Chocolate Silk Pie with Grain-free Crust (dairy, grain and sugar free)

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Dairy-Free Chocolate / Carob Silk Pie

Finding desserts that work for my family can sometimes be a chore; we are gluten-free and now sugar-free too, and my oldest son is allergic to dairy, eggs and almost all nuts.

But we love desserts so much that I am willing to work at it (and eat the mistakes).

Now, I know that it is important to not focus too much on desserts for even the healthier ones can be a problem in excess.  But I also don't wish to always say “no” to my kids.  And I really enjoy making them something special for when we go somewhere that a dessert will be served, or for a birthday celebration at home, or just because I want to indulge them a bit.

When I found a recipe on the internet for a silk pie with an almond crust, I knew that I had to try it — and develop alternatives so that others with food allergies can have it too!

And was it a success!  I even took it to a church potluck and lots of the people were eyeing our dessert, despite the fact that they had baklava to eat.   One of my sons' friends asked if he could have a piece since he is on a restricted diet.  Now, sometimes I am sheepish to share my dessert creations as often I am busy and am trying new recipes.  My oldest will eat almost anything sweet that I make so I know he will be happy, but someone else's child…now that's another story.  Well, he downed the piece of pie and thoroughly enjoyed it!

This is a reworking of a recipe from The Healthy Cooking Coach.  Chef Rachel of that site says that she almost never creates a recipe “out of the ethers.”  Well, me neither.   I have been altering recipes as long as I can remember.  In fact, I consider this to be one of the best time and money-saving techniques for your kitchen.  This way you can almost always make a recipe “work” without having to purchase an additional ingredient or make a second trip to the store.  And with the way gas prices are going these days, let's cut out every trip to the store that we can, right?


For the sweeteners, please use the healthiest option for your personal needs. For a low carb diet (or if you are on the THM plan), use xylitol or erythritol. If you are not low carb, I would personally use sucanat as it is less refined than most or coconut sugar which isn't that refined and also fairly low carb.

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Do you have a favorite real food dessert recipe to share?  Or one that needs a makeover?  I'd be glad to redo it for you.

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  1. Think you can use replace the almond flour with chia meal and protein powder (1/2 cup each)?

    Is there an egg replacement (I am allergic to eggs)?

  2. This looks like a really good recipe. Since going SCD I have to look for more recipes that doesn’t have alternative flours just almond flour. Thanks for posting.

  3. Oh yeah! Another yummy looking recipe to try! I think I’ll make this one next.