Dairy-Free Chocolate / Carob Almond Fudge (sugar-free option)

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First of all, if you missed my post on Silky Smooth Bean Fudge, you'll want to go back and check it out– for two reasons:

1. The recipe is the base for the one that I am sharing today.

2.  It's got a fun video clip of Bill Cosby that will give you a nice afternoon “pick me up” if you need one.  And who doesn't sometimes?  (Especially with this massive heat wave hitting the Midwest here :-(.

3. You can make it without the nuts for those with allergy concerns.

Just when I thought that we had the Bean Fudge thing perfected, I got my recipe out and worked on it again.

I must say that while the other recipe sure got rave reviews, this one will pass the test of any “non-whole-foodie”.

I made up a whole bunch of Bean Fudge yesterday in an attempt to perfect my recipe and to work on a few variations.  And believe me, you do not want to see how much fudge I have now in my fridge.  Good thing it freezes well :-)!

Well, it all turned out well and even some of it got eaten by friends whom we visited last night, both the ones who were off of sugar and those who were not.

But I thought I still needed to work on it some more and well –here is the result of today's reworking.

And boy is it good.  The changes?:

  • More cocoa (or in my case, carob) and
  • a bit more sweetener, and
  • the cruchyness of almonds!!


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Well, there you have it.  Rich, creamy and great for you.

Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like remade into a healthier version?

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  1. Wanted to say “Thank You!” Made this today (have to admit I only made half a recipe because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out) and it is wonderful. I plan to post a mention of this on Low Carb Friends and refer back to your site. One question though: Are the beans (I used canned black soy beans as I am on low carb) supposed to be drained of their liquids prior to placing in the blender? I did drain them and rinse them but found that I needed to add some water to get them to move through the blades of the blender sufficiently to become smooth. The next time I make this I would definitely blend the beans until smooth prior to adding the rest of the ingredients, and also mix the coconut oil and cocoa powder and add to the bean mixture. Just in time for Valentines Day I have a very special treat to share with DH. He will be very pleased!

  2. This recipe is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Sorry I asked this on the first recipe.

    What would you guesstimate the shelf life is if this is NOT put in the fridge?

    Thank you

  4. Hi Adrienne,

    Can you de-gas canned beans? I know it is cheaper to cook your own, but in a pinch, canned might be helpful (but not if they produce gas). Thanks for any info you can share.

  5. HELP!! I am confused about the “sugar” (there is no “or” used and you left a space after the first line so I assume the 2nd line is a new line calling for more sweetener??) or is that all one line and just different measurements for different sweeteners? I am wanting to make this for a party tomorrow night.

    “1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp sweetener of choice (if using granulated sweetener, you will need to add a bit of water. I added 2 Tbsp.)***
    6 scoops of pure stevia extract (not the kind with fillers). (One great brand is KAL.) Stevia extract typically comes with a small scoop that measures 1/32 tsp. So 6 scoops = 3/16 tsp.”

    • Mindy, yes the stevia is additional sweetener. I tried to make that more clear just now.

      I hope your fudge is a hit! There’s a man at my church who keeps asking me to make it for him, but we keep eating it all whenever we make it :-).

      • Ok I’m sorry I want to make sure I understand that it’s 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp PLUS 6 scoops of pure stevia extract???
        I would have to use only sugar (unless you have have a sub for Agave Nectar,that is what I use at home)

  6. Can I use liquid stevia instead of powdered & if so how much?


    • Sure you can! I try to use the extract as it is a lot less expensive, but try 4-7 drops (I’d start w/ 4 and work my way up). Tell me how it works. There are a number of different conversion charts, but that is what one showed. I am thinking you may need more than that.