell me what you end up doing – thanks! Hope you enjoy them! (The original recipe was for 4 eggs.)

      • Haha no problem! I can use eggs, so that was great. I ended up only using two eggs because the mixture was pretty thin. It thickened up after a couple minutes, but it was cookie dough consistency at 2 eggs for me. That cookie dough? Wow, so good. It needs a warning label (aka salmonella, but that has never deterred me … whoops! 🙂 ) They didn’t spread or rise, just like you said, too. I’m not sure if the other two eggs would’ve changed this, but they were definitely softer and a little cakier than I would’ve expected. It wasn’t a bad thing at all, just different. All in all, I have loved them! Soft cookies are my favorite and these delivered! Thanks for the recipe! (oh, I omitted the macademia nuts and coconut … if I had used those, I probably would’ve needed the two other eggs.)
        ^sorry for how not concise this is!

        • Good to know – I wonder about the additional macadamias and coconut. If you ever feel like baking again I would love to know – thanks so much!

  2. So… the first time I made these cookies the batter was quite thin – like pancake batter. I poured the batter in a muffin-top pan to bake the cookies. the second time I made the cookies I used butter instead of coconut oil, and the batter was quite dense, heavy and dry and it could be placed on a cookie sheet. But I found the cookies tasted dry and didn’t like the texture. I assumed the difference in consistency was due to the fat (since that seemed to be the only difference) I really preferred the cookies the first time… so the third time I made them I used coconut oil assuming the batter would be thin again, but it wasn’t, the batter was very dry and thick again. Iwanted to make it thinner like the first time I made the cookies (although now I’m wondering what the heck I did to make it so thin) so with my third try I added 2 extra eggs, an extra 1/2 cup of coconut oil and a cup and a half of almond milk. The batter was somewhat thinner but still pretty thick. the cookies were definitely better on the third try than the second….. finally to my question…. do you have any suggestions for thinning out the batter? It seems to make the cookies so much more tasty.



    • I would always go with a liquid – so add more of the almond milk – sorry it’s been so difficult for you. At least you have a ton of cookies to eat now :)!

      • I do lol!

        I also have issues with my adrenal glands (this is new for me) does xylitol ever make you exhausted? I’m wondering if these cookies are triggering me.

        Thanks again,

        • I haven’t noticed that. Have you been eating it for awhile? I have read some pretty icky things about xylitol and some positive things. The positive ones are, from what I can tell, from more reputable sources. I try to mix my sweeteners so I don’t overdo any one thing.

          • I’ve just started eating xylitol, and the adrenal gland issues are new too, so I’m not really sure what triggers me yet (except caffeine, that really triggers me) it could just be a coincidence with the xylitol… we’ll see with a little more time:)

      • Thanks for all the work you do researching, posting and creating delicious recipes!

  3. I didn’t notice corn on the ingredient list, although there are a couple ingredients that I’m not familiar with. Which ingredient is corn based?


  4. I made the cookies again last night – this time with butter instead of coconut oil. This time the batter was stiff and dry (last time I used coconut oil and the batter was runny like pancake batter.) Strange…… they tasted much better the first time, so I will try them again using coconut oil.

  5. I didn’t think sugar-free chocolate chips existed in the grocery store, but I found them today! Krisda make sugar-free chocolate chips sweetened with stevia and erythritol. If you want to save some time making these delicious cookies, you can use store-bought chips!

  6. I added an extra cup of coconut flour which thickened the batter a bit and then poured it into a muffin-top pan to bake the cookies. The cookies were absolutely delicious and I will definitely make them again, I will try using 1 or 2 eggs next time.

  7. I also wanted to add that I let the coconut oil harden again just in case that was the problem.

  8. Hi There,
    These do look delicious… however….I’m in the process of making a batch now and there is way too much liquid. The recipe calls for 4 eggs, I think 1 egg would have been plenty. The batter is more like pancake batter than cookie batter, no way to form it.

    • Hmmm…odd. I have only used the egg replacer and they worked great. If you try again could you tell me how it goes?

      • When using the egg replacer, how many “eggs” do you use? By thruway, I am delighted to know that the egg replacer works well in this recipe. I’ve been reading that coconut flour needs eggs to really work properly, so ive been a bit wary if trying egg replacer with it. Thanks for this recipe!

        • I’m not sure about what you mean. Please clarify. Thanks. I haven’t tried it in many coconut flour recipes, but this one works OK though. You are welcome!

          • Your recipe says 1-4 eggs. So what I’m wondering is, when you use egg replacer, do you use the equivalent of 1 egg? 2 eggs? 3 eggs? Or 4 eggs? Thanks!

          • I believe I typically use 2 for this recipe. It depends on the feel of the dough – you might need more or less. Hope you like them!

  9. These look fab, Adrienne. Pinning to my paleo board!

  10. I love the white chocolate macadamia cookies but they are certainly not healthy. These seem scrumptious. Would you know if there are similar types of the chocolate chips or chunks (sugar free) in white chocolate chips or chunks? Where do you get yours?

  11. Hi , these look delicious, I was just wondering if they turn out soft and chewy or crunchy?