Police and Lemonade Stands – A Tale of Two Cities

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Lemonade Stand Shut Down - Police

Two lemonade stands.  Two governments.  Two different outcomes.

Big government leads to a lot of bad things.  One of them is big spending and another is too much control.

If you read my posts on the FDA being poised to ban supplements, or my other post on how the FDA is shutting down natural supplement companies while allowing the supplementing of our chickens with arsenic, then you know what I mean.

Well, here is more evidence and a clear demonstration of how our nation is heading down the wrong path.

Lemons to Lemonade in Portland, Oregon

In August of 2010, in Portland, Oregon, county inspectors shut down 7 year old Julie Murphy's lemonade stand at a county fair.

Jeff Cogen, the county Chairman, however, later apologized to her parents and said that the rules were meant for professional vendors.  According to CBS News,

“A lemonade stand is a classic iconic American kid thing to do,” the county Chairman said. “I don't want to be in the business of shutting that down.”

“This isn't something we need to be using our limited resources to crack down on,”

Good man, with a good sense of the limited power of government and of money management.  And he is willing to take responsibility and admit a mistake.

Just Plain Lemons in Midway, Georgia

In Midway, Georgia, however, the story is quite different.  I first heard about this on the radio last night and couldn't believe my ears.

Here, police shut down a lemonade stand operated by three girls.  Their reasoning? According to USA Today: 

“they didn't have a business license or the required permits.

Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar says police also didn't know how the lemonade was made, who made it or what was in it.”

No kidding.  Next thing are they going to stop us from baking things for bake sales?

This is clearly an example of government officials of the worst kind.  Spending money they don't have on things that don't matter.  And trying to control everyone else but themselves.

I agree completely with Sarah Pope of The Healthy Home Economist and her take on this situation.  It's time we stand up for freedom.  I say they should set up lemonade stands on every corner in Midway.

Get informed.

Get involved.

Spread the word.

Enough of this government that has spent us into bankruptcy telling us how to run our lives.

Please think and pray about your role in getting our government back to the way that it was meant to be.

Protective but not repressive.

Photo Information:  Julie Murphy holds lemonade sign in Oregon.   Source: (AP Photo/Torsten Kjellstrand – The Oregonian)



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  1. I am now convinced after years of consideration that the whole issue is loss of income for the city if these “business people” (kids, in this case) don’t have a business license. I have been researching a business license in CO and it may be that we are more fee crazy than many other states, but you have to pay an application fee, a license fee, a park fee to sell anywhere near a park, an insurance fee, a vehicle fee and it goes on and on. Same idea with the traffic tickets.

  2. Thanks for this post. I’m glad the Oregon case got reversed; I hope the other one will as well, but anyhow I’m tired of this sort of nonsense. Child-run lemonade stands are just simply part of our culture.

  3. I love these posts bringing attention to government abuse. I post the same types of articles every chance I get and hope people will get involved. Our local and national governments have far more pressing issues at hand than some young kids raising money from a lemonade stand!

    Great post and thanks for sharing at the hearth and soul hop.

    • Thanks again, Jason.

      What is your platform for posting? I would love to be connected with more folks who are working to get the word out about the over-reaching arm of our government.

  4. It’s sad but totally believable in a country where, for 30 years, people have believed that because one nutcase poisoned a few bottles of Tylenol, it is unthinkably risky to accept homemade treats on Halloween. There is no logical connection there at all!!!

  5. It’s a thinking issue – most americans are trained to believe the government is supposed to keep them safe with all their rules…Most people wouldn’t even question this!!

  6. So if vendors have a vendor’s licenses, that means that the government can guarantee that the vendors’ products are safe? That obviously isn’t the real concern here.

  7. That is just ridiculous! I hope the police department gets their due over this. Seven year old girls need a business permit?!?! And I bet the girls knew how the lemonade was made, but the police was too stupid to ask! And I think we have the right to decide for ourselves if we want to “risk” drinking a little girl’s lemonade. Grrr…what can you expect when a parent cannot even take baked goods for treats at school anymore?

    • Erica,

      So you have been told that you can’t take baked goods for treats? Is this some way of the government making us eat processed foods? Like I said – they should be attacking the companies that put horrid aluminum in artificial food coloring….and mercury in our vaccines and fillings. Let’s all join together and do what we can. Please let me know what you know about baked good and schools. Thanks!

      • This hasn’t happened in our school district yet, but neighboring school districts are not allowing homemade treats being brought to school. They claim that these policies are due to food allergies in fellow classmates and safety issues. I live in rural Iowa for goodness sakes! What safety issues?!?! And we wouldn’t have problems with food allergies like we do if the companies would not modify food so much. That whole issue gets my back up because my daughter is lactose-intolerant. The dairy companies strip the good stuff out of the milk and put in the artificial stuff and that is what she is got problems with. Yeah I blame the food companies too.

        • Hmmmm. If I were you I would make a phone call and ask about what safety issues they are talking about. I agree with you that part of the issues re: food allergies is modification. I think that other issues are at play as well, however, like toxins, metals, congenital issues and pharmaceuticals (like antibiotics). The things that I have seen influence our family’s (and others’) health are many and great. I think rural Iowa sounds great :-)!

  8. This just makes me so mad. Especially that they try to rationalize their tyranny by implying that it’s for the safety of the public! Seriously?! As if we are too stupid to decide for ourselves whether or not to risk our health by buying the lemonade? Man, I wish I lived in this town. I’d love to organize something to protest this ridiculous police chief. What a joke.

  9. Great post! And love your site. This is my first visit. Oh..and on the bake sale shut-downs…they’ve already started happening…




    • Mary,

      Thanks for sharing that info and for the compliment. I guess I should have known. Hope to see you again around here :-). Let’s keep getting the word out!

  10. Kori Ireland says:

    Similar to the mom (not sure where but it’s all over the news here) that is facing jail for planting a vegetable garden in her front yard. I never planned to put one in my front yard, but I’m just stubborn enough that this makes me want to dig up my entire front yard and plant a big garden!

  11. Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar should be suspended if she doesn’t do a quick reversal.

    Thanks for posting this.