Want to Save Money in the New Year? -Top 10 DIY Posts of 2013 & 1 Thing I Won’t Be Making

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Make Your Own Personal Care and Home Care Products

One of the best ways I know to save money is to “Make Your Own Everything.”

Yes, I said “everything.”

Now, I know–“everything” is within reason.  I like Homemade Versions of just about everything, but one can get carried away.

For example, I once saw a magazine that did a spoof of Martha Stewart. You know how she has that calendar in the front of her magazine?  When I look at that I wonder how any human can accomplish that much.

(I assume she has a lot of help, you know :)?)

One of the entries on the spoof calendar was “Makes Dirt.”

Truth be told, it had me thinking that maybe one could make dirt.  Yikes.  I scare myself.

Anyhow, the following are the best DIY Posts from 2013.

And there are some goodies in here.

But no dirt making.

Maybe I'll try that another day ;).


1.  Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion

I hesitated sharing with you that this post was so popular because I (and other readers) are having trouble with the recipe.  It seems to work great sometimes and other times–well, it doesn't.  But I had to be honest, so here it is :). When it's works, it's GREAT.  Check out the notes in the post and hopefully it will work well for you!

This Nourishing Hand and Body Cream is super easy and keeps your skin soft, even in the winter months. Add your choice of essential oils for a luxurious smell.


2.  The “Battle of the Eye Makeup Removers” and The Winner!

I tested a bunch of DIY formulas and this one came out on top.  Actually, I am looking at this again so I might have an update.  But for now, it stands.

This Homemade Eye Makeup Remover tested BEST in my challenge of several DIY versions. Easy, non-toxic, super cheap and removes water-proof mascara too!


3.  Invigorating Citrus Body Wash

LOVE this.  Please, if you are using stuff from the store with the chemical ick–stop. This wash is easy to make and smells lovely!  I'm out and need to make some more.  Right now I'm just using my Homemade Foaming Soap in the shower, which works pretty well too.

This Refreshing Citrus Body Wash is easy to make, inexpensive, and smells great! Time to ditch the "Body Shop" and department store washes with their chemical nasties and make your own!

4.  Secret Ingredient Amazing No-Streak Glass Cleaner

This.Really.Works. And it has an interesting ingredient.

This Glass Cleaner is amazing! Super easy to make--and leaves no streaks behind! Much more natural than the store bought brands and TONS cheaper!

5.  Homemade Saline Rinse plus Usage Tips

We use this saline recipe all the time.
Saves a BUNCH over the itty bitty store-bought packages. We've staved off many a sinus infection with this blend.

Cold, sniffles, or allergies got you down? Saline washes are a great way to treat them, but buying those premade salt packets will break the bank. Make your own saline wash--save money--and feel better!

6.  Natural Dishwasher Rinse Aid -an Important Update

I made a mistake with my first post of a Natural Rinse Aid.
Or maybe I didn't. Read the comments on this post and tell me what you think :).

Dishwasher Rinse Aid flickr Wmk

7.  Nourishing Lip Scrub

Got chapped lips? This scrub will take care of them in no time.  And it's healthy enough to eat!

Got dry, chapped lips? This Nourishing Lip Scrub will smooth and soften them to near perfection. Sooo good for you--you could eat it :)!

8. Alcohol-Free Hairspray that Works

The artificial fragrances in hairsprays can be real killers!  Not with this spray. It's easy to make and gentle on the hair.

No need to spend money anymore on expensive hairsprays that are filled with artificial fragrances and chemical nasties. Make your own for pennies and look great for less!

9. Nourishing Hand and Body Scrub

This is one of my favorite recipes. Your hands and feet will love it too!

This Nourishing Sugar Scrub is great for making your skin silky smooth. It's super simple, and frugal, and you can add your own fragrant essential oils as you like. Makes a great easy-to-make gift!

10.  DIY Moisturizing Foaming Soap

O If you aren't making this already–start now.

This Moisturizing Foaming Soap is super easy to make. Stop buying expensive pumps and refills and do it yourself :)!

Which of these money saving ideas are you going to try next?

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  1. Mickey Sanchez says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you had any recipes or thoughts on homemade dishwasher detergent? I know you have a rinse aid recipe but I’m in need of a bit more. I’ve been combing through the internet and I’ve even tried a few recipes but I haven’t truly found one that works. I have learned that vinegar and Castille soap don’t mix and that we need something for our hard water. Not sure about the debate on borax and other things I’ve been seeing either. Please let me know if you have any insight! Thank you!

    • Hi there. I don’t. Sorry. I haven’t found any that seemed reliable on the internet. In fact, I have recently turned to Ava Anderson’s dishwasher pods and they work great. My kids even noticed — there are fewer pieces of silverware that aren’t clean after the cycle is done. I hope to keep looking, but I tried quite a few times and wasn’t happy at all w/ the finished product so it’s on the back burner right now. You can find the dishwasher pods here. They have a whole bunch of other great products as well including fabulous shampoo, skincare, and cosmetics. http://www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/wholenewmom/

      Each month they have a free gift w/ $95 purchase. This month it is a free hyaluronic acid. I will be sharing more later but I am so happy that I won’t be buying anymore of the toxic stuff. The other natural products that I purchased just didn’t work that well or else I had heard from friends that they caused damage to their dishwashers :(. So I’m a little concerned about that as well. Hope that helps and sorry it isn’t what you were asking about.

  2. I just found your blog and I’m in love. These DIY projects are inspiring. Thanks!

  3. I have to try that foaming soap!

  4. Can’t wait to dig into some of these DIY’ers! LOVE IT!!

  5. I make dirt every year. It’s called compost. You bury non-protein kitchen waste and within two weeks it becomes rich, black dirt for the garden. The concept is older than … never mind.

  6. Making dirt is easy. Throw all of your kitchen and garden scraps in the compost heap and stir every once in a while. Pretty soon you have rich dark soil. I do it all the time. 🙂

  7. I think my kids would have so much fun with the foaming hand soap. They are not normally fans of washing their hands.