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Rawesome Raw Milk Raid

The United States' government's war on food took another step in the wrong direction when Rawesome Foods, a private food buying club in Venice, CA, was invaded yesterday by an armed SWAT team.

Who was arrested?
–  James Stewart, the owner of Rawesome
–  Victoria Bloch, volunteer Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader of Los Angeles (apparently a part-time worker at Rawesome), and
–  Sharon Palmer, farmer and owner of Healthy Family Farms, Rawesome's primary farm supplier

Stewart is being held on $125,000 bail.


The hypocrisy here is clear and disgusting.

Now, before you read on, please know that this is not JUST an accusation of hypocrisy against this current administration.  There is plenty of evidence of hypocrisy on both sides of the political aisle.  However, all of the evidence is getting just a bit too hard to ignore.  And if you follow the money, it seems pretty clear at least some of what is going on here.

Raw milk farms cut into the profits of big agriculture business.  Big Ag doesn't like that.

While Michelle Obama runs around the country promoting healthy eating and showing off her organic garden, the FDA that is under the authority of the Executive Branch of government (her husband) seizes perfectly healthy food and dumps it down the drain.  Now, I'm not saying that this would definitely not have happened under a different administration, but the hypocrisy cannot be ignored and it should be addressed.

Think this is really because the government thinks that raw milk is dangerous?

Think again.  Read this article showing the government's findings that raw milk is, in fact, safe.

While our “trusted leaders” allow:

arsenic in chicken,
mercury in fish
aluminum and mercury in vaccines

our government thinks that it should be spending out hard earned money shutting down probiotic manufacturers and small farms that aid communities by providing them with healthy food products. Like raw milk and raw cheese.

One crucial fact in all of this, the search warrant stated that the FDA agents were to seize “samples” of the raw milk and cheese.  Instead they took EVERYTHING.  That means that this raid was truly illegal.

Here is a video with more information about the raid.


Note: I have just received new information about this situation.  1. Apparently Rawesome Foods was selling raw milk from Pennsylvania in its California location.  This might be a violation of interstate commerce laws.  2.  There are accusations of fraud on the internet against some of those who were arrested.  I have not verified this information, however.  So, while I feel that the actions taken by the FDA are extreme, this information should be taken into account when looking at this situation.

Action Steps:

1.  Share this information via Facebook, Twitter — however and wherever you can.

2.  If you live anywhere near LA, be sure to get out to the protest now.

3.  Consider donating to the Consumer Wellness Center, where 100% of the donations will go directly to James Stewart's legal needs.

4.  Phone Margaret Hamberg, the Director of the FDA, at 301-796-5000 and tell her (kindly, mind you) what you think about the raid and the FDA's outlandish and unconstitutional grab for control.

5.  Get to work now for real change in our government.  If we don't work now for people who really want smaller and constitutionally-based government, then it won't just be raw milk that is going down the drain.  Our economy is on the way.  Our whole country will be next.

6.  Like my Facebook fan page.  I add updates to issues like this regularly.  Let's keep spreading the word and join together to end this madness.

For more reading on this topic:

Sarah Pope, of The Healthy Home Economist, talks about the unconstitutionality of this issue and the government not respecting private contracts.

Mike Adams, of Natural News (who broke this story yesterday), has numerous articles on this topic.  This one discusses the conspiracy charges that have been filed against Stewart, Bloch, and Palmer. Another great article that he posted about this, which I referred to above, shows how this raid was truly illegal.  You can read it here.

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  1. NeciaJay says:

    I got this from http://www.realmilk.com/milk-laws-2.html For Idaho where I live:

    Raw milk sales are legal on the farm and in retail stores. Farmers must obtain a Grade A Milk License and a Retail Raw Milk license.

    There has not been a retail raw milk licensee in the state for the past 15 years. According to the state Department of Agriculture, the biggest reason no one has sold retail raw milk during that time is the requirement that ‘bottling and packaging of retail raw milk and retail raw milk products shall be done on the premises where produced in approved mechanical equipment. ‘Several small farmers have contacted the state about obtaining a raw milk license but the cost of constructing a milk plant has discouraged them from doing so.

    There is one cowshare program currently operating in Idaho, with the state Department of Agriculture’s approval. According to the Department, dairy farms running only a cowshare program, and not selling to pasteurization plants would need no license to operate.

    In conclusion I think I’ll just get a goat… and some chickens… and a fish pond… my husband is going to hate me until he tastes the fresh food LOL

  2. Thank you for alerting me also, Heidi. Where are you and your Mr. going to move? Further north??? *grin*

  3. Thanks for writing this post. I live a few hours north of Rawesome Foods and have been watching the situation all week. Surprisingly, this story has seen very little news time (I get L.A. local channels).

    These folks are being charged with something like 13 counts, several of them felonies, for the serious crime of selling raw milk. The irony is that unpasteurized, raw milk is LEGAL to sell in California. They were targeted for not going through proper business red tape, (licensing), but they’re a share club, so members OWN shares of the animals, so I don’t understand how this is a SALE? Are they going to expect me to jump through the same hoops (Environmental Health Permits etc) to milk my own cow? Yeah, they look to be going that way.

    I read the charging statement filed by the Los Angeles District Attorney in which they claim that under the new California Code of Regulations (something I had not heard, nor voted to approve) I cannot even GIVE AWAY for FREE, my produce or any dairy, poultry (incl. eggs) etc, for risk of prosecution. So now, I guess I gotta give my Mom and Dad their organic produce illegally now.

    I can’t believe this is what my birth state has come to, a nanny state. This is it, we are leaving just as soon as my Mr. can retire, 24 months and counting.

    • Heidi,
      Can you fill me/us in on the CA Code of Regulations? So you are saying that it is legal to sell raw milk but there is something new stating you can’t even give it away? I am confused.

  4. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. The government should be ashamed of itself.

    I wonder what that SWAT team thought as it went into that building fully armed. Did they feel they were doing their “patriotic duty” to take down some “food terrorists”, or did they feel completely ridiculous? You have to wonder what goes through their minds as they do these things.

  5. I’m so sad to see this. Thank you for taking the time to post this information. I appreciate your willingness to make a difference and share the article.

  6. WOW

  7. Ha never mind. It is a second raid. Doesn’t the governement have more pressing issues?

  8. Um, is this a second raid because there is an LA Times article about it from July of last year?

  9. I just put his on my Facebook and retweeted it @chrisathecafe America wake up! Thanks for blogging about this Adrienne.

  10. Good lord!!! You’d think they were busting into the Mafia headquarters, not a dairy farmer!!!

    • They seem to think that cutting into the big profits of commercial chemical farming is more dangerous than the Mafia. Probably it is more dangerous – to them and their wallets.

  11. This just isn’t right. I have know words to speak. America wake up! Before all are freedoms are taken away. I’m just mad!

  12. Legislation for raw milk, May 2011 – this need support!

  13. This situation is revolting. Thanks for informing us.