1 Bottle Liquid Zeolite



According to the manufacturer, this gentle detox mechanism grabs onto positively charged heavy metals and toxins in your body and flushes them out of your system.  It apparently helps with die off and detox symptoms as well.

Can liquid zeolite safely be taken by pregnant or nursing women?

Please consult your doctor.  I personally have not read of any contraindications of this but I can’t make any safety claims.

How many drops should I take to detoxify my body?

I personally started with 3 drops per glass of water, per day, but I had to scale back due to detox reactions.  Eventually I was able to take that amount.  Now I take it when I feel I need detox support and my goal is for my family members to take about 5 drops per day ongoing since we all continue to have exposure to toxins daily.  And if I feel we have had a significant exposure, I might up our dose.



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